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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


George Offerman

There has been so much focus on the tea party and what they represent, but the pro life movement has not been vocal or visible in the debate on needing to take the country back. We have had 2 justices chosen in the past year, and the pro life movement has for the most part been MIA, and with the elections looming, I have not read or seen much activity from the pro lifers concerning viable candidates to vote for. It seems everyone is getting excited about the prospects of the Replicants taking back at least one of the chambers in Congress, as if that is going to do anything for the cause.

I have spoken to both leaders and front line people in the pro life movement, and nearly without exception, they are putting some efforts into the campaigns of the old and tired elected officials who have done little to nothing in ending legalized child killing. Since we know the Church, along with many of their 501 c 3 cronies will never forward or support a strong pro life candidate, it is up to us to get this done. But where are the candidates? Who has stepped forward to take up the cause? Has there been encouragement from our side for anyone who is solid in the movement?

It is for this reason I hold out little hope of change and movement until we can either secure solid pro life candidates, or put the fear of God into the ones currently holding office. What seems very confusing to me is how the movement focuses on the need to change the law, yet is nearly absent when there are pro death individuals nominated for the Supreme Court, and apparently little political activity concerning true pro life candidates. So, how are the laws going to change? Through the process of osmosis? There needs to be a viable plan, with viable candidates and a clear and concise map of a strategy for victory once the candidate gets into office.

Any successful strategy will have to include, first and foremost, a unified plank on which to run. With the movement being fragmented it would be very difficult to determine and convince a majority of voters of the viability of the candidate and real prospects of getting legislation into any committee. There would also have to be some urgency in this matter, as well as going for total victory, versus the current losing strategy of incrementalism. There also needs to be a push to expose the child killing industry in the way they do business, and how harmful they are to the women exposed to them. There needs to be large numbers of staunch pro lifers ready and able to hold these people accountable for their actions.

So far, I see little evidence of those items listed above as actually occurring in this election cycle. The tea party people mobilized very quickly after the very fiery speech by CNBC’s Rick Santelli on that Fateful day in February 2009. Mr. Santelli hit a nerve, and people responded in droves to his call for a tea party. If this can be done for taxes and out of control government spending, why can’t it be done for the children? (Maybe because the conviction is not there?) We need to have the equivalent of our own ‘tea party’ and get on with the business of saving the next generation along with ourselves.

We need to be out there as if it matters, because it does matter. We need to be out there as if our lives depend on it, because they do. We need to be out there as if our future and the future of this country is at stake, because it is. When we take this as seriously as any threats to our income and money, we will get the job done, and we very well may bring the wayward Church with us. Let’s not waste another election cycle, and come up with a strategy that will turn the tide.

Monday, August 30, 2010


George Offerman

Glenn Beck held his equivalent of an “I have a dream” weekend, and it drew hundreds of thousands of hungry Americans wanting to see real change occur in this very sick nation of ours. Even though the tea party has made its best efforts to stay out of the arena of religion and social issues, Beck was able to inject a very religious message that appeared to resonate with the people. If our rights are God given, then what obligation do we have to follow laws the state imposes on us that are minimally immoral, and likely anti Christian and anti God? And if we do answer this question in the affirmative, what is the next step in which to take in order for our voices to be heard?

One of the gripes I have heard over and over again was the tea party did not (or maybe does not) have a pure pro life platform, and seems to not address many of the hot social issues and religion. I have long thought that this is actually a great position to take, as the pro life movement at least at this time, does not have a unified plank, or a realistic game plan in which to end legalized child killing. Due to this, the tea party is not ‘bogged down’ with the baggage that belongs to the current pro life movement. The same could be said of religion, as nearly all the churches are under the cursed 501 c 3 status, and as such, are really whores of the state. The tea party has been wise in avoiding both pitfalls, and seems to have pulled in a great many people by this strategy.

Nearly all of the tea party people I have encountered have a very Theo centric view of the world, and as such, do have a good moral center in which they view the current situation in our country. The reason I believe they are causing such a fuss on ‘BOTH sides of the aisle’ in politics, is because they are fundamentally sound, and this is a threat to BOTH SIDES. The tea party people question the whole idea of many of the recent laws passed, and want to see many repealed (as they should be). The only weakness I see with the tea party (other than being absconded by the Republicants) is they stop short of applying non violent civil disobedience to these Godless laws.

We need to begin to assess, and determine what the proper and moral actions to take against the godless laws that now dominate our landscape. What we know is true, is over the past 37 years, our actions have not cultivated in any significant headway in ending legalized child killing. There are many who want to make the claim that for the first time ever, a majority of the population are pro life. We still have rampant killing going on, and a stale mate in this arena means status quo is the order, and the killing fields continue to be open for business. If the goal of the tea party is to effect change in the political arena, there will need to be standards and creeds the candidates have to abide by or there is little purpose to this movement. The same needs to be said for the pro life movement. There needs to be teeth behind the rhetoric.

If we consider the true nature of Christianity, it is to be the light to the world. If the world needs light, it is presupposed the world is dark, and darkness is not the condition that is conducive for salvation and peaceful living. Right now, the world is running this land, and there seems to be little movement in changing this hierarchy. We need to be looking at ways in which we can express ourselves, while also remaining true to our Christian heritage. Non violent civil disobedience is going to have to be in this calculation, and it is a fact that will make the staunchest Christian uncomfortable and the lukewarm run for cover. Without an honest discussion of this reality, we will soon be seeing even more restrictive laws denouncing our beliefs being passed, and simply going to church one day soon may be a criminal offense. What are we going to do then?

I am challenging all those who follow the Living God to consider what they are willing to do. This battle is in the late phase, and our options are being limited by the day. We cannot run and hide forever, and the master has made it clear that saying nothing in the face of evil is evil itself. There does have to be a day of reckoning and we need to be prepared for it. It is time to organize, unify and hit the enemy with calculated and pinpoint precision in their most vulnerable point. Disobeying godless laws is a good place to start.

Friday, August 27, 2010


George Offerman

I was on Jason Hommel’s site silverstockreport.com reading one of his latest entries titled “Give to Caesar: Give to God” posted on July 28th and the subsequent reader’s response posted on August 6th. In this particular posting, Mr. Hommel does a fairly detailed Bible study on the question of kings, government, their roles in our lives and what we are morally obliged to do, concerning the subject of whether we are morally obligated to pay taxes or not. (I recommend all the readers check this out for themselves). Mr. Hommel raises many valid points about the role of government in general, and the role of our government in the United States in particular, and what our role as Christians ought to be.

Mr. Hommel seems to answer many of the mainstream churches allegations that as Christians we are ‘obligated’ to submit to authority and the churches identify the authority as our current government. This is based upon the Romans 13 discourse about proper behavior and obligations, but Paul in this particular series of passages, is referring to Godly authority, and is careful to not use the term ‘government’. Paul would not contradict, and has not contradicted any of the scriptures which clearly state that we are to ‘discern’ the nature of the law, and are obligated to disobey man made laws that violate God’s law.

How is it that the churches, who are all exempt from paying taxes with their 501 c 3 status, can preach to us about our need to pay taxes? If the churches are tax exempt because they represent God, then shouldn’t we, by extension be exempt as well? It would seem by the way that most of the churches are acting (including the Catholic Church and the USCCB) they are more in line with the state’s party line than that of God. The Church is highly motivated to not anger the state or to contradict their policies, regardless of how ungodly, due to losing this coveted status. This violated the whole purpose of their existence, which is to preach the unvarnished Gospel to a lost world.

Just because the Church has sold out on its beliefs, does not give the believer the right or obligation to sell out on the beliefs and tenets of the faith. The Church is not taking their proper role of moral leader in any fashion that demonstrates they actually believe in the Gospel message. This makes them no different than the misguided and corrupt state we live in, and they are unwilling and unable to discern truth from the lies, and want to operate in ‘peace and harmony’ with the sate (read tolerance and collusion). If we can choose to forgo tithing to unworthy organizations like the church, we sure have the moral and Biblical authority to deny money to a godless state.

Not paying taxes is one of the most ‘horrendous’ crimes against the state a citizen can commit. Look at the severity of the law, and one can only conclude that killing a legalized child killer is the only thing worse a citizen can do. The consequences for not paying taxes are severe, and the only way this can work as an effective strategy for the pro life movement, is to have large numbers, and have the pro life movement as a whole (outside of the Churches purview) adopt this and support this platform in totality. It is a strategy that should be very seriously considered, and it will take incredible dedication to follow through on this. I do believe it will reap dividends that we cannot even begin to imagine, but courage it will take.

I am not there yet in my courage to do this, but it is an eventual goal of mine. I do fear judgment day, and having the Father tell me that convenience and this life’s desires got in the way of saving his children. We all need to do a gut check and decide what doing little for the children is really worth. The more I see of the destruction of all that is good in this country, the more I believe the price we will pay for doing nothing is greater than even jail. We shall soon see if this is true or not.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


George Offerman

I am rather distressed and dismayed this morning. It seems the group who wants to know where I stand on the personhood amendment has no action plan in implementing this amendment. As well meaning as their intentions are, with no true and workable action plan all this talk is simply… talk and wishful thinking. See, the vast majority of those in the pro life movement have put themselves in such a small box, that there is no pragmatical way out. This box, unfortunately, is created by those who believe this process is sterile and can be done from a distance and is not a dirty or confrontational endeavor.

If one allows himself to THINK about legalized child killing to its core, he will become painfully aware that it is one of the most bizarre and stupefying ‘crimes of humanity’ to have ever existed. Here we have a nation that supposedly follows the rule of law, which summarily executes its most innocent citizens for the most mundane ‘reasons’. Unlike virtually any other crime (other than the Federal Reserve) this crime against humanity is scheduled, the executioner is known, the locations are identified, and nothing is done about it. If I announced a week in advance that I was robbing the nearest BB&T branch, I can assure you, SWAT teams would be waiting and I would be hauled off to jail for a very long time. Yet that is what abortuaries do.

The mainstream pro life movement does not want to discuss, nor even contemplate activities that may make them ‘look bad’. Most don’t want graphic signs shown, depicting the truth of legalized child killing. Most are not interested in picketing the killers home, and the vast majority will not challenge anyone who has a pro death view, as there are fears of ‘offending’ or God forbid, the pro deathers may actually show anger and rage against those challenging their beliefs. So, here we are 37 years later and this is the scorecard: We can’t show graphic pictures, cannot use confrontational language, cannot even agree on what a pro life plank is, cannot bring our ‘Faith’ into the discussion, cannot and do not hold politicians accountable for their treachery, and God forbid, cannot discuss the “mortal sin’ of what Roeder did without being branded a ‘terrorist’ (and that’s within the pro life ranks). And we wonder why we are losing, and on top of that we have some wishful, Pollyanna dream that through a magical process, legalized child killing will end.

Well the enemy has studied us, they know our weaknesses, and they are exploiting them. They do not paint themselves into a box or corner, and use any means necessary to get what they want. We need to study our enemy, get to know their weaknesses, and use all non violent means necessary to get what we want. What are the weaknesses of our enemy? First off, they are very confused in their thinking, but have commanded and commandeered certain ‘buzz phrases’ that need to be taken back. Secondly, they are a minority that has convinced the majority they are the majority. But the biggest of all is they need TAXPAYER funding to continue their work, and that is the key weakness if exploited, will bring them down.

Look at the major players in legalized child killing. Planned parenthood and the ACLU WOULD NOT EXIST if they had to self fund and fund raise. The government, who is the strong arm behind these two, refers to us as ‘taxpayers’, not citizens, Americans or anything else (frankly that is an offensive term and a demeaning way of describing us). One can know how others process thoughts by listening to the language they use. Money is their lifeblood, and their funding source is used to CONTROL the behaviors and beliefs of the majority. It is time to expose these frauds for what they are, and to make so much noise that the wimps and liars on Capitol Hill hear us loud and clear.

So, here is a plan of action to get the personhood amendment passed. 1) Call a national convention for pro life activists, and have a solid action plan in place. 2) Identify those who are willing to be on the front line of activism to take the lead in building teams 3) Fund and support through the pro life ‘press’ those willing to be openly non compliant with the tax system and be unified in this message to the politicians and Churches. 4) DEFUND ALL CHURCHES AND 501 C 3 ORGANIZATIONS that do not ‘tow the line’ concerning the unified pro life message. 5) Unmercifully hound and badger, through letters, phone calls, and most importantly, a physical presence around the clock at the offices and Capitol of all politicians who have sold out on the pro life message. 6) Promote and hold accountable all future candidates to this platform and impress upon them the ‘Fear of God’ if they ever sell out to the cause. And 7) DEFUND the ACLU and Planned parenthood and any other organization that promotes the culture of death with taxpayer money.

Money talks, and the enemy's ‘Achilles heel’ is funding. Defund all of those pushing the hellish gospel of death, and we will have victory. Let us work on enrolling those who know how to fight, the one and only ‘greatest generation’ who know what it takes to rise up and defeat evil. The majority of the ND 88 falls into this category, and they are our unsung heroes in this battle. If we did most of the points listed above for 12-18 months, I would be willing to bet that legalized child killing will be on the ash heap of history. Now, are we all talk, or will we walk the walk?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


George Offerman

After the expulsion from the garden, it did not take much time for man to populate the earth, and as such grew an army of humans. Satan was also busy during that time introducing all manner of evil as he understood that if the bloodline of mankind was so infected with sin, the promised ‘savior’ could not be born. Satan also understands God well enough that for prophecy to be fulfilled, all the conditions need to be met, and this was the prime mover in his motivation to destroy this new race. God ultimately responded with the flood, and thwarted Satan’s first attempt to kill this prophecy.

The Nephilim

When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.
Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years."
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.
They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:1-7

The identity and nature of the Nephilim is one of the greatest controversies in Biblical studies. The verse referring to the ‘sons of God’ has been interpreted by many as incarnate demons, and the verse in Jude 6 is used to convey this:

"And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."

The problem with this interpretation is whether angels have or had the ability to materialize into bodies that were ‘fully functional’ or if they possessed certain individuals and passed on their evil natures. Either way, these demons overstepped their boundaries and are not allowed to interact with humanity ever again.

The nephilim was Satan’s attempt at polluting the race of man and he was so successful that God decided to wipe out his creation, man, from the face of the earth. There was one family that was not polluted and they were given the task of carrying on the bloodline of the eventual Savior. It was up to Noah to carry on this bloodline and he was given the prophecy of the flood.

The story of the nephilim is important due to the fact it has parallels to Revelation, in that Satan continues to inhibit the birth of those individuals (the 144,000) so as to render God’s prophecy invalid. Instead of infecting humans with evil spirits, Satan has unleashed abortion on demand which ultimately has a greater evil effect than even possession. Regardless of whether the nephilim were offspring of incarnated demons or mere demonic possessions, Satan was willing to sacrifice many in his army to forward his agenda. This goes on to show the ruthlessness of this creature, and how he is totally fixated on himself and his well being.

The Flood

The account of the flood is covered from Genesis 6:5 to 9:7 and is too lengthy to reproduce here. God found favor with Noah, and instructed him to build an ark. God told Noah what he was going to do, and why he was doing it, and Noah became the first True Prophet of God. Satan was now aware of God’s plan and who was tasked with carrying on the bloodline. Noah, as a righteous man, would have been ostracized and isolated from nearly everyone, and this most likely was a form of torture sent by the evil one. There is much speculation as the amount of time it took to build the ark, but it must have been many decades and much occurred during this time to potentially thwart this activity.

The antediluvians were very aware of the ark, and as a prophet, Noah must have warned them over and over again of God’s plan. Given the fact that the Antediluvians were committing every conceivable sin, and seeing no repercussion (similar to today), Noah’s warnings carried little to no meaning for them. The Antediluvians also must have unmercifully mocked and derided Noah, as they were doing the work of their master in using this form of persecution to dissuade Noah from completing his assigned task.

Genesis was clear that rain had never fallen on the earth before, as water came in the form of dew every morning. Making an ark, and expecting an event never witnessed before was also in the realm of faith (similar to asteroids and the calamities in Revelation are today) and must have been a factor in the derision sent Noah’s way. Noah, nonetheless persevered in building the ark, as well as preaching to the Antediluvians of the impending disaster. None of them listened, and none of them entered the ark when it was time.

Judgment occurred when God sealed Noah and his family into the ark, and it was on the seventh day when the rains began to fall. God’s sealing of the ark represented two things: 1) Noah and his family were inside, having made their choice, and 2) The Antediluvians were on the outside, having sealed their fate (similar to the mark of the beast). When the rains began to fall, the Antediluvians must have been filled with dread and fear, and only then did they realize their actions and foolishness had come at a great price. So it will be at the time of the seventh trumpet of Revelation for those who took the mark, believing they ‘saved’ their lives.

These events are written for our benefit and to teach us the lessons of antiquity, and that God is unchangeable, and is actively involved in human affairs. The times we currently live in have been described by many as similar to Noah, and there is great evidence that this description is accurate and true. This ought to give one pause, and to ponder what may be in store if we do not call out for forgiveness and change our ways. The great clock of the Living God is ticking, and Like Noah, one day the age of salvation will come to an end, and the ‘door’ will close. We need to be on the right side of that door when it happens.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


George Offerman

There is a fairly prominent group I am in dialogue with concerning the personhood amendment and where I stand on it. I want to be very clear that I have always stood for ending abortion WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS and go even further by eliminating birth control as most are abortifacients. I am clear on how controversial this position is, and has been fairly persecuted and mocked for it, so I am not that concerned about where others may put me on a ‘tiered’ scale. The issue as I see it should not revolve around talking points, but actions. There are too many talkers, and not enough actors in this holocaust, and the body count continues to mount by the day.

I do agree we need to be unified in our approach in ending legalized child killing, and there is too much dissention in the ranks as many groups advocate differing levels of what is acceptable as a stand, and using this as some sort of guide in determining what will have the best chance of passing and what will not. I have made clear in a previous posting “Pro life’s deadly sin: incrementalism” how many in the movement, if not most, don’t believe we can win this war in totality. If we are dealing with the moral law handed down by the Living God, total victory is the only option. But it requires action, not talk.

How does this get done? Well, if it is an amendment to our constitution, it will require statesmen in office instead of the current group of wimps and liars that currently occupy those positions. It will take 2/3 of both the House of Representatives and the Senate to get this done, then it will be submitted to each state for approval, and 38 of the 50 states need to ratify it. This process requires much time, and would also require that the politicians ‘feet be held to the fire’. I understand this process; I understand the thinking behind it and agree with all of it. However, how will this amendment get passed when there is no chance in hell right now with the current crop of cronies in charge?

I think there is a simple solution, but I can almost guarantee few will be willing to do it. We simply stop paying taxes until we get what we want. The only language any of these ‘elected officials’ know is, talk about spending and promising someone something for nothing. The only color they see is green and the only sound they hear is ‘ca-ching’ of the cash register. Good old fashioned non violent civil disobedience. Anyone in the pro life movement, who is not na├»ve, knows we already fund abortion through taxes, and it is immoral for us to do it. Yet, no one really wants to discuss it, and only a few discuss the cursed 501 C 3 status that muzzles the churches. If we want legalized child killing to end, it will take way more than talk, tiered systems, marches, fund raisers, signature drives and such. We have to be willing to put ourselves on the line if we really mean it.

By virtue there were 95 at Notre Dame (7 took deals for personal reasons) I don’t hold out much hope that there will be a groundswell in support for this activity. Not paying taxes is really in the ‘big leagues’ and definitely would get the attention of most of the informed world, if there were enough doing it, and it would move this cause at light speed, and require a resolution of it. If we want to be gut wrenching honest with ourselves, the vast majority of us (me included) would get an “F” for our ‘efforts’ as 3,500 per day lose their lives with no apparent end in sight. There is a limited amount of time the Living God will give us to resolve this, and we don’t have the ‘luxury’ of waiting several election cycles to get in the ‘right’ people. Our bloodguilt mounts by the day and this bill will be paid, one way or another.

In short, it will be action, not talk that will get the job done. It starts with a unified front, praying and fasting, then EFFECTIVE ACTION. Anything less is a waste of time, and our enemies know this, and has basically beaten us into submission. Until any movement within the pro life ranks is willing to risk in proportion to the crimes being committed, it will flounder and fail. Failure is not acceptable to the Living God, and should not be acceptable to any true Christian out there. We need to get out of the safety of the kitchen and Churches and take the fight to the enemy, and get the job done.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


George Offerman

The post apologetics of many pro life groups has started now that Kagan is in the Supreme Court. Although predictable, it is incredibly sad that these groups have any credibility and no shame in the fact they were MIA in this battle. It must be that many in the pro life movement have little fight in them, or they just don't understand the points of battle. With he next point of battle being the November elections, it would be high time and proper to be demanding candidates that supposedly represent our positions, to actually keep their word.

We have Steve Ertelt of lifenews.com that believes Kagan's elevation to the Supreme Court has a 'silver lining' in it. Mr. Ertelt has been MIA in most of the real battles and has been silent on those who have put in efforts to filibuster this horrible Associate Justice. And Mr. Ertelt presents himself as a pro life leader who is on top of the major news stories. It is more like Mr. Ertelt has a 'news blackout' on stories and events he is personally uncomfortable with or thinks is not in the image of his vision pertaining to changing the law of the land and outlawing legalized child killing. As long as people like Mr. Ertelt, decide what is newsworthy in the pro life movement, we can presume a losing position and most of these pro life groups will continue fund raising until the day Jesus returns.

The Reverend Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition was arrested some weeks back for praying in front of a Planned Parenthod abortuary in Washington, D.C. An honorable endeavor, but not a rallying point for overturning Roe. The Reverend Mahoney makes a statement in his latest newsletter that if "this does not rally the Christian community, then I don't know what will". There is some truth to this statement, but if legalized child killing were illegal, one could not get arrested for praying in front of an abandoned abortuary. let's make child killing illegal, and all the disputes over where to pray will cease to exist.

Finally, the Philippine branch of the Catholic Church has boldly declared to the government that the will excommunicate not only those who pass legalized child killing, but anyone remotely involved at any level. The American Church could learn a lot from this example, and maybe ought to take note that the Church over there has credibility because of their strong stances on moral matters such as this. I have also wondered if the Church over there is dealing with something equivalent to the 501 C 3 status in this country. either way, the Philippine Church seems to have a moral compass and a voice that carries some authority.

So, let the games begin. Let these groups and individuals sell their 'goods' as real efforts, and let them justify their inactions as 'silver linings' and 'demonstrating Jesus love for others" Let them continue on in their delusions that they are making a 'difference' in this war. But for the love of God and the Babies, please do not fund them.

Monday, August 9, 2010


George Offerman

About 70 people showed up at Dr. Stuart Kernes neighborhood and home in Wakesha, Wisconsin this past Saturday. The event was coordinated by the Missionaries to the preborn, and lead by Pastor Matthew Trewhella. this event lasted about an hour, and the volunteers all carried signs that ranged from more benign requests for Dr. Kernes to cease and desist with his killing, to very graphic signs depicting heads of babies and the famous 'Malachi' poster. overall, the event seemed to go well, and the Wakesha county Sheriff made an appearance, with little fanfare though.

This group had been targeting this particular abortionist for some time, and has begun to 'turn up the heat' on him. most of the neighbors turned away from the pictures, and a few wanted us to go away, but that was not going to happen. the people their represented different denominations, and have been dedicated to making a stand against the culture of death in this manner for some time. It was also nice to see the numbers of people willing to take time out of their schedules on a Saturday afternoon to come and be physically present in this neighborhood and making a stand for the babies.

I was heartened by the dedication of these people in Wisconsin, as it was very pleasant to be around them, and I did not hear any bickering and complaining. Those who we spoke to seemed to grasp the moral turmoil our country is in, and it was very refreshing to not encounter much of the 'sophisicated thinking' that occurs on the East Coast. it was a very helpful reminder why I love 'flyover country' so much, and continue to pray that most of these arrogant and sophisticated people continue to fly over it, and not infect it with their stinking thinking.

We need to be engaged in this fight, and we need to use tactics that will work. We need to tell the truth and not be ashamed of our Christian heritage. We have such limited time to get this done, and it seems we have few laborers willing to get their hands dirty in this fight. Make a commitment to get involved and just do something. Offerman Out.

Friday, August 6, 2010


George Offerman

“The people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature.”

President James Garfield.

I came across this quote earlier in the week, and it has stuck with me. It seems we have moved into very uncharted waters as a nation at the same time that we are the most unprepared. The difficulties grow by the day and it still seems like most of the news and topics of the day revolve around inconsequential aspects of our modern way of life. There are few real discussions and dialog on what is happening and what to do about it. Few seem to focus on the problems, and by extension, do not seem to mind the fact that our leadership is morally bankrupt, and it seems few care.

Now that Kagan is officially an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, most will now move onto something else. Most likely, whatever this ‘something else’ is, it more than likely will not significantly affect the direction of this country, or call into question very bad and immoral behavior by the leaders. It is by extension that the majority affirm this behavior, as few are making a real stink about it. Mediocrity has become the new standard of this age, replacing heroism, morality and character.

We have the talking heads that supposedly represent the current conservative movement, and even many of them (not all) believe somehow, this November, the Republicans will ride into town on a white horse and save the day. Well, they will not and anyone who really believes that is in a near delusional state. We have seen what they do time and time again. They are elected, then do what they want, and throw token gestures at their ‘conservative’ constituency in order to get re elected. The candidates put forth from the Tea Party, like Rand Paul, are being attacked by the Republican establishment, which essentially proves this point. We are reaping what we have sown as a society, and now the bill is coming due.

It is my hope and prayer that people are beginning to wake up and see what is obvious. It is also my hope and prayer that they act on this knowledge, and in the process of making the necessary changes in their lives, will become those people who effect change in a significant and permanent way. When one acts on what they know to be true, others sit up and take notice. It may disturb them, but when one gets over the fact that some will not ‘like them’ or what they are doing, one will find himself rather free to move about his life and will accomplish many important things. It really is time to get ready for the reality soon to visit us.

The LME goes ‘Dark’

One of the financial gurus I follow on a regular basis, and one that has a very solid track record of his predictions coming true has openly discussed an event that if correct, has massive ramifications. The London Metal Exchange, or LME, supposedly went ‘dark’ earlier this week, meaning they ‘killed’ all information pertaining to metals they supposedly have on stock, and may have defaulted on delivery of precious metals to customers. If true, it is the moment us precious metals bugs have been waiting for, for quite some time. This has the potential to blow the prices of precious metals out of the galaxy, but would also be a massive threat to the money powers, which is the best news of all. This event may take time to ultimately play out, but in effect, it means the little guy will soon have no access to any metal, unless he is willing to pay sky high prices for it. Either way, things are heating up and the hyper inflation express is on its way. I definitely will be watching and updating you on this event. Got gold? GOT SILVER?

I have some personal matters to attend to, as well as some travels, and may be posting infrequently for the next few weeks. Most likely this will interrupt the hermeneutics series the most, and I give my advanced apologies for that. Keep up the prayers and activities.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


George Offerman

I have had several readers comment on what they perceive as my ‘courage’ concerning my exploits in the pro life movement. Sure, it is flattering to be thought of as courageous, but it also gives the opportunity to ponder this word courage and what it entails. I don’t see myself as particularly courageous, as I know exactly what I’m thinking and feeling when I do these things. I just feel extremely driven to do them, due mainly to strong convictions about my belief systems, and the fact that I really believe the Gospel tells us as believers, that we do not have the luxury of watching those around us go to hell without a fight from us. If we do not speak up we are derelict in duty, and we are actually Anti Christian because we then excuse and justify our non action as ‘the right thing to do’.

As I have written in past postings, conviction is cultivated through vast amounts of praying and fasting. Jesus started his ministry with a 40 day fast and prayer session, and we have clear records of what he was able to do. Intensive praying and fasting, when done properly, will access the ‘deep thoughts’ of God, and they come across as life changing convictions. That is why I warn people about this, because entering the spiritual realm, whether good or evil, brings about major changes in life. One cannot go to the ‘foot of the cross’ in intensive praying and fasting, and not expect to be told to ‘pick up your cross daily and follow me”. Jesus clearly warned us that we are to expect persecution, mockery and other derogatory words and behaviors targeted at us, and from the amount of work I have done, I can personally confirm Jesus statement as being exact and accurate.

The problem is that most people look at this through negative lenses, and become fixated on what appears to be rejection through worldly eyes, instead of understanding or accepting the fact that ANY worthwhile cause will bring about dissention within any group. Yes, there are nasty things that happen, but real joy cannot be experienced until one is willing to pay the price for what is right, and then goes about doing it. It doesn’t mean that one cannot be afraid while acting on what is right, it means that despite the fear, one does what is right anyway.

I had my father as a role model, in both matters of faith, as well as pro life. I watched someone with guts do things that I thought were crazy until I began to pray and fast in earnest, and then I began to understand what ‘drove’ him. Then I moved into the action phase, and began to get even more understandings and insights into the Gospel, and realized how ‘alive’ our faith really is. The best way I can describe this strong conviction to people who have not yet developed it is that “I cannot not do it’. To not act on what I know is way harder than working through the fear and doing what I need to do.

Since my arrest at Notre Dame is a matter of public record, I feel free to discuss it. I have told most people who ask me about it, I was fairly scared walking up to the campus, and remember saying to myself “I hope we don’t get arrested today”. But I also remember being prepared to do and go with whatever was going to happen. Praying at Notre Dame was the right thing to do, and for those who did (and do) not understand and let their fear get the best of them made many comments pertaining to my ‘foolishness’ and attempted to justify their non action as being superior to what I did. To me that is fine, because I was not motivated by the promise of accolades, speaking gigs, or fame. I did it because the spirit convicted me to do it, and I was not going to sleep well until I acted on what I knew what was right. (Virtually all of the now known ND 88 has said about the same thing).

Notre Dame brought out a crisis of consciousness, not only for Obama, but for the Church and believers in general. There were 88 people willing to risk imprisonment, humiliation and significant risk, but it exposed the ‘nakedness and impoverishment’ of the pro life movement in general, as it greatly overshadowed the efforts of all the other groups combined, who did major fund raisers and sold their efforts as ‘effectively creating tension’. By most of these groups either distancing themselves, or outright condemning us as ‘show hogs’, the pro life movement missed a golden opportunity to build upon momentum created by these arrests. But in truth, it exposed them for what they really are: and that is a group who seems more interested in safety, comfort and convenience, and playing ‘nice’ with the enemy instead of getting the job done in the most effective non violent way possible.

For some, these may seem to be strong words, and they are. I also know firsthand what it is like to have handcuffs put on, and to be charged with ‘trumped up’ charges, and spending time in jail for political reasons. I know firsthand the pressure in dealing with a court system and a University that is giving us the run around. I know firsthand the inconvenience of driving all night to get to South Bend for a 15 second appearance in front of a judge, only to turn around and make the long drive back in near total exhaustion. I know firsthand the possible negative ramifications of a conviction and jail time would do to my career and livelihood. I know firsthand of friends I have lost, religious leaders, many so called pro lifers and even some priests who will not talk or associate with me. But I know firsthand the peace and joy of picking up the cross and following my master, knowing with 100% CERTAINTY that I followed his will, and that no matter what happens, only good will come of it. That, no one can take away, nor minimize with any word or deed, and I know firsthand that this will follow me into eternity.

So, for those who worry about having courage and then doing something, I am here to tell you that do something, and courage will come. It seems the vast majority of the time our worst fears never come to fruition, but we let them paralyze us. It seems that if God sees us reach out in faith, He will not abandon, nor disappoint us. In my own life it seems to be that when I’m willing to pay the price and then act, I normally don’t pay the price. When I allow fear to take over and do nothing is when many of my fears are realized. As I stated before, I am not concerned about the outcome of Notre Dame because it is out of my hands (It is also out of Fr. Jenkins hands, but he does not realize it). I just know that I did what I was supposed to do, and the God who knows all and sees all and who asked me to go will not let me down. That I am certain of.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


George Offerman

Now that we have gone over many of the nuances and background information on reading the Bible, it is time to take a look at the overall purpose of this Story. Using the four methods of interpretation will allow one to do an exegesis on the verses, and place particular stories, teachings, dogmas and allegories into a larger frame of reference. The parameters have to be put in place prior to any reading and exegesis of verses. So we need to start with the large picture of what the Bible is about, to understand the particular nuances of it.

The Bible in short, is the story of an Eternal God who through an act of love, created beings, both spirit and physical, with the intent of showering them with unending bliss, and ever revealing to His creation, his holiness and love, which in and of itself is an eternal process. But God instilled something called free will into both the spiritual and physical beings, which meant they needed to choose to worship God out of a free act of will, and would not be forced to do this. There was no knowledge of sin or death or destruction, except by God, and it has been God’s desire all along that this ‘knowledge’ not be accessed. But free will mandated this as a possibility, and unfortunately, the highest created being Lucifer, chose to go this route.

Because Lucifer does not have the attributes of God, his efforts to convince 1/3 of the angels to rebel most likely took a considerable amount of time. Even with his efforts and doubts about God, Lucifer still had not committed that ‘unpardonable’ sin, until the rebellion, and the attempts by the heavenly hosts to convince him otherwise went unheeded. God gave Lucifer an ‘age’ in which to settle this issue, and when Lucifer filled his cup, his ‘last call’ so to speak, the rebellion ensued. Lucifer, who is now Satan, can never be forgiven, as sin did not exist, and Lucifer existed in the perfect environment with perfect love, and no temptation from other beings. Thus, the cosmic age of sin began with the rebellion and first war in heaven

God continued with his plan to create physical beings that are described as being ‘slightly lower than the angels’. As with the angels, man Adam and Eve were placed in a perfect environment, and given all the tools necessary to have a blissful existence, with absolutely no threats of any kind and no concept or reality of death. Also, as with the angels, Adam and Eve were instructed to tend the garden, and be fruitful and multiply, but to not eat of the apple of the tree of good and evil. Lucifer’s main gripe with God is that God is a dictator, and was ‘holding back’ knowledge, and thus, disallowing beings beneath God the ability to make their own decisions and do what they want.

Satan, with God’s permission, was given one opportunity to ‘tempt’ man, and had man passed this test, Satan’s ‘age of sin’ would have ended, and he and his angels would have entered his eternal destiny immediately. So Satan took his time in studying Adam and Eve, and found their weaknesses (Satan still does this today) and exploited it through the use of word play, Curiosity, by getting Eve to think about the forbidden knowledge, and doubts about what God had actually said and instructed them to do.

Adam, as a created being, was given dominion over the whole earth. It was Adam’s territory and his decisions would supersede any other beings, provided he continued in the will of God. Adam’s choice of taking the apple, even after Eve partook of it was his free will in giving this dominion away. The recipient of this decision was Satan. Satan now had ‘rights’ over the earth, but also all of mankind as well. Satan was now prince of the earth, and as such, again had access to heaven, as the angelic realm regularly gave reports on the areas they were assigned to. (This is evidenced in the book of Job, and Jude, as well as Jesus own testimony)

Then something very unexpected occurred. God the Father stood ready to ‘execute’ Adam and Eve, when the Second person of the trinity, stepped forward to ‘offer himself’ as a sacrifice for the ‘atonement’ of this sin. The love of this Second Person of the Trinity was such that he was willing to give up much of his substance as God for the rest of eternity to save these two initially, and the rest of mankind as they came into existence. God the Father accepted this offer by the Second Person of the Trinity, and the plan of salvation, and redemption of man commenced. The Second Person of the Trinity could not stand for the prospect that man, who was exposed to evil, should suffer the same fate as a being who knew no sin when he first sinned, and was willing to redeem these fallen beings. This demonstrated to Satan, God’s ever pervasive mercy and justice, but true love for those he creates.

Satan was furious with this decision, now understanding these ‘inferior worms’ will get an opportunity totally lost to him, and hatred, rage and jealousy took over and has ruled Satan’s heart ever since. Satan was told in the garden that he would ‘bruise’ his heel, but that man would ‘crush his head’. Satan’s defeat would come through a man, who is greatly inferior to the ‘highest created being’ and this was, and is more than this egotistical murderer and slanderer can handle. The great clock then commenced, and Satan was very clear that: 1) He has limited time in which to defeat God and work on condemning as many of man’s offspring as possible and that 2) at the end of this time, Satan would be subjected to the exact punishment he has meted out to God’s created beings. Thus began the age of sin in the world.

To counter this, Satan masterminded and planted into existence, the pursuit of forbidden knowledge and the mystery religions that were (and are still) pervasive prior to the incarnation of Christ. It is in this that Satan uses (stole) images that are similar to Christianity in order to deceive the weak minded that Christianity ‘stole’ images and myths from these earlier religions, when in reality it is the other way around. Satan’s purpose in this is to get those unwilling to investigate for themselves, that it is Christianity that is counterfeiting the ‘real’ religions of old, and it takes root in novels such as Dan Brown’s series on the “Da Vinci Codes’.

By having ‘advanced’ knowledge of the salvation story and methodology, Satan has been busy making up several different ‘religions’ that twist the plan of salvation in subtle and different ways, so by the time of the incarnation, there were multiple varieties of beliefs, and Christianity looked like another offshoot of any number of mystery religions, and what appeared to be legitimate religions. There are ultimately only two religions: that of God and that of Satan. Satan has so many that people have to ‘choose’, and it is just the way he planned it. Most will fall into false religions, and thus through lack of knowledge, they perish.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


George Offerman

I have received considerable feedback from the past few postings, and want to thank all who sent comments, especially pertaining to yesterday’s posting. It is good to hear from people and to know what the pulse is pertaining to the front lines. I do want to be clear that I when I refer to the pro life movement and the criticisms levied at them, it is directed at the political front and activities. Ending legalized child killing will only be accomplished through the Supreme Court, or by amendment to the Constitution. In order for either to occur, politicians or judges must have the ‘fear of God’, whether this accomplished through grassroots organizations with solid leadership or the church really doesn’t matter. It is the fact that neither are working, and some of the organizations are actually counter productive to this goal.

Those on the front lines that run crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) and providers of other services to the women and babies are worth every penny that they raise and every hour of time the volunteers give. Nearly all of these organizations run on a shoestring budget, and most of the directors do not receive any salary for their heroic efforts. Donating money, goods or time is one of the highest callings for the majority of Christians, and is a very honorable way to serve in this cause. The need for CPC’s will undoubtedly continue after Roe and Doe are overturned or an amendment is passed making child killing illegal again. So I want to be clear that I am not referring to these organizations when I speak of fund raising letters that tout peripheral efforts as heroic and changing the course of legalized child killing. I’m referring mainly to groups, or individuals who claim they are making inroads at the political level, when in reality, they are doing little, to actually thwarting real efforts made by others.

These individual or organizations want to sell themselves as being on the ‘cutting edge’ or ‘the voice of the babies’ or ‘your voice’ in this fight to end legalized child killing. In many cases, they collect significant salaries and can have large office expenses, and a disproportional amount per dollar goes to ‘overhead’ which can mean about anything. Many are non profit, and tax exempt, which already has potential for conflict of interest, in that they have to be mindful of what they do and say, as to comply with the IRS laws. This may be why some of them do not use words like 'legalized child killing, holocaust, abomination, slaughtering the innocent’ or other charged language. They shy away from confrontation and distance themselves from anyone or anything that may make them ‘look bad’. They want to be friends with the murderers, and believe they can ‘convert’ them through flowery language and online petitions, and if they are just ‘nice’ enough, they will get the laws changed.

Well, here we are 37 years later, and we are no closer to ending this holocaust, and in fact are further away than ever. Senator Lindsay Graham, the supposed champion of life, has moved to the ‘moderate’ area of politics, and wants to sell himself as the new model for future Republicans. This man has no fear of the pro life movement, and does not look to us anymore for his support. That means our movement is floundering, if not on its death bed. Its time to look at what has worked in the past, and time to implement actions that bears fruit. We will know if our actions bear fruits, by looking at changes in the laws and behaviors of the lawmakers. Virtual protests, online petitions for the most part, and regurgitated, sanitized news from supposed pro life news sources will not change anything.

When things like virtual protests, petitions, and promises to ‘lobby for you’ are peddled as real activities with real results, it does a real disservice to those who have been hoodwinked into believing they are making a difference, when in fact, they are in compliance with the forces of death, who want us to be silent. I know that every time I am at the abortuary, we are always outnumbered by the death scorts, greatly outnumbered at most protests and marches, (other than the pro life march in January). The culture of death is there, physically, and representing their views for the politicians to see. That is why they are winning. They are not afraid of us, and they use intolerance and violence (if need be), to try to make their ironic point that we are the ones who are intolerant and violent. Despite being convoluted in thought and deed, they are there and actively involved in their cause.

If one pays the slightest attention to the Gospels, it will become very apparent that Jesus was physically present at all of his miracles, except for the Centurion, who requested Jesus not go under his roof. If Jesus as God found it important to be present at the scenes of his work, why do most pro life leaders, and the groups they represent claim that they can do their work effectively from a distance, or by representation? Are these leaders and groups greater than Jesus? Do they know something Jesus did not know? No, these leaders and groups take it further: they actually condemn those who take a strong stance and make others uncomfortable. These are the same leaders that will misrepresent Jesus cleansing of the Temple, and will make claims that the work can be done from a distance, with little trouble or inconvenience for the Christian. This is an anti Christian stance and anti Christian theology, and a great way of bilking money from the faithful. Get in the battle and show up on the battle field.

Monday, August 2, 2010


George Offerman

The past few weeks have culminated with overwhelming evidence of how ‘out of it’ the so called pro life movement is. The central piece of ending this holocaust is the Supreme Court, and as USUAL, the supposed pro life movement and its supposed pro life leadership is too busy writing panty waste fund raising letters advocating support and painting their sub mediocre efforts as actual efforts to end this holocaust, while totally ignoring the REAL BATTLEFRONT and ignoring those who are really out there causing a ‘crisis of conscious’ among the few who may still listen. With the incompetence and impotence of these so called ‘leaders’ the politicians out there have NO FEAR of losing their seats and are not being held accountable for their treachery.

The treachery from the supposed pro life movement and its supposed pro life leadership runs the gamut from the supposed pro life internet presence that fails to report any activities that challenge the status quo, and threatens to make themselves look controversial. One can then move to the ‘National” groups who colluded with the enemy by their silence on this topic, while condemning those who were in the street taking the ‘bullets for the babies’. One then can look at the deadly silence of the Churches, and how they continued to give flowery pabulum to the asleep congregations in ignoring this issue, to the USCCB that didn’t even bother to make a comment. All of these groups should be greatly ashamed of themselves and repent of their sin. But they won’t, because they are too arrogant.

Yes, there were a few brave souls out there during this last true battle to filibuster Kagan, and to bring awareness of how anti life she is. Their efforts were covered by the Mainstream Media, and they created a stir wherever they went. Yes, I am referring to Randall Terry and the Insurrecta Nex team that made a heroic effort in attempting to raise the awareness to the masses how horrible Ms. Kagan will be concerning what we supposedly cherish in this country. Although Randall Terry is a hero in my eyes, this posting is not about him. It is about a man few have heard of, (and he wanted it that way) but nonetheless, he was a true warrior for the babies, and truly brought the ‘fear of God’ into those who were anti life, and to those pro lifers who didn’t have backbones.

When this man died, his funeral had to be moved to a larger town to accommodate all of the people who attended both the wake and funeral mass. Besides the standing room only crowd, several priests and the Bishop were there, as well as some prominent politicians. And this funeral took place in the dead of winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. God took this warrior out of the game too soon, as far as I’m concerned, and I know he would be very unhappy with me making public many of his exploits. This man really believed that one should keep as many deeds secret as to build treasures in heaven, and held and practiced this belief consistently throughout his life. The man I speak of is no other than my greatest hero, and my late father George V. Offerman.

This high school educated brick layer took his faith seriously, and stepped up to the plate concerning legalized child killing. There was not one instance in which if he did not speak up if he overheard any comments made about keeping child killing legal. He lost more friends than I can count, and even had his own family members chastise him for his beliefs, but he never budged, never compromised. He ended up taking over and revitalizing the Iron County Right to Life group, and became such a big name in the Upper Peninsula, that he was in demand to teach others how to set up pro life organizations that had the success of his.

One day, the phone rang, and he had to go into the living room to talk. It sounded like any other business phone call until I overheard him state to the caller that “If you ever turn against pro life, I will make sure you never get back into office”. After he hung up, I remember asking him “Who were you talking to, and why were you so harsh? He responded non chalantly, “Oh, it was John Engler. He is running for Governor and wants my endorsement.” John Engler was elected Governor of Michigan in 1991, and served until 2003. My dad never told this story to anyone, and had no need to brag about it. There are numerous stories I could relate about my dad that are similar to this, and most likely more that I have no idea about, but this was the way he fought this fight. On the battle field and letting the results speak for themselves. My dad also had a strong opinion about those who ‘brag’ about their exploits, that they most likely were selling snake oil, and need to get out and prove themselves.

If my dad were alive, he would be most disgusted by the wimps and weenies who sell themselves as pro lifers. He would be most disgusted with the huge amount of fund raising going on with little to no results. My dad wanted to meet Randall Terry as he was a great fan of Operation Rescue as it was then, and he liked the idea that Randall was in the field of battle and going to jail for his beliefs. My dad once told me, without even having met Randall, that “I would take a bullet for someone like that”. I’m sure my dad would have liked to meet Troy Newman (in a dark alley), and would tell people like Steve Ertelt to get off the couch and get into the real arena of the fight. My dad would have the biggest problem with the Church he loved, and would be the first one chastising both Priests and Bishops for serving communion to baby killers. This is a man who would have left no doubt about his thoughts on the pathetic nature of today’s pro life movement. Love him or hate him, he was the genuine article, and you could count on him. Characteristics absent in the current crop of leaders in the so called pro life movement.