"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


George Offerman

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

Galatians 6:7

There is a lot of irony in what the demovampire party is now saying. These undead really seem to believe that they can kill the host slowly by taking their lifeblood, and the host is going to graciously let them. (Evidently, the demovamps went to public schools and were taught the sanitized and revisionist story of our country, as well as breathing too much CO2 from all of the greenhouse gasses) The demovamps have been sowing the culture of death for 4 decades now, and it now looks like the dawn may be breaking, and their undead, dark room dealings, and their hiding in the night times may be coming to an end.

The lead vampires are trying to blame the recent expressions of anger on bloggers and talk radio. As is true with all vampires, they cannot see their own reflections in the mirror, so there is no ability for them to look at themselves, no ability for introspection, no awareness of their actions, and no accountability for their stupidity. The demovamps, by their nature, are constitutionally incapable of any truthful self evaluation, and see themselves as above the mere mortals they want to control. But the rest of us, who live in the daylight and can see clearly, understand that there is a force greater than the demonically lead demovamps, and that force is called God. Since the demovamps do not acknowledge God, and hence, would not understand the above quote from the Bible, here is a similar quote in the vernacular they may understand… “What goes around comes around”.

The demovamps, lead by the premier undead vampire, Obama, have forced the biggest takeover of a private sector in the history of this country. It was done in the dark smoke filled back rooms, where other vampires were promised satin lined coffins and high tech security systems to keep their dark cellar dwellings safe from the vampire slayers. The majority of the demovamps avoided any town hall meetings, and accused those living in the light as being, ‘uncivil’ and ‘uninformed’. Most of the demovamps blocked access to their web sites if one did not live in their district. Most of the attempted phone calls to the Capitol (castle) went unanswered, and the ability to communicate with the vampires was about as non existent as seeing one of these undead creatures out in the daylight. Lead vampire Pelosi even boasted “You need to pass the bill to know what’s in it”. The majority of the living do not want this, health care providers were not even in on the supposed discussions, deals were cut, every proposal made by the Republicans was rejected, and demovamp in training Stupak, sent most of the vampire slayers over the cliff instead of to the castle.

Now, Demovamp leader in waiting Steny Hoyer is crying foul by actually trying to sell his undead ideas to the living and actually have them believe it. Vampire Hoyer is claiming there is now no “civility or dialogue in this discussion” and “cooler heads need to prevail. Well, vampire Hoyer, there was NEVER dialogue, discussion or civility coming from the demovamps, and now that the vampire slayers are coming, and it is YOUR future in jeopardy, now YOU CRY FOUL. The demovamps have done nothing but complain, and demonize all who disagree with them, as the undead do. The irony of the demonic demovamps demonizing others is too rich to pass up, and it is interesting how they don’t see these traits in themselves, yet project their true nature onto others who would dare to question their ‘infallibility and all knowing’ attributes (sounds like they think they are gods).

Well, demovamps, there is the law of sowing and reaping, and the Living God requires that it play out in all matters. As a party, you have sown death, you have destroyed with impunity the most vulnerable beings for 37 years, you have pillaged the way of life in this country, demonized those who have tried to make the path straight once again. You have stolen and sucked the life blood out of the rest, and you believe by your lofty status as undead overlords, that you are exempt from the laws of the Living God. Think again. You are now crying foul because the living are now ticked off. You are not taking any personal responsibility for your actions, and you are in total denial that you are reaping what you have sown. Too bad. I personally do not believe in violence, but I cannot force my beliefs onto another. Who am I to insist that others cannot throw bricks at your windows, or leave threatening messages? I cannot force my religion or beliefs onto them. Isn’t that what you teach? Isn’t that the message of the demovampire party?

You vampires did not want to hear from us ‘religious nutcases and fanatics’ when you signed the death warrant for unborn children Now that the vampire slayers are loose, and it is you that feel threatened, you want us to surround the castle and protect you and your ever so cozy cellar dwelling. Sorry, it’s against my religion to help the undead. You undead have made and lined your own bed (coffins), now you must lay in them. The Living God requires the fulfillment of his laws, and as the rightful owner and creator of all things, will see to it that his way, which is the best way will be done as he commands. In the meantime, you demovamps can continue to cry foul, and continue to pray to your god for deliverance. Let’s see if he answers you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


George Offerman

Many Catholics and most protestants I have come in contact with over the years have wondered “Why is such a big deal made over receiving communion?” and “Why is it politicized and who has a right to determine who is worthy or not?”. If one believes that communion is symbolic, and is not the true presence of the Body of Christ, there may be substance to that argument. However, it is not what the church teaches, and this teaching goes back to the days of the Apostles. But when looking at the behaviors of the majority of the American Bishops, and some of those in Rome, it is apparent that they are suffering from a ‘crisis in faith’ as they do not defend the Eucharist, and by their collective silence, have originated and perpetuated betrayal of the highest magnitude against Christ Himself.

It is very well known that the field of psychology has one of the highest proportions of atheists of any profession. Yet the central tenet or highest law of psychology and counseling is that of confidentiality. The confidentiality laws are clear, and they are continually emphasized while in school. One can lose their license to practice if they violate confidentiality EVEN ONCE, and no matter what a professional counselor or therapist’s personal beliefs, lifestyles or behaviors are, (and they vary greatly) it is extremely rare when confidentiality is violated. When confidentiality is violated, the profession is in 100% agreement that sanctions need to take place, and the only disagreements may be the degree of sanctions imposed. But I have not ever heard any professional in my field defend the violation of confidentiality.

I look at our profession, with the varying beliefs and personality types, and see the unified stance on a man made law of confidentiality. I could never imagine ever hearing a professor in any of the ethics classes we were required to take ever question the premise of confidentiality, or argue that it is “up to us to decide what to do” or “if the court threatens to throw you in jail if you do not violate confidentiality, just go ahead and sell out your client”. No, we were informed about the few ‘ethical’ therapists who went to jail versus violating confidentiality, and they were presented as the “modern saints or martyrs” of our profession. No one made fun of them, and no one accused them of ‘politicizing’ their beliefs. In fact, we were encouraged to model their behavior if need be. (No one has ever been martyred over the confidentiality law)

Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I do believe personally in the need for confidentiality of the client. It is the cornerstone of effective therapy, and the client needs to know that their information will not go anywhere. I would be willing to go to jail before violating confidentiality, because without upholding this very central tenet of therapy, good treatment cannot take place. I was also on the Virginia Board of Social Work for four years, and on the disciplinary committee. During the four years I was on this committee, we had one case of breach of confidentiality, and it was one that was incidental, but still serious. We were even unified on the sanctions we levied on this social worker and no one protested or condemned our actions.

Confidentiality is the central tenet of our profession, as the Eucharist is to the Catholic Church. The cornerstone of Holy Orders, in which men are asked to give up marriage, having families and pursuit of worldly rewards and life styles, is the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which at its essence is the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ (transubstantiation). Through the laying on of hands by a legitimate Bishop, the new priest’s soul is permanently altered with an indelible mark that changes the character of this man, and he is uniquely qualified to offer this Sacrifice. This priest is charged with upholding the absolute integrity of the Eucharist, which includes the safeguarding of the Eucharist against those that are in public scandal or known mortal sin (Cannon 915). It is not optional for the priest to ignore this, and the essence of Holy Orders mandates he safeguard the integrity of the Eucharist, even if it requires his life. Our church has a significant number of Martyrs and Saints who laid down their lives for the integrity of the Eucharist.

Yet people like Nancy Pelosi, the late Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and others who claim to be Catholic (they don’t know anything about the faith) snub their noses at the Traditions and Faith of the Catholic Church, and in essence, are telling the Bishops that they know better about these matters than the Bishops themselves. The Bishops, by their silence, are in agreement with these pseudo (moronic) intellectuals and have betrayed the central Tenet of Catholicism. Our faith teaches that one cannot present him/herself at the table of our Lord if he/she is in mortal sin. Furthermore (Cannon 915) if it is public sin and the individual perpetuates this sin, has been informed of the grave nature of the sin and has no intention of repenting, he/she is to be denied Holy Communion by the Bishop, Priest, Deacon, or Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister. PERIOD. No discussion, no negotiation.

The whole thought process behind examination of consciousness prior to communion, is to examine how one has been living his faith, not to change and interpret the rules and traditions for himself. Child killing is condemned by the Catholic Church. Participation in child killing at any level is a mortal sin. The only examination Ms. Pelosi and co. need to do is determine whether they have been advocates for perpetuating legalized child killing or not. (Which she has by her own admission). She and the others have thus disqualified themselves to receive communion, and need to confess this sin, and then resolve to ‘sin no more’ in this manner. By going up and receiving communion in the state of mortal sin, they have compounded the sin, and if they die in this state, condemn themselves to hell. This is what our church teaches. To not teach this is a betrayal not only of our Lord, but of the person in sin, as it gives them no opportunity for reconciliation. Ultimately, this will be on the heads of the Bishops and Priests, who are given the divine mandate to protect the integrity of the Eucharist and faith, but do nothing to correct them.

For the Bishops and Priests to say nothing, and ignore this is a betrayal way worse than any therapist taking out an ad in a large paper and revealing details of therapy sessions. It is very sad when one of the most atheistic professions can abide by a man made code of ethics in a unified manner outshines a divinely mandated organization that is to present and safeguard this most precious gift to a fallen world. When man’s laws supersede God’s, trouble is around the corner. It is not about making people feel better, it is about teaching the faith that God, through Jesus Christ, revealed to us regardless of how we feel about it. If the truth is too difficult for the American clergy to deal with, then leave ministry, and get out of the way of those who still live by the faith and teach it with integrity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AMERICA: 7-4-1776 TO 3-23-2010

George Offerman

So, bye-bye miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and Rye
Singing ‘this will be the day that I die”
“this will be the day that I die”

American Pie

Don McLean

For many, there is a sense of heaviness and sadness as the realization sinks in that our country is finished. Freedoms have disappeared right before our eyes, and other than the tea party movement there seems to be little fight from the population. The greatness of this country seems to be lost to those who continually trash the founding fathers, and the belief in God that was the guiding force behind this dream of freedom I hardly recognize this country from the one I grew up in. and it saddens me that my children do not know the America I did. This is a time to grieve what was, but it is also a time to strategize and make moves that will benefit the individual, their family, and community.

There is too much to write about this morning, but the disaster continues with the blood sucking vampires and their co conspirator, the harlot in scarlet. Unbelievably, the USCCB came out with their ‘strongest statement’ against hell care on Saturday night. The only reaction this should have received was outrage by the faithful that this weak, inconsequential band waited until it was nearly impossible to change the nature of the debate. Now, they can fund raise, and supposedly have a clear conscious that they tried to do something about it. What sell outs, and wimps, and harlots.

The Vanguard of St. Catherine made international news, with their press release and statement outside of St. Peter’s in Rome. The timing could not have been better as they were the first to react to this Obamination, and did the absolutely proper thing by insisting that Pelosi be excommunicated for her stance on legalized child killing. And to think this woman prayed to St. Joseph to assist in passing this hell care bill. And the Bishops stayed silent. It is so unfortunate that the laity has to do the job for the clergy, but that’s usually how it is prior to judgments. There will be no good outcomes from this, and by the time the average person ‘gets it’ it will be way too late.

It is truly up to the individual now. Government, along with the harlot church has made it very clear that the citizens that play by the rules are the true enemy. It is war upon the middle class that is really occurring here. It is very clear that if one wants good health care, retirement, and security, it is up to them to make it happen. Government, along with the co conspirator church is now the problem, and are making it nearly impossible for the citizen who plays by the rules to take care of themselves in a legal manner. It is insane to have to get permission to do anything, to be regulated into near immobility, and to have quoting scripture outlawed in most public locations and no ability to express religious preferences without fear of lawsuit, or ‘offending’ those who are too occupied being ‘busybodies’ instead of living their own lives.

The harlot church has voluntarily muzzled itself, due to convenience, comfort, and status. They have also sold out God for money, with their coveted 501 c 3 status, and in effect, allow the IRS and any other liberal organization dictate the terms of the what , when and where they can have any demonstration or discussion of religion. The harlot church will persecute its own if they step out of line, or make the officials uncomfortable, such as the Notre Dame fiasco. The harlot church bows before its new god, and listens to its new overseers with impunity, and shows total obedience to their commands.

What those of us want, who still believe in the Constitution and the Church of Jesus Christ is to be left alone to live our lives in the fear of God, love of neighbor, and working and keeping the fruits of our labors. No true lover of God would deliberately harm another, steal from them, or believe they are entitled to their labor, property and right to life. This country was great when hard work was the norm, government was small and stayed out of one’s way, and the Church actually stood for unchangeable principles, and had the respect of nearly everyone.

I fear these days are over, and it is a very sad day. To watch Pelosi and co. cheering like a bunch of kindergarteners after the passage of this hell care was an extremely sickening feeling, as these blood sucking vampires complete the process of transforming this terminally ill pt called America into an undead, blood sucking creature itself. The rot is coming, as sure as night follows day. The incentive to do well in this country, only to have the undead steal it, is gone.

So, Die-die miss American Die
Drove my government motors Chevy to the welfare trough levee
And the welfare trough levee was dry
And them good ole boys (and girls) in congress were drinking whiskey and Rye
Singing “this will be the day that you die”
“this will be the day that you die”

Nancy Pelosi and co.

American Die

Monday, March 22, 2010


George Offerman

Now that hell care has passed and Nancy Pelosi may go down as “The most powerful Speaker of all time” (Remember, Satan has the ability to give his power and authority to anyone he chooses) we are moving into a new phase in this country. But before I get into that, I want to thank all of those who made the efforts in the past few days to call, and/or go to the Capitol, and George Mason University to protest the Obama appearance last Friday. Special thanks go to: Ruby Nicdao and Jonathan Darnel, for leading and coordinating the George Mason coalition. Special thanks to Deborah Hollingsworth for bravely confronting the Congressmen entering and leaving session at the Capitol all weekend. Thanks also goes out to Chuck Weihbrecht, Peter Schinn, Dr. Robert Kling, Kathy Offerman, Missy Smith, Jack Ames, Lisa Turner and the Vanguard of St. Catherine for their tireless efforts to make others aware of this Obamination and attempts to change the direction of this country. Most of all, I want to thank the brave priests and the few Bishops for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out against this Satanic power grab, and risk chastisement by their very misguided and wayward church.

For those of you who may believe this is no big deal, keep your head in the sand, because you have no clue what is coming, and at this point, denial is the best defense for you. For the rest, it is time to prepare. Since Obama took over a little more than a year ago, he has nationalized the Banking industry, Auto industry and now health care. This is close to 50% of our economy, and it spells doom FOR ALL OF US. I put out a challenge several months ago, asking anyone to come up with ONE EXAMPLE of what the government does well, and did not have one response. The only thing the government does well that I can come up with is to kill everything they get their blood sucking fangs into. What stuns me even more are the zombie like responses of the majority, who continually look to the vampires to do more for them, and continue to re elect the undead no matter what they do. Harvest time is here: we are going to get EXACTLY what we deserve, and you know what? I am fine with this. I am fine with this because I am an avid believer in free will, and I am going to use my free will to do something positive for myself and my family. Other than warnings, those others who are in denial are on their own, and will reap the fruits they have sown.

I, like many, have played by the rules. I love this country, the constitution, and our rich history. The only thing dearer to me than my 100% American blood is my Christianity. I have worked for everything I have, paid for all of my schooling, and worked 70-80 hour weeks for nearly 15 years to have what I have. I have a very good reputation in my profession and have worked very hard to earn this. I pay my taxes and debts, I am involved civically, give generously to charity and do what I can to help those in need if I have the time and money, after taking care of my responsibilities to my family. Like many parents, I am the last one on the list to get anything new, as I believe there are larger obligations than my self that need to be taken into consideration. However, I would rather rot in prison or die before these vampires get any more money out of me, especially to pay for killing children.

These blood sucking vampires are liars, thieves, deceivers and imposters, and these are their positive qualities. They don’t play by the rules we play by, and they exempt themselves from even the most convoluted rules they seem to make up on a whim. In a perverted twist, soon those who have played by the rules, will be asked to break the law, and that will be to pay for the now illegals (soon to become legal) who will have access to the rationed care. So we will be forced to subsidize law breakers, and will be lawbreakers ourselves if we don’t go along with breaking the law. Along with the illegals, the something for nothing crowd, who have been telling those who have been supporting them all along to “mind their own business” when it comes to confronting them on their poor choices, will now insist on taking a larger slice of our pie to continue living in the irresponsible fashion that many of them do. So the producers of this country are being forced to subsidize poor choices, but against their will and with no say so in the matter. So much for what the founding fathers wanted for America.

Freedom is a thing of the past. We are not free to do anything of consequence anymore, and law breaking is rewarded handsomely for those in power and those willing to go along with the hellish forces that have taken over the government and Church. The rules have changed. And it’s time to learn what the new rules are, and for those with the intestinal fortitude to follow their conscience, to prepare for the worst. Very bad times are here and it is now only a matter of time when this all plays out. Sadly, there is no more “If’ in these statements. Too many lies have been told to the zombified populace, who seem to be more interested in the ‘goodie bag’ and what they can get for as little effort as possible. We have turned the corner as a nation, and now will have to deal with the consequences of this built up sin, which the stench must be awful to the nostrils of the Living God. Paying for the murder of children is a certainty now, and we have sealed our fate.

The Church’s response (as an organization) has been abysmal and nearly non existent. It seems they have now completed their transition into the government’s harlot, and seeks to serve their needs at their pleasure, instead of the Living God. They are so convoluted and confused, that they do not represent anything remotely approaching the Church of Jesus Christ. How they can betray the faithful, and the children, is beyond comprehension, but they continue on their merry way on the road to hell, and do what they can to bring others with them, and have the producers pay for it. The modern Church has exposed its hand for all to see, and it is clearly money that is coveted, and faith is not even in the picture. God will grant this wish: if money is what the church wants, then money they will get, but it will not solve ONE PROBLEM, because God is the solution to our problems.

So we have the two most influential groups in our lives, the government, who just spit on the constitution and our way of life, and the Church, who just spit on the Bible, and our heritage and faith. I have come to expect the government to behave in this fashion, because at least they can claim to be motivated by supposed utilitarian reasons and do not follow the precepts of any one particular faith. The Church is a totally different matter. There is absolutely no excuse for this sell out and harlotry the official Church is showing. There are those individuals who are showing the true courage of the Faith, but unfortunately, there is not enough of them, and they will be isolated very soon. (For those who may not be aware, Rep. Stupak has been lying the whole time about his supposed pro life stance, see link below).


This is why I say bring it on. Since we are insisting that God judge us instead of showing us mercy, let’s get on with it. The longer judgment is delayed, the harsher and longer the judgment will be. The official Church no longer carries the mantle of Faith, and has been found unworthy of being the light necessary to guide us through these times. Yes, the church of Jesus Christ will never be destroyed by mere men, but who says the American church represents Jesus Christ anymore? We are the ones who wandered away from Jesus Christ, not the other way around, and God will not allow for blasphemy and will not bless sin. Since both the government and Church are colluding to destroy what fabric remains of this great country, let the judgment proceed.

Friday, March 19, 2010


George Offerman

Now that the battle lines have been drawn, and we are seeing who is on which side, it is time for serious action. Hell care will change the nature of the whole game, and for those who are not in the health care profession, you truly have no idea what is about to take place. If the average American had a clue of a clue of what this is going to look like in a few short years, there would be a spontaneous march, in the millions, with pitchforks and torches (lead by Medicare, Mediscare, NoMedicareless and Medicaid, Medicoolaid recipients) and this ‘debate’ would end immediately. Actually, I will change the word ‘debate’ to ‘dictate’ because that is what these thugs are doing and there has never been a debate about the issue, nor have health care workers ever been included in this so called debate process.

This is the ugliest behavior I have ever witnessed in our government ‘representatives’ and our founding fathers would be openly revolting against these socialistic thugs. These idiots truly believe they can tell businesses and individual providers that they have to operate at a loss, and still stay in business. These elected fools won’t even consider a freeze on spending, let alone cutting the budget, and believe they can dictate to others to operate at a loss. They have an unending appetite for money and control over our lives and will not stop until they have all the money and all the control. The sad part is, the majority seem to care less, and the church, who is supposed to represent morals and ethics, are frankly so weak, that they themselves are on life support (don’t worry, your funding will soon dry up too, and you’ll have a visit with Dr. Kevorkian soon).

We have already seen that Walgreen’s will no longer take new NoMedicareless recipients due to losing margins on medications. Providers are taking major hits and will not stay in business. There is already a projected shortage of doctors, as the medical schools are not able to replace the number of physicians calling it quits. More and more are looking to other professions instead of health care, due to the ever increasing demands of patients, the reduced reimbursements, increases in malpractice insurance, and overall hassles of trying to run a business, and navigate the ever increasing and contradictory regulations that these know nothing lawyer elected officials can dream up for their bar association cronies.

The insurance company I work for has about a 2% margin of profit, and has been looking at putting this money back into construction of facilities. 2% is not a lot of profit, but evidently for this blood sucking vampire government; it is money they want to get their fangs into. Up until 2 years ago, this particular insurance company was in the red, and there were possibilities of it closing down. Now, the undead vampires want to cut NoMedicareless payments by at least 21%. Do the math. (Oh, I forgot, the majority of the vampires went to public schools, they don’t know how). They also want to freeze premiums (something they won’t do to their own budgets). Now, add this all up, and what do we have? A business that is hemorrhaging money that will not and cannot stay in business. Too bad we can’t print money like the vampires do, but the vampires don’t like competition. (They and the money powers have the exclusive counterfeiting franchise Federal Reserve).

Now, unless the vampires threaten all of us with jail if we do not practice at a loss, this will NECESSITATE the exodus of health care worker to the exits, and thus, create and sustain a shortage of qualified workers, thus creating rationing, thus creating what will end up being panels that will ultimately decide who gets treated and who does not, thus creating the DEATH PANELS that these undead lying vampires claim will not happen. THEY ARE LIARS!!! I wish I could say they are clueless, but I believe a lot of them know exactly what they are doing.

A warning for those of you who ‘don’t want to be bothered’ when it comes to standing up to these vampires. One day, when you aren’t feeling so good, you will need to get an appointment. After several week’s wait, you will be told you have a condition that could be treated, but due to waiting too long to get in (they made you wait for the appointment, by the way) they will give you the puppy eyed look, and tell you that due to the ‘prohibitive costs’ you don’t qualify, but if life is too difficult, we do have a clinic that can handle your situation, a ‘one stop shop’. Of course, we are not mandating you visit there, but we are telling you that you are not getting this treatment, and we have laws that will prosecute you and the provider who may treat you for ‘cash payment’. Where are your rights over your own body now? WITH THE VAMPIRES, THAT’S WHERE!

Obama, the most prominent of the undead vampires, attempts to ‘demonize’ health insurance companies. This blood sucking vampire has never run a business, never hired a soul for a position he has never created, has never had a real job, is clueless about capitalism, hates and is jealous of successful individuals, yet ‘knows all’ and is now in charge of one of the most important components of the average person’s life. The only thing Obama knows about health care is the fact that he will have a different plan than the rest of us, and unlike us, will have access to whatever he and his family needs. I hope that all who voted for this vampire are happy with the “Change we can believe in” that will soon morph into “Change, we need to be rid of him”. Like the undead, if (when) this passes, it will never go away, and will suck the life out of those whom it can stick with its ever pervasive fangs. Good riddance to Good health care.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


George Offerman

The USCCB has put out a statement that is asking Catholics to contact their representatives and oppose the “abortion option”. This statement is part of an updated bulletin that is to be inserted into parish bulletins this weekend. The problem is, Obama is attempting to get this demonic legislation through before the weekend. As usual, the USCCB is way behind on the issue, and this last move shows the impotence of their organization and their inability in having any significant sway in the national dialogue. They, again, are putting the burden on the laity to do their job, when it is the Bishops themselves that should be warning the wayward, so called “Catholic” politicians that their eternal salvation is at risk if they continue to push this garbage.

It is the Bishops who should be leading this charge; they should have been making press statements daily, confronting these politicians on a regular basis, upholding Cannon 915 as they are mandated to do, and preaching against the potentials for abuse in all the areas of health care, especially the impending rationing of care, and the INEVITABLE DEATH PANELS that will go along with rationing. Instead, they are narrowly focused on encouraging the laity to send the following message to House and Senate members:

“I am pleased that the House health care bill maintains the longstanding policy against federal funding of abortion. On the other hand, the provisions on abortion funding in the current un-amended Senate health care bill are seriously deficient and unacceptable. I urge you to work to uphold essential provisions against abortion funding, to include full conscience protection and to ensure that health care is accessible and affordable for all. I urge you to oppose any bill unless and until these criteria are met.”

“I am deeply disappointed that the current un-amended Senate health care bill fails to maintain the longstanding policy against federal funding of abortion and does not include adequate protection for conscience. I urge you to support essential provisions against abortion funding, similar to those in the House bill. Include full conscience protection and ensure that health care is accessible and affordable for all. I urge you to oppose any bill unless and until these criteria are met.”

WHEN: Votes in the House and Senate are expected at any time. Act today! Thank You!

Why in the world would the USCCB wait until the last minute to do much about this? Is it that they know how little influence they have in the national debates? And if this is true, who is responsible for this? Maybe it is they know who their real masters are? Perhaps their favored 501 C 3 status will be taken away if they say the wrong things? No matter which, it is disheartening that they come up with such a weak document, weak response, and purposefully put it out the weekend after the vote is scheduled to take place. This does not demonstrate any type of leadership that will inspire the laity, and definitely puts ‘no fear of God” into wayward Catholic politicians. It is status quo once again.

I know when My Lenten appeals comes and other collections for this organization occur, I will slip a note in my envelope informing them that the IRS took (stole) my contribution, and to appeal to them for money. I have paid more than my fair share of taxes, and by default, other people’s health care, but have no say so in the matter. I will not give any more of MY hard earned money to an organization that will not even put in a half baked effort to stand up for the faith they claim to represent One of the few freedoms I have left is to tithe to whom is the most worthy of the funding, and right now, the leadership of the U.S. Catholic Church gets an F – for their grade. Unlike the Church or the Government, I will not voluntarily subsidize failure. Efforts don’t count, especially when they are phony and fruitless.

The USCCB is living out what they really are: an inconsequential weak group that does not follow through with what they claim to believe as evidenced by the lack of conviction in their response. We as laity cannot look to them for any real guidance or leadership in this very real spiritual war we are in. It is sad to say, but if we did the opposite of what they are doing and saying, it may actually get their attention, and they may have an epiphany, and become the leaders the Apostles would be proud of. When all the bad things begin to occur, they will be late to the party, and will have had no idea or insight into these events, and will be caught off guard, like the secularists. There is little to no urgency in their tone or actions, and it seems like they do not grasp the gravity of the times we live in. That’s why there is little surprise in their lack of response. Those of little faith have few fruits.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


George Offerman

Following up from yesterday’s post is the significance of built in sexual deviancy in the Clergy. I have told many people, that if I were Satan, I could think of no better way than to compromise the clergy through sexual sin and the blatantly deviant acting out by some of the clergy as the perfect cover for legalized child killing. A few of these ‘bad apples’ in influential positions, will in effect, emasculate the whole church, and take away the moral grounds in which the Church attempts to teach and preach the Gospel. Corrupt some leaders and clergy, and get 52 + million deaths in exchange, what a great deal for Satan.

When one is in the grips of sexual sin, they tend to compromise on almost anything, and like the example of King David with Bathsheba, murder is not out of the question if needing to cover up sexual sin. It is not a stretch whatsoever to think that legalized child killing is a direct fruit from these scandals, as those either exposed to or participating in sexually deviant behaviors will not speak up against behaviors they themselves participate in or condone by silence. If one can justify the sexual deviancy and ‘normalize’ it outside of a heterosexual marriage, then it is no stretch whatsoever, to justify legalized child killing, a natural offshoot and consequence from violating God’s laws. It is nearly impossible to justify and soft-pedal casual sex and deviancy, then try to take a hard line on legalized child killing, when pregnancy is a normal outcome of the casual sexual lifestyle.

The clergy involved in this lifestyle cannot, and will not preach and teach with any conviction, against this lifestyle, and thus pass on implicitly, the unstated permission to do what you want, and a “loving God will understand and forgive”. While this is true for the repentant sinner, it is utterly false for those rushing headlong into sin, and wanting to cover the consequences of their sins. One cannot teach what one does not know or understand, and for those who are sexually acting out, chastity and sex only in marriage are foreign concepts, and it would only be from a theoretical framework at best, that one could speak with any authority. But one will not teach with any authority, if they do not believe it themselves, and their efforts to do so will come off as disingenuous.

This seems to be a large part of the reason that many of the clergy stay silent on the issues of legalized child killing, or only pay moderate lip service to wanting to end it. For if legalized child killing ended, it would require most to lead a much more disciplined life, and it would also appear that ‘most of the fun was taken away’. Very foreign concepts when contemplating our American Church. There cannot be a stand made by those that are impoverished in their own spirits, for one cannot give what he does not have. The thoughts that legalized child killing as an abominable act may be there, but the lack of tangible action by the leadership in the church proves to the most casual observer, that it does not exist at the level of conviction for these leaders, and hence, little is actually done to change the status quo.

That is why there was and still is such an outcry against Pope Paul VI pertaining to his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae teaching against birth control among the faithful. It now appears that Pope Paul VI may have been very prophetic in his musings concerning what the unintended outcomes would be, and may have foreseen this. He openly mentioned the likelihood of increases in sexual deviancy, abortion, venereal disease, the lack of respect for woman, and the idea that one has total dominion over their own body, the lynchpin for Roe. This is one of the least followed encyclicals, while also being the most criticized. It is also one of the most prophetic, and the end results of ignoring this encyclical are everywhere. The issue of deviancy, or deviating from the plan of God, is what has introduced this culture of death.

When deviancy is introduced into a system that system is going to break down. We are first hand witnesses to that, and the first to go has been our incredible faith and trust in the clergy and Church. When we can no longer trust the clergy and the Church, we are in effect, on our own, and will begin to formulate our own morality and faith, or latch onto whatever the next ‘flavor of the month’ is. We have been warned that “the wages of sin is death” and have seen this verse bear fruit in our lifetimes. As long as the Church continues to be in denial and continues to allow scandal after scandal to take place, it will be no coincidence that the culture of death will proceed on with little in its way, and the sheep will continue on the path of confusion and sin.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


George Offerman

*** Warning to the reader***

This posting deals with the subject of homosexuality in the seminary, and is based upon my personal experiences and opinions. It deals with a subject that I have stayed silent on for too long, and may offend those who are sensitive, or who simply may not believe me. If this is the case, you should not proceed on. Nonetheless, I believe people have a right to know these things and to try to understand the effect it had and has on those who went through similar experiences.


The scandals to hit the Catholic Church are not going away any time soon, and in fact, will only continue to fester and increase until they are properly dealt with. These problems have taken decades to come to fruition, and are not going to disappear with a few “I’m sorry’s” and some token gestures. This is really gut check time, and time to make bold statements and to get rid of the problem people now.

Despite the fact that these scandals have been known and publicized for the past 15 years, it is still a shock to most people’s sensibilities when more stories and allegations emerge. One would have to wonder if there are lessons learned on any level, as we now are seeing the once bustling and alive Church in Ireland, coming to a near standstill. The fruits of this sin or plague, if you will, are truly ripening and seemingly multiplying. I saw a headline on Spirit Daily yesterday that read “Vatican: Abuse in Church less than in society. And is this supposed to be a comfort? Sounds like a sell out to me.


The homosexual culture was very ingrained into Seminary life when I attended in the early to mid 80’s. By the time I reached Theological College in Washington, D.C. (nicked named Theological Closet, Pathological College, Pink palace) I had been fairly indoctrinated to believe that homosexuality was quite ‘normal’ in the Seminary, and found out to my chagrin, that it was actually a protected status at this particular Seminary. Speaking out against it labeled one ‘homophobic’ very rapidly, and brought on a considerable amount of isolation from much of the faculty, and this large subgroup. (It seems proportionally the numbers of homosexuals in the seminary at that time would have dwarfed those found in the general public)

There were three classifications that we had for the men at this particular Seminary, those that were straight, the questionables, and those who were open about their homosexuality. It is of my opinion and that of the other straight men that were there, that we were outnumbered by the homosexual and questionable groups, and that the majority of the straight men ended up leaving prior to ordination. Now, what I cannot comment on were the numbers that were sexually acting out, but again, it was considerable, given the number of times some of the straight men reported being hit on (This included me as well).

The problem was that reporting this behavior GOT US INTO TROUBLE, and kept most of the straight men from saying anything. There was a lot of personal anguish in some of these men, and I am aware of at least one individual that had contemplated suicide during my year at Theological College. It was the comfort level of this subculture that was most disturbing to me, and the fact that the majority of the faculty, either condoned it or at least gave implicit permission due to their silence on the matter. Those of us that trusted each other in the straight group, understood quite clearly who was running the show and we spent much time with each other discussing this, and wondering what kind of faith do we have, if this ‘crap’ is promoted.

It dawned on a lot of us that many of the men, and faculty, saw the priesthood as a club to join, and the faith we were supposed to espouse seemed to be more of an annoyance than the centerpiece of why we were there. (That is why when people ask me if it was difficult to leave, I tell them it was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made… the most heartbreaking as well). I believed I would be serving the Lord in the highest capacity and saw Seminary as akin to “Sitting at the feet of the Apostles” and absorbing as much knowledge and wisdom as humanly possible. Theological College could not have been any further from this, and the culture and impact it had on my faith is still with me to this day. What a betrayal, and the Church wants to minimize this and protect the perpetrators.

It is difficult to discuss this with others who have not gone through this experience, as it seems so surreal at times, and like a nightmare that would not end at other times. It took years before I would take any active role in the Church and to this day it is still very minimal. However, I believe I have a much stronger Faith, and would love to have the opportunity to debate those faculty members and Seminarians who wanted to justify the homosexual lifestyle and entrance into ordained ministry back then. I know I will no longer blindly follow the precepts of any Bishop or Cardinal, if they dismiss or minimize the teaching of this Church, and will have no difficulty in letting them know this either through written word, spoken word or both. It is our Church too.

It has been only recently, that I have encouraged anyone to consider the priesthood or religious life. I have personally witnessed lives destroyed and faith lost due to the weak faith of those given the responsibility to safeguard and teach the faith as it should be taught. I have struggled with this question for nearly two decades; whether to support those wanting to go into ministry, or try to dissuade them knowing the filth and corruption that had been in place for so long. It seems lately, that some of the Seminaries have been cleaned up, and I have some hopes that good men are going back in and making it, due to more stringent formation, and activities now required by many of the Seminaries that challenge those to stand up for the Faith. I only wish it had been that way when I was in.

So far, I have given only general terms and conditions, and have not been specific and named anyone. I don’t know if it will ever get to that point that I would, but it sickens me to no extent that after all the warnings, the book “Goodbye, Good Men” the numerous scandals in many countries, that the Church seems to have learned nothing. The rot started in the Seminary, once it was infiltrated by the secularists and the homosexuals, and it passed on from there. No one wants to point out these two groups, due to the inconvenience and political incorrectness of it, but I am sick of these groups being the “sacred cows” and having this protected status. Until the church confronts, and throws out these two groups, it has sold out to them, and in essence, sacrificed the children, the good men and others on the altar of convenience and comfort.

Monday, March 15, 2010


George Offerman

The bad news continues for the Catholic Church, as a new wave of scandals appears to be buffeting the church and rising up as high at the Pope. This is not so unpredictable if anyone has been paying the least bit of attention, and watching events unfold in a manner that is fit for feeding frenzy of the secular media. This is a time when we need to be praying for all involved, and demonstrating the faith the church has attempted to teach, but not necessarily living.

As wave after wave of scandals are exposed, it is going to be more difficult to discuss and enforce church teachings with any credibility. However, this is the time to do so, more than ever, as there seem to be many in the clerical ranks that are becoming more ‘renegade’ and undermining what little semblance of respectability remains. As a life long Catholic, and former Seminarian, this is a very painful process to watch, and I hope this situation starts to resolve itself, starting with those that have the authority to stand up and defend the faith as they should.

It is really time to begin to clean house. Yes, it needs to start with Rome, but there are plenty around that need to be shown the exits. This was discussed about the time I left Seminary in 1986, and back then, very few had the intestinal fortitude to even say anything, and even fewer wanted to act on what they knew. I know, I was one who stood up to this scandal, and ended up on the outside looking in. I told many, that this would be preached from the rooftops, and the lid would never stay on ‘this can of worms’. Not a hard prophesy to make, but a heartbreaking one at that.

My fears back then, and I expressed them to many of my friends who remained in the Seminary, and eventually were ordained, that to compromise in order to stay in and become ordained, seemed to me a betrayal of what I thought the faith was and how it should be lived. We see that now being lived out, by these same men now running from the difficult decisions that need to be made. Years of compromising beliefs to make it through the system, has trained these same men to continue the same behaviors after ordination, and in many cases, after being elevated to Bishop.

Why one would believe that they can compromise for years, then all of a sudden, grow a backbone when ‘matters of faith’ are compromised, are beyond me. Seminary is to be a place of formation, and to develop a spiritual backbone while one is in the process of becoming a cleric. Unfortunately, our society, and to a large extend the world wide church, has reaped what it has sown. This is why we have Bishops that will not enforce matters like Cannon 915 that would deny Communion to pro death politicians. This is why we have priests and Bishops who would rather keep the peace, and chastise those who challenge the sinful behaviors and wayward beliefs. Compromise and comfort are the desired outcomes of many of today’s clergy, and it has been indoctrinated into their formation for the last few decades.

It is time to clean house. It would be better to be down to a third of the Priests, and a quarter of the Bishops, if that’s what it takes to bring about clarity of the faith. For too long now, we laity have been sold out when it comes to compromise at the expense of the faith, and have been fed a poisonous form of pabulum that has been masquerading as faith for too long. Real love is doing the right thing even if it hurts, and the Church is neither teaching nor demonstrating real love at this time. Nothing good will be accomplished by hiding scandals and trying to pretend they do not exist. Nothing will be accomplished by failing to teach and preach the good news, in order to placate those who could really care less about what the Faith is or what it stands for. It is time to stop betraying those that want to know and live by the Faith, but especially those who are watching, and may be thinking of taking on the Faith as their own.

What poor examples we have become, when it becomes more important to ‘save face’ and cover up, and make excuses for the sinful behaviors than to take a tough stand and send these people packing. We are rapidly becoming a Faith that seems to compromise on all the core values when challenged, and where those even in a position of authority seem to break with the hierarchical authority on a whim. Yet many of these same clerics demand total allegiance to their positions and authority when they hand down a declaration or teaching. They see mandates of Cannon law as ‘suggestions’ and matters of debate versus clear instruction and non compromising positions. Often they see themselves as the final arbiter of the Faith, and will pride fully reject any guidance or mandates given by those who have the authority on such matters.

It is these who are ruining the Faith, and causing dissention amongst the brethren, not those who have the courage to speak up and defend the Faith. It is time for those who do not believe to get out. It does not matter how high of a position they are in, if they don’t live by the Faith and Teach the Faith, they need to be in a place where they can cause no more harm, and that is on the outside. There is no more need to protect these people, and it is they, that have the burden of proof to prove they are worthy to be in the positions they are in. It is time for a good house cleaning. It needs to start in Rome, and it needs to be thorough. And it needs to be soon, before we lose all semblances of sanity and authority in this church. It’s time to stop betraying the men who are solid, and living by the Faith. Let’s do something radical: let’s actually back up those that are faithful to the Church, and get rid of those who are not.

Friday, March 12, 2010


George Offerman

Health care reform, like a blood sucking vampire that it is, will not die. It seems like this cursed endeavor is finally gone, and it comes back from the realm of the undead, and seems to have more rot than each of the previous incarnations. This is showing the magnitude of the spiritual power behind this demonically lead legislation, and the great need for our side to speak up.

The heat needs to stay on the wayward politicians, who can’t seem to make up their minds whether to vote for this monstrosity or not. There is too much debate going on concerning whether the band of 12 pro life democrats will stand on principle, or whether they can be purchased like many in the Senate were, such as the “Louisiana purchase’ and the ‘Corn husker kick back”. If these people really mean what they say, and want to be man and women of their words, they need to keep to their agreements.

The heat needs to stay on the electorate, who have been fairly verbal about their disagreements concerning this hostile takeover of 1/6th of our economy, and to continue with letters and phone calls letting these people know who they really work for. The pressure needs to continue, and it would not hurt to have alternative candidates lined up in case these people ‘forget’ to do the right thing.

However, a group that has been largely ignored in the debate (and it may be purposeful) is the silence of the Bishops in the Church. The only comments I have read recently about any public statements, is they would have a ‘problem’ with abortion language, but they are largely silent about then ramifications of this hell care bill and debate. It is rather dismaying that they have stayed silent, and have no opinions on matters such as rationing care, bureaucrats making decisions as to who may access services and when they will be covered or not. There is a lot in this bill that will ultimately dictate the terms of treatment, and one can only look at the draconian cuts that have just occurred in Medicare, to begin to understand what is going to happen if the government gets their wish and takes over.

It is beyond the rational person’s ability to explain how this group can stay so quiet during such an important national debate as hell care is. Are they that ignorant of the real consequences of this bill? Have they been bought off? Had their sacred 501 c 3 status threatened? What is going on here? There are too many questions that need to be answered, as well as some fight demonstrated from their end. As the prime shepherds of our faith, they should be leading the charge against those forces that are attempting to take our God Given freedoms from us, but instead, they are doing their best wimp imitations, and staying silent, when they should be screaming at the top of their lungs to stop this injustice.

Unfortunately, this is more of the status quo that we have come to expect from this group. They remain silent when they should be vocal and vocal when they should be silent and praying. Many have stated that if the supreme Shepherds stood up and really insisted that legalized child killing needs to end, it would be over in one year. But since they will not speak up in unison for the most vulnerable of those in society, it is not surprising at all that they will not speak up for the common man, thinking we should be doing that for ourselves. There may be some truth to that, but it sure would be refreshing to see this group get out of their ivory towers and actually interact with the ‘common folk’ and take a stand on an issue that will have major ramifications.

So, yes, let’s keep the heat on these wayward politicians, and finally drive a stake through the heart of this undead blood sucking vampire called health care reform. But we must also put heat on the most influential group, who also happen to be the quietest group in the debate, the Bishops. Write to both and let them know, silence is unacceptable, and this bill is unacceptable. To send letters to both the politicians and Bishops, go to:


Thursday, March 11, 2010


George Offerman

Isn’t it interesting how the pro death side always wants to clarify that legalized child killing is a blessing in disguise, and that most of the sacrificed children were ‘unwanted’ and that they would end up wards of the state, useless, abused, neglected and in effect, ‘useless eaters’ that would do nothing more than use up scarce resources and fill prisons. These same people want to convey their worth and values, while denying the unborn anything close to their own distorted perceptions of reality and self importance they give themselves.

Well, as Christian pro lifers, we tend to have a very different view of God’s creation and believe that God has a divine plan for every one of his creatures, whether we understand what this plan is or not. Killing them before birth is the most perverted form of playing creator that one can do, and it is the greatest insult one can throw at our Creator God in rejecting his supreme authority over all creation. If we begin to consider the 52 + million murdered since 1973, we can also begin to see the major changes in our society and how it has degenerated into narcissism, sociopathology, and about every other human vice one can think of.

Why many pro lifers concede this point is beyond my understanding, as I have witnesses many conversations pertaining to those for legalized child killing making outrageous statements like this, with absolutely no proof, or ability to tell the future. The pro deathers simply do not know, and we need not concede that ground to them. I tell them that if they are that miserable, they can be true leaders, and make their beliefs in abortion retroactive for themselves. (Of course, none of them do). But the point is, they are making judgments on what they want to call ‘quality of life’ issues, by trying to convey, that all the children ready to be murdered, are unworthy of life.

Those of us that are parents, know that having children is a challenge, but one that is probably the most rewarding that one can make in this life. Having and raising children is the most self sacrificing endeavor one can take on, and it is the best teacher for learning how to be selfless and learning the other virtues listed in the Bible. Why anyone, especially the Christian, would advocate selfishness over selflessness is quite stupefying, and is against Biblical values. Yet it is done all the time, and under the idol and god of convenience and comfort.

So, when one considers the 52 + million murdered, one cannot help but ask some basic ‘what if’ questions. For instance, what if we had 52 + million more citizens in this country, would we be having the same debt problems? What if we had more taxpayers in the system, would we be having the same difficulties and questions pertaining to the solvency of Social Security and other entitlements? What if e we ended up killing the next Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther King, or other leaders who may have the God given insight to help us out of our problems and issues?

What if God heard all of our prayer requests, and sent answers through his people, that ended up murdered before birth? What if the cure for AIDS was to manifest itself through a future scientist that was never given the chance to be born? What about those who may have developed the perfect energy source to solve our ever increasing need for it? How about in the religious and political fields? How many leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and gifted people never had the chance to pour forth their time, talents and treasures to this world?

How many families will now be missing that special individual who may have been there to take care of the elderly parents? Instead of blessings, we have heaped curses on ourselves. Instead of a life of convenience, we have brought on blood guilt and the severe consequences soon to follow. Everything we had hoped for as a society is going down the drain with the lie that killing the preborn is the best solution, and their murders have had little to no effect upon us. What if we had done things differently? One doesn’t know for sure, but it would be better than what it is, and we would not be in the spiritual and physical mess we are in now. What if God decides to no longer hear our prayers?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


George Offerman

This lent has been a time of adventure and action, in the sense of all the activity surrounding the national debate on health care and other matters. It does not seem at all coincidental, that the first vote on health care took place on Christmas Eve, and now Obama wants the final vote to be done March 18th. There is something very perverse about the timing of all of this, and one has to wonder if there is not some demonic humor involved here, as the so called ‘enlightened and sophisticated’ of society become Lucifer’s ‘useful idiots’ and pass this monstrosity.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has projected that health care will add at least 4-5 trillion dollars onto an already projected 20 trillion dollar debt by 2020. No one knows how or when this debt will ever be paid off and no one even has a plan to do so. Within ten years, our debt will be well over 100% of GDP, and no country, read: NO COUNTRY in the history of the world has ever survived this proportion of debt, and unfortunately, ours will be no exception to this rule. (This is not including the unfunded liabilities of future Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments, estimated at 55 Trillion).

The rest of the world is watching in horror, as this wild man in the Oval Office continues to spend money like a crack dealer and utilize his thugs to force those that don’t ‘go along with the program’ to bend to his will. This wild man also wants to spread his erroneous ways to other nations around the world and try to get them to be ‘more like us’, such as the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pushing for legalized child killing in Brazil. Look no further than the push to mandate health care onto this nation. It takes over virtually one sixth of our economy and nationalizes it. It will force us to pay for legalized child killing through taxes, and essentially force the Christian population into tax evasion to keep God’s commandments.

Are we preparing for this as a nation? Or even as individuals? The test may be soon upon us, and what are we going to do about it? It seems in these times most of the people who call themselves Christians are still asleep at the wheel and not doing anything to prepare themselves or their families for the times that are ready to visit us. The majority still does not want to get involved and are reluctant to take time to even sign an online petition, yet actually go out and protest or make any other concerted effort to make a change in this debate. It will be no large surprise that when events get hotter than what they are, the majority of the clergy and those in the churches will be as lost as those who are more secular, and the Christian will be a very poor witness to the events at hand.

There are those out in society who are attempting to make a difference, and they are coming up against those who want to propagate the gospel of tolerance, comfort and prosperity. It is rather sad that those individuals do not see the snare laid before them, and will haplessly fall into it. Those who seem to have an idea of what is coming are the ones who are looking more foolish by the day, yet, many of these same people have made very accurate calls in the recent past, and are worth at least an ear from those who have a semblance of an interest in knowing what could be next.

One thing we know for sure is the current way of life and political system is numbered. Whether there is a revival, or the money powers finally get their way, major change is on its way, and nearly here. It’s amazing that God has allowed this mess to go on as long as He has, but unfortunately, His silence is being interpreted as implicit acceptance of our unholy and sinful choices. This state of affairs will not go on forever, and the Bible backs this up. This is the time of preparation and for those God loving people out there, it is time to get the job done.

We can ignore all the signs we want, but it doesn’t mean it will go away magically. Too many secular writers, along with many Christian writers are warning us about impending problems. Few are listening, and even fewer are acting on this information. The best minds state that the tidal wave of printed money will bear inflation no later than 18 months out, and the top money guru’s openly discuss US Treasury default by the end of this year. If this occurs, do you really believe the government is going to fund health care, retirement funds, and other financial obligations they promised over the last few generations? Think again.

It is our responsibility to make sure we and our families are in good shape, not some bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. It’s time to take ownership of our lives, and by extension, ownership of the society we live in, and fight for our beliefs and way of life. We need to refocus our efforts, and recommit our lives to the Lord, while there is time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


George Offerman

There is little more than a week until the Vanguard of St. Catherine makes their pilgrimage to the Vatican, to present documentation pertaining to the shortcomings of the Church in American, and this group needs all of the support that the laity is willing to give.

In fact, this past Sunday, Pope Benedict clarified this point by unequivocally stating that the laity is “co-responsible for the Church, not merely as collaborators for the Clergy”. With this mandate, we as laity have been given ‘marching orders’ of sorts, and should be encouraged to contact the Vatican directly, if other channels utilized do not bear fruit. The Clergy will not take us seriously if we do not take our own faith and responsibilities seriously either.


Below is my letter to the Vatican Officials.

Dear (fill in the name and title here)

May the Peace of Christ be with you and fill your days during this Lenten season.

I am a life long Catholic, and as such, want to address some very distressing and disconcerting issues that have surfaced over the past year. Living in the shadow of the nation’s capitol allows one a certain vantage point when considering the political and religious undercurrents of the nation, and where it may be headed. There have been major shifts in policies coming out of Washington, D.C, that have been very detrimental in matters of faith and Morals in our church, and to be quite frank, the leadership of the Catholic Church has been abysmal at best, and complicit with this evil at worst.

As you may be aware, there are many issues occurring concerning the ongoing scandal and continued violation of Cannon 915 by the Bishops in the Washington Metro Area, as well as other parts of the country, along with the issue of federal funding for Abortion in the health care bill. What you may not be aware of is the fact that the two Virginia Bishops, changed the outcome of a Virginia bill, the proposed personhood amendment, which was defeated in session, due directly to the two Virginia Bishops opposing this amendment. What you also may not be aware of is the fact that an outstanding pro life member of the community had a two day seminar planned during the Annual Right to Life march that lined up speakers and events that were in alignment with magisterial teachings. This event was cancelled due to a complaint from a very liberal newspaper, the National Catholic Reporter.. However, three weeks later, an event that promoted a homosexual agenda, along with pro abortion topics was promoted by the same group and sanctioned by the Archdiocese of Washington.

These are just two examples of many that have occurred in the past year. I beseech you, to allow the representatives of the Vanguard of St. Catherine to meet with you, and give you greater details on these matters. It is of the utmost importance, that our Church be the beacon of light to shine brightly in these dark times, as Christ mandates. These men and women have been in the heart of the battle for our nation’s soul, and have first hand knowledge of the issues and impediments in presenting the teachings of our great Church to this country.

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

George Offerman

I am encouraging all the readers of this site to send faxes, letters and financially support the Vanguard of St. Catherine prayerfully and if possible financially. This is one effort that is worthy of effort and money, as it is being taken directly to the source, and it has the most effect. For further instructions on letters, and to donate, go to:


Monday, March 8, 2010


George Offerman

This lent has seen its share of struggles in the battle to end legalized child killing, and has enabled those who may be in doubt about the nature of this war the opportunity to see who is on each side. Lent is generally supposed to be a time of reflection, prayer and fasting that results in a deeper awareness of one’s relationship with God, and how to go about expressing one’s faith in that light.

It seems this lent has a different flavor than many in the recent past, and there has been a bombardment of issues that seem surreal, in that they are even occurring. This very well may indicate the stepped up nature of the spiritual warfare that is occurring all around, and needs to be countered at all costs and all means available to the believer. It is time to get the focus back on the causes of our problems.

There are the numerous scandals in the Vatican, which are also a distraction. There is the matter of Archbishop Fisichella and his board now clamoring for his resignation. There is the most recent sex scandal in which a chorister within the Papal household was caught in a homosexual sex ring. Then there is the ongoing scandal concerning whether the church is going to back its own policy in which politicians who back abortion, are banned from receiving Holy Communion, and the subsequent silence in enforcing this.

Then, there are the scandals in our own country. The Bishops themselves are in conflict over the communication issue, and are not enforcing Cannon 915 with any regularity. The Bishops are also not clear on the health care issue, and have been ‘all over the map’ concerning whether to support or reject the government’s efforts to take over such a large part of the private economy. There is little being taught concerning the true church teachings during this time of Lent, and it seems there are more concerns over peripheral issues than core matters of faith and morals.

In the mean time, we are no closer to ending legalized child killing, and matters continue on as if it is of no consequence. Too many distractions, and too much emphasis placed on non sequitor problems, and we now find ourselves in the place of immobilization. Are we really becoming that numbed as Christians and American Citizens? Very little action is taking place, in what should be a time of fasting, praying and preparation. It seems very antithetical for this season, and rather sad at that.

Randal Terry and a group representing the Vanguard of St. Catherine will be making the second trip to Rome, to present material to the Vatican Officials concerning some of the shortcomings of the American Church. We will continue to fast and pray for this group that they be well received and to faithfully advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. We also hope that the message resonates, and some positive actions result from these efforts.

It is not a goal to divide; however, there is a time in which challenges must be brought forth that is clear, and controversial. This is one of those times, when confusion reigns, that those willing to speak courageously for the babies be heard loud and clear. It would be very easy to brush off efforts to address legalized child killing with all of the distractions, but we have to keep in mind which is the most important issue of all the issues, and not allow our message to take back seat to all of the problems out there now.

If nothing else, at least consider assisting their efforts through praying fasting, and if possible, financially, as this trip is being funded out of pocket by these warriors. They will be taking this message to those who have the ability to change the outcome of this battle, and we can show them our support by making a few sacrifices ourselves.

To assist the Vanguard of St. Catherine, go to:


Friday, March 5, 2010


George Offerman

It should come as no surprise to the believer that the Church is giving many mixed messages in the war to end legalized child killing. In reviewing many of the headlines over the past few weeks, it is very apparent that this war is intensifying, and the forces of evil are doing a frontal assault on our faith. It is even sadder to see who some of the players are, and it is at this time we need to really be praying with heart and intensity for them.

There is the scandal within the Pontifical Academy for Life between 6 senior members and Archbishop Fisichella, concerning his statement from last March condemning the Archbishop in Brazil over excommunicating doctors and healthcare workers who performed an abortion on a 9 year old. There have been a series of questionable moves and dictates from the Vatican Secretariat of State that appear to be contradictory concerning matters of faith and morals. There are allegations of a significant number of clergy being involved in satanic worship at the Vatican by a prominent exorcist.

In this country, we have the reincarnation of the hell care bill, and the subsequent rider that will mandate taxpayer funded abortions. Then there is Hillary Clinton who is trying to push legalized child killing onto the Brazilians, who up to this time, have shown some moral restraint and sanity. We have multiple catholic politicians that continue to receive Holy Communion with blood on their hands, and too many Bishops and Cardinals willing to be complicit in this scandal.

With such an increase in intensity of the spiritual battle, one would have to wonder if something very large and ominous is around the corner. God always sends assistance when things seem the bleakest, and its beginning to seem like we are at the midnight hour in our existence here. I know I have heard many state ‘things could always get worse”, and although that may be true, things are really bad now, and it would seem the only thing that can make the current situation much worse would be judgments.

The Church has always been the one institution that has been the keeper of the faith, and moral compass for society. It now seems that it is society and the relativism that goes along with it that is dictating issues of faith and morals to the Church, and the Church is going along with this. When considering prophesy and judgment in the scriptures, it always proceeds the Churches failure to promote the truth and teach unequivocally, which again, is occurring now.

There seems to be a disconnect between what our faith is, versus what is being taught by the Church and the clergy. It is one thing for society to make right wrong, and vice versa, but quite another matter when the Church does it. It is not only scandalous, but it promotes confusion and relativism in areas that ought to be solid and straight forward. When those in charge of the flocks continue to end messages that it is permissible to kill children, and for the same people to present themselves to Holy Communion, they are betraying the clear teachings of the Church. These same individuals, like Archbishop Fisichella, save their harshest criticism for those who actually stand true to the faith, and it again, scandalizes the Church and its teachings.

The more one ponders these things, the more one may wonder how much demonic influence is over the Church, and what should be done to those who betray the clear teachings of the Church. Sadly, it seems that even Rome has bowed to the god of tolerance, as Rome is appearing weak and equivocating on matters of disciplining these individuals. It is time to speak up in matters of faith and morals, or maybe it’s time for judgment.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


George Offerman

There is a very disturbing article on the spirit daily website that addresses the possibility of Satanists in the Vatican, and the claim by an exorcist that it goes as high as some of the Cardinals. If true, this scandal would be of such a magnitude, as to make virtually all of the other scandals child’s play in comparison. It sure would also go a long way in explaining why the Church is so silent on many of the critical issues in which it should be taking the lead, such as legalized child killing.


As well, one should be skeptical to some extent in which such a broad charge is levied against a large group of individuals. But like all things, we are challenged to test them out and discern the evidence presented and always pray for our leadership.

However, what seems to be true, and I have witnessed it first hand is the numbers of clergy who do not believe in the devil, and by extension, demons. There are truly significant repercussions of this belief, and they directly impact the ministry of the clergy who hold these beliefs. Scripture is filled with examples of Jesus casting out demons, and openly refers to Satan, the Devil, Father of lies, etc. so it is difficult to understand either of these positions that deny the devil, or worshiping him.

If we consider the first, that clergy, and possibility that some Cardinals are Satanists, it would require that these individuals totally disregard the scriptures and traditions of nearly 2000 years and embrace the so called mystery religions, with its forbidden knowledge. (Mystery religions and the forbidden knowledge would be several postings by themselves, so I’m just mentioning them here). These individuals would have to have been seduced into this, and Christianity and mystery religions are mutually exclusive. But in a nutshell, these individuals would be worshiping the created versus the creator, and siding with an inferior being, who is a liar and a betrayer.

The implications of this would be lawlessness, as their master would be instructing them to violate the Laws of God on a regular basis. Legalized child killing would be the crown jewel for Satan, and being silent, or actually advocating policies in which to continue this practice would be the order of the day. Propagating their errors would be the most important item on the agenda, as it would ‘normalize’ this activity and condition the population for further draconian changes that their devious master has in mind.

The second group, which does not believe in the devil or demons, in effect, would be really declaring that they do not believe in God as well. Jesus was clear that God is truth, and if Jesus spoke and cast out demons and the Devil, and the clergy deny this, they in effect are calling Jesus a liar, and this would disqualify Jesus as being God. It also calls into question the efficacy of Scripture, and once one can find ‘errors’ in matters of faith and morals, then it would call into question whether Scripture is actually a book to be believed. At that point, one would be able to pick and choose what they believe, if anything and soon chaos will reign. Does this sound like the days we live in?

The implications for this belief, as above, would be lawlessness, but for different reasons. If one believes there is no devil and demons, then by extension, there is no hell, and thus, no condemnation. If this is true, then there is no need for a redeemer, and the whole story of Jesus has no meaning or value, as all of us are going to attain whatever is in the afterlife, and there is no real need to worry about how we live down here. Morals and ethics would then be in the eye of the beholder, and no ones morals would be superior to another’s, and relativism would then reigns. The only judgment would be against those insisting on absolutes, and the authority of the Living God. Behaviors like legalized child killing would be seen as neutral, since there are no penalties for behaviors, and the ethic of tolerance would trump the life of these children.

In both accounts, the devil is absolutely thrilled. The devil wants to be worshiped, and he demands of his people their allegiance, and obedience to his will. His crown jewel is the destruction of God’s most precious creation, that of babies. It is the blood sacrifice in which Satan glorifies himself, and by tricking the two groups, he effectively gets what he wants. When the clergy has a crisis of faith, it necessitates the spreading of this error, and the circle of unbelief gets ever so wider, until it is nearly impossible to resist. It seems we are at this place now, and it will take nothing other than an incredibly strong faith in God, coupled with enough brave souls to put leather into action, and turn this around.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


George Offerman

I have written several posts concerning the Wichita organization lead by Troy Newman, and have come under fire for it. There have been many allegations made about me and Randall Terry since that time, mainly made by those who are associated with the Wichita organization. It is becoming more apparent that as more information comes out, and more are beginning to see what this organization is all about, it is becoming obvious that the stealing of the moniker Operation Rescue is motivated by fame and money.

Tom O’Toole has written a provocative piece on this issue, and not only addresses what is seen as an opportunist taking the moniker of another man, but also the false allegations to justify taking the name, and by extension, issues of integrity with Mr. Newman.


In this piece, Mr. O’Toole discusses Mr. Terry’s history in the pro life movement and proposes the question “Is Randall Terry fit for the Pro life movement?” It would seem that as the article progresses on, that Mr. O’Toole comes to the conclusion that most of the charges levied at Mr. Terry, are exaggerated and in some cases, outright lies. Much of what has been alleged by Mr. Terry’s accusers can be dismissed rather easily by anyone taking the time to do an internet search, or talking to those who have Known Mr. Terry for some time, but others are simply personal innuendo’s that have more of the purpose of smearing Mr. Terry‘s reputation, and thus are more difficult to refute.

It appears Mr. O’Toole has no great love for Mr. Newman, and this is obvious by Mr. O’Toole taking a not so subtle shot at Mr. Newman’s “Virtual Protest” in his opening line of the article. Mr. O’Toole unabashedly also calls Mr. Newman and opportunist, and also states Mr. Newman has made patently false allegations against Mr. Terry, while claiming the moral ground of being the new leader of Operation rescue. Mr. O’Toole even goes a step further, and quotes one of his colleagues, Pro life business man Joseph Costello “Why they just didn’t use their own name to fight abortion. The answer is obvious: money. Mr. Terry branded the Operation rescue name, and with it these men are profiting”.

Here we have another pro lifer who has a great deal of credibility calling out the poor behaviors of another so called pro life leader on issues of integrity. If Mr. Newman’s work is so innovative, that it will actually bring about the overturning of Roe and Doe, then why would Mr. Newman need to take the moniker of another man and have to use this to have credibility? I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Costello in that Mr. Newman should stand on his own merits, and call his organization something other than OR. There would be no need to steal Mr. Terry’s identity for credibility, and fundraising matters if Mr. Newman could do this on his own.

The problem here is that Mr. Newman used the Operation Rescue (west) moniker in the beginning of his career, and it was more likely the name association than anything else that garnered Mr. Newman the attention and pro life ‘gigs’ he now has. The organization Mr. Newman operates is nowhere near what Operation Rescue was when Randall Terry was leading. It is obvious by looking at the fruits of both of the organizations, that Mr. Newman is utilizing the name to enhance his credibility rather than he giving credibility to the name.

This is also evidenced in the fact that Mr. Newman finds it necessary to belittle, and in some cases outright lie about Randall Terry. This is very similar to playground behaviors, in which the overmatched child is left with the option of name calling, and threats. If Mr. Newman truly has built an organization of national status, then he should be proud enough to give it a name that reflects HIS efforts, and not that of another.

Mr. Newman takes shots at Mr. Terry, but fails to recognize his own contradictions. Late last year, Mr. Newman sent out a fundraising letter, signed by him, that states he had fears of the organization possibly shutting down for lack of money, and was so broke that “I cannot pay attention”. Within a few weeks, there were press releases sent out stating that this was not the case, and that the MEDIA had ‘misinterpreted’ Mr. Newman’s statements. I don’t know about you, but if I receive a letter from an organization, signed by the president of said organization, I would presume he knows what he is talking about. I would have no interest in donating to an organization in which the president is using ‘double speak’ to accomplish his goals and it appears that is what happened in this case. Mr. Newman used the same tactics on the media and critics as on Mr. Terry, and that begins to reflect the true character of Mr. Newman. It appears he does not see the ‘log’ in his own eyes, but can sure bark up a storm concerning the speck in others.

This, Mr. Newman, is what is causing credibility problems in the Wichita organization. Trashing another’s reputation to uplift your own is very unchristian behavior as well as showing the true poverty of thought and action on the organization’s part. Get out there and actually do something of value, and prove you are the national leader you claim to be. It’s also interesting that others are seeing this behavior as well, and are also calling it what it is: false.

Monday, March 1, 2010


George Offerman

Nancy Pelosi and company seem to be making it abundantly clear that hell care will go through no matter what the ‘people’ really want. Yes, this ultimately may result in changes in both houses come November, but by then, the damage is done. There have been very few laws that have been repealed once signed, and most likely, there will be too much resistance for the next group of politicians to put it on the line, to even put in a half hearted effort at changing it.

There is a small window of opportunity to do something about this, and it is time to put forth the effort to make it happen. Currently, the hell care bill is something fairly shrouded in secrecy, and was forced through both houses without much input, and a chance to read what was in it. Just this morning, a few commentators were making the point that once the bill is passed, the government will then ‘explain’ it to the people and in about 4-5 years, this law will take effect, and we will be stuck with the outcome.

There is a lot of speculation among the health care providers as to why it is being delayed 4-5 years before implementation. Some happen to think that it has the demise of private insurance companies, due to regulations, and cut backs in payments, as already seen in Medicare and Medicaid this year. Cutting reimbursements, coupled with the possibility of capping costs is a ‘double whammy’ that will put nearly all of the private practitioners out of business by then, and would place a horrible economic strain on the public hospital system, as well as larger private institutions. It is very possible that within a few years, these institutions will be begging the Fed’s to bail them out, as hospitals and other healthcare institutions, cannot fail.

If this is true, it will begin to gear the population towards rationing, as more and more private practitioners close their doors, and institutions begin to do the same. The level of care we have become so used to will be a thing of the past, and will open the door for the government to step in and look like the good guy. However, they will only make a broken system even worse, and will be dictating to the health care professionals how to do their jobs, and most likely will impose very stiff penalties for anyone practicing outside the ‘best practices’ recommendations or model that they impose on the health care workers.

Since it is already well known that the Democrats want to include federal funding for legalized child killing, it is not a stretch to say in this culture of death, that some sort of cap will be placed on the general population, that will dictate who is to get what, and what services will be withheld due to economic circumstances. What it comes down to is: money. Nancy Pelosi said as much this past weekend, that “Healthcare is an economic issue, not a political issue”. With the ever increasing debt burden, due to shrinking tax receipts (would we have this problem with an additional 52 million paying taxes?) it is inevitable that costs will have to be contained, and health care is an ever increasing expense on the bottom line for the government. Put two and two together, and one will come up with the very obvious solution to ‘their problem’.

Along with increasing budgetary deficits, and lowered payments to providers, the population is getting older and unhealthier, due mainly to poor lifestyle choices. This ‘trifecta’ of events will culminate in a major crisis, as many of the providers hit the exits and are not replaced by new providers, as the economic incentive for doing this work is now gone. The general population will continue to get fed propaganda, that they deserve the absolute newest and best care. But they will not be able to access it because it will be scarce. There will be tension, as a bottleneck will be created large numbers of consumers attempting to get resources provided by fewer practitioners. This will legitimize the government takeover, and the utopian promises of free and abundant healthcare will be as real as calling the full moon the sun.

Taking over health care is an issue of control. The government wants to control what one gets, and by default, how one lives. If the law states that a mother, for any reason, can kill her child, then it is absolutely no stretch to have a bureaucracy dictate who has rights and accessibility to certain types of care. After all, in the culture of death, it is already clear that those targeted for death are not considered, and others choose for them. In a world of sanity, no one chooses death for themselves, but only in an insane world, do others take this prerogative on themselves, and grant themselves deity status. If these folks want to impose their culture of death onto this nation, they should show some leadership, and make it retroactive on themselves