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Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


George Offerman

It seems there is now a ‘dispute’ over the use of graphic pictures in Randall Terry’s campaign, and the individual that claims to have the copyright of said pictures has made a claim to ‘sue’ if there is not an immediate ‘cease and desist’ of using these images. This individual has used extremely harsh language towards Mr. Terry, and has accused Mr. Terry of ‘piracy’ and stated he has not met the threshold of the very reasonable ‘licensing regulations’, which would then give Mr. Terry permission to use the images. The very ironic part of this story, is this individual cited the ‘very Unbiblical lawsuit’ leveled at Troy Newman’s ‘pirating’ the name Operation Rescue, which is a trademark issue. So, we have this individual who is claiming Mr. Terry has ‘disqualified’ himself from using copyrighted material due to ‘suing’ another pro lifer is now himself threatening to sue another pro lifer over essentially the same thing. The irony is dripping, much like the blood of the dead children.

This individual also happens to be an attorney, and it is rather ironic that as an attorney, he should be very clear on trademark disputes and should know how important it is for one to protect one’s ‘property’ whether pictures or organizations and identities. In an ironic twist, this individual confirms his right to ‘protect’ his property, while denying Mr. Terry the same right, and again, this is from an attorney who should know better. It is also rather ironic that this individual jumped to a conclusion about this trademark dispute, most likely without any investigation into it, as one would expect some due diligence from a so called ‘pro life leader’ to do. So, this individual is guilty of EXACTLY what he is claiming Mr. Terry is doing; yet he exonerates himself from the same standard he is enforcing onto others. It’s funny, how I wrote a piece just 2 days ago talking about the pro life ‘management’ and it is so ironic that this individual fits to the tee, what was mentioned in the post:

The Goats happen to represent those that ‘make a living’ in this ‘movement, and while they are extremely protective of their public image, they seem to have no problem whatsoever in trashing another’s if they happen to be challenged in matters in which they should be. Maybe the better word for them is managers. After all, they seem to be ‘managing’ the movement, and want to dictate the manner in which one operates in this movement, what is the protocol, or what is politically correct and to stay within the lines of their dictates, or else….

It is also ironic that the goal of showing dead babies is to raise the awareness of legalized child killing to the largest numbers of people, and now that Mr. Terry has proposed a way of getting this done, this individual is now refusing use of ‘his’ images, and thus denying his own stated goals of his organization. How ironic, indeed. It seems it is more important for this individual to ‘control the behavior’ of others, and want to dictate the terms of how this war is fought, than the end goal of ending legalized child killing and winning the war. This individual fits the ‘manager’ term to the tee.

However, the greatest irony is the fact that WHEN these ads run, and they cause the crisis of conscience needed to create the environment to overturn Roe, this individual and his pictures will receive no credit, nor will they have had any influence in this process. History will demonstrate that this pettiness shown by this individual effectively ‘iced’ himself and his organization out of a pivotal event in overturning the most horrific practice known to mankind. This individual must be made aware of what will be missed. This train definitely will be moving, and it will pick up speed. These matters proposed will happen, and you are either on board, or left on the platform. It is only the pride of this individual that is getting in the way of a unified front, but the only choice for this individual is to get on board, or be left behind.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


George Offerman

It is totally amazing how there is such a dichotomy in this ‘movement’ as to how people and organizations are viewed. The fallout of the last two postings sure has separated the ‘goats’ from the sheep and it seems the goats are consistently from the party of the ‘well known’ and supposed leaders who have made some rather interesting comments, and requests, and even innuendo’s about the happenings with Rabbi Levin. The Goats happen to represent those that ‘make a living’ in this ‘movement, and while they are extremely protective of their public image, they seem to have no problem whatsoever in trashing another’s if they happen to be challenged in matters in which they should be. Maybe the better word for them is managers. After all, they seem to be ‘managing’ the movement, and want to dictate the manner in which one operates in this movement, what is the protocol, or what is politically correct and to stay within the lines of their dictates, or else….

These managers are often slaves to the 501 c 3 status, and will do everything in their power to comply with the god of the IRS. If the managers are not enslaved to that particular god, then it is the god of political correctness. All efforts must revolve around ‘what is allowed’ and what ‘does not offend’. It is more important for the managers to be well thought of by most, including the enemy than to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if it isn’t this god they bow to, it is the ultimate god of pride. These managers have ‘something to lose’ and are bound by earthly and man-made accolades, awards, and places at the banquet tables, comfort and convenience. Anything (or anyone) that distracts or threatens this needs to be ‘neutralized’. These are all signs of an institutionalization of the pro-life movement. It now has a life of its own, and like that of virtually any other organization, the prime directive is survival.

Then we have the sheep, or to phrase it better, the workers. These are the folks who want to see legalized child killing end. These are the folks who get up faithfully and pray and sidewalk counsel at the mills regularly. These are the folks who run the CPC’s on shoestring budgets and often reach into their own pockets to supply products and services to the women in need. These are the folks who scrimp and save, and sacrifice to send money to organizations in good faith that their money will be properly utilized in ending this holocaust. These folks are the vast nameless and unknown majority that truly makes this movement work. These folks are the ones who want to see this movement get it together and get the job done. Unfortunately, many of these folks have also been hurt and abused by many of these managers and organizations, and it is their cause that challenged me to rise and call out these managers when they abuse their place of power. These are also the same folks that write to me, believing I am a voice that represents them, and at times, boldly proclaims what they are thinking and feeling. It is for these folks that I am willing to take a hit from the ‘management’.

The stories and multiple numbers of emails I have received over the past 18 months have been inspirational, but also heartbreaking. There have been more than a few who have contemplated getting out of the pro life movement due to the bad behaviors of some of these ‘managers’ and many believed they were the only ones and felt ostracized and isolated. They have been comforted by my writings and open challenges of these ‘managers’ and most have reported my analysis has been ‘hitting the nail on the head’ concerning many of these individuals. They have bought into the hype surrounding these people, who may have national name recognition, and when criticized by these ‘managers’, believed they were ‘faulty’ and ‘had the problem’. That is the greatest source of abuse out there, and most corporations don’t practice such evil doings toward their employees. But somehow, many of the ‘managers’ do this regularly, and then hide behind the “Christianity’ moniker to cover their evil deeds. I say, TO HELL WITH THEM.

See, what the ‘management ‘ seems to forget is, they are fallible and ‘broken vessels’ like the rest of us. Somehow, many have fallen into the trap of arrogance and pride, because they happen to be well known. And way too often, they equate popularity to knowledge and courage, and believe they not only know better, but are the ‘way, the truth and the light’ and by golly, if one dares to question any of the motives of these ‘managers’, they are taken to task in much harsher tones than the enemy the ‘management’ has promised to fight. Too many of these ‘managers’ are bullies, and I hate bullies. But unlike many of the faithful workers, who may be too timid or embarrassed to stand up for themselves, I have no problem getting in the ring and ‘duking’ it out with these pretenders. As the saying goes “everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time”. These ‘managers’ are no exception, and they must pick up their crosses daily and engage in the battle like everyone else, not ‘manage’ it from the sidelines. If they don’t want to do it, then get the hell out of the way, and the real men and women warriors will step forward and get the job done.

So, there is no room at the inn for the ‘managers’ that want to ‘manage’ this movement and ostracize workers who have the ‘audacity to question or challenge them’. By virtue of the nature of the complaints and compliments I have received over the past months, those who want to see this holocaust end like what they see on this site, and those that ‘make a living’ off of this institutionalized’ movement have been consistent in their hate and derision of what they see, and squeal like greased pigs when called on their hypocrisy. The sad part is not in seeing a high flying’ manager’ fall, it is to see the worker, who puts their faith, heart and soul into this movement, only to have it stomped on, and that is the real crime.

I want to note that it was 19 years ago today, I witnessed the birth of my first child, Grace, and lost my greatest hero, my father. Rest in Peace, Dad

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


George Offerman

There has already been significant fallout and discussions all over the blogosphere concerning the incident involving the unceremonious expulsion of Rabbi Yehuda Levin from the Students for Life convention last Sunday. Many of those who have been in this movement for longer than Kristan Hawkins has been alive are disheartened with the naïveté and stupidity shown by this move, are beyond the ability to express their feelings over this outrage. Instead of treating this man of God as the pro-life hero he is, he was discourteously and disrespectfully thrown out of an event in which he should have been given high honors.

Kristan Hawkins does not like Randall Terry or the brand of activism that Randall Terry embraces. Kristan Hawkins is also a very young individual, and would have been in diapers and watching Sesame Street when Randall Terry came on the scene and nearly single handedly created a movement that not only changed the nature of the legalized child killing debate, but caused such political waves, that the heinous and evil Roe decision was at great jeopardy of being overturned. Those involved and actively in the movement remember the passion and excitement in what seemed the likelihood of the end of legalized childhood killing as we know it. The FACE laws (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) was legislated and passed as a reaction to Operation Rescue’s efforts and signed into law by Bill Clinton. At that time, there were many ‘Giants’ in the pro life movement such as John Ryan, and Joan Andrews Bell, as well as the very influential Rabbi Yehuda Levin, and they were fairly unified in their thoughts and actions regarding the need to end legalized child killing.

It was through the blood, sweat and tears of these pioneers that have paved the way for the current crop of leaders/managers, and without their efforts, this movement would have died a long time ago. These men and women have proven their value to the pro-life movement through the crucible of fire and trials that the current leadership has not had to pay, and appears to have no knowledge of, nor any concern over. The current leadership through their ‘sophisticated’ thinking and ‘know it all’ attitudes, believes this war is ‘winnable’ through incremental change, sanitized language, ‘getting along’ with the enemy, removal of graphic images, ‘virtual protests’, ‘education’ and ‘changing hearts’. We see by the results how well this strategy is working (lousy) and the utter disrespect paid to the pioneers and trailblazers of this movement.

Those representing Randall Terry, in fact, did attempt to register as media at the conference, and after initial acceptance was escorted out of the hotel. Jack Ames of Defend Life, who did pay for a table, was informed he could not distribute literature pertaining to Randall Terry’s campaign. So we see, there was a deliberate icing out by Kristan Hawkins of any mention of Randall Terry’s candidacy, and this demonstrates an icing of Randall Terry, and made no difference whether invited or not. Also, as another point to be made, generally pro-life groups support and allow for other groups to get messages out and use these forums in the spirit of Christian Charity. After all, it used to be implied that WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE and as such, supported each other’s efforts. We were not there to disrupt, protest or create problems for the Students for Life people, but to get out the message of Randall Terry’s candidacy, and expand upon the success of Missy Smith’s campaign in showing the graphic nature of legalized child killing to the nation.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Andrew Beacham went in with cameras to interview students as they came out on break. The sponsors of the event, the Alliance Defense Fund’s media relations for both Students for Life America and the Alliance Defense Fund gave permission for Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Andrew Beacham to be there. (This whole interaction was caught on video, and will be released shortly). In fact, the Media Relations director would have like to have Rabbi Levin speak, but mentioned they were behind in their schedule, and thus, could not do this. This decision was then challenged by Kristan Hawkins and Students for life, and enforced by Bryan Kemper of stand true ministries. Here is one of the true ‘giants’ in the pro-life movement present at an event that could of and would of benefited greatly by the Rabbi’s experience, evicted from a pro-life conference by 2 hotel security guards at the bequest of Kristan Hawkins and Bryan Kemper.

Rabbi Levin then made this statement from stage yesterday concerning the nature of the pro-life movement in general, and the new leadership/management style embraced by the likes of Kristan Hawkins:

"My dear friends do you want to know why the pro-life movement is more static than more dynamic?

"Could it be because yesterday Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life and her sponsors, the Alliance Defense Fund, had 'no room at the inn' for myself and other rabbis representing 850 other rabbis of the Rabbinical Alliance of America? I was forced out by two hotel security people; never did the abortionists of the liberals do this to me. We're owed an apology. We've been fighting for life for 32 years."

Rabbi Levin hit the nail on the head by calling this behavior out, and questioning the integrity and abilities of the so called ‘pro life leaders’ who act more like managers of corporations than of a movement. It is horrible when those who put in the work are ostracized by those who have no clue on how to get the job done, but want to be seen as the ‘big shots’ and ‘movers and shakers’ of a now institutionalized ‘pro life movement’. Shame has reached an unimaginable level now, and these people have no clue and no plan on ending this holocaust. People like Kristan Hawkins will continue to sell herself as an innovator and leader, while condemning and disrespecting those whose shoulders she is unworthy to be standing on.

If I were in charge of the Alliance Defense Fund, I would be furious and embarrassed over this fiasco. I would be apologizing to Rabbi Levin, as well as promising to give him a keynote speaking slot, and may well relegate Kristan Hawkins role as spectator, at best. If Ms. Hawkins gets the gravity of the situation, she will be falling all over herself to rectify this situation and make the necessary personal changes merited for such a situation to assure it never happens again.

I attended Ms. Hawkins speech at the John Paul II Center in October 2009 to hear her speak. (Post is in the archives section, October 13 titled: The (un) inspiration of Kristan Hawkins). In that speech, Ms. Hawkins discussed Overturning Roe, but had no plan or vision on how this will be accomplished. Ms. Hawkins went into details about growing college campuses and groups, but did not advocate showing graphic pictures, challenging the language used, did not advocate any use of civil disobedience and seemed to promise a ‘clean’ fight by promoting such things as ‘virtual’ protests, prayer circles, ‘education and changing hearts’ as a means of change, but no tangible plans that actually makes child killing illegal. Her advice for those 40+ in age: volunteer at CPC’s and do maintenance work.

We, who have been in this movement for the majority of the time legalized child killing has been the 'law of the land', understand that in order to end this holocaust, there must be a tireless, fearless band of warriors on the ground engaged in battle, and using graphic images, harsh rhetoric, the truth of God and the backing of both Church and Laity to change the LAWS of this land. The way to do this is to engage the forces of death by making them LOOK AT THEIR HANDIWORK. This campaign is not about Randall Terry; it is about showing the dead babies to those who want to call this ‘choice’. Anyone with a ‘set’ and is willing to put up with the heat is welcome into this camp. We are looking for those with the guts to stand up and show the world what legalized child-killing looks like.

Given that it is apparent Ms. Hawkins does not have the experience and knowledge that the early pioneers of this movement has, I will personally put forth a challenge to Ms. Hawkins. I will fully support you, and encourage everyone I Know, as well as being able to commit the resources of our Insurrecta Nex team if you are willing to run for public office and show graphic commercials on television, for all of America to see. It will be in this, that you demonstrate the true leadership of those, such as Rabbi Levin and Randall Terry and earn for yourself, the respect and privilege of being a national leader. This is the way legalized child killing will end, by showing the forces of hell and death the fruits of their labor in all of its ugliness and evil. Running and hiding from this reality only plays into the culture of death’s hands, and is the true mark of mediocrity.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


George Offerman

Several of us went to the Student for Life gathering today, simply to pass out information pertaining to Randall Terry's upcoming presidential campaign. To say we were treated as criminals by Ms. Hawkins and her pretend police minions would be an understatement. (My son and I were personally thrown out by Ms. Hawkins herself). However, her treatment of Rabbi Yehuda Levin was beyond despicable.

It seems Ms. Hawkins, in her relatively early success in this movement, has seemed to have paid no attention to the true leaders of this movement and it shows by her poor indiscretions, in that she is clueless concerning those who have paved the way and paid significant prices that she currently enjoys for herself. I will be writing more on this in the very near future, but a letter by Missy Smith catches the essence of Ms. Hawkins naivete and cluelessness. Ms. Hawkins, there is so much you do not know about the blood sweat and tears put into this movement prior to your birth, as many you are against have been in this longer than you have been alive and it would bode well for you to get off your high horse for a minute and do some investigations into these matters.

Dear Kristan-

I want you to know up front, that I am going to send this e-mail to as many pro lifers as possible
since we say we are doing "God's work" and yet today something happened which made me very ashamed
of you and of the the "Pro-Life Movement". I know God has been watching this character assassination of
Randall Terry unfold for quite sometime and He is not pleased. It has been driven by Troy Newman, Jeff White and
even a man supposedly of God, Pat Mahoney.

First and foremost a real man of God was escorted out of the Bethesda Marriott Hotel by two security guards,
for no apparrent reason other than your personal dislike for Randall Terry, and by your orders. Shame on you.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin was that man and is the spokesperson for the Rabbinical Alliance of America representing
1,000 Rabbi's. He is a father of 9 children and numerous grandchildren. He has run for the second highest political office in America for mayor against Ed Koch in New York City. Ed Koch devotes two pages in his book "Politics" to Rabbi Levin.

Rabbi Levin had a very close relationship with John Cardinal O'Connor before he died. Rabbi has spoken with Raymond Cardinal Burke, the head of the highest court in the Catholic Church, on numerous occassions.

It will be 32 years tomorrow, that Rabbi Levin will have spoken for the March for Life. By far he is the most powerful speaker for life and morality to step on to that stage every year !

I tell you this so you won't be confused and think Rabbi was some homeless person wondering in off the street. This man
is highly regarded nationally and internationally and should be treated with the utmost respect all human beings deserve.

Rabbi Levin came to Washington at the request of Randall Terry to stand in front of the Holocaust Museum, which memorializes the Rabbi's Jewish ancestories who were murdered in the European Jewry Holocaust, and linking it to the American Holocaust that is now going on by the murdering of the most innocent, defenseless, the unborn and to introduce Randall Terry who is running for President against Obama as a Democrate to bring attention to his evil support and promotion of the murder of millions of innocent babies.

We in the pro life movement know Obama's treachory and promotion of child killing world wide and yet there are
many who don't. This is an enormous undertaking by Randall and his family. There is
only one reason for this effort and that is to show that abortion is murder thru television ads showing pictures of
aborted babies which will pave the way to end the legalized child killing that is running rampant now.

Father Frank Pavone has said "America will never reject abortion until Amerca sees abortion".

As you know I ran here in Washington as a federal candidate for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives
for the exact same purpose. Campaign laws allow a candidate running for federal office to run ads unedited
and television stations must run them. As a matter of fact, I spoke personally to you when I was running and you
thought it was a great idea and even thought of it for yourself.

I am still tired and not totally recovered from my federal run here in Washington DC. It took enormous time
and effort. My run was terribly successful because of one thing, Randall Terry. He was my campaign manager
and with me every step of the way. Because of his guidance millions saw that abortion is murder and untold
children were saved.

We ran 255 ads that ran from West Virginia to Baltimore Maryland. I got 4 major interviews with stations
including Wolf Blitzer "The Situation Room". Three thousand phone calls and thousands more e-mails,
many of which were death threats. We blew the doors of the killing centers and showed what abortion
looks like.

Now we have an even greater opporuntity to reach even more people and educate them to the horror of legalized
child killing.

You have chosen to interject yourself with many others in the pro life movement into a situation you know nothing about,
believing the lies that have been spread about Randall Terry who is a good and honorable man. I was told these lies myself
and personally have found them not to be true. Remember no matter how thin a pancake, it has two sides. You must look
for the hidden agenda of these people spreading the gossip.

I also understand, sometime ago you personally went so far as to get Randall cancelled at a number of schools he
was scheduled to speak speak at. What kind of evil is that ? I was also told that you made calls and were able to
get buses scheduled to come to Notre Dame cancelled. Again this is only what I was told, so you can correct me if I am
wrong. If I am right then shame on you. If I am wrong I apoligize.

These afore mentioned men have now taken it upon themselves not only to have used the spoken word to assassinate
a man's character but now they have taken it upon themselves to put a website up filled with scurrilous lies. I am not only saddened but sickened by their lack of Christian charity of which it appears they have none.

Does this not give you pause to think. Are you comfortable with these actions ? What justification could there be to
publicly attack another in this way ?

And what are you doing about it ? You are supporting these sinful acts by throwing a small band of people handing out
cards with contact information on it, from your hugely successful Students For Life event on the heels of receiving
thousands of dollars from the Rudy Foundation. Don't be blinded by your success. You could easily trip and fall from grace.

What has become of integrity ? What has become of civility ? I ask you, to what end do you and all that support
this type of evil think there is ?

Satan is cunning and you are riding high right now. You too do and have made mistakes. Shall I gather around me
people whose sole purpose is to bring you down ? You too can be fooled into believing you are doing right when in fact
you are doing a grave injustice.

As I told you sometime ago when you interjected yourself into this situaton between Troy and Randall, you didn't belong
taking a position. You do not know all the facts. You don't have a dog in this fight.

As far as today is concerned, It would have been nothing for you to allow our small team to distribute our contact information to the young people at your conference. That one act made you appear small and petty.

The most offensive act was having Rabbi Yeuda Levin removed from the Marriott by security guards. I am so ashamed of you.

In all reality you are where you are because of the grace of God. Nothing else. Humility is a virtue that eludes most
of us. Great saints have studied it all their lives and had great challenges trying to attain it. You simply are the conduit
for God's good works and today you thworted that. You had an opportunity to allow a few people to hand out a few
envelopes with contact information on it leading some to support a very honorable endeavor for God's precious children.

I am sickened and hope you Wakeup to what you have done and what you are participating in.

I will pray for your eternal soul.

Covered in the shed blood of Jesus Christ,
I am Christ's humble servant,

Friday, January 21, 2011


George Offerman

It did not take long for the expected shrill of hysteria to emanate from the pro death camp concerning Randall Terry’s candidacy for the presidency. The thought of being exposed to their own handiwork through commercials depicting the horror of legalized child killing is too much for these ‘pro choice’ people who believe legalized child killing is a God given, constitutionally protected sin. It is a good lesson going forward for the pro lifers out there. This is what being on the offense looks like, and this is what the pro deathers look like when they see a true threat coming their way.

It’s funny, how in REAL LIFE most people are proud of their accomplishments, and want to show them off. Not with these lunatics. They cannot be proud of their accomplishments, knowing deep in their hard hearts, that life is truly being ended by legalized child killing. It is why they squeal like pigs when graphic pictures and signs are present, and make such foolish statements as “you will TRAUMATIZE small children with them”. Well, pro deathers, how do you think the child in the womb feels as it is being ripped limb from limb as its life is taken in the most brutal of fashions? Besides, if legalized child killing is SAFE as well as a RIGHT, how could anyone be TRAUMATIZED by viewing it?

My wife and I were listening to Alan Colmes interviewing Randall Terry a couple of nights ago. Mr. Colmes kept accusing Mr. Terry of showmanship and self promotion, and did not want to cover the nuances of what Mr. Terry was talking about, which was opening up a true debate on legalized child killing. Mr. Colmes ‘comeback’ to this was to try to pin Mr. Terry into stating the holocaust, and pain felt by surviving Jews is the same as a ‘woman’s right to choose’. Mr. Terry agreed with this, stating they are the same, and this seemed to be more than what Mr. Colmes could handle. Somehow, to Mr. Colmes, people outside of the womb are more viable than those in the womb. Maybe Mr. Colmes just ‘poofed’ into existence and had the privilege of bypassing conception and birth. Mr. Colmes, how exactly do human beings come into existence?

It is rather enjoyable to see the real nature of the pro death side and to see their reactions to someone challenging their ‘sacred cow of pro choice’ thinking. The bankruptcy in this whole arena is out on display, and is it ever ugly and evil. The vile nature of these people is nearly indescribable, but it must be that way, when one considers what kind of a heart one must have to perpetuate the myth we can kill children at will and believe we are doing the ‘right thing’. Yes, killing an innocent person in the womb is comparable to gassing or shooting the living in an attempt to exterminate a race. Murder is murder, no matter the biological process of development, Mr. Colmes.

The problem seems to be, that the pro deathers are beginning to confront the reality of the situation. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is more like Nazi Germany that the modern ‘sophisticated’ America they would like to believe. They want to do what they want without anyone telling them their actions are immoral and evil, but they want to be ‘sophisticated thinkers’ on the subject, and somehow anesthetize themselves from feeling the reality of this decision. Too many women are harmed by this, and we have a nation of people who are scarred and in dreadful pain every day they wake up and think about what they did. Can those who believe in this evil truly be proud of the reality they created? Look at how hard they fight against having to look at it. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


George Offerman

Randall Terry has formally announced he will seek the presidency and challenge Obama in a primary race on the Democratic ticket. Since the Democrats have always described themselves as ‘open minded and progressive’ it should in no way, shape or form, interfere with any of their long held beliefs and platforms, as they are the party always ‘looking for new ideas’. The Democratic party has also stood for the ‘little guy’ and who comes smaller than the unborn? Mr. Terry will fit right into their scheme.

I, for one, fully expect the Democratic party to welcome Mr. Terry’s candidacy with ‘open’ arms and be welcoming to the debate over when life starts, what we need to do to cultivate the culture of life, and how to protect these very vulnerable beings from the ‘mean spirited’ Republicans, who want to destroy anything not nailed down. What a great day for the pro life movement, and for that, America!

For Immediate Release:

Primary Against Obama: Randall Terry Vows Pro-Life Ads on Super Bowl

Randall Terry - Nationally Known Pro-Life Leader - Announces Democrat Primary Run Against President Obama.

Mr. Terry Vows to Run Pro-life Ad on Super Bowl 2012, to expose the genocide of unborn babies.

Dateline: Washington D.C.

Press Conference: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 11:00 A.M.

Where: Holocaust Museum, Washington DC; in front of main entrance, near the corner of 14th and Independence.

Contact: Katherine Veritas; 904-687-9804

Mr. Terry plans to run TV ads showing aborted babies during 2012 AFC and NFC Championships, during Super Bowl XLVI, and throughout the Democrat primary.

Prototypes of Ads can be seen at www.TerryForPresident.com.

Mr. Terry’s website also has specific messages to Catholics, Evangelicals, Hispanics, Independents, Pro-Lifers, and Tea Party Activists.

Mr. Terry States:

“My constituency is the millions of pro-life advocates who want to make child killing illegal from conception until birth. My base is those who know that we must show Americans the victims of abortion, in order to restore the full protection of law to unborn babies.

“America has never truly debated child killing, because America has never truly seen child killing. We will use FEC and FCC laws for federal candidates to bring America face to face with this massacre of the innocents.

“The goal of my campaign is: 1) To create a crisis of conscience for Americans regarding the slaughter of the unborn and thereby hasten the end of legalized child killing; 2) To pound on President Obama’s agenda starting with child killing, but also including our battle against socialism, our enslavement to debt, and more. Will I defeat Mr. Obama? I’m not delusional. But while I may not defeat him, I can expose the genocide Obama promotes in America and around the world.

“Our help is in the Name of the Lord.”

Rabbi Yehuda Levin of New York City States:

“I plan to support, promote and assist Randall in his run for the Presidency. We must, and we will wake up America, helping her to return to the Godly values, the civic standards, basic decency and normalcy that made America the object of God's Grace.

“I have known Randall for nigh a quarter century. He is probably the most dynamic and innovative pro-life leader we have. I urge pro-lifers to join me in helping Randall in this campaign.”

Kathy Veritas 904-687-9804
Press Contact

Operation Rescue-Insurrecta Nex
P.O. Box 23775
Washington, D.C. 20026

Monday, January 17, 2011


George Offerman

This is one of those times that I could gloat over being right on the money concerning hell care, but in reality it is a truly sad time for our country, and gloating would be tacky at best, and nearly downright evil at worst. I have written on these exact matters prior to the bill being voted on and released fro the public to digest. Most did not want to believe these objectives of the government could actually come to pass, but when one realizes the government sanctions and pays for the blatant slaughter of the most innocent, it is no stretch, nor should it even be a surprise that they would pass such evil bill and make it the ‘law of the land’. Now, I wonder if the pro death people will still see it as ‘good’ because it is now ‘legal’.

The following statements have been taken from the International Forecaster January 12, 2011, written by Bob Chapman.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS: Obamacare highlighted by page number
The care bill HB 3200
Judge Kithil of Marble Falls, TX – highlighted pages most egregious. Please read this….. especially the reference to pages 58 &59.
Judge Kithil wrote:
** Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non U.S. residents even if they are here illegally.
Pages 58 & 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from these accounts.**page 65/section 164: The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (Such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN)
***page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax. (How could anyone in their right mind come up with that?)
**pages 241 and 253: Doctors will be paid the same regardless of specialty and the government will set all doctors’ fees.
** Page 272/section 1145: Cancer hospitals will ration care according to patient’s age.
**pages 317 & 321: The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.
**page 425/line 4-12: the government mandates advanced care planning consultations. Those on social security will be required to attend an “end of life planning seminar” every five years (Death counseling…)
** Page 429/lines 13-25: the government will specify which doctors can write an end of life order.
HAD ENOUGH???? Judge Kithil then goes on:
“Finally, it specifically states that this bill will not apply to members of Congress. Members of Congress are already exempt from the Social Security system, and have a well funded private plan that covers their retirement needs. If they were on our Social Security plan, I believe they would find a very quick fix to make the plan financially sound for their future.”
Honorable David Kithil, Marble Falls, TX.

These statements listed above are not even an exhaustive study or expose of this horrendous and evil legislation. As stated before, when man gives away his freedom and decision making to others, he can only expect oppression and one sided actions, usually going against him. We needed to fight this before passage, and we must now fight it even harder, now that it is a reality, and soon to visit us. Of course, now that it is law, the fight will require more effort and larger numbers, but if we don’t, the ‘bogeyman’ will soon be pursuing us.

The question before us is: will this be another matter we will simply ignore and pretend is not what it really is, or is this one of the battles that calls us to arms and finally gets us out of the kitchens and living rooms away from the computer and televisions? Well, if it doesn’t then most will likely continue on in obesity, and when needing treatment, will find out to their chagrin, they do not qualify for health care due to not following government mandates and the strict requirements soon to be universal. God help us.

Monday, January 10, 2011


George Offerman

Leave it to those who cannot fathom responsibility to plant the ‘responsibility’ of a senseless shooting onto another group. I’m not even going to use the shooter’s name and thus, pass on the notoriety that he may be looking for, but I sure will not jump into the insanity of the liberals side in wanting to condemn the ‘right wing’ when it is clear human behavior is unpredictable in some individuals. I have also discussed how it is our free will in how we are going to act, and what information we will utilize in making the decisions that we do. (In case the liberals haven’t noticed, this lunatic cited Karl Marx writings, and he is definitely not known at all as a ‘right wing extremist’)

It never ceases to amaze me how the group who has the law on their side, wants to blame a senseless act onto another group, who openly embraces the sanctity of life. This group preaches the right of ‘choice’ over and over again, and will not acknowledge the most obvious fact on the planet, that a pregnant woman is carrying a human child. They advocate the right to wantonly slaughter a baby in the womb at 3,500 per day, and then seem to not understand that the wanton slaughter and shedding of innocent blood will not result in other bloodshed. Somehow, these people believe they are beyond the law of sowing and reaping, and are dumbstruck when the fruits are borne to them.

It seems to be a sad fact that these people who push ‘no fault’ life then want to find fault with everyone else when their immoral ways breed the fruits that are inevitable and self evident. The lack of logic and common sense is beyond belief, and would be very comical if not for the fact these ‘useful idiots’ seem to con enough people and law makers to institute even more insanity into an already abundance of idiotic laws. Not for one minute will any in this group have one moment of introspection, and begin to consider their own foolishness and part they played in all of this. There is such a disconnect that even when pointed out, they don’t get the connection, and want to throw out the word ‘conspiracy’ to describe the cause/effect relationship they don’t get.

The liberal is so morally bankrupt that it is he that is blind to the reality surrounding him. Death begets death, and it is the law of reality. What actually occurred in this case was a man who appears to be mentally unbalanced and made a series of decisions that became lethal for several people at a Safeway in Arizona. It was this individual who used his free will to kill others, and the ramblings on the internet he left behind does not give any indication that he had a rational thought in his head. It seems only the bankrupt can look at the ramblings and make sense out of them to blame them onto a group they despise. Sounds like insanity charging after insanity.

Ultimately, it is insulting for one group to ‘politicize’ this event to their supposed advantage. The problem is, this group that already demonstrates more than their fair share of stupidity only increases their own stupidity by multiples. It could only be stupid people that can take insanity and find sanity in it when none exists. These are the same people that cannot see the relationship of wanton murder of the most innocent, and link it to the obvious increase in overall violence towards those already alive. It’s too bad it is this way, but until the veil of darkness is lifted, those who believe they are ‘enlightened’ will continue to stumble around in the darkness, and blame their self imposed blindness on others.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


George Offerman

Happy New Years to all the readers of this blog. It is my hope and prayers that your year goes smooth, and you attain your goals, whatever they may be. I also hope God continues to send his grace to this country and world and that we finally begin to see the light and focus on living in His Will instead of thinking we know better and continue mocking His Ways and Will. In the mean time, there are some changes taking place on this blog as well as some changes that should be occurring in the next few months, but I’m not going to discuss them until I know for sure they will occur.

I am taking to heart much of the feedback I received over the past year concerning topics that people seem to enjoy versus those that have ‘raised eyebrows’. I have encouraged a few of my readers to submit their own postings, and this has been my policy since starting this blog. The intent always was, and is still to be a voice for the pro-life movement and be a forum for those who believe they are not being heard. This has included some topics that have pointed out certain people and organizations within the pro-life movement who don’t necessarily appear to be on the ‘up and up’. I will continue to post on these events and circumstances, as we do want to pursue the truth, but not slander and innuendo.

I will continue to post about the matters I believe to be very relevant to our lives in this country. This will include the continued references to the money powers, the silver markets, the country’s financial status, who may/will be running for public offices in the near future, and prophecy. I will continue with the hermeneutics series, but I am looking to modify it from my original plan. I have also been considering going to one site, as maintaining the two sites currently is very time consuming, and I am not gifted in the area of web master.

The top priority for this year will be keeping close tabs on the politicians and how they vote on the legislative agenda, as we understand them. We will not pay any attention to the Demovamp party, as they are pretty much hopelessly lost and appear to want to stay in their lost ways. We need to keep front and center the aspects of legalized child killing and there needs to be tangible action and victory or our country is lost and judgments will proceed. We also must hold the Church accountable when they fail to teach the gospel as it should be or we will soon see heavy persecution for even the simplest of gospel stances and proclamations. It is not time to be lukewarm

Through all of this, we need to stay focused on our faith and work on living it out. We need to be bold in our proclaiming the truth as we know it. It is imperative we know we have the truth on our side and this nation is desperate in hearing this truth. We need those willing to step out in faith to join the winning team and get done what should have been done decades ago, and that is the preservation and respect for all life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


George Offerman

Eschatology is the most important aspect of our Christian faith as it is the study of the end of existence, both for the individual, as well as the world. Eschatology refers to a branch of theology concerned with the final events of the earth, and individuals, and what will ultimately become of the individual once he passes on from this life. In the largest context, it is a system that deals with the promises and guarantees made by God and Jesus that have yet to be delivered. It is the ultimate linchpin of our faith, as it gives the ultimate meaning to our existence as well as instructions on what to do while here.

Eschatology is extremely important and relevant today, as it is the most questioned part of Christianity. Many Christians believe, for instance, that we will all go to heaven regardless of their beliefs and behaviors and unfortunately many of the Churches go along with this thinking process and do not correct those who make this claim. Our associate pastor recently preached on this, and stated when he was doing a funeral recently, he did not allude the deceased was in heaven, but alluded to the possibility the deceased was in heaven. He stated many of the family members were upset with this, but the associate pastor stuck to his guns, and stated it is not a fact that we know, but now a fact that the deceased knows. It is this thought process that has infiltrated the modern day Church and much of Christianity and it must be corrected in order to wake people up to the current reality.

Those who are alive live under what has been labeled as ‘eschatological tension’. This term refers to the nature of ‘already saved, but not yet’. It refers to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, in which he died for all men for all times and for all sin. However, we are ‘not yet’ saved, as we need to live our lives, and accept the free gift of salvation. So this tension exists until we accept this gift, and then live a sanctified life until the end. Since we have free will, we can choose to reject this free gift, thus falling outside of the redemptive shedding of blood by the Christ. So, this is how we are saved from the time of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, but we have to be an active participant in this process to complete it. Since we do not know the outcome of our lives until judgment, no one can say with certainty that they will attain eternal life. We live with the hope of this promise, but as long as we live, it is a matter of faith.

Can one be saved by works?

Many have debated this issue for ages, and many Protestants have accused the Catholic Church of teaching this concept for some time. To many outside of the Catholic Church, and even some inside the Church, see the emphasis on works over praying or other matters of faith, and conclude that works is the central tenet and teaching of the Catholic church. Yes, sometimes there can be a zeal for current issues such as ‘social justice’ and the emphasis looks like the action and work is more forced and mandated, but this is a message that has gone astray. Issues such as social justice must emanate from the heart and it is the movement of the Spirit that instigates the works, but these works will result in inner peace and joy, as they are directed from a Divine source. Much of the Catholic teachings come from the following verses out of the book of James:

14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. 18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” and he was called the friend of God. 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. 25 Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? 26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

James 2:14-26

Many of the Protestant denominations have witnessed the ‘overemphasis’ on works over the centuries and this has resulted in much consternation between the branches of Christianity. Many of the Protestants quote the following verse to justify their views of salvation, and de link them from works:

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.

Ephesians 2:8

Despite what is claimed, the Catholic Church has never taught this. What the Catholic Church has taught and emphasized is what is called the corporal works of mercy, in which we attend to the needs of our fellow man. Works do not attain heaven for an individual, but one who claims to have faith, or is saved, MUST be interactive in the world and demonstrating this faith through works, as love requires it. What works are important for is the REWARD one will receive at the last judgment as Jesus promised. The problem is that many well meaning Christians interchange the words salvation and reward, but these two words are not interchangeable, as they both relate to differing realities (and will be the subject of next weeks’ post).

Works do not save a man; however, works are an outward manifestation of the state of one’s soul. When these two concepts get mixed up it causes significant problems for the faithful, and some then use this as an excuse to do nothing, believing they have no obligation to act on their beliefs. This is when evil advances, and it is also when the same people will ‘curse God’ for their hardships. We need to stay focused on the prize, and understand we are active and not passive players in this militant and sinful world.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


George Offerman

This could be considered a ‘part 2’ of the evening with Dr. Alan Keyes. Dr. Keyes went out of his way to expand on this point, and emphasized how the slight variation of the word ‘right’ can change the whole meaning of what is meant by the use of the word. Dr. Keyes pointed out, correctly, that the root of the word rights is right and for one to have their ‘rights’ affirmed, the rights should also be right, as in right from wrong. When sin is promoted as a ‘right’ it breeds confusion, anger and dissention within society. And when this occurs, repression must take place, and unfortunately it is the ‘rights’ pushing crowd that is winning the day and as such, those that know between right and wrong are persecuted for their beliefs.

The areas that emphasize the idea of rights that are clearly sinful and evil are legalized child killing and the homosexual marriage movement. Despite the fact both groups instigating these movements will use the term ‘rights’, they will deny the root word ‘right’, and insist on making a wrong an issue of ‘rights’. When the word ‘rights’ is used, it conveys the idea that one is entitled or can demand that particular actions or beliefs become legalized, and that another does not have the ‘right’ to stop them from achieving or participating in their desired behavior or activity. And too many in this country have come to seem many of these issues, once given legal status, as also given moral status of being correct and anyone who disagrees or fights against this activity is seen as bigoted.

The idea of rights as written in our Constitution refer to rights that are inalienable, and given by God. These rights as listed in the Constitution also happen to be ‘right’ in the moral sense that they are intrinsically good, and result in the betterment of the individual as well as the community, and ultimately the nation when followed. When immoral or Godless activities are elevated to the status of ‘rights’, trouble, discord and division ensues. We are seeing this now in our society, as small minorities of people have utilized the court system to force the majority into accepting their immoral ways and giving little recourse in which to change this position.

There were never huge protests by a majority to instill either legalized child killing or homosexual marriage upon the masses. It was done through back room deals, and sneaking it through the court systems. The majority of Americans find both practices to be repulsive, but have too much fear of being labeled by either of these groups to stand up to them. These groups, along with the MSM and complicit Church, make it look like it is the majority and that only unenlightened individuals would be opposed to this new way of thinking. With this charade pushed as reality, many individuals who may have some intestinal fortitude to stand up if they believed they had the numbers, will back down, and evil will progress because good men do nothing.

We are at a point in our nation’s history in which action on these issues is necessary, and there needs to be a vast amount of urgency to the actions. Christianity not only validates ‘rights’, but also is ‘right’ in its precepts and teachings. We need to have those willing to lead and we need to support them in their leadership roles and not sell them out, as has been the case over the past few decades. It is our duty and obligation to present the truth as our Lord Jesus taught, and let us not be timid or fearful in this mission to spread the Gospel to a needy world. If we have truth on our side, we have nothing to fear, and need to be the light that we know Christianity gives us. Let’s get out there.

Monday, January 3, 2011


George Offerman

A small group of us had the great privilege to spend several hours with Dr. Alan Keyes yesterday. Dr. Keyes has one of the sharpest minds and intellect of anyone I have had the pleasure in meeting, and the topic he chose to speak about was the aspects of the future of our republic, and how faith plays a role in this. I will attempt to convey the essence of the talk in as much as one can condense hours of information in a blog entry by one of the most eloquent speakers in this Country.

Dr. Keyes focused on the phrase “In God we trust” adopted in 1952. This phrase encapsulated the premise held by the founding fathers, along with generations of people throughout history, and is being lost by the current generation of politicians and ‘sophisticated thinkers’ of the time. Somehow, our technological advances has given way to the idea we are better and smarter than our predecessors, and take for granted that all of our achievements have been based upon our own efforts, and not attributed to God. This thinking, unfortunately, has bled into modern Christianity, and seems to be adopted by most of the churches, and taught as truth.

Dr. Keyes then went into a wonderful exposition on the history of this country, and discussed how the pilgrims, then founders, and those who settled the west had to operate on the principle of ‘In God we trust’ on a daily basis, because there was so much unpredictability and uncertainty, yet these people went on and did great things, due to walking in faith, not by sight. There was no disconnection between natural law and consequences of violating natural law as we see today, and most of the communities were homogenous in their understandings of right and wrong, and were able to successfully self govern and take care of most of their own issues. The idea of government dictating right and wrong, and determining what the citizens of community could and could not do would be foreign to them, but would also be completely rejected by them.

Dr. Keyes went to great length to discuss the aspects of how our society is bent on socialism and the term freedom has become perverted in the sense it is now a catch phrase for those who want to impose their views onto the majority, and usually need the court system to accomplish this. He went on to discuss that it is the media and powers that be have constructed the current environment in which the majority are lead to believe they are the minority in their views, and need to keep their views to themselves. Dr. Keyes believes wholeheartedly that both the legalized child killing, and homosexual marriage advocates are in the minority, and most Americans find both practices repulsive.

He then went on to discuss the need for true and clear leadership that is based upon Godly principles and to work out the fear issues when standing up for these beliefs. Most Americans will not take on a leadership role, but still understand at their core, what is right and wrong, and may be lead to the battle field by seeing others willing to stand up for what is right, and actively oppose the powers that be. Dr. Keyes sees this as the modern day Christians ‘call to battle’ and those willing to engage in the battle need to stand forth in truth and conviction.

Dr. Keyes then covered what appears to be a sham concerning the ‘tea party’ which he is convinced is a MSM hijacking of the real American spirit, which was truly about the nature of out of control government, and the ever such increasing socialism that is taking over. Dr. Keyes discussed how the town hall meetings demonstrated passion and anger at the government before anyone decided to name this movement, and before Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich jumped in to take over the group and use the momentum and numbers to their advantage. If the tea party and the movement in general is not focused on elimination of socialism in this country, then it is more of a distraction from the real issue, and that is of the elite taking over the rest of the institutions to complete the tyrannical form of government desired for this country, and the form of government well known throughout history.

Dr. Keyes also touched upon the seeming lack of urgency in these matters, along with a sense that people don’t know where the battles are, and are not encouraged to be in the battles at all, looking more towards the ‘hired guns’ to do their fighting for them. The battle cry must be sounded, and men must show up to fight, but the war also must be defined, and the attitude going into battle must be that of total victory and no compromise. Dr. Keyes seems to be optimistic concerning the idea that Americans can wake up to this reality and do something, but he also equally warned the time is short, and the need to act is now.

Overall, this evening of wisdom was worth the time and gave much to ponder over the next several months to years. Dr. Keyes thoughts have been mirrored in some of these posts over the past year, and the need to live by faith that is not seen is of greater importance than listening to the ‘talking heads’ who tell lies in order to delude the majority into thinking their instincts about matters of decency and morality are ‘abnormal’. It is time we truly live by the slogan “In God we trust” and not only fight for our rights, but more importantly, for what is right.