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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


George Offerman

The more one studies the Bible and notes how God moves throughout history; it will become very apparent that God’s timing and attention to details is perfect.  Juxtapose that to many people who are currently claiming to be prophets and note most of their track records, which are pock marked with incomplete or unfulfilled prophecies, and it becomes painfully apparent these people are not the ‘real deal’.  This sets up major problems for many believers; they begin to get the sense that God is not actively involved in day-to-day life and that He is not concerned whether all details in prophecy revealed by him are met.

There are many who seem to believe we are in the beginning or middle of Revelation, and that parts of Revelation have been mitigated by prayer.  There are also many who believe nearly the opposite that we are not on the verge of major change, and that as ‘blessed’ people; we will be renewed without any seeming efforts on our part for this to happen.  There are others still who want to set dates and proceed on with times as if they are certainties, and if proven wrong as their dates pass, will downplay or deny the significance of these claims.

No matter which camp one may fall into, one thing we can know for sure is that God is never late for any of his appointments.  When anyone of any of these camps wants to violate this principle, they are in error.  If those claiming to get messages from a holy source, whether angels, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus Himself, it must be consistent with the precepts and principles of God and revelations as given in the Bible.  Otherwise, confusion and lack of faith and trust would reign, and it would not make sense to look at the Bible as a prophetic and accurate book.

Revelation, when it starts, will begin on time and will follow the prophetic timeline exactly as written.  In this way, there will be no doubt about it and there will not be any mistaking it for anything other than what it is.  But for those used to changing the times and places of prophecy, they very well may miss this, and very well deny the interpretation of what seems to be a clearly written series of events.  Similar to the first advent, those entrusted with Sacred Scripture will most likely miss this and will be way off concerning the meaning of the 14 events.  They, however, will command a majority of the world’s population in their errors, and through lack of understanding, they will lead many to perish.

God is clear that His goal is to save as many souls as possible.  This cannot be accomplished if He sends a prophecy that is not fulfilled, or that is changed at the last minute.  In order for either of these scenarios to take place, would be an admission that God is not omnipotent and not omniscient, and does not know the beginning from the end, and has no ability to control the outcome of anything.  In order for God to complete his mission of saving the maximum number of souls, it is essential that God keeps his word, and events occur precisely as He predicted.

It will require patience on the part of the believer.  We can be assured our sinful age will not go on forever, and most likely will not go on for much longer.  We are entering a vortex of time, in which something needs to give; God either is alive and interactive in the world, and needs to intervene, or we will find out God has been a myth, and the evil people and beings will win this war hands down.  Evil is in all places and in nearly all of the world’s institutions.  The common man has less and less ability to do much, if anything about these evil institutions.  The world is getting more unpredictable and unstable as the days go by, and there is very little hope for man to solve man’s problems by himself.  The time is ripe for intervention by a being that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and there is only one Being that meets these qualifications: the Triune God.

God has promised salvation and help to those who put their trust in him.  God is not sleeping, daydreaming, watching sports, playing the markets, incompetent or late.  God will show up on time with great majesty and do exactly what He said he would do.   God keeps his word and there ought to be no fear in the believer concerning this aspect.  What we may need to watch out for is the tendency to want to rush judgment or hope we see it.  These are not pleasant times, and it will get much worse before it gets better.  But we as Christians can be assured that as long as we ask for God’s assistance, He will keep us in the shadow of his wings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


George Offerman

So many people are focused on the OWS movement and other factions that are beginning to stir up against the powers that be that they are not seeing or paying any attention to, or maybe are not even aware of the more dangerous undercurrent movement (for the powers that be).  And while groups like the OWS are rightfully angry over the state of things, they are not articulating a position in any way that is inspiring large segments of society to join their cause.  However, there is a group that not only can articulate their anger and frustrations very clearly, but they are now starting to actively do something about it, albeit quietly (for now).

This large group is composed of those who are making a decent to comfortable living, but not well enough to be considered the ‘1%’ everyone seems focused on.  This group is made up of those individuals and families that work hard, have played by the rules by living within their means, buying houses and cars they can afford, teaching their children to be good citizens and to have a love for their fellow man, and pay the vast majority of taxes that is funding the bottom half of the population of this country.  This group, for the most part, has been silent and at least up until now, believed this country was salvageable.  I will call these people the 45% that make this country work.

Many, if not most of those that make up the various Occupy movements are unemployed college graduates with large student loan balances, no jobs and are not really participating in the economy of this country.  Hence, other than making headlines and dirtying up local parks and streets these young people are not making much of an impact with the banksters and hooligans that are current office holders.  It is not that they are mistaken in their beliefs, it is they lack credibility due to not playing an active role in the economy, and as such, have difficulty in articulating what they want and how change ought to take place.

This is not true with the 45%.  The 45% have paid their dues, played by the rules and create the vast majority of jobs and commerce in this country.  The 45% are the true backbone of this country, and if this group quits, it’s lights out and lock the door time for this country.  And if one takes the time to look around he would soon notice, that in fact, there are those that are beginning to quit as they realize the game is rigged and they have the most to lose by continuing to pretend things are ‘normal’ and will get back to a more stable equilibrium.

The 45% are the ones that make sure their mortgages, car payments and utilities are paid on time.  The 45% are the ones meticulously socking away small percentages of their pay ever 2 weeks into instruments like 401K’s believing there will be a time in which they can get out of the rat cage while their bodies still function reasonably well and they can enjoy a few good years with the fruits of their labors.  The 45% are the ones that make too much to qualify for any ‘program’ the government sets out, but are the ones stuck with the bill so that others can ‘qualify’.  The 45% are the ones that feel the sting the most when out of control government wants to ‘raise revenue’ and these folks then need to deal with real budget cuts on a personal level.  The 45% are also the most chastised and abused by an insane MSM, selfish and sociopathic government and especially by the greedy bastard parasitic banksters.

There are many in this group who are now starting to quit.  The vast majority is doing this quietly, but it is the banksters that notice when they quit, because real money and resources leaves their coffers, and it lowers tax revenues for the corrupt government.  It is this group that both the banksters and government need to keep in line and make sure their gravy trains continues.  But what neither of thee groups seems to understand is that it is the 45% who best understand the nature of the game and fund the game, and are now ready to exit the game.  One of these people who quit the game, takes way more resources from the crony groups than a whole city full of Occupy people who don’t contribute.

It is this group that will ultimately end the corruption game, when they begin to leave en masse.  It may not take much more for this to occur, as we have observed in other countries around the world that hit their flashpoints when their governments pushed too far.  This day is coming, and it may be here much sooner than what anyone would be willing to admit.  In the mean time, it would bode well for many to begin preparation for rough times, and take these matters seriously. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Jewish Holocaust and the American Holocaust of Babies:
Why They Are NOT the Same

   For decades the pro-life movement has made the comparison between the slaughter of unborn babies and the holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany.

   During many TV or radio interviews I have given, I have discussed the similarity between Nazi Germany and America, only to have the hosts or the callers howl in rage that such a comparison is improper, even ethically wrong.

   I have long pondered the differences of these two killing sprees, and have come to the conclusion that my critics are correct: these two holocausts are in fact quite different…in regards to the victims.

   I will now delineate six distinct areas of difference that come to my mind, and leave it to the reader to determine my subsequent conclusions.

   1) A Jew could flee. There are many stories of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany or the nations that were occupied by Nazi forces. By God’s kindness – and often with the kindness and risks of friends and strangers – Jews fled to safety.

   In contrast, and unborn baby cannot flee. With a few stunning exceptions – such as late term babies who survive an attempted abortion, or a woman with twins has one baby killed, and the second one escapes detection – those offered up to the abortionist’s knife are hunted and slain.

   2) A Jew could beg for his/her life. Again, stories are told, movies have been made, highlighting the Jews who begged for mercy from their assailants and captors, and received it.

   Conversely, a baby cannot beg for mercy. They have no audible voice. When sought for death, they are dispatched…with at most a silent scream.

   3) A Jew could hide. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and The Diary of Anne Frank relate the concealment of families and individuals from the Nazis. Some survived, others did not. But the opportunity to hide did exist for some.

   A baby has no hiding place; no secret corner in the womb to conceal herself from her assassins. Who the blade seeks, it finds.

   4) A Jew could cry for help. Certain Jews escaped death because their cries for help were heard at home and abroad.

   In contrast, a baby cannot cry out to friends, strangers, or sympathetic advocates. The child is speechless before the executioner in the secret place of the womb. He lives and dies mute…unheard to all…but God.

   5) A Jew could defend himself. To our amazement, the number of times that this happened seems to be few and far between. But surely it did happen, and assuredly it could have happened. The ability was present, even if the will was not.

   Conversely, the in-utero child has no might equal to the suction machine that tears her limb from limb; no strength to fend off the scalpel and forceps that butcher him like a lamb at the slaughter.

   6) Jews could band together for self-defense. The recent movie Defiance – based on the true story – depicted Jews who banded together, and used force (violence) to protect themselves from their would-be murderers. (Such self-defense was absolutely ethical; their God-given right.)

   Unborn boys and girls enjoy no such opportunity for joint resistance. They are alone in the womb (unless there are twins or triplets, etc.) with no chance to form a “confederacy of fetuses” to physically oppose their slayers. Each lives alone, and perishes alone in a merciless death.

   Beyond these six physical differences, the distinctive human motivations and feelings of both sets of killers deserve to be contrasted and compared.

   Anti-Semitism is a plaque in the earth; a vile sin against God and the human race. However, the perversion and corruption of reason and conscience through the propaganda of anti-Semites coupled with the xenophobia that naturally haunts our souls can at least offer explanation how some weak-minded and corrupted fools might be led to believe that “the Jews are the problem.”

   But who – except for a few Malthusian scoundrels – really believes that “babies are the problem”? The natural maternal and paternal bond is so strong; that longing of a female to hold and cherish her own baby, or a man to father his own son or daughter is one of the strongest urges known to mankind.

   What type of evil…what type of perversion…what type of sinister and demonic forces are at work in the earth and in our souls that we would defy all that we are – and defy the very God-given urge to bear and embrace our offspring – to the point that we would kill our own children?

   The above six differences – augmented by the chasm of disparity between the motivation to hate any people group vs. the deliberate murder of our own flesh and blood – lead me to conclude that these two holocausts are not only different, but that the slaughter of unborn babies is a far worse crime against God and man.

   The shedding of innocent blood, “the blood of their sons and daughters,” is a vile, unspeakable crime. The blood of these babies cries to the heavens. Let us not be surprised when God smites this nation – and the earth – with a curse, in response to the cry of that innocent blood.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


George Offerman

The internet has been abuzz with loads of information and speculation concerning this MF Global failure (Now we know what the MF stands for) and what it portends for the future.  This is juxtaposed to the MSM which is downplaying this event, and making it sound like Jon Corzine was just a disinterested CEO looking on with little to no responsibility for what occurred at his firm.  Based upon the reactions from many differing factions, it would appear that this ‘event’ may very well be the tipping point that is going to start the roller coaster on its wild ride.
The more I read and the more I think about what has happened over the past two weeks, it is seemingly clearer that we are in major trouble.  There are many who have rightfully claimed the markets have been corrupt for some time.  There are others who have proven beyond a doubt the Comex has been manipulated, at least concerning the precious metals for at least 20 + years.   However, I cannot recollect at any time, where there has been a breach in trust, in which individual customer accounts were raided to pay off bad derivative bets and at least some regulatory body coming forth and making the injured customer whole again.
This is unprecedented, and beyond a doubt, is having a very chilling effect on the market.  It is with little exaggeration that everyone who has accounts in any forms in any of these companies has now been given a warning sign in neon lights: get out of the market!  NOW!!!  It is so crystal clear that if one is in the elite group, he can expect to be bailed out, pronto by the Federal Reserve on the taxpayer’s dime, but for the rest of the 99%, we are clearly on our own.  This system as it is run currently is so brazenly corrupt that it is no longer done in the dark, but in the light of day, and with little to no consequences for the perpetrators.
So, the question is, how long can an openly corrupt system operate, when it is crystal clear the average Joe cannot trust whether he can safely grow his money in the system as it is?  If the average Joe cannot grow his money in a system that he has been told is honest and right, then where does he go to grow his money?  And what becomes of this system once the majority of the ‘Joes’ gets it and decides to abandon it?  Well, this seems to be where we are at this moment in time.  Will (or can, or should) the system survive?  There seem to be many compelling reasons to think we are seeing the ending of the current economic system as we know it.
The whole reason for why the average person participates in any of these markets is to increase his net worth in order to something that is seemingly becoming more out of reach: having a better life for himself and those he loves.  When it dawns on enough people that this whole system is rigged against them, they will decide to not play anymore, and will demand that justice be done for those who stole their money from them.  Since our government has clearly not prosecuted any of these thugs, and it is looking less likely they will go after the Obama crony Corzine, the only option left for most people is to take all their money out of this corrupt system and put it in something safe, that will offer a fair and honest return on their sweat equity.
So, we very well may have hit midnight on the economy clock, as it is very apparent we are on our own to make our own future.  The new paradigm will involve being productive and will be a cash and carry system based on real and honest money.  It is now the responsibility of the individual investor to make up their minds and to act.  Time is of the premium now, and action must commence, or it very well may result in many people’s untimely demise.

Monday, November 21, 2011


George Offerman

I have been a long time reader of Gerald Celente, and have been rather stunned at his accuracy in calling many of the trends and ‘headlines’ that have occurred over the years.  Mr. Celente is very well respected in the economic circles and is often sought out to comment on the current events, and normally does so with great clarity.  So, it really stunned me to see that Mr. Celente’s gold was stolen from him in the MF Global debacle, and it goes to show how brazen these people are when it comes to playing with other people’s money, and taking their money when these @$$holes lose their bets.

For those who think this is a bunch of conspiracy theory hooey, this event ought to be a huge wake up call and a warning that the powers that be do not give a donkey’s rear end about you or your well being.  It has been totally about them and their unquenching thirst for money and power.  MF Global has basically violated all lawful and moral standards, in which through their bankruptcy, froze supposed ‘segregated’ customer accounts while the markets were still open.  It disallowed for customers to access their money or holdings of COMEX receipts (supposedly good as gold) and are mixing the funds of these accounts with that of the firm itself, which is illegal.

The amount of money in dispute comes to about $2.2 billion.  Although not a small amount, it pales in comparison to the $2.1 TRILLION given to domestic and foreign banks by the Federal Reserve over the past two years, which in essence, covered bad derivative bets by the ‘too big to fail’ banks.  While the government and its crony regulatory bodies have no problems putting taxpayer monies on the line for their fellow cronies, these same criminals will allow the gross violation of the law by not paying back these individual customers, but most likely will not even follow through and file criminal charges against these thieves.

I have run into two very relevant postings by two people I am greatly inspired by that cover these points much better and clearer than I will ever be able to do.  I will link both articles to this posting and I highly encourage you to read both of them.  The first is from Ted Butler, the worlds foremost silver guru and first man to uncover the precious metals manipulation on the CRIMEX nearly two decades ago.  Mr. Butler discusses how this MF Global scandal is really a historical moment in time, but currently unrecognized as such.  The ramifications are huge, and have yet to be played out on the world’s stage, but it seems this criminal activity is a game changer and may end the system as we know it in short order.


The second is from Ann Barnhardt CEO of the Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.  In short, Ms. Barnhardt closed her business due to the breakdown of law and order, and succinctly points out that the cornerstone of all markets is integrity, honesty and trust.  The MF Global fiasco has proven beyond a doubt that the market is now rigged for the money powers, and there is absolutely no safety or assurance anyone will get their money or commodities out of this market.  Ms. Barnhardt goes further, and recommends that ALL CUSTOMERS get out of this market and to not reenter until the cronies in the White House and in government are replaced with people of integrity.  This is a very powerful letter, and should be required reading for everyone in this country.

http://barnhardt.biz/     refer to BCM has ceased operations, part I and II.

It is beyond imagination that the thievery has come to the level and magnitude it is now at.  The brazen thievery and subsequent cover-ups are stories that Al Capone couldn’t even have dreamed up.  Yet, here it is, and it seems like so many don’t care and don’t see the connections between our collapsing economy and the liars and thieves that run the asylum.  The dots will soon be connected, and there will be no mistaking the cause of the misery soon to befall us.  It seems the worst case scenario is going to play itself out, and the lack of preparation by the common man is going to devastate countless numbers that ought not to have to go through this engineered crash.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Challenger: Boehner fails to protect unborn

House Speaker 'had four opportunities this year to defund Planned Parenthood'

Posted: November 18, 2011
12:20 am Eastern
By Michael F. Haverluck
© 2011 WND

House Speaker John Boehner

A candidate who is challenging House Speaker John Boehner for his Ohio congressional district seat says the Republican has another opportunity this week to do a great deal to protect the lives of the unborn, but probably won't.

Pro-life candidate David Lewis said the current resolution continuing the federal government's funding of abortion expires at the end of the week, and Boehner could vote to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion industry player.

However, Lewis said, "If the past is any indication of the future, the speaker, John Boehner, will support the passage of the new continuing resolution, even though it funds the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood."

Lewis was referring to Boehner's voting record.

"There have been four continuing resolutions that have passed this year that fund Planned Parenthood [including HR 1473]… Mr. Boehner has had four opportunities this year alone to defund Planned Parenthood," Lewis stated. "His fifth opportunity will be this week. Will Mr. Boehner betray the babies again, or will he step up to the plate and defund Planned Parenthood? I have a suspicion that he will once again vote to give money to baby killers; I pray that he proves me wrong."

(Story continues below)


When Boehner's office was contacted for comment on the voting record and future voting intentions regarding taxpayer-funded abortion, nothing was addressed about his voting record.

"By tradition, the speaker does not usually vote in the House," press secretary Michael Steel told WND.
But Lewis shows proof indicating the speaker has, in fact, voted on the federal funding of abortion:
"John Boehner broke tradition by voting for Planned Parenthood funding in HR 1473 on April of this year," he said. "Planned Parenthood is the largest murderer of unborn babies in the U.S. On April 14, 2011, Boehner voted yea on HR 1473. HR 1473 authorized $300,000,000 for Title X funding, which is where Planned Parenthood gets their money from."

Lewis cited official roll call that includes Boehner's vote, as well as the text of the current resolution.
"Speaker Boehner is on record stating that he would not shut the government down over Planned Parenthood funding," Lewis added. "House Republicans follow Mr. Boehner's example. If Mr. Boehner wants to be taken seriously by the pro-life community, then he will have to make defunding Planned Parenthood and criminalizing abortion a 'hill to die on.' So far Mr. Boehner has not showed any indication that he is willing to do this."

He suggested doubts about Boehner's pro-life position.

"Mr. Boehner claims to be pro-life but has taken no stance or significant action to end legalized child-killing," Lewis expressed. "If I were a member of the House, I would work tirelessly for a bill that makes it a criminal act to kill a baby from conception until birth."

Lewis then mentioned how the speaker's pro-life platform doesn't match up with actions.

"Earlier this year Mr. Boehner stated: 'there will be an opportunity some time in order to [defund Planned Parenthood] and we're looking for that opportunity,'" Lewis told WND. "The opportunity is now, the House of Representatives controls the purse strings of the federal government."

And Lewis contends that Boehner had ample opportunities in the past, but went the other way.
"No money gets appropriated without the House's approval," Lewis stated. "When Rep. Steven King proposed a rule that would have totally defunded Obamacare, John Boehner and his Rules Committee rejected the rule. John Boehner is the sole reason that Obamacare is still funded. Later, the House passed a shill piece of legislation to defund Obamacare, knowing that it would be dead on arrival when it reached the Senate."

When asked about this week's vote, Lewis had little hope that Boehner would come through on his promise to stand up for the rights of preborn children.

"Harry Reid in the Senate has vowed that he would shut down the government if Planned Parenthood funding is removed from the budget," Lewis said. "John Boehner will not make a similar promise to shut down the government if funding to Planned Parenthood is not removed, even though babies' lives literally hang in the balance."

Does Lewis believe much has changed regarding taxpayer funding of abortion since Boehner has replaced former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?

"Very little has been done for the unborn since John Boehner replaced Nancy Pelosi," Lewis said. "John Boehner's equivocation and compromise when it comes to protecting life is startling. Every year that John Boehner compromises another million babies die."

And Lewis argues that Boehner's lack of action to protect life is nothing out of the ordinary.
"Mr. Boehner is an establishment D.C. insider," Lewis remarked. "Mr. Boehner has had 20 years in the House of Representatives to work to make child-killing a criminal act. It is time for Christian citizens to kick out establishment insiders who are part of the problem and to take the reins of power so that legalized child-killing can be eradicated."

Lewis vows that he will not stand by on the sidelines while pro-abortionists are allowed to have their way.
"I will be running hard-hitting, graphic TV ads during the primary season showing the victims of choice all over the air waves," Lewis shared. "Because of FEC regulations, TV stations with FCC licenses are required to run my ads. You can see the types of ads that I will be running at http://www.davidlewisforcongress.com.%22/

Troy Newman, president of the nationally recognized pro-life organization Operation Rescue, would also like to see Republicans stand on commitments to protect the lives of preborn children.

"This week's vote is a critical test to see if the new Republican majority will hold to its campaign promises or if they will continue the status quo," Newman told WND. "If the House Republicans fail on this vote, then we will mobilize to defeat them, as well as pro-abortion Democrats."

Newman emphasizes that Democrats will do all they can to forward their pro-abortion agenda.

"It is noteworthy to point out that Obama, in the last budget talks, was willing to shut down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood," Newman added. "This is an extreme position that shows he is willing to put the future of our country in jeopardy in order to kill more children. Shameful."

David Lewis is a member of the Insurrecta Nex team associated with Randall Terry.

Read more: Challenger: Boehner fails to protect unborn http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=368873#ixzz1e62NgGWH

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



George Offerman

Headlines on many news sites are reporting the just released e-mails sent by then Solicitor General Kagan to Professor Lawrence tribe concerning the Health care bill: “I hear they have the votes, Larry!!  Simply amazing” this is a very telling admission to her bias towards this law, and now that it is in the Supreme Court’s docket, ‘Justice’ Kagan needs to recuse herself from this case.  (But I would bet my next 100 paychecks this will not happen).

The following is a regulation that clearly mandates behaviors of Justices if a conflict of interest arises:

According to 28 USC 455, a Supreme Court justice must recuse from “any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” The law also says a justice must recuse anytime he has “expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy” while he “served in governmental employment.”


For anyone paying attention to the preceding hearings and subsequent elevation of Kagan to the Supreme Court, this should come as no surprise.  It should also be of concern for those who call themselves Christian and pro life, that this woman will rule on a law that is immoral as well as unconstitutional in that it mandates a citizen to purchase a service from another or a corporation.  It is the epitome of collectivism and is another step towards this one world order Obama and his cronies are pushing us into.

It is so amazing that not many of our fellow citizens care about this.  Unfortunately, it is also no surprise, and when all hell breaks lose in health care, there will be no one to blame but themselves.  Too many people in the health care field have been blowing the trumpet in warning, but too few listened.  Many who did have concerns stated “It seems illegal, so the court will strike it down”.  That is just another attempt at pedaling off responsibility onto another’s shoulders, and leads to a very dangerous precedent, in allowing a select few, or ‘elites’ to make decisions for the masses.

One can grow weary from fighting and warning against the constant barrage of rights taken away with little help from fellow citizens.  It seems that after awhile, people stop listening and want to go off into their own dream world, and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.  The problem is, then those who want to clean up the mess, put all their buddies into positions of power, and soon, it becomes such a corrupt system that no one can get out of it without selling out their soul to them.

These people are not going to stop until they get what they want: total control over every aspect of our lives.  If it takes cronyism, then they will do it.  Conflicts of interest will occur everywhere, and the elites will continue stacking the deck against the masses until they get what they want.  Because they are getting so close to their ultimate control, it seems they don’t even care if anyone notices, because it is getting to the point that the masses will not be able to do anything about this cronyism.

What a sad state of affairs things are in now.  We have had such an escalation of lawlessness and blatant disregard for proper procedure that is acculturated into the psyche of the masses.  It seems very few even care anymore, and would rather concentrate on football and Survivor than their own survival and well being of their families.  I can imagine that soon, we will be very aware of this loss of freedom, but by then it may be too late.

Monday, November 14, 2011


George Offerman
The ongoing and ever deepening scandal at Penn State is really shaping up to be one for the ages.  There are so many dynamics going on in this story, that it is difficult to know where to start.  This is also a hotly debated topic almost everywhere, and it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter.  As I discuss this with those close to me, we seem to come to more of a consensus about a couple of topics with the idea of football and sports and how they have taken a near deity level in this country.  Then there is the point of personal responsibility and what should have occurred.
There are many now coming out of the woodwork that want to point how coach Paterno has or had a near deity status at College Station.  There seems to be no doubt that the Coach has made a tremendous difference in the lives of the young men he has coached over his 46 year career.  And it is no surprise that many alumni and family members of these players are very grateful, and are demonstrating this gratitude by getting behind Coach Paterno and showing their support.  So, it was a great shock that most of the Penn State students, Alumni and fans felt when hearing of the abrupt firing of this coach, and anger came out in many different ways.
The question is, how far can gratitude remove one from the responsibility of dealing with real life issues and matters that are of utmost importance?  Or on an even larger scale, how often do sports figures get a ‘free pass’ on all sorts of behaviors because they are famous and ‘well liked”?  It seems many have allowed athletes and elite sports programs a great deal of leeway when it concerns matters of morals and questionable practices.  It has been this way for decades, and it possibly has now finally run its course.  The extent of this abuse will come out in the coming weeks and months, and it may ultimately result in long prison terms for several of these once hallowed individuals who ultimately chose football over what was right and moral.
Many have been debating whether Coach Paterno did enough concerning this case.  While it is a fair question, and will be debated most likely forever, there ought to be more focus on the graduate student/assistant manager Mike McQueary, who upon witnessing this event, evidently did nothing to stop this while it was occurring.  Despite the fact there will be lots of blame to go around, it is Mr. McQueary’s lack of actions that keep coming back to me as the most disturbing aspect of this whole story.
Mr. McQueary claims he happened upon the coach and a 10 year old boy in the shower while putting away equipment from a practice.   One would find it hard to believe that Mr. McQueary, upon seeing this most disgusting and criminal activity, that he did not make some effort to intervene.  If this graduate student was fearful of being thrown out of the program, he could at least have shut the lights off, indicating someone had walked in, and most likely this horrible event would have stopped.  Most people would have been so incensed, that they most likely would have beat the pulp out of this very sick assistant coach, and the majority of people would have supported this action.  But Mr. McQueary did nothing, and simply reported it to the head coach, who did not witness this first hand.  If anyone is most responsible for this particular action going nowhere, it is Mr. McQueary.  As a direct witness, it is Mr. McQueary who had the most responsibility to report this, and he did not.  Yet he remains on staff and continues to coach.  This is the greatest injustice of the whole matter.
This man knew about this situation for nearly nine years, and only when it becomes public, does Mr. McQueary ‘grow a set’ and demonstrate anger.  It is disingenuous, and Mr. McQueary should do the right thing, and resign from his position.  Whatever his excuse is for not reporting this, it cannot justify the continued employment at the same location in which Mr. McQueary demonstrated gross negligence.  This happens too often in our society: people getting a free pass when they ought to be held accountable for sins of omission.
Mr. McQueary, if you have any sense of decency, you should resign immediately.  Don’t be putting out any disingenuous emotions of anger, when you sat on this for nine years.  Do the right thing and get out now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


George Offerman

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

Benjamin Franklin

Jesse Ventura’s court case against the TSA was thrown out last week, and as Gov. Ventura promised if this occurred, he would leave this country.  Gov. Ventura then announced immediately, he would be going to Mexico and will no longer stand for the National Anthem but turn his back and raise his fist.  Governor Ventura also stated emphatically that America is Fascist and he is no longer going to participate in such atrocities any more.  And this is all over what some would consider a ‘trivial inconvenience’ of being groped at airports in the name of ‘national security’.

It is simply inconceivable that a behavior is considered ‘legal’ at an airport that literally done anywhere else in this society would be considered a felony, and would require the perpetrator to register as a sex offender the rest of his life.  Janet Napolitano, in her infinite bureaucratic wisdom, made this statement some months ago: “no one is traumatized by this action, the TSA is professional and everyone understands this is of national security”.  No, Ms. Napolitano, in fact it is very traumatic for many people, but you, like Obama and others of your ilk are too stupid to even begin to know how stupid you really are.

That being said, being groped goes against anything we believe in, and no matter how it is colored, it is groping and a gross violation of one’s right to freely move about and to practice their God given right to freedom.  However, it seems that most Americans don’t want to be bothered fighting this, but will comply as sheep and continue to have rights taken away as these Fascists see fit.  It seems inconceivable that a parent would allow a stranger to touch their child under any circumstances, yet there are many who have been interviewed that look at this situation as being for ’security’.  Really, did you plant a bomb in a diaper or put a box cutter in your child’s scivvies?

Governor Ventura has decided enough is enough.  The Governor is demonstrating by his actions what most Americans ought to be doing, voting with their feet.  Unlike most of the complacent, the Governor is making this an issue in which he is willing to fight for and has spelled out the consequences of losing this fight.  It’s good to see someone of the Governor’s stature taking up this fight, but without good follow up, it will simply be forgotten in the days and weeks ahead.  The lessons pertaining to the loss of real freedoms will simply fade away in the midst of the mindless drivel and endless sporting events thrust upon us, to distract us from the real happenings in society.

We will never have true security, because the powers that be don’t want us to.  Their intention is to constantly scare the populace with make believe ‘terrorism’ or other ‘isms’ that will come to the forefront when convenient or needed.  People feel most empowered when they have some stake in the matter, and as our ever developing police state shows, it is being taken from us on a never ending plane of problems and issues not of our making.  So stress and anxiety will continue to mount as time goes on, and the only solutions forwarded will be those of the nanny state dictating the terms of day to day life to those who have been trained to not think for themselves.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


George Offerman

It’s been quite a while since I did any of my hermeneutics postings and so this posting will be somewhat  like that.  I have had a few people ask me what I thought about this 2005 yu55 asteroid that is supposed to pass by the earth on November 8th.  So, I thought I would look into this matter and see what is being said about it.  During my research, I also happen to run into the story about a comet Elenin, and what initially peaked my interest in both stories is an asteroid and comet would fulfill the second and third trumpets to a ‘T’.

I also ran into several sites that brought up some interesting points.  According to at least one of them, it is making the claim that NASA has given misinformation pertaining to the asteroid, and is actually anticipating a pacific strike, somewhere between Alaska and north of Japan.  A water strike is what is prophesized, and it would definitely be within the realm of possibility.  I have also heard several people involved in Government clearly state on matters of emergency, such as nuclear war, that the ‘official’ policy taken by the government is to not warn the citizenry, in order to alleviate panic and chaotic situations.  So, one may make the argument that it is not beyond the possibility of such ‘disinformation’ to be forwarded.

These things being said, I did my research and it appears these matters mentioned do not seem to be as dire as many may think.  According to pictures and visuals of the comet Elenin taken by many amateur astronomers around the world, it appears to have broken up and is now wandering into the dark and deep space, not to return for almost 12,000 years.  There are sites claiming this is not true, but these sites also minimize or deny the hundreds of eyes watching it and the mathematical trajectory work and observations that have proven it is out of our way.  With this being the case, we can eliminate this candidate fulfilling the third trumpet.

There, then is another difficulty with this asteroid fulfilling the second trumpet.  Preceding the second trumpet is the great earthquake and the first trumpet.  So far, neither has occurred, and I suppose technically speaking we do have 6 days before this asteroid would strike, but that would sure crunch the timeframe into a little opening, and it seems very unlikely that it could happen.  (We will definitely know this to be a fact in the next few days).

We would also need to see the appearance of the 144,000 and two witnesses.  And if these did not appear, we would at least need to hear from a prophet concerning these matters, and this as well has not manifested itself.  So, as we look at the differing aspects of the prophecy it seems to draw a clear picture that the conditions that are needed to fulfill Revelation are not present.

I know there are some that are anticipating such an event.  As I have repeated ad nauseum, no one in their right mind would want to see Revelation fulfilled in their lifetime.  But that being said, it does not mean it cannot happen and one should not attempt to fit an event, such as an asteroid hitting the earth into the prophecy if the preceding conditions have not been met.  We simply have to take a methodical look at what is going on, and use proper hermeneutics to determine if current events fulfill prophecy as written in its totality.

I don’t believe we will even see an asteroid strike until Revelation.  The reasons I have, of course, are total speculation, but it is scripturally based.  Jesus continually compared Revelation and the second coming to Noah, and Jesus made clear the event of the flood had never been witnessed in human history up to that time.  If we had an asteroid impact outside of Revelation, it may have too strong of a possibility of watering down the message of Revelation, as we would find we survived the impact, and would not see these events as ‘earth stopping’.

So, as far as I’m concerned, November 8 will come and go without mishap.  This will be one more time I have been the ‘wet blanket’ for those who want to be sensationalists and predict things that will not come to pass.  This is the way prophecy ought to be handled: God gave prophecy for the explicit reason of preparing those of the faith of His movements and an explanation of why and what is to come so believers can know it is from God.  We live in difficult times as it is.  We should not be adding additional burdens to those already stressed out and concerned about day to day survival, by talking about nonsense that will not come true.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


George Offerman
For those Catholics out there, this is one of those feast days that shows the triumph of our faith.  It’s a time to celebrate the lives of those who came before us and who lives such exemplary lives, that we can model our own lives after them.  For those of you who have taken the time to study some of these saints, it can be a great source of comfort, as well as a challenge.  The stories of the saints are meant to give us hope and direction in uncertain times such as these, as well as pass on the concept that God is always there for those who put their faith in him.
I have personally read many accounts of saints and their lives, but probably not enough of them.  It seems the most common feature these remarkable people demonstrate, is their ability to persevere when nearly all around them either want to give up, or actually give up.  These people seem to be able to fight through a great amount of rejection, and very often, the rejection came from the hand of the Faith they were actually attempting to live.  It seem so easy to look at many people today who very well may be living saints, and heap criticism or scorn on them because they don’t seem to be as ‘glamorous’ as those who are recognized as saints.
Our church teaches it is our duty to strive for living sainthood, through sanctified living and daily communion with our Savior.  While I am sure there are many people living today that meet this qualification, it would seem most don’t and it is so necessary to have people like this to spur the rest of us on to live in this way, and bring honor and glory to our God.  It also appears that those individuals, who reached such a sanctified state, also experienced levels of joy and peace that are nearly nonexistent in our current age.   These people seemed to have reached a level that can only be surmised and speculated about and is very difficult to understand.
It definitely seems that to live a sanctified life today would put one on a direct firing line, between dealing with the amount of darkness in the world, and the ever growing hostility with the Christian way of life.  It definitely will challenge any level of comfort and convenience, and most likely will result in alienation from most people.  But on the other hand, it would be of great value, as it would bear witness that anyone can live the Christian life at any point in history and it would definitely attract some to the ranks.  Is that not a large part of our mission while here?
We definitely could use the inspiration of these men and women who paved the w ay for the faith to continue.  We would benefit greatly from knowing and emulating their bravery and courage when presenting the faith, and being very unapologetically in the method we go about passing on what we know to be true.  We can be like them and it is only a decision away.  Too many contemporary folks believe these people are too high on a pedestal, and thus don’t want to even try to live such sanctity.  We need to have the urgency that our saints had when spreading the Gospel.  It is what is needed at this time in history, and the torch is in our hands.