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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The DNC has circulated a letter decrying Randall Terry's 'campaign' and as such, has convinced several of the stations that had previously agreed to run teh campaign ads as required by law, have now turned tail and are using a letter sent by the DNC 'debunking' Mr. Terry's candidacy.  Here is Mr. Terry's response.  (To see a copy of the DNC letter, please go to  http://www.jillstanek.com/)

The Letter We Just Sent to All 13 Stations in Oklahoma and Missouri
Demanding They Ignore the Obama Machine, and Run Our Super Bowl Ad
By Randall A. Terry

"Be advised and forewarned: should you refuse to run my ad, in the light of all the facts outlined in this letter (and the attempted deceit and strong-arming of the DNC) we will that request the FCC revoke your broadcast license, and grant it to someone more worthy than yourself, who takes his civic duty regarding free elections with more honor, respect, and gravity than you do.

"We both know that the DNC and Obama team are terrified of the political and electoral impact of my campaign ad. They fear the loss of votes of Catholic Democrats (of which I am one) that are appalled by the President’s policies. That is why they are calling on you to do their political bidding."  Randall Terry

(Here is the text of the letter going to TV stations that are tempted to yield to Obama's pressure. Again, I beg your prayers that we prevail according to law, and that you give as generously as you can to these ads. Click here to give.)

Dear Sir or Madam.

I am Randall Terry, Democrat Candidate for President of the United States. My media rep, Kathy Offerman, has purchased airtime on your station to run a campaign ad during the Super Bowl, or in a pre-game show. As a legal candidate under the definition of FCC law [Section 73.1940 [47 CFR §73.1940] we have no intention of allowing that ad purchase to be cancelled.

You are in receipt of a letter from Democrat National Committee (DNC) Executive Director Patrick Gaspard dated January 27, 2012. In that letter, Mr. Gaspard stated: “Mr. Terry is not a bona fide Democrat candidate or a representative of the Democrat National Committee.” He concluded the letter, “Mr. Terry’s claims to be a Democrat candidate for President are false. Accordingly, he should not be accorded the benefits of someone conducting a legitimate campaign for public office.” As these two statements deal with the essence of his letter, and your stations subsequent contemplated cancellation of my ad, I will deal with them both in turn.

First, I make no claim to represent the DNC. Such representation, or lack thereof, is meaningless in the issue at hand. No one has to be a representative of the DNC to be a legally qualified candidate for office.

Second, I am a registered Democrat in the State of West Virginia. The fact that I changed parties is again irrelevant. (Not to mention the fact that Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Winston Churchill changed parties; I follow in a long and proud tradition.)

Third, by every legal definition of the FEC and the FCC, I am a bona fide Candidate for the Office of the President of the United States.

Concerning the Federal Election Commission (FEC), we have filed – and continue to file – all required documents and financial records required by law from my campaign committee and me.

Concerning the FCC – and my right to run TV ads on an FCC licensed broadcast facility within the 45-day window of a primary – I am a legally qualified candidate. The law states [Section 73.1940 [47 CFR §73.1940] in the germane sections:

(a) A legally qualified candidate for public office is any person who: (1) Has publicly announced his or her intention to run for nomination or office;
(2) Is qualified under the applicable local, State or Federal law to hold the office for which he or she is a candidate; and
(3) Has met the qualifications set forth in either paragraph (b), (c), (d), or (e) of this section.

-       I have publicly announced my intention to run for office;
-       I am qualified under the applicable local, State or Federal law to hold the office for which I am a candidate;
-       I have met the qualifications set forth in paragraph (b), which states:

(b) A person seeking election to any public office including that of President or Vice President of the United States, or nomination for any public office except that of President or Vice President, by means of a primary, general or special election, shall be considered a legally qualified candidate if, in addition to meeting the criteria set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, that person:

(1) Has qualified for a place on the ballot;

I have qualified for a place on the ballot in both Missouri and Oklahoma.

For Missouri, see:

For Oklahoma, see:

In short, I am, by every definition, a legally qualified candidate for President, who has qualified for a place on the ballot.

And your station, therefore, is legally obligated by your FCC license to run my campaign ad without censorship, editing, etc.

I now turn to Mr. Gaspard’s closing statement: “Mr. Terry’s claims to be a Democrat candidate for President are false. Accordingly, he should not be accorded the benefits of someone conducting a legitimate campaign for public office.”

This, of course, is the crux of the matter. Mr. Gaspard is unethically suggesting a path for you to defy FCC law; he knows it, and you know it.

Or put another way, his letter seeks to give you “legal cover” or “plausible confusion” in order that you break the law, and refuse to run my campaign ad.

But should you willingly embrace such deceit, you will find that his cover has holes in it, and that you alone will bear the responsibility for “willful or repeated failure to allow reasonable access to or to permit purchase of reasonable amounts of time for the use of a broadcasting station, other than a non-commercial educational broadcast station, by a legally qualified candidate for Federal elective office on behalf of his candidacy.” (Section 312 [47 U.S.C. §312] Administrative sanctions.(a) (7) )

In case I am unclear on what I am saying, let me be more specific.

The administrative sanctions delineated in 312 [47 U.S.C. §312] define your “willful” and “repeated” refusal to run my campaign ads as follows:

(1)    The term “willful”, when used with reference to the commission or omission of any act, means the conscious and deliberate commission or omission of such act, irrespective of any intent to violate any provision of this Act or any rule or regulation of the Commission authorized by this Act or by a treaty ratified by the United States. [Emphasis added]
(2)    The term “repeated”, when used with reference to the commission or omission of any act, means the commission or omission of such act more than once or, if such commission or omission is continuous, for more than one day.

Your station will not be able to hide behind the spurious and deceitful letter written by Mr. Gaspard, stating in effect: “We did not intend to violate the law! We did not intend to violate a provision of FCC regulations!’

If you deny me my rights as a federal candidate, you will be committing a willful violation of the law. And you know it.

Mr. Gaspard’s letter is not the law; it has NO BEARING on the law and the facts at hand regarding my candidacy, and your legal duty to run the ad of a legally qualified candidate.

Nowhere in the FCC code are the wishes or desires of any political party given any role regarding federal candidates, or their right to run TV ads according to law. If you try and introduce or hide behind the specious argument that the DNC should decide what ads you air, or who is a candidate under the law, you alone will bear the consequences.

Be advised and forewarned: should you refuse to run my ad, in the light of all the facts outlined in this letter (and the attempted deceit and strong-arming of the DNC) we will that request the FCC revoke your broadcast license, and grant it to someone more worthy than yourself, who takes his civic duty regarding free elections with more honor, respect, and gravity than you do.

Section 312 [47 U.S.C. §312] Administrative sanctions of the FCC commission states “(a) The Commission may revoke any station license or construction permit – (7) for willful or repeated failure to allow reasonable access to or to permit purchase of reasonable amounts of time for the use of a broadcasting station, other than a non-commercial educational
broadcast station, by a legally qualified candidate for Federal elective office on behalf of his candidacy.” In CBS, Inc. v. FCC, the Supreme Court held that §312(a)(7) guarantees a “legally qualified candidate” “reasonable access” and that even one failure to abide by this law can result in revocation of the station's license. We will pursue that rememedy.

We both know that the DNC and Obama team are terrified of the political and electoral impact of my campaign ad. They fear the loss of votes of Catholic Democrats (of which I am one) that are appalled by the President’s policies. That is why they are calling on you to do their political bidding.

But is it really worth risking your license to hinder free elections and do the bidding of the DNC? Do you really think the DNC/Obama team will take the heat and the blame when your license is revoked because you choose to willfully violated FCC law? Do you think they will step up and say: “We advised them to violate federal law?” They will wash their hands of you faster than a nurse dealing with leprosy. Look again at Mr. Gaspard’s letter. It was written in a way that they could deny any wrongdoing; you will be hung out to dry on your own.

Your station will be hearing from an Attorney this afternoon. If your station declares it will not run my ad, we will file for immediate relief from the FCC.

Therefore starting today, Tuesday, January 31, 2012, should your station delay in any way to run my campaign ad for “more than one day” as delineated in Section 312 [47 U.S.C. §312], we will request that your broadcast license be revoked.

I hope this letter clarifies our position, and that we can proceed with our TV ad purchase(s) as ordered, in accordance with the law.


Randall Terry
Democrat Candidate for President

Copyright © 2012 Randall Terry for President, All rights

Monday, January 30, 2012


George Offerman

The above title is taken from Arlington Bishop Loverde’s piece that appeared last week in the Arlington Catholic Herald and it addresses the latest scandal perpetrated against Catholics by the rogue Obamination administration and enforced by Secretary of Health and Human Services and discalced Catholic Kathleen Sebelius.  The HHS is requiring all employers to offer contraceptive and abortofacient coverage for employees of organizations, and the Catholic Church has until January 20, 2013 to comply or face ‘penalties’.  Bishop Loverde, as like many members of the Catholic Hierarchy, has come out with strong statements against this horrific policy in the past week or so and it is reflecting the leading role the Catholic Hierarchy should be taking to begin with.

I was also heartened by the fact that our Parochial Vicar gave a strongly worded and politically laced homily last Sunday and was equally convicted of the vileness of this policy.  Similar to the tone taken by Bishop Loverde, this homily focused on the need to act and if need be, to follow one’s conscience in the matter (civil disobedience without using the phrase).  It is one of the first times I have heard in quite a while a more unified stance on any Church teaching and I hope this portends to greater action by the Church body as a whole.

That being said, my dominant reaction to both is: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE YEARS?  The Church has remained, with a few exceptions deafening quiet for the past 40 years or so concerning laws enacted in this country that are contrary to Church teachings.  What is so difficult to fathom about this ‘new’ stand is the outright war on our Church has been going on for way more than a generation.  Why this is now considered crossing a line seems to only indicate how far behind the Church is concerning these matters, and how much more the fight will require of all of us now that we need to retake ground that should have never been lost in the first place.

The Supreme Court threw out public prayer in the mid 60’s, and the Church remained silent.  The Roe V. Wade decision occurred in 1973, ‘legalizing’ the slaughter of the most innocent among us and the Church remained silent.  There was the homosexual scandals in both the Church and Seminaries in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and the Church hid and denied the truth, and in effect remained silent.  Various elected and /or appointed ‘Catholic’ officials elevated into places of power since the late 90’s to present have consistently violated clear Catholic teachings and tenets of the faith, and nary a peep from the Church.

The Church has consistently taken a passive “let’s love them, and change their hearts” approach instead of standing up as a John the Baptist or an apostle of Jesus as called by the Gospels, and we are now reaping the very deserving harvest of religious repression and persecution.  It seems incredible, or nearly inconceivable that the Church will now take a hardened position on the matter of contraceptives and mandates to ‘pay’ for these items, when we as a nation have been funding legalized child killing through taxes for years.  What has changed in the Catholic attitude that would lead one to believe things will be any different this time?

This is a Church that just a few short years ago put out a scandalous brochure “Faithful Citizenship” that equated the perceived ‘racism’ and legalized child killing as moral equivalents.  This brochure did nothing but cause confusion among the laity, and equivocated on real Church teachings.  As has been well documented, 54% of CATHOLICS voted for the most pro death president in the history of this country.  Candidate Obama was CRYSTAL CLEAR on his intention of upholding the ‘rule of law’ protecting legalized child killing on demand, and intended to overhaul heath care as his number one mandate, which included REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS.  So there can be NO CREDIBLE CLAIM BY THE CHURCH that they did not see this coming, and in fact, they were active in having several people arrested for handing out guides that accurately reflected true Church teachings, and yours truly was one of those arrested for doing such activities.

The truth of the matter is, that we have no excuse and have no one else to blame except ourselves for this predicament.  Obama is doing exactly as he promised, and is being true to his agenda, which was laid out before us at the onset of his campaign.  How the vast majority of Clergy and laity did not (and some still do not) see this is beyond mystifying.  However, they (the Church) had been warned by those who could see where this was going, and it landed on deaf ears.  Now, it appears the bill is due, and the deadline is set for January 20, 2013 (Ironically, nearly 40 years to the day from Roe).

This is a spiritual battle, and spiritual techniques must be employed.  The Bishops especially those close to the seat of power, Bishop Loverde of Arlington, Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, D.C. and Archbishop O’brien of Baltimore  must lead the charge and take matters into their own hands, as if they were John the Baptist, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Peter and Paul all rolled into one.  It needs to start by EXCOMMUNICATING EVERY ONE OF THESE CHARLATANS CLAIMING TO BE CATHOLIC, WITH NO APOLOGIES.  Demand they publicly denounce their Anti Catholic positions before readmitting them to the sacraments. This message must be preached on every Sunday and the laity must be given clear and concise marching orders to effect change.  These charlatan ‘Catholics’ must be told without any hesitation that their eternal souls are in jeopardy, and that their faith must guide their political decisions in that order. And there needs to be clear and concise consequences if these charlatans want to walk this fine line and be both 'self serving' politicians and ‘Catholics in good standing”.  Take no prisoners, and make no apologies.

If the Bishops stand up and follow cannon law, especially Cannon 915, this matter will be cleared up within 12 months.  Once again, the hierarchy would carry the moral grounds this Church once had some time ago, and these wayward and lying politicians would be fearful of violating God’s laws and would tremble at the thought of ‘legislating evil’.  There wouldn’t even need to be a ‘debate’ about homosexual marriage, birth control and abortofacients, or legalized child killing because even the most daft among us would understand it would be legislating evil.  Yes, the line has been crossed, but Bishop Loverde and the rest of the Bishops; it was crossed decades ago.  Where have you been?   

Friday, January 27, 2012


George Offerman

My apologies for the lengthy title of this piece, but I couldn’t come up with a better headline that gets to the essence of this piece.  That being said, the deliberate ‘icing’ by the pro-life ‘press’ of Randall Terry’s presidential campaign (and the congressional campaigns of Angela Michael in Illinois and David Lewis who is running against Speaker Boehner in Ohio) of UNEDITED AND GRAPHIC COMMERCIALS soon to be running in many of the major cities across this land during the super bowl pregame and game is unprecedented as in EVER.  There has never been a presidential candidate before, when using federal campaign laws to run unedited and graphic pictures of dead babies has received the attention these ads are already getting in the states and cities they are being run in.  Nothing has come close to generating the debate on legalized child killing as these ads, which depict in the most graphic way imaginable the despicable nature of “choice’.  There are no efforts put forth BY ANY PRO LIFE GROUP that is even remotely close to doing what these ads are doing.

These groups have used any number of ‘reasons’ why they have not been supportive of Mr. Terry’s, Mrs. Michael's and Mr. Lewis's efforts as their excuse in not backing and funding this effort.  There are other groups and pro life ‘press’ that have simply chosen to ignore these efforts and has rebuffed any attempts by the Terry team reaching out to them.  Many of these groups don’t want to think and act outside of the box given to them by the IRS and the 501 c 3 laws, and do not want to jeopardize their standing among those who they wish to impress, but do not hold to the pro life positions these groups and leaders claim to be representing.

One of the primary refutations offered by many of these organization is that Randall Terry is an ‘attention hog’ is ‘showboating’ and making the claim that it is “about Randall Terry all of the time”.  Some have gone on further to make claims that Randall Terry is so ‘80’s’ and is irrelevant and ought to move on with his life.  I am not sure if these folks making these statements flunked a basic logic course, or truly don’t have the mental capacity to put two coherent thoughts together, but a simple Google search of Randall Terry will reveal at least 200 stories done on these commercials in the past several weeks, with a good number of them being national and international in nature.  I don’t know about these folks, but this much press in such a short time frame seems to make Mr. Terry and his efforts VERY RELEVANT and has brought the issue of legalized child killing front and center of this debate.

I can (and did) a Google search on any number of ‘pro life organizations’ and ‘pro life press’ and find only their own references concerning their efforts.  The MSM is not covering anything they are doing to any extent even remotely close like these graphic commercials are getting.  They are not garnering the attention, and cannot make any serious claims that their efforts are anywhere near the ‘moral’ or ‘noble’ or ‘effective’ standards they have arbitrarily set for their mediocre efforts and lame attempts to mitigate their responsibility in selling the babies out.  No one fears these groups and organizations, and not one government agency or state government or local government or television networks or their affiliates are trying to block any of their efforts to get the message out the way they are the Terry campaign and commercials.  To put it simply, the pro deathers and their conspiratorial and complacent lackey MSM are scared “sh-tless” of this message getting out.

For those who believe Randall Terry and his message are irrelevant or ‘showboating’, explain how the MSM would ‘kowtow’ to Randall Terry and his message.  Does Randall Terry carry God like powers and authority in which he can through the process of osmosis “will’ the MSM into showing these commercials and giving press to his candidacy?  How is this ‘irrelevant’ man making this issue so ‘relevant’ and making it the scourge of this year’s campaign?  I would like for the lame stream pro life press and pro life groups to answer these questions (if they dare).  I also want to know from these leaders and organizations why they are not getting the press and coverage if their efforts are as ‘noble, moral, good and effective”.  Are you deliberately keeping your efforts outside of the MSM presence and hiding them under a bushel basket?  Are your efforts ‘stealth’ in order to not garner negative press from the MSM whom you so loathe?  Maybe double secret probation is in effect here?

For the leaders in the pro life press:  are you aware that Randall Terry and David Lewis and Angela Michael - these three individuals - have garnered more press coverage in the Main Stream Media than all other pro-life groups in the entire nation combined in the last 3 months. The very words "child killing" and "murder of babies" have been in more stories covering them than every other pro-life group in the nation combined in the last year. In other words, their efforts are driving the debate forward, in the exact arenas where it counts the most: politics and the press.  Furthermore, when Randall's ads run in as many as 20 cities (including Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa...etc.. and Angela's and David's ads run in St. Louis, Decatur, Terra Haute, Cincinnati, and Dayton, they will reach collectively into over 20 million homes with images of dead babies.

For years, pro-lifers and the pro life press have complained and whined that they do not get fair coverage, or even ANY coverage from the press. These candidates have shown that one can get good coverage, and fair coverage, if one does something that is NEWSWORTHY.  It is so ironic that those so called leaders in the pro life press and movement can hold this standard to the MSM, yet they themselves sit in judgement of 'news' they deem is not appropriate or 'right' and 'choose' to ignore, or to condemn or to simply negate it by claiming all efforts are as 'noble, moral and effective' as all the others.  Yet no one is paying attention or covering their issues as they see it.  So, the leadership of the pro life press is reaping what they sew, and they don't seem to be dealing with it very well. 

For the leaders in the pro life press:  do you find it necessary to write pabulum for the pro life movement in order to raise funds?  Do you enjoy continuing your ‘count’ of the number of issues you put out on the web?  Do you look forward to a ‘long and fruitful life’ of ‘working to end abortion’ while ‘icing’ the real efforts in order to propagate your own ability to make a living off this movement?  It’s time to stand up for the babies and grow a set.  It’s time to end this holocaust, and show all of these ’choicers’ what their choice actually looks like.  If you are constitutionally incapable of making these moves, get the hell out of the way, and you will see how real men get the job done.

You in the pro life press: it's time to report the real truth to the warriors out there, and it is time to be bold, told and sold on the pro life message and do your job as if the world depends on it.  This is a time to get the job done.  We need warriors on the battlefield, and not the collection of wimps, weenies, fruits, flakes and nuts who currently occupy the ‘front lines’ of this movement.  When enough real men step up and do real battle, we will see real result and a real ending of legalized child killing as the Living God requires.  Until then, we will see nothing that resembles any movement towards victory.

To contribute to the congressional runs of Angela Michael in Illinois and David Lewis, running against Speaker Boehner, please go to the following sites:


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


George Offerman

Many in the pro life movement may see this posting as cynical, but this past march was another ‘ho hummer’ and seems to be another wasted effort concerning the need to get legalized child killing front and center in the political scene.  This is not to disparage in any way Nellie Grey’s efforts at putting this annual event together, but using her own words from a few years ago, even Ms. Grey is surprised these marches continue and this holocaust should have been ended decades ago.

It was the same old tired speeches from the same old tired speech givers, and more lies from the liars that call themselves politicians.  And the largest culprit of them all, the church give lip service to ending this holocaust, while simultaneously praising and making nice with the baby killers.  There was nothing of substance said from stage 2 days ago, and by the carnival atmosphere exhibited, one would have made the grave mistake in thinking they were at a party instead of marking an anniversary that has brought about more death than all the wars combined in this nation’s history.  One would have thought it would be more somber, and there would be an air of anger and resolve to end this scourge of the nation.

There are many who continue to promote incrementalism and believe it is the way to go.  These same folks do not seem to have a great deal of urgency about getting this holocaust ended, nor do they evoke much belief in the Living God’s ability to send a prophetic people as witness to the fallen world and have forgiveness and total healing in one fell swoop.  We are entering the 40th year of this holocaust, and even Fr. Pavone has admitted in his latest blog entry, that 40 years has Biblical significance and that our efforts should reflect this.  But no one came forth with any concrete ways and plans for making this happen.  Just more of the same empty rhetoric and promises from politicians that will be broken at the first sight of resistance from the enemy.

It was good to see Fr. Pavone at the march, and he and I had a chance to speak for a few moments.  I will not divulge any of the conversation other than I told him of my support for him and a hope that his situation is resolved soon and completely.  I also had an opportunity to meet up with Rabbi Levin and spoke to him at length about an issue I will cover in greater detail in another post.  Overall though, for those who want to see an end to this holocaust, the speeches and the march itself left a lot to be desired, and did not move us any closer to ending this holocaust.

The vast majority of the people we attempted to address in recruiting for sidewalk counseling, letter writing, or really any activity that would force this issue front and center was met with significant resistance.  Asking many of these people for more time outside of this one day is like asking a fish to live outside of water.  On top of that, a good majority of the people at the march were adamantly against supporting Randal terry’s campaign and the showing of graphic ads during the super bowl.  It never ceases to amaze me that such a large gathering of supposed pro-lifers gets together for the supposed reason of ‘ending abortion’ yet is so resistant to participating in any activity that takes the battle to the enemy.

This, unfortunately, includes those who consider themselves leaders, and many of the clergy.  We were given more of a cold shoulder from the leadership and clergy than anyone, and the supposed pro-life press has given minimal to no coverage of this effort.  However, no other group is proffering any action that is garnering the attention in the MSM as these commercials are, and the prolife movement in general is distancing themselves as far as possible, while simultaneously pushing to their donor base that they are doing ‘great things’. 

I recollect a correspondence recently with a very well-known pro-life leader who made the claim that running unedited graphic commercials is as ‘noble, good and effective’ as other actions.  I am finding this statement, and thus, this individual at best, disingenuous, and at worst, a charlatan.  Either way, it is harming the message, and actually impeding any resolution and ending of legalized child killing in the near future.  It is really too bad that too many came to this march in a ‘festive’ mood, and see this as their main effort for the year.  Hence, there will be little to no change in the laws because the majority of those in the pro-life movement that consider themselves ‘activists’ already put in their efforts for 2012.  God help us all. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


George Offerman

The amount of press nationally and internationally Randall Terry is getting is beyond anything compared to the rest of the pro life movement combined.  In fact, I’m not seeing any news story, or efforts by any of the groups that are garnering any attention in the secular media, and none of the leaders are making headlines, or openly challenging any of the candidates, especially the Republican presidential candidates to hold a true pro life position and to demonstrate any real standard of personal integrity and character to keep their word on any promises made.

It seems most of the pro life groups and leadership in this movement hold the same standards themselves that they allow the supposed standard bearers of the pro life banner to hold: simply pledge to discuss ‘dealing’ with the abortion issue and no one will dig into previous voting records, or closely examine the real story behind what has become false pledges over the past few decades.  Gingrich is no more pro life than believing marriage is for life, and Romney is no more pro life than his believing hell care is a ‘conservative value’.

Yet as these same pro life leaders give free passes to scoundrels, they trash Randall Terry incessantly and use every standard and argument against Mr. Terry that they ought to be doing for Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Romney.  As long as these pretender pro lifers mouth the right words, the shallow and daft pro life leadership will gladly throw their support behind these charlatans.  Then, after a few years of no results, the same pro life ‘leaders’ will be ‘surprised’ by the fact the status quo continues, and they once again will clamor for ‘change’ and revert back to the tired old playbook of ‘fund us more to do more’.

The press that Randall Terry is getting has to be worth millions, and is once again thrusting legalized child killing front and center.  When people see these ads, there is no other ay to react than that of great revulsion.  It will cause many who have not paid any attention to this issue to sit up and take notice, and view FOR THE FIRST TIME the vileness and evil of this abominable practice and blood sacrifice to demons.  This is how social change takes place.  And this is the way this very real war must be fought.  Anyone that tells you different is either na├»ve or a liar.

A case in point is a recent news clip from KY3 news in Springfield, Missouri, in which the news castors covered the story and made it abundantly clear they are forced to run the ads unedited due to federal campaign laws, and made multiple disclaimers on what they were showing.  This news story blurred out the ad, stating “it is too graphic to show on the network at this time”.  General Manager, Brian McDonough made two very interesting observations when commenting on the soon to be run ads.  Mr. McDonough stated “Regardless of where people stand on the issue of abortion, it’s our belief that no one wants to see or subject their family to dismembered body parts during the super bowl”.  He then ads “It is our hope that Mr. Terry will not put local TV stations in this no win situation and that he’ll agree not so air the ads”.  See Link:

This is the EXACT REASON why the ads must run.  It is to show ALL OF AMERICA the horrors of legalized child killing in the most graphic terms.  This is what the murder of innocent children looks like, and if it were simply a ‘choice’  that is no more or no less morally equivalent to owning property or choosing what to do for a living, then what is the big deal in showing it?  If it is really a legitimate ‘choice’ or ‘right’, it can’t be intrinsically wrong or repulsive, can it?  If it is legal, doesn’t that make it moral?  These are real questions that must be answered to really end legalized child killing, and nothing will give a stronger prompting to asking these questions than viewing the dead bodies of the victims of this holocaust.

This is why there is a major difference in actions that bring about change.  All actions and activities are not the same, and it is those activities that thrust the issue of legalized child killing front and center that are superior to activities that sanitize and hide the truth.  By sanitizing and hiding the truth, it only demonstrates the reluctance and fears of those claiming to be pro life are not bold enough to tell the unvarnished truth unapologetically, as is required by our faith.  In this war for the soul of our nation, timidity and half hearted efforts are only going to result in judgment from the Living God and will be most severe on those who betrayed the most innocent when they had the opportunity to do something about it.

There is no excuse for the pro life movement to not get behind these campaign commercials.  This opportunity is unprecedented, and there are no other groups doing what Mr. Terry is doing and garnering the attention of the nation in looking at the evil of legalized child killing.   This opportunity, most likely will happen only once, and when it is over, there will not be another opportunity to force this holocaust onto the majority of Americans and leaving a profound image in their heads that this holocaust must be ended, in its totality NOW!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


George Offerman

I could have given this post any number of names, such as ‘the fix is in’, ‘the most irrelevant election in U.S. history’ “comfortably numb’ or any other combination of words that reflects the status quo and how little the average American pays any attention to the people who will dictate their future over the latest version of whatever reality show happens to catch their fancy.  In any sense, it is surreal that someone with the record of Mitt Romney can get away with the outright lies he is pedaling can garner such large numbers over an individual like Ron Paul, who has CONSISTENTLY GIVEN THE SAME MESSAGE FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS. 

Mitt Romney is no friend to the conservative, traditionalist and any lover of the constitution.  I covered his record on many relevant issues in a previous post, and I only scratched the surface concerning the amount of information in the public domain, that demonstrates how much of a charlatan this man is.  I even tried to make it easier on the more skeptical by giving a series of links without those having to make much effort in doing their own research.  Yet Romney’s numbers continue to rise, and more and more ‘Christians’ are getting behind this candidacy.  Why?

I am left to wonder if the average American understands the times we live in.  We are having major debt and economic issues, we have a rogue government taking away rights at lightening pace, and shredding the constitution at every turn over the lamest excuses ever dreamed up.  Yet those in office, and seeking office (with the exception of Ron Paul) continue to push on with more blatant violations of rights given by God, and do it essentially in the name of God and mock God and our way of life in the process.  Why is it the majority cannot see this?  Why is it the majority is not up in arms about this?

Too many don’t want to be bothered, evidently and want to continue on in their self deluded Pollyanna existence, and have little to no idea what is in store for them in the next 12 months.   Too many are intellectually lazy, and want the lame stream media to do the work for them.  Too many can no longer distinguish between truth and lie, and are so easily deceived that there is no longer much of a challenge by the powers that be to impose their will upon the dumbed down masses.  These people, including Romney, want nothing short of total control over everyone in this country.  And they are damned close to actualizing this goal.

I recently had a conversation in which several willfully uninformed individuals were giving the typical “Republican/conservative’ lines fed to them by the handlers of the establishment, and these individuals (who claim will vote conservative) basically gave a free pass to Romney and Gingrich, and did not want to hear about the dismal records of both of these globalists.  Their response to my research and investigations were to dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’.  There seems to no longer exist in the mind of the average American an ability to critically think and apply any logical system of thought pertaining to established patterns of behavior. 
It seems these folks are drinking the kool-aid, and really believe liars and thieves will become truth tellers and fiscally conservative through a magical process simply by stating their intention to do so.  There is no long term memory of events and patterns of deceptive behaviors of what these men have done in the past, but only current string of words and catch phrases that attract the attention of these voters for periods of time no longer than 48 hours.  This is the timeframe given lately when many were asked when they decided.  Many are jumping on the bandwagon simply because they want to brag about how they ‘backed’ the winner.  All very lame and shameful excuses to circumvent individual responsibility.

There needs to be a seismic shift in how we do business in this country, and a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is status quo and business as usual.  It truly is time for the average American to do his homework and stand up for what is right, just and moral, and not settle for the ‘lesser of the two evils’.  We deserve better than that, and can do better than that. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


George Offerman

It is interesting.  As more and more of the lame stream media write about Randall Terry’s candidacy and subsequent purchases of air times before and during the Super Bowl, it draws more attention to the message.  However, too many of the ‘prolife’ groups and  the movement in general are either ignoring the news, or are actually resisting it, and insisting they are doing as much, if not more to draw attention to the pro life issue, and doing it in a way that is not ‘offensive’ to most people’s sensibilities.  Really?  Why haven’t I or anyone else then seen or heard of these wondrous works that is bringing the issue of legalized child killing front and center in this election cycle?

There are some prominent pro lifers out there who are promoting the candidacy of Randall Terry, which ultimately allows for the full and complete exposure of dead babies without any apology or sanitization of the message.  Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, whose photographs are being utilized for the commercials has stated “What Randall Terry is doing is bold, clever and necessary” in that it is forcing Americans to view the hidden truth of legalized child killing and forcing a crisis of consciousness upon people. 

  Joe Scheidler, acclaimed as the "Godfather of Pro-life activism," says:

 "Randy's campaign will save thousands of babies' lives. Let's help him!"

Jill Stanek, renowned pro-life columnist, says:

"Airing graphic ads during the Super Bowl represent a unique opportunity to show a huge number Americans the truth about abortion during the one time a year they actually look forward to watching commercials rather than ignoring them. Donate to air the ads here. The more money Terry gets, the more times he can run the ad."

It is wonderful to see these three individuals whose leadership is very well known within the prolife movement, as well as a few of the pro life news sites, promote this idea and see the need to show graphic pictures of dead babies, unedited during one of the most premier events of the year.  How unfortunate though, that the majority of the supposed pro life ‘leaders’ are once again MIA from this opportunity, and are pedaling their own efforts as at least as ‘noble and good’ or even superior to showing dead babies unedited during the Super Bowl.  How do I know that?  By the responses given by the leaders who have been approached and were asked to help with this effort.

I would like to throw out a challenge to these leaders (which make up the majority in the pro life movement).  What are you doing to bring attention to ending legalized child killing, and why have we not heard about it?  If all efforts are as ‘noble’ and as ‘good’ and as ‘effective’ where is the press coverage for your efforts?  What about the hate mail and death threats the Terry campaign is receiving?  Are you receiving the same?   What about the resistance one would expect from other ‘pro lifers’ when moving out of the comfort zone and actually confronting this grizzly and evil reality?  Is anyone else, anywhere running or showing unedited graphic ads on television that are getting national and international press and coverage?  I don’t see any and have not heard of any.  But I am still receiving tons of mail and e-mail wanting me to ‘contribute’ to many of these groups that claim to be hot on the trail of ending legalized child killing.  (While never mentioning the words legalized child killing or abortion and not using graphic images).

No, some efforts are superior to others, and efforts that convey half truths, are way more evil than those that present a full frontal assault on truth, as those efforts by the pro deathers do.  If these self-proclaimed leaders want to believe hiding from the truth and placating the enemy is the same morally as fearlessly telling the unvarnished truth, then these self-proclaimed leaders are very delusional, and drinking their own brand of cherry Kool-Aid.  Mediocrity has not been, nor ever will be excellence and no amount of window dressing and flattering language will change this fact.

These so called leaders know who they are, and for them to be so arrogant and self-aggrandizing that they think hiding in their kitchens and behind keyboards while throwing out their messages and organizing virtual protests is the same as taking bullets on the battlefield shows why there is little fear of legalized child killing ever coming to an end on their watch.  These leaders have no idea how to fight and win this war.  If they had any idea, they would gratefully promote and support efforts to get pictures of dead babies into the living rooms of Americans so they would have to look directly upon the ‘choice’ that the evil people have forced down the throats of this once great country.  But no, there is too much fear and too much placation of the enemy and too many ‘reward points’ to be lost if these leaders actually put themselves on the line for the babies.

There is no question that most of these leaders cannot be trusted to forward the naked truth of legalized child killing because they are too scared to do so.  When there are very lame ‘justifications’ such as claiming all efforts are morally ‘equal’, clearly these people have disqualified themselves as being true agents of change.  These so called leaders obviously do not see an unprecedented opportunity and are too busy worrying about how insignificant they will look in comparison to the mediocre efforts put forth on their watch to understand they could be part of a force that becomes unstoppable.  But most likely, one more time, this effort will be wasted, and the majority in this ‘movement’ will ignore this effort, while the lame stream media, one more time, CLEANS UP ON THEM.

Please, for the sake of the babies, contribute to the Randall Terry for president campaign, and truly make a difference for the babies.  To contribute, go to:

Friday, January 13, 2012


George Offerman

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but with only 28% of the voted
counted, Mitt Romney was the declared winner of the New Hampshire
primary, and was thus coronated as the front runner, and man to beat
as the Republican nominee.  This was after just a mere 36 hours
previously, when Dr. Ron Paul was leading the race by a few percentage
points, and was running a strong second initially.   It seems the
establishment has ‘found’ their man, and Mitt Romney’s popularity
began to surge in places like South Carolina and Florida after
wrapping up the New Hampshire primary.

It is interesting how many are jumping on the Romney bandwagon without
actually trying to understand what this man is about, and what he
stands for.  For those who want ‘change’ from the ‘change’ we had four
years ago, one ought to begin digging through the very prolific amount
of information and voting records Mr. Romney has.  If the average
American is into ‘more of the same’, Mitt Romney is their man.
However, if the average American looks at the severity of the times,
and gets the urgency needed in changing directions, a vote for Mitt
Romney would border on the treasonous.

Mr. Romney, as all of the Republican hopefuls minus Ron Paul, has been
dead silent on the most recent violations of liberties recently taken
away by the NDAA.  How can anyone who knows and understands what this
horrible law will impose on American’s freedoms claim with any
seriousness that they are conservative, and represent conservative
values?  But that’s exactly what Mr. Romney and his ilk are doing.  No
condemnation of Obama and the government in passing legislation that
will allow for the indefinite detention, torture and possible
execution of an American citizen without being charged and being
denied due process of the law.

Mr. Romney has been silent on the SOPA legislation making it’s way
through Congress with a pledge by Obama to sign the bill into law when
it arrives at his desk.  This legislation allows for the government to
abridge rights of speech and of free flowing information in the name
of ‘piracy’ and effectively hands the government the kill switch to
the internet.  Violation of free speech and dissemination of
information is not a conservative value, and as such, should not be an
acceptable position to those claiming to be conservatives.

Mr. Romney has been tied into international front organizations that
have been proven and documented to be actively working against the
interests of the United States.  Mr. Romney is an active member of the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and has a profile on their website:


Mr. Romney has also was linked to other international bodies such as
the Trilateral Commission (the Rockefeller creation) and the
Bilderberger’s group.  See web link below:


 these organizations attempt to set agendas by the elites, and
generally speaking, the last several presidents of this country have
been associated with one or more of these organizations.  Mr. Romney
is no exception and appears willing to follow marching orders if given
the chance to ascend to the presidency.  Undermining the sovereignty
of the United States is not a conservative value.

Obama styled his now famous hell care law after Romney care, as it was
known in Massachusetts.  Mr. Romney wants to defend his actions and
passing of this law as following ‘conservative values’.  When has
mandating any individual to purchase any good or service from another
individual a conservative value, or seen as promoting personal liberty
and freedom?  The whole aspect of ‘telling’ someone how they must run
their lives reeks of paternalism, and embodies the idea that elites
must be present in order to keep the sheeple form ‘harming themselves’
as they are too stupid to care for their own needs.  This is not a
conservative value, nor is it Christian.

Mr. Romney also seems to want to distort the real record of his
actions, and appears to be doing everything in his power to deflect
and distract any critic, or any conservative who would dare question
his actions.  Deflecting, distracting, or outright lying are not
conservative values, and really embody what Obama does.  WE don’t want
Obama back into the oval office, whether named Obama or Romney.  See
web links below:

Mitt Romney on health care:


Romney’s own site and his words:http://aboutmittromney.com/healthcare-massachusetts.htm

Mr. Romney has flip flopped on the pro-life issue for most of his career.  Unfortunately, it has been more in the anti-life realm and it was only after his supposed ‘conversion’ has Mr.  Romney alluded to a pro-life stance.  However, Romney care provided tax payer funded abortion.  And after Mr. Romney has openly stated healthcare reform is a ‘conservative value’ it is unimaginable Mr. Romney would now go back against his initial stance of denying ‘healthcare services’ to the most destitute in society, and this would include ‘reproductive rights’.  See the following web links on Mr. Romney’s position on the prolife issue:


Romney’s site and voting record pertaining to abortionhttp://aboutmittromney.com/abortion.htm

We are in a fight for our lives concerning the future of this nation.  The last thing we need as a country is for another Obama in office.  If Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee, we are assured of an Obama in office, no matter which of the two main parties wins.  We need to be extra vigilant, and be ever so aware how this election in 2012 is pivotal.  We need to be especially aware that the money powers are exerting their influence, and making sure they get their ‘man’ in office.  It is critical we keep our eyes on the prize of freedom and liberty, and not sell out to those who are willing to pass laws that take these precious freedoms and liberties from us, no matter what the excuses may be.  Vote third party, or back Ron Paul, who is the only Republican who seems to understand the times we live in.  

Monday, January 9, 2012


George Offerman

As everyone is now very aware of, Tim Tebow did it again and laid
waste to so many of his critics by beating a premier team with his
supposed ‘mediocre skills’ and this improbable starter is moving on in
the playoffs.  Tebow is creating a stir in the sports world, as well
as general society, and the battle lines could not be clearer.  Due to
his own life story, Tim Tebow is the embodiment of life and is a great
source of embarrassment and consternation amongst the pro death
factions, and they are doing everything in their power to bring this
young man down.

On December 13, 2011, Sophia Brugato, a blogger for ‘the abortion
gang’ called on her fellow supporters of legalized child killing to
‘donate $5 or $10 to your local pro choice organization’ every time
Tim Tebow scored a touchdown.  So, Brugato has a desire to advocate
the death of an individual, when another does something and then
offers thanks to the Living God in response to actualizing gifts given
by God.  It is interesting that Brugato ‘watches’ or ‘listens’ to the
games in order to know when touchdowns occur, in order to know when to
activate her anti God and pro Satan agenda.

Since Brugato is so into the visuals and wants people to ‘see’ this
‘saintliest saint’ go down, it is high time Brugato ‘sees’ the fruits
of her own labor, and takes a look, first hand at the bloody and torn
up corpses of the ‘choices’ she so strongly advocates.  After all,
Sophia, if you are so proud of your beliefs and your organization, you
ought to be able to look at the fruits of your labor; given it is
‘only a choice’.  It is high time these pro deathers get to look at
their handiwork and ‘defend’ the ‘right’ to pay for and participate in
the wanton destruction of life.

It is people like Brugato that cry and complain the most vehemently,
when confronted with the grisly images of legalized child killing.
They cry how ‘foul’ the pro life side is when forced to look at the
handiwork of their ‘creation’.  They want to cry about how young
children are ‘traumatized’ by such images when exposed to them, and
how ‘disturbing’ they are when people are trying to go about their day
to day lives and see a ‘face the truth tour’.  These people want to
sanitize the reality of what they advocate, because they know in their
twisted and sick hearts, this is truly evil and goes against anything
in nature.  They know this intuitively, yet go against what is right,
just and moral.

We have an opportunity to make people like Sophia Brugato, and
organizations like ‘the abortion gang’ look at unaltered and true
images of their handiwork.  We have the opportunity to finally take
this fight to the gates of hell, and to the apprentice demon
worshippers that fund this Godless criminal enterprise.  Let them look
‘dead’ on to these images and tell the rest of the world this is ‘only
a choice’.  Let them be on the defensive for one of the few times
since 1973.  Let us, as the army of the Living God, show these people
the war they have waged upon the most innocent in our society.

WE have this ability, through the candidacy of Randall Terry.  Because
of the federal campaign laws, ads running within the window of time in
campaign/caucus/primary states cannot be altered or denied based on
any content within them.  Therefore, the ads need to run as created
and cannot be altered or edited in any way, shape or form.  This is
what the pro life side has always advocated, and has always complained
about concerning the MSM.  This opportunity is unprecedented in the
national arena, but it is very time limited, so those out there who
are serious about effecting change and stamping out legalized child
killing once and for all, MUST ACT on this opportunity.

So, this is the challenge I am presenting to all of the pro life
groups and leadership: fund these ads and put a stop to organizations
such as ‘the abortion gang’ and individuals such as Sophie Brugato who
promote direct killing by taking a person willing to promote the
Gospel and ‘demonizing’ him for their benefit.  We must make these
killers and promoters of killers look at their handiwork directly, and
require them to openly explain their behavior.  We need to do this
now, and do it with great conviction.

I have donated to this cause, and will continue to do so.  To donate, go to:


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


George Offerman

I’m not starting out this year of 2012 with a greeting of “Happy New Year’ because frankly, this year does not look like it will be happy, nor bring tidings of great joy to anyone in Mudsville.  If anything, it should have come in with great sobriety, prayer and an ever growing awareness that much must be done before December 31, 2012 arrives.  As I have said on many occasions, this brings me no pleasure to write of these matters, but there does not seem to be many options, since too many want to live in a Pollyanna world, and not deal with the reality around them.  So, if anyone is disturbed by more warnings, they ought to skip this post and come back later.

There is a real foreboding concerning the fact we are entering the 40th year of legalized child killing this January 22.  Biblically speaking, there ought to be great concern within the Christian community but there is not and there seems to be little evidence this will change one iota over the next year.  It is a sad testimony that Christians in this country have so lost their moral compass that matters such as legalized child killing and homosexual marriage do not raise much of a fuss, and the majority of Christians in this country spend more time falling all over themselves to not ‘offend’ the enemy than consider the aspect that the Living God is highly offended by what he sees.  The Living God does not bless sin and those who commit sin.

We then have this never ending financial catastrophe of massive deficit spending by our rogue government.  As stated before, anyone who remembers junior high math and did not sleep through the lessons on arithmetic and geometric progressions will soon understand we will witness a total collapse of our economy.  This is unavoidable by simple mathematics: we are increasing spending in a geometric progression, while our ability to pay for it is shrinking, due to a smaller workforce making less money, and more of the population on the dole.  This is unsustainable, and should hit its crescendo this year some time.  It is unbiblical for anyone to live beyond their means as a way of life, and this country has done this for going on 40 years.

Obama and his cronies passed two horrible pieces of legislation, SOPA and NDAA.  So, with two horrible and anti freedom laws, the internet can now be shut down, and the military can now hold any American indefinitely in any manner fashionable and may torture to gather information, and ultimately can execute “enemy combatants’ or ‘terrorists’ as defined by the president and his unelected band of bureaucrats who can determine on any standard they perceive is the flavor of the month.  So much for freedom of information and freedom of speech and freedom of unrestricted movement.

For anyone paying any kind of attention, this ought to be a year of preparation.  There is little time left to dilly dally around, and it is of no consequence to me personally if this message ticks or aggravates people.  We are so late in the game, that if one really chooses to not see what is happening, then they are quite deserving of the consequences soon to visit.  As I told my family and a few close friends, I believe I have fulfilled my moral obligation to warn and instruct, and it is now on the reader if they choose to not look, and to do nothing.  I am tired of preaching this message, and it is looking clearer by the day that fulfillment of these matters are on our doorstep and will soon manifest themselves.  It will be only then that the majority will become concerned, but by then it will be too late.

The only question for the reader is: Am I going to let another year go by and simply watch, or am I going to take a good and honest look at this situation and act on what I see?  These matters are terrible and can be frightening, but it does not stop the reality from occurring if one buries his head in the sand.  The time is now upon us that we need to act in the positive, for us and our family.  With the train about to leave the station, it isn’t time to try to convince those who don’t want to board the train, to get the last tickets available.  It’s time to board the train, even if those closest to us refuse.

The stage is set for something very big this year.  There are too many large and dangerous variables for there not to be a major event.  And that’s not to say there cannot be multiple events in the very near future.  But for sure, major change is on its way and we don’t need the Mayans to tell us that.  We simply need to choose to act, and to face the truth of our situation no matter how ugly and unpleasant, and get the job done before we no longer have the ability to get it done.  Remember, it’s better to be prepared years in advance than to be a day late.