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Monday, May 2, 2011


George Offerman

According to Ben Bernenke and company at the federal reserve, the economy is in recovery mode and things are looking up except for some ‘minor inflation’ due to all of the QE’s or whatever they are called. It is amazing how much BS can pass for the real state of affairs, and how many people want to drink this koolaid despite all of the clear evidence our financial house is collapsing. It is no wonder we are in so much trouble and cannot see the trees from the forest. As long as we continue to ignore the reality around us, we will continue to be as deluded as the clowns running the show (asylum).

Consider these few tidbits and see if this once great country’s economy is in ‘recovery”.

- According to government records, for the FIRST TIME IN U. S. HISTORY, a low of 66.8% of adult men are employed.
- Oil is at a sustained $100 + per barrel, and gas is at $4 + per gallon
- More than 40% of families are on food stamps.
- Food and staples are up 25% + year over year
- The annual budget deficit is projected to be 1.7 TRILLION for this year and no end in sight for further years.
- QE II is scheduled to end, and no new buyers for Treasuries are emerging. In fact, net selling by China and Japan are occurring, the number 1 & 2 buyers of these securities.
- Gold is up over 20% for the year, and silver is up a whopping 50%.
- McDonald’s had over a million people apply for 60,000 jobs.
- Housing continues to drop, with an estimated 3-4 million additional foreclosures for this year.
- Wal-mart announced declines in same store sales, and sees significant increases in prices for most consumable products.
- No COLA’s for seniors and others on fixed income and retirement incomes.
- Further eroding of the industrial base.
- Increases in taxes and bureaucratic red tape that retards any start up businesses and impedes existing small businesses.
- Blatant printing of new money to pay for ongoing deficits.

These are just a few examples of what is going on in our nation, and the band of idiots in the Nation’s Capitol want us to continue supporting and funding all of this nonsense. These people want to ride the U.S. Titanic to the bottom of the Atlantic, and want as many fools to join them on the ride. And unfortunately, many who may as well consider themselves Christian socialists (because they believe they have a God given right to the labors and fruits of others) will be sailing along for this one way ride to the bottom. We are following in the path of many great empires who stole from the productive to reward the non productive of society. Where there is too much time and entitled attitude there also rests debauchery and skullduggery, and it will not end until those who do the work demand their God given right to keep what is theirs.

Our nation is seeing economic collapse because it has violated too many of God’s laws, and it is the natural consequence of such actions. Whether one wants to call this judgment from God or simply a logical conclusion to a chain of events, the end result will still be the same. If one still does not want to see the very clear writing all over every wall visible, then God help him, or have pity on him for what is about to occur. It is not time to pretend everything is alright, or that things will get better on its own. It is time to make some serious and quick preparations while there is the ability to do so.

Recovery for this country (within the current system) is as likely as someone stepping off a high building, and floating in the air like Wile E. Coyote does in the cartoons. This current system is dying right before us, and we ought to be doing everything in our power to do something for ourselves, family and community as best as our abilities allow. Given the government and the churches are doing nothing to prepare anyone, it is imperative we take matters into our own hands and get the word out and get the preparations well on their way.

The good news in this is, those best prepared will survive, and possibly thrive, and will have the possibility of rebuilding a community, region or nation much stronger and God fearing than the one ready to pass onto the ash heap of history. That is what God wants more than anything. It requires people brave enough to see what is going on, and to then ACT ON THIS INFORMATION. Playtime is over. This big league game has started and the enemy is in position on the playing field. We need to get out there and whoop up on these evil sociopaths.

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