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Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Friday, December 7, 2012


George Offerman

I talked to an old friend this morning, who wanted to get together with me to discuss my take on world events and Biblical prophecy.  This is a significant departure from the reactions I have been getting from friends and others, whom are very familiar with my current thinking and have voted in the negative and with their feet.  I have always understood that standing up for truth would be a divisive stance, but I never realized that so many would outright reject what is so plainly in front of them and want to drink the kool aid believing things are going to get magically better and that God does not send judgments for behaviors that many believe are no longer considered sinful.
This friend states he thinks what I told him over a dozen years ago is coming to fruition.  What I was more pleased with though, was his insight into the current situation, and mentioned he had been using a methodology taught to me, which I subsequently taught to him, by an organization that is very wise as well as God lead.  It also sounds like he has been struggling with many in his circle in telling them what he thinks, and it seems we will both have some time to process these matters in a way that will be beneficial and informative to both of us. 
It seems the battle lines are more demarcated and people have to make decisions they don’t like.  It is not an issue of what one likes or what is comfortable; it is becoming an issue of one being forced to look at the reality around him and having to decide for himself what to do, or not to do about it.  It seems those who are choosing to see the reality around them are starting to do something about it, and it is causing existential angst with those who want to continue on with their Polly Anna view of things.  It seems that nearly everyone can tell something is up, but it also seems that the majority of those have a magical view of the world and cannot fathom or accept that our way of life can radically change or even end.
There is no pleasure derived by writing about such matters, but it does no good to gloss over what ought to be so apparent and believe all of the talking heads that proclaim ‘the recession is over, or things are getting back on track’ when there is absolutely no evidence of such things.  It is extremely likely that we all will have to make gut wrenching decisions during the next year, and most are not prepared.  It is really immoral to see things happening and not put out warnings for people to at least consider. What they do about it is on them.
So, it will be those who look with honesty and act on this, which will ultimately find a sense of peace and calmness, despite what those who want to ignore and deny say and do.  Action in the right direction will quell most feelings of anxiety and depression one may be feeling, but it first requires the ability to take an honest look at one’s environment and see what is really going on and anticipate where the end of the road will lead.  It is not as difficult as one may think it is, but it will be way more difficult if one chooses the Polly Anna route to only find out they were on the wrong road, and the wolves are all around them with no way out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


George Offerman

Over the past several months I have noticed myself pulling away from worldly concerns and finding it more difficult to get excited over matters that seem to be of great importance to the average American.  Likewise, I have also noticed that the majority of people I’ve been talking to show little interest in matters I see as important and urgent, and the disconnect is growing more noticeable with each passing day.  I guess it is getting hard to look at the current reality and take it seriously when I believe I am looking at the end of our way of life as we know it.
It isn’t an issue of grieving or of regret, but seems to be based more in the realm of action and feeling a need to be accomplishing tasks that are more focused on simplifying life and learning rudimentary skills that really matter.  The more I do this, the more I realize most of what we consider ‘productivity’ is simply a waste of time and energy, and satisfies those who control our lives and want to instill meaning in their lives by requiring the majority to conform to stupid and senseless rules and regulations that in the end do nothing to add to any quality of life.
I recently had an issue with my debit card, and received a call from a collections agency threatening me with some sort of action to be taken if I did not pay some outstanding bill from some product I didn’t order.  The funny thing is,  I didn’t get upset nor did I care that my ‘credit’ may take a hit from some agency that already knows too much about me and has delved into my personal life without my permission.  I responded by saying something like “sue me, and I don’t care what you do to the credit ratings, it’s all a joke anyway’.  It left the poor schlep on the phone speechless and dumbfounded to say the least.  Like I’m really going to worry about a credit rating when my country advocates deficit spending and counterfeits gross amounts of paper currency to pay off those unworthy of getting the money to begin with.
It’s getting more difficult by the day to take politicians, church leaders, the pro-life management, and those who claim to be ‘conservative’ when they speak of better days and good times, while the whole time spending other people’s money and advocating policies that are detrimental to our physical and spiritual wellbeing.  These groups, and I mean all of them, have rigged the game, and I am no longer in the mood to play.  I could care less if my ‘credit’ scores are low, I could care less if the political party I once belonged to sees me as a charlatan, I could care less if many of the clergy and friends consider me an extremist and want to cut off long term friendships because of this, and I could really care less if the rogue government puts me on some list of ‘domestic terrorists’ due to my beliefs and actions.
The majority of the folks I just listed seem to have no inkling or clue that our way of life is coming to a horrible conclusion very soon.  The garbage that passes as important will end up in the dump to be burned very shortly, and these same folks will be clamoring for help and assistance from the local loony tune they recently mocked and derided.  It is amazing how much attitudes can change in short order, or maybe it is more the reality of our situation took root and is now bearing fruit.  Either way, I feel very secure in my decisions and actions and it is evidenced in the fact that despite what has gone down in the past few months, I don’t seem to be ‘rocked’ by these events and continue on in action mode.
I guess this is ultimately a result of looking at the tea leaves and realizing either I am way off and missing things, or I am more of the sane one living in an insane world that seems to violate all of the natural laws known to man and seemingly getting away with it.  Given the insanity that passes for sanity, I am betting my view of things is the more accurate of the two, and I am feeling rather content and at peace with this position.  As I contemplate this Advent, I have more hope that the Lord Jesus soon makes his appearance or at least brings some semblance of peace and tranquility to this rock.  We all know that with God, all things are possible, and should have learned by now that putting man in charge of anything usually ends in disaster.  Given the choices we made in this country in the past year, we know who we put in charge of the chicken coop. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


George Offerman

It’s interesting how things seem to go in waves and themes.  It seems that events move so quickly that what was once a hot news story or theme, moves along quickly to another, and there can seem to be no relationship to each other, yet be very intimately related upon further investigation.  The world and this country had been very enamored with the recent election, that many dubbed ‘the turning point’ based upon what was painted as the ‘largest gap’ or the ‘biggest fundamental difference ever’ between the two established party candidates.  Personally, this seems to be the biggest load of BS floated along in some time.  The Republicans found Obama so repulsive that they nominated someone just like him.  That’s really handing us voters a lot to work with!  And they wonder why they lost?!?!
Truth be told, it didn’t matter who won this election, as the cards on the table have to be played, and the deck has been stacked against us from the onset.  There is no need to be crying over spilled milk, because what was in the cup was spoiled and quite rotted and even the 47% wouldn’t drink it.  But what needs to be taken from this ‘election’ is the idea and purpose of what the individual needs to do in order to secure his future.    Securing one’s future is first a matter of believing something is going to happen that will require a significant amount of preparation.  But how does one prepare, and what do they prepare for?   Prepping is not just a matter of collecting supplies and firearms; it requires purpose and vision.
I have told people that most of my off work time is spent getting ready for whatever is coming down the pike.  Many do not understand this, nor do they want to, but to be prepared is to acknowledge that something COULD TAKE PLACE and one is willing to go there, at least mentally to understand what may be required of the individual to survive and thrive in the coming paradigm shift in society.  Because most people want to live in the realm of make believe or denial (take your pick) the discussions normally lead to ‘you’re nuts’ and other pejoratives instead of constructive conversations and action steps that will result in the lessening of anxiety versus increasing anxiety from denial or worry.  So, I will go into some of the strategies I use to prepare and how I spend my time doing it.
The first shift that takes place is psychologically.  Without first working through a paradigm shift and understanding at a core level that things are getting ready to radically change, one will tend to either deny or avoid thinking or contemplating the future in any other form than what one was conditioned to believe in.  This is the most difficult of the processes, and it requires a great deal of time as well as reading and incorporating information that most don’t want to look at, yet act on.  It is this process that also gives one the ‘why’ in acting.   If the sole purpose of preparing is to be the ‘last man standing’ there will not be a large incentive or a real striving in what is going on in the world or even in the local community.  For people who think this way, it will be one lonely and miserable existence.
Along with the psychological shift is spiritual preparedness.  Without proper spiritual preparedness, one could become paranoid and want to ‘shoot everyone coming within 100 yards’ of the property line.   The whole point of preparing and surviving the coming paradigm shift in society is to make this place better and to reinstate core Christian values in whatever community will reform.  In order to do that, one must act out of love and compassion for his fellow man but to also instill a work based ethic in those he comes in contact with.  I have told many of the people who think they are just going to show up and use my stuff, that I will require work out of them and they will need to contribute to the cause, or they need to go elsewhere.  One needs to be charitable, but one also needs to understand that those who do not see the signs all over and do not get ready, really do not have the insight to have a vote in what they believe will be a democratic process even in small groups.
The next step is to secure the very basics in order to sustain life.  This means water, food, shelter and rudimentary self-defense items.   There are plenty of resources on the internet that will instruct how to get this done, and it is up to the reader to do this research.  It is the self-defense that one likely will turn into creatures you will not recognize within about 72 hours if they do not have food and water or shelter.  It is at this time that many well-meaning and ‘liberal’ people will realize they risk their lives by even revealing they have resources.  For many who are not ready for this, they will be quite shocked over what a hungry and thirsty person will do when feeling very desperate.  One needs to prepare in advance how they are going to handle people who will want to take what they have.
Many who are prolific writers concerning possible scenarios of collapse think I am too optimistic in my views.  This is rather interesting, as I see some of my ideas as rather dark, but then again, I have read some of these writings and they do paint pictures of a very violent and entitled people going after those with resources and putting the blame on those prepared as ‘hoarding’.  Their mindset continues to be that of entitled, and whatever level of violence they may use to take these resources is justified in their minds.  I can see their reasoning in this, and do agree that’s how the inner cities will work, but I’m not sure it will be that way everywhere in America.  However, I have no doubt that is what the government will say and they have the ability to disrupt and use greater violence on those who are ready for the times than any wandering group of thugs.
At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the individual to get ready.  This is accomplished by doing something every day, and by being steady, more will get done faster than someone trying to ‘cram’ in everything like one does a final exam in college.  Doing something every day keeps one’s mind on the subject, as well as staying focused and this will allow for a more comprehensive result that will carry one deep into any crisis that is going to occur.  But the most important piece of preparing is the why; if you don’t know why you want to get through this, the likelihood is that you will not make it through the times to come.  The choice is yours.

Monday, November 26, 2012


George Offerman

I’ve had multitudes of conversations pertaining to what is happening in the world and how this may or may not relate to the latest election results in this country.  Personally, I tell people I had little reaction to this election as it seems in many ways was the most irrelevant one in my lifetime.  Most often, I get amazement from those asking me, as they believed the ‘hype’ that Romney was actually going to do anything differently than Obama.  The truth of the matter is that Romney was chosen by the globalists, and in effect was no different than Obama in matters related to personal freedom and the way this country is being run at the moment.
I have told these same folks that I believe this election was an indictment of the American people.  The globalists floated in essence the same candidates that are for things like the NDAA, SOPA, TSA and for purchases such as the 1.4 billion hollow pointed rounds that will be used by the very domestic DHS.  It seems as if the American people are more interested in the goodie bags, and employment guarantees at the cost of personal freedoms and rule of law, then either of the globalists elected would have provided these basic needs.  In any matter, we need to heed this very clear warning and get into action mode.
I know I spent the past year getting my ducks in order.  Unlike the Church, the pro-life movement and others, we actually need to do the work ourselves, and not depend upon the ‘right candidate’ to get elected and do the heavy lifting for us.  Unfortunately, that is what just happened and only those used to not working were ‘surprised’ by this outcome.  And as one can see clearly if they take the time to look, very few are making a stink about what is going on, and fewer are doing anything about it.  So we continue on to the abyss at full speed, while the majority concern themselves with whatever trivial pursuits meet their needs.
This upcoming year will be a doozey compared to this previous year, and by no means, has this year been a picnic.  We are so deep into so many problems that it is amazing life continues on as we know it.  It is simply the Grace of God, and not the efforts of the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers that have kept us on this road.  But there are many signs the party is soon to be ended.  The only question is: What are YOU doing to get ready?  It is not the responsibility of the government, Church or your employer to make sure you are safe and secure.  It is you, and only you.  If you sit back and allow others to do the work for you, it is they that have total say so over how you will exist and in what conditions.  Is that how you want it to be?
I am acting like we are entering the final year of preparation time.  I am acting like my life depends on it, because, in all reality, it does.  I am done talking with those who want to endlessly debate what is so apparent, and done wasting precious time that can be better enhanced by learning skills and taking care of matters that will be of such an importance in the near future.  Everyone needs to get to a point in which there is a major paradigm shift in their thinking, and it is only then that action takes place.  We are on the verge of huge change in this country and this change will take place rapidly, and no one will be announcing the change in advance.  Things that are simple and taken for granted will simply be gone and the average American will have no clue as to how to take care of these very basic needs without going into major crisis mode. 
I am writing a piece on judgment and will attempt to connect a lot of the dots I have written about for the past four years.  Since it is quite the comprehensive piece, it is taking quite a bit of time and I want to make sure it covers the points that are relevant to the premise of judgment.  I am also contemplating changing this website as I see legalized child killing now a permanent scourge on the American horizon, and honestly believe this January 22, 2013 which will mark the 41st year of this holocaust has prophetic relevance.  If we continue to insist on living by the sword, we will then die by the sword.  God show mercy on those who have stood tall in this war.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


George Offerman

I am coming across severl posts which reflect what I am thinking, but are written much better than what ai could post, so why re invent the wheel?  I will be getting back to the pro life/Catholic issues soon.

A New Kind of Freedom

Nelson Hultberg

Karl Marx
was asked once how he could justify advocating a political system of slavery for the individual, which is what socialism is. He replied that socialism is not slavery; it is a "new kind of freedom." As all perceptive students of history know, the intellectuals of Europe bought into such Alice in Wonderland sophistry and plunged into the twentieth century nightmare of collectivist tyranny. But unfortunately, so did American intellectuals about 30 years later when the Progressives of Woodrow Wilson's era established the Creature from Jekyll Island to usher in centralized government banking and the progressive income tax to "spread the wealth around."
Socialism is not really so bad, reasoned the American intellectual community. If we think about it, it actually is a "new kind of freedom."

We just have to do what the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter advocated. We have to change the meaning of the words that define the fundamental values of our lives. After all, there is no objective reality; words can mean whatever we want them to mean. All we have to do is teach Marx's new definition of freedom to the young at an early enough age that when they grow into adulthood they will not think of a government-dominated society as slavery at all. It will be a "new kind of freedom" to them.

Americans never bought into Lenin's violent revolutionary socialism but they did buy into the Fabians' democratic evolutionary socialism. Fabian ideas in Britain were readily picked up by the American progressives and liberals of the twentieth century. This redefinition of values has been consuming us now for 100 years ever since the Creature from Jekyll Island and the tax revenuers took over Washington. The progressives and liberals have even redefined their redefinitions. Fascism, being basically the same as socialism, is now acceptable in the mix.

What is horrifying is that Barack Obama's election victory is tied directly to this corruption of values. We have now elected, for a second time, a man who was raised by communists in Hawaii. Obama's mind was forged from the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, a powerful and radical communist apparatchik of the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Davis was Obama's constant companion from the age of 9 to 18 before he went off to Occidental College in Los Angeles. His worldview is thus the Marxian sophistry that socialism is a "new kind of freedom." In the mind of Obama, individuals like Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart are not entrepreneurial benefactors to their fellow man; they are evil rich people who exploit their fellow man. These evil rich need to be leveled down. And the way to do it is insidiously, governmentally, with ever-expanding redistribution of wealth programs and ever-expanding monetary inflation.

One of Ayn Rand's powerful insights in Atlas Shrugged is that dictatorships take over because the people actually approve of them. She called it the "sanction of the victim." This attitude now permeates the American electorate. Nietzsche's "slave mentalities" dominate the throngs of voters who determine what our government is to do. The great majority of Americans are demonstrating that they actually want to be enslaved.

Rand also made the following observation: When asked once why she voted Republican if she thought both parties had sold out to collectivism, she replied that both parties are headed toward the abyss, but Democrats wish to charge toward it and Republicans wish to creep toward it. She, no doubt, felt that we have more time to educate the people as to what is happening with Republicans in power.

Well, America just ran out of time this past election night. A majority of American voters indicated that they believe government owes them a living along with health care, security and self-esteem. They indicated that they are very comfortable with the Fabian march into socialist-fascism that has been taking place ever since the Creature was instituted in 1913. They indicated that they believe rich people don't earn their wealth; they steal it from the kindly masses by siphoning off the surplus productivity of their labor and reducing them to grinding poverty. (This is the fallacious "labor theory of value" that Marx perpetuated.)

Unfortunately, this fallacious reasoning is why so many Americans have become so slothful and are choosing to vote for a living rather than work for a living. It is the reason why so many productive men and women in America are poisoned with guilt and now tolerate the egregious, confiscatory taxes that are destroying the dynamism of our economy and the sanity of our lives. Justice and prosperity cannot be built by catering to slothful masses with theoretical fallacies.

The slothful masses now control America through an Orwellian czar in Washington whose mentor was a rabid communist apparatchik in the 1970s and whose close advisors (Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, Valerie Jarrett, etc.) have always been radical leftist haters of America. This Orwellian czar is now a lame duck President and doesn't have to run again. All that blocks him from ravaging our rights and freedoms is a supine Senate and a timid array of House Republicans. Will these political sycophants be able to stand up to him and the new hordes of entitlement seekers that bolster him with their eager votes? Not likely. Congress will, instead, begin to reach out to the new entitlement seekers along with the pressing hordes of illegals and their comrades waiting in the wings for entrance to America.

Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints looms over the horizon. Congressional sycophants will begin to emulate Fox News analyst, Kirsten Powers, who gleefully reported on election night, "We are now a brown nation." They will begin to reevaluate their position on the illegals. They will reason that another 15 million illiterate anti-Americans amidst us is no problem. To paraphrase Nixon, "We're all Multiculturalists now."
Thus, Obama will push full-blown for amnesty for the illegals and Marx's redefinition of slavery into a "new kind of freedom." We will charge toward the abyss at a speed never before employed. Obama and the Creature will gobble up the last of our freedoms. America will become a giant replica of Greece.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


George Offerman

I came across this article written by Simon Black.  There are times one runs into an article that states the point better than what he is able to express, and Mr. Black is talented in that he nails his subject fairly well and consistently.  (sent from my home computer at 10:05 pm)

I apologize for what you're about to read
Simon Black
It’s really hard to ignore what’s happening today; the election phenomenon is global.
Over the last several weeks, I’ve traveled to so many countries, and EVERYWHERE it seems, the US presidential election is big news. Even when I was in Myanmar ten days ago, local pundits were engaged in the Obamney debate. Chile. Spain. Germany. Finland. Hong Kong. Thailand. Singapore. It was inescapable.
The entire world seems fixated on this belief that it actually matters who becomes the President of the United States anymore… or that one of these two guys is going to ‘fix’ things.
Fact is, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. And I’ll show you mathematically:
1) When the US federal government spends money, expenses are officially categorized in three different ways.
Discretionary spending includes nearly everything we think of related to government– the US military, Air Force One, the Department of Homeland Security, TSA agents who sexually assault passengers, etc.
Mandatory spending includes entitlements like Medicare, Social Security, VA benefits, etc. which are REQUIRED by law to be paid.
The final category is interest on the debt. It is non-negotiable.
Mandatory spending and debt interest go out the door automatically. It’s like having your mortgage payment autodrafted from your bank account– Congress doesn’t even see the money, it’s automatically deducted.
2) With the rise of baby boomer entitlements and steady increase in overall debt levels, mandatory spending and interest payments have exploded in recent years. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office predicted in 2010 that the US government’s TOTAL revenue would be exceeded by mandatory spending and interest expense within 15-years.
That’s a scary thought. Except it happened the very next year.
3) In Fiscal Year 2011, the federal government collected $2.303 trillion in tax revenue. Interest on the debt that year totaled $454.4 billion, and mandatory spending totaled $2,025 billion. In sum, mandatory spending plus debt interest totaled $2.479 trillion… exceeding total revenue by $176.4 billion.
For Fiscal Year 2012 which just ended 37 days ago, that shortfall increased 43% to $251.8 billion.
In other words, they could cut the entirety of the Federal Government’s discretionary budget– no more military, SEC, FBI, EPA, TSA, DHS, IRS, etc.– and they would still be in the hole by a quarter of a trillion dollars.
4) Raising taxes won’t help. Since the end of World War II, tax receipts in the US have averaged 17.7% of GDP in a very tight range. The low has been 14.4% of GDP, and the high has been 20.6% of GDP.
During that period, however, tax rates have been all over the board. Individual rates have ranged from 10% to 91%. Corporate rates from 15% to 53%. Gift taxes, estate taxes, etc. have all varied. And yet, total tax revenue has stayed nearly constant at 17.7% of GDP.
It doesn’t matter how much they increase tax rates– they won’t collect any more money.
5) GDP growth prospects are tepid at best. Facing so many headwinds like quickening inflation, an enormous debt load, and debilitating regulatory burdens, the US economy is barely keeping pace with population growth.
6) The only thing registering any meaningful growth in the US is the national debt. It took over 200 years for the US government to accumulate its first trillion dollars in debt. It took just 286 days to accumulate the most recent trillion (from $15 trillion to $16 trillion).
Last month alone, the first full month of Fiscal Year 2013, the US government accumulated nearly $200 billion in new debt– 20% of the way to a fresh trillion in just 31 days.
7) Not to mention, the numbers will only continue to get worse. 10,000 people each day begin receiving mandatory entitlements. Fewer people remain behind to pay into the system. The debt keeps rising, and interest payments will continue rising.
8) Curiously, a series of polls taken by ABC News/Washington Post and NBC News/Wall Street Journal show that while 80% of Americans are concerned about the debt, roughly the same amount (78%) oppose cutbacks to mandatory entitlements like Medicare.
9) Bottom line, the US government is legally bound to spend more money on mandatory entitlements and interest than it can raise in tax revenue. It won’t make a difference how high they raise taxes, or even if they cut everything else that remains in government as we know it.
This is not a political problem, it’s a mathematical one. Facts are facts, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Today’s election is merely a choice of who is going to captain the sinking Titanic.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


George Offerman

I find it totally incredulous that the American people were dumb enough to reelect Osama Bin Laden Obama Barry Sotero.  I am also dismayed over how the American Bishops and the useless USCCB did virtually nothing to inform the Catholic population about the duty to vote pro-life as well as anti-homosexual marriage.  This president will now finish the hatchet job on faith based anything, given he is now a lame duck and no longer needs to worry about polls or anything resembling any type of accountability.  I guess taking away rights and running huge deficits means little to the ‘47%’.
We did not have much of a choice between the sitting criminal in chief and Romney, but at least concerning religious freedoms, Romney at least verbalized a desire to stop the ongoing assault on religious freedoms.  So we can expect to see more persecution of Christians and Christianity by the Muslim in office and I am getting a very sinking feeling that we have no idea what’s in store for the next four years.
For those of you who voted for the criminal in chief; you get what you deserve and you have absolutely no right to complain about anything he does, given we had so much warning about him through the prior four years.  For you church leaders; may you stay out of jail if (not when) you decide to resist the mandates of this administration to open up your services to serve the devil and his whims.  For the liberals and the rest; may you find charitable people when your ‘benefits’ run out due to lack of ‘revenue’ and the producers quit and cut off funding and you find yourselves hungry, naked and homeless.  The criminal in chief will not come to your rescue, nor does he really care about your welfare.
We’ve now commenced this ride and it will take us to places we don’t want to go and it will require us to see things we don’t want to see.  America has decided to take the bullet to the head and it is a lethal choice.  Those who understand and can see where this is going will now enter the action phase and do what they need to do for themselves and their families.  Time is not yet out for action, but yesterday’s election just sped up the clock.  If the devil is who America wants to hang out with, then America has knowingly gotten onto the road to hell.  Don’t complain about the ride.


Friday, November 2, 2012


George Offerman

Happy All Souls day to you.  This is a time I think of my late fatehr, as well as all of those who went before.  I would like to think of many of these people such as my late father and people who passed recently, such as pro life warrior Dr. Kling are with the Church Triumphant and in heaven with our lord and it is in that hope that I continue to believe.

It also gives me pause to think of how we who are still here have to live in the Church Militant, and how unjust and persucatorial events still occur to us from malevolent people, who want to appear as caring and concerned, but will go to any lengths to harm and/or destroy one due to whatever deluded thought process happens to enter their crazed heads.

I wish those of you striving for sanctity, Peace be with you.  For the rest:  God is watching.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


George Offerman

It's now 3:30, no 6:30??? I'm not quite sure, but I know I'm sitting in front of my home computer, and know I didn't do an "I dream of Jeannie" move, and simply blink and was somewhere else.  I guess I'm not sure where I am, somewhat reminiscent of the Peter Frampton song "Do you feel like we do?" in that I don't know where I am.  I'm pretty sure I know where I was at 3:30 pm today, but have no idea how I got home in a flash and was able to post so quickly.   Maybe I should still be somewhere else, but I know I'm here, at home.


George Offerman

This is meant for a select few.  Although I mean it to be satirical, I am hoping it is seen this way by those who have the most concern about 'time'.  You see, the time stamp on the bottom of this post will read at least an hour before certain information became privvy to me.  So, in essence, what I have stated from the onset is true, or I have a really cool time machine that allows me to go into the future to see what transpires. (I would rather have the cool time machine, but it's not going to happen)

Cheers all and will be getting back soon!


George Offerman

The current time is 4:22 pm    There seems to be some dispute about the times listed on these postings, and so this is a test (will explain later) 

Friday, October 12, 2012


George Offerman

Last night’s debate was unique and remarkable for many differing reasons, but the one that stood out for me was the huge distinctions between the two candidates when asked how their faith had personally formed them and how it affects their political decisions.  The moderator pointed out that this debate was a historical first, given both candidates are ‘Catholic’ and it would seem that Catholicism would have some influence on who they are as men, and how they go about making the political decisions that they do.  Outside of each candidate verbalizing they are Catholic; there couldn’t be more of a contrast than what was witnessed by their words.

Paul Ryan had the distinction of going first to this question, and the Congressman answered the question like one would if he believed in God as supreme being and accepted the fact that those who proclaim to being Catholic have certain tenets that are non negotiable and sacred.  Mr. Ryan’s position was very solid and articulate, and he was able to verbalize the Church’s teachings and positions on issues like abortion as one who claims to be Catholic ought to do.  Mr. Ryan was abundantly clear that if one truly believes life starts at conception, and that life is a divine right, that no one has the authority to take this from another.

Joe Biden also reiterated he was a ‘lifelong practicing Catholic’ and too, believes in the fact that life starts at conception.  However, where Mr. Biden fell apart and followed the ‘liberal logic’ is his insisting ‘I can’t inflict my beliefs onto others’ and have ‘no right to tell a woman what to do with her body’.  Mr. Biden then goes on to demonstrate how no one really has a ‘right to demagogue’ in matters of faith, and in essence attempted to separate personal beliefs from the duty to govern, or to be qualified to be effective in the political process.  So, for Mr. Biden, he can be Catholic when it comes to Sunday Mornings, and going to Holy Communion, but don’t bother him with anything that resembles faith when in the public venue.

Why this seems so remarkable on the surface is the fact that Mr. Biden and his crony criminal in chief partner have no difficulties at all ‘imposing their values and beliefs’ onto the American people.  What does one call mandatory participation in hell care?  What does one call all of the insane laws and regulations of getting on an airplane?  What about paying taxes?  Or, how about the ‘right’ to make over 1 million dollars per year and being forced to ‘pay a little more’ so the rest who are not as ‘lucky’ get a piece of the action?  Mr. Biden had no problem chastising those high income earners, and seemed to have no restraint in stating they will pay more.

It was also interesting (with the help of the ‘mediator’) how Biden sidestepped Mr. Ryan’s question about the criminal in chief’s administration ‘imposing’ onto the Catholic Church the requirement to provide birth control and other ‘reproductive services’ to its employees, as well as offer these services to their clientele.  Biden didn’t even attempt to answer this question, and immediately went onto a personal attack at how Mr. Ryan is ‘imposing’ his beliefs onto others, and he along with his crony administration is ‘proud’ of this.  So, according to Biden, the only requirement to be Catholic is to just declare it so, and then do whatever is on one’s heart to do.  (Isn’t that an imposition of Biden’s definition onto all believers?)

In Mr. Ryan’s view of Catholicism, one needs to fight for the less fortunate and those such as the unborn, who are unable to fight for themselves.  For Mr. Biden, Catholicism is something you do on Sunday and leave it in the church pew when exiting after receiving Communion.  The Catholicism of Mr. Biden is that of a social status; it’s merely out of habit of going and has little to no substance.  Mr. Ryan appears to take his faith seriously enough that he understands the causality and linkages of violating God’s laws to the very apparent consequences of this action.  It is in this distinction that we saw who the real Catholic was, and it happened to be the one who behaved himself and treated another who was being extremely disrespectful and disruptive when the real Catholic explained his position.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


George Offerman

With everything falling apart and crises everywhere, the criminal in chief decides that Romney’s proposed cuts to PBS is way more important than…  well, everything else going on.  It is interesting that Obama has nothing better to do than focus on the ‘fate’ of big bird, a children’s character that in many ways epitomizes the nature of many of the grown up ‘children’ in this country.  However, what is more pathetic is the fact that while Obama wants to focus on children’s entertainment, he did not think enough about the real lives of those he could have saved at the Libyan embassy last month.  No, Obama is not much good when living in the real world, but has the make believe world down pat.

This crisis, or I should say ongoing crime is finally taking root in the MSM.  It appears there is nowhere to hide for the criminal in chief and his minions who need to be held accountable for this unspeakably outrageous crime and subsequent cover up of gross misconduct.  (BTW the poll numbers for the criminal in chief are still at 47%)  Yeah, if the criminal in chief actually gave a sh-t about people like he does big bird, things might really have ‘changed’ in this country and for the better.  As it is, the criminal in chief will be campaigning to ‘save big bird’ and might as well say ‘to hell with the ambassador’ given that the criminal in chief’s actions shout from the rooftops, and can’t be denied by anyone residing in any type of reality.

In fact, if people have been paying any sort of attention, the criminal in chief’s behavior could not be any more surprising.  With the total black out of this man’s past, there is no way to be sure that he ahs any of the credentials he claims to have and this man has demonstrated very openly over the past 4 + years he is not very intelligent.  Without a teleprompter, he cannot put cohesive thoughts together, and even with a teleprompter, as evidence 2 years ago, ended up reading a speech of a visiting dignitary for over 5 minutes before an embarrassed staff member stopped him.  His biggest apologist George Stephanopoulos said “Obama was joking” despite all of the video showing an intense Obama complete with hand gestures.

This is why the criminal in chief got his goose cooked during the debate.  This man cannot think for himself, cannot remain cool when someone of any intelligence challenges him in real time, but especially when called out on his pathetic record.  Now that we have four years of official record from the man of ‘change’ we can objectively look at the promises made and those kept.  There is no where to hide, and the utter failure of this man’s tenure as president cannot be hidden, except to attack his opponent with trying to eliminate a fictional character on a taxpayer subsidized television network.  It would seem that the next couple of debates will be bloodbaths for the criminal in chief unless he can come up with many red herrings or slip ups from the other guy.

If the goal of the debates is to bring about discussions of real problems and real solutions to the problems, the criminal in chief has no prayers of winning.  This man’s record is horrible and to recount what the promises were, absolutely none of them were kept, except for the total takeover of 1/6th of the economy by passing his hell care law.  The country is in way worse shape financially, economically, morally, but especially employment wise and freedom wise.   This man cannot talk about his record, because he has struck out on all of his proposed changes that supposedly would have helped out the middle class.  Only the delusional can believe they are better off now than in 2009 when the criminal in chief took over.

At the end of the day, it is not the criminal in chief that will save big bird.  It will be the criminal in chief’s strategy to rile up the few percentage points of independent voters who may have their ‘heart strings’ played by focusing on a fictional character and seeing the ‘chosen one’ come in and ‘save’ big bird.  It will be the image of big bird that will save the criminal in chief, as it epitomizes the reality of the situation:  fiction will save one who is pushing fiction as reality.  Forget all this talk about Wall Street versus Main Street.  To the criminal in chief we all live on Sesame Street and that’s the ‘reality’ he will stick with.

Monday, October 8, 2012


George Offerman

I have to start this post with a disclaimer: I am no admirer of Mitt Romney and do not plan on voting for either of these globalists come November 6th.  Frankly, the way Ron Paul was manhandled in both the primary and especially at the airport near the Republican convention validated any doubts I may have had about the Republican nominee, and I will not vote for the ‘lesser’ of two evils, which is still evil.  I abhor anyone who wants to destroy this country, whether it is a bullet to the head that Obama would do, or eat the poisoned apple and die slowly that Romney would do.

That is specifically why I paid no attention to this ‘47% scandal’ when it came out, and only heard of it for the first time during an Obama commercial last week.  Both my wife and I heard it at the same time and we both had the same reaction to it: Romney was actually telling the truth about this part of America, and I could not disagree with any of his words.  Frankly, that frightened me as I really believed I wouldn’t ‘believe’ anything said by either candidate.  With that being said, I will demonstrate to you, dear reader, why Romney’s words are true.

The primary allegation with the 47% is that they will vote for Obama no matter what he does, and that this number in essence, is written off as supporting Romney and his positions.  True, or not?   I’ve been watching the poll numbers daily for the past several months, and Obama has not gone below 47%, but has never been higher than 52%.  Many very significant events and incidences have occurred that would have sunk many presidents, but this guy seems to have a consistent resiliency that I have not seen since the Slick Meister was in office.  Why is that?

Evidently, it doesn’t matter that the Libyan ambassador was brutally murdered by a mob on the anniversary of 9-11, in which both the White House and Secretary of State Clinton were warned of, and did nothing about and then subsequently covered up their inactions.  Evidently it doesn’t matter that the DHS under Obama has ordered over 1.4 BILLION HOLLOW POINTED ROUNDS of ammunition for DOMESTIC USE.  Evidently, it doesn’t matter that Obama pushed for, and was given the provision in the NDAA legislation, the ability to detain indefinitely, torture and/or execute an American without cause.  Evidently it does not matter that Obama has run the largest deficits in this country’s history year after year, has the worst employment record, the highest number of unemployed, those on food stamps and those on ‘disability’.  Evidently, it does not matter that we are ready to experience the greatest tax increases in our nation’s history and will gut those who create jobs that PAY THE TAXES.   And evidently, it does not matter that Obama promised to end the two “Bush” wars and close Gitmo on his first day in office and in fact, got us into 4 more skirmishes and expanded prisons and space for ‘enemy combatants.  What can it be then?

Could it be the never ending mantra of the one time ‘community organizer’ telling those ‘less fortunate’ that they ‘deserve a chance’ to be paid for by those ‘that made it’.  Could it be the fact that the sitting president openly stated that ‘no one ever made it on their own, but had help from some government entity’?  Could it be that ‘redistribution of wealth’ is the job of government, and government determines who the winners and losers are?  Could it be that a large segment of the population has been conditioned to believe they are innocent victims of a corrupt corporate world, and through no fault of their own, cannot make it without the help of the government?  Could it be that the goodies keep coming and without four more years of the community organizer, the goodie bag will be taken away and these people would actually have to be responsible for themselves?

Now why is it that a large minority of people can see the wanton destruction of our way of life, massive restrictions on freedom, an increase in wars and increases in taxes and ‘redistribution’ of wealth from producers?  Because they believe they have the right to be taken care of by the government, and they will never criticize or ‘bite the hand that feeds them’.  As long as that ‘gubmint chek’ comes in, it doesn’t matter what happens to the rest of society or world, just as long as “I get mine”, I will vote for the person who gives ME the most.   That’s exactly what Obama has done over the past four years, and the 47% benefitting from this goodie bag giveaway will NEVER vote to stop this.

If anyone takes the time to look at what is going all around him, he will become very aware that there are 47% of the people that are not affected by the larger picture of what is going on in this country, but are totally consumed by what they are getting.  It doesn’t dawn on these people that in order to receive a dollar in ‘benefits’ that a dollar needs to be taken from someone first.  I suspect that even if they did know, they wouldn’t care, and they definitely are not grateful towards those who pay for these individuals to consume and not produce or contribute towards the betterment of society.  No, the majority of these folks buys into Obama’s ‘class warfare’ propaganda, and calls anyone looking at the ‘entitlement’ scheme ‘mean spirited’.  “Wow, Romney actually wants us to be responsible for ourselves?  WHAT A MEAN, COLD HEARTED, CRUEL BASTARD!”

Yep.  It’s all about the goodie bag and what these people can get for nothing.  It’s all about shirking personal responsibility and blaming others for poor decisions made.  Obviously anyone can have a bad run of luck, but the opportunity to better oneself without getting penalized by some overzealous socialist should not be allowed to exist in this country, but it has now become a way of life.   The proof is no further than the severe restrictions of freedom levied on us by Obama, and the lack of protest from these 47% in limiting freedoms on those who produce.

Friday, September 14, 2012


George Offerman

I would hate to be B.S. Bernanke.  I would hate to be the one in charge of what will be the most spectacular monetary collapse in the history of the world.  I would hate the mere thought that I would be the most despised person to have ever been born on this rock.  I could not live with myself knowing the policies I implemented stole money from the neediest and those dependent upon fixed incomes and gave it to my greedy bastard masters and banksters who salivate over amounts of money uncountable and unimaginable.  I hate and despise the whole existence and purpose of the Federal Reserve and hold in the highest contempt those who dare, in the name of ‘fairness and equity’ openly steal the wealth of the people for their own private use and abuse.

But let us return to the purpose of this posting, the suicide mission the Fed has embarked on.  It ought to be most apparent to even the deadest of zombies out there, that the Fed has chosen to destroy the dollar in favor of keeping its power and giving the incompetent inbred idiots, known as the money powers, their last vestige in getting their affairs in order before the hungry and homicidal mobs seek them out.    This policy of purchasing dead Treasury Bills at 0% interest rates on an unlimited basis demonstrates there are no other avenues to pursue, and that no one or entities or countries are interested in our toxic toilet paper.  Instead of default, they have opted for hyper inflation and will keep printing the garbage and selling it as ‘securities’ until the streets are littered with its burnt remnants and their buildings are nothing more than empty husks.

There can no longer be any credible claim by the Fed’s or the government that they give a rat’s rear end about you, me or anyone not an elitist, as all paper products will soon go much lower, with some going to zero.  These elitists are willing and able to allow the average American to lose everything they have ever worked for, and have no plan and no intention of making restitution for their crimes.  Make no mistake: the dollar will be printed into oblivion and the official policy was set into motion yesterday.  The only question on anyone’s mind ought to be how much time one has to prepare for this devastating and complete financial collapse of this once great nation.

For those who propose ‘austerity’ measures to ‘save’ the current economic model; there are not enough people working who are paying enough in taxes to even cover the bare minimal of budgetary items.  We have set records for the most unemployed, but eligible workers with 87 million, set the record for the costliest year of social security ($596 billion for the first 11 months of this year) and the largest percentage of people on disability EVER in the nation’s history (slightly under 10 million).  Structurally, it is impossible to tax high enough to pay for this, and the only other ‘tool’ in the economic Keynesian toolbox is borrowing.  The only way this country can ‘borrow’ at this time is the fraudulent and very illegal ‘purchasing’ of treasuries by the Fed’s to keep the party going long enough for the government to get its defenses prepared for the inevitable riots and civil unrest that will soon manifest itself.

Without a new metals based monetary system, this old system will crash upon its own weight.  There is no other outcome possible, no matter how one crunches the numbers or wallpapers over the reality.  This country is hopelessly bankrupt and the only method of keeping the party from turning into a massive hang over event, is to spike the punch with very devalued dollars and convince those not paying any attention that ‘all is ok, and continue watching football and drinking the cheap beer’.  Well, very soon the cable TV and the lights are going to go out, and the taps that serve the cheap beer will dry up.  It is only then, that the masses will ‘get’ what happened, and realize their government and the ‘Federal Reserve’ scammed them out of everything they have and ever will have.  The anger will be unquenchable and God can only have mercy on any bankster who happens to be anywhere in this country.

The Federal Reserve is on a suicide mission.  They are very aware there is no way out of this game they set up nearly 100 years ago.  And B.S. Bernanke is so arrogant, and believes he is such a savior that he is positioning himself for a reappointment as Chairman.  What a fool.  This is a system that is mathematically going to fail, guaranteed.  The only questions those in power have is how they will get out of town in intact skins.  This is going to turn out horribly, and it is not time to place one’s head in the sand or any other orifice and pretend things will magically get better.  The dollar is going to crash, and virtually every financial instrument denominated in dollars is going to crash and burn and all of the blame can be laid at the feet of the Federal Reserve.  Glad I’m not one of those folks on that day, because I enjoy my head being attached to the rest of my body.

Monday, July 16, 2012


George Offerman

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying,”The Kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever” Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of the covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightening, loud noises, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail”    Rev 11: 15, 19

The seventh trumpet ushers in a turning point of Revelation and instills finality to man’s choice of whether to worship the beast or Christ.  Of all the trumpets, the seventh trumpet is the most brutal, in that it does not destroy the environment as a judgment, but marks the end to the age of sin on earth.  For the saved, it will be one of the most awesome and privileged states, and for the condemned, it will be the most horrible day of existence any being can live through.

If one takes the time to notice, the story of Revelation has a great deal of interplay between scenes in heaven and on earth.  For the most part, what goes on in heaven is invisible to mankind, but the seventh trumpet temporarily ‘lifts the veil’ between the worlds of the seen and unseen, and for the first time, all alive will see heaven with God and his angels, while simultaneously seeing the Anti Christ in his ‘glory’ and all will come to understand quite readily who is who, and who is really in control.  But the centerpiece of the seventh trumpet is the appearance of the Ark of the Covenant, which will demonstrate once and for all, God’s holiness and constancy, that his word and laws are eternal and unchanging.

It will also be at that time that those who are alive will know for sure which master they will serve for all of eternity.  The lifting of the heavenly veil will also accomplish the lifting of the temporal veil in that the great deceptor cannot make the claim he is who he is, and all of mankind will see for the first (and last) time in human history, the ultimate and simultaneous view of perfect love and perfect hate in one arena.  It will bring about one of the most sobering moments of time in cosmic history and the amount of anguish for the majority who has taken the mark will be indescribable, and there will be no doubt about the outcome of this war from here on out.

Up until this time, Jesus has served the role of Priest, Prophet and King.  It is important to grasp that from the time of Jesus death and resurrection until the seventh trumpet, Jesus has been an intercessory for man and through the ultimate blood sacrifice, able to forgive sins.  With the calling forth of His kingship, Jesus role of Priest and Prophet has come to an end, and His intercession for the forgiveness of sins is now complete.  With all of mankind having chosen their fate, Jesus is now anointed as King of kings, and Lord of lords, and will have total dominion over the heavens and the earth.

Due to the ending of the heavenly intervention by now King Jesus, those who are sealed with the mark of the Living God will experience a transformation not known since the time of Adam and Eve; they will enter a sinless state without experiencing death.  The evil and corrupt nature will be changed and those who have persevered throughout the trumpets and persecution will now have a time of rest.  However, they will still be present upon the earth and will have a front row seat in the final chapter of the cosmic battle between good and evil.

Those condemned will have the utmost contempt for their false god and for themselves.  There cannot be words or events that one can relate to, to even begin to understand the profound and complete loss of eternal life, and the anger directed at Satan will be unfathomable.  Satan’s mask is now off, and the condemned no longer have a choice in their actions.  For their own survival, they must now follow the beast as they will be painfully aware that there will never be salvation for them, and there is no chance they can ever be forgiven for their sins.  The stage is now set for the beginning of the second series of seven events.

The final note on the seventh trumpet should be the severity of the signs sent by God.  As each milestone is reached, the signs in the heavens, as well as the accompanying thunder, lightening and earthquakes increase in magnitudes.  Along with these three, is also heavy hail, which will be very representational of the final plagues soon to come.  With all being able to see into the heavenly realms, these signs will not be misinterpreted at all, and Satan will not be able to ‘spin’ this as he has with his concocted lies and con jobs.  The seventh trumpet leaves no doubt about who is in charge, and who the fraud really is.  And it also leaves no doubt for the living where they will be spending eternity. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


George Offerman

“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me ”Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who is seated upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the vine of whose fornication to dwellers on earth have become drunk,  And he carried me away in the spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of blasphemous names, and had seven heads and ten horns.  The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and bedecked with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her fornication; and on her forehead was written a name of mystery: ‘Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of earths’ s abomination.  And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus”.   Rev. 17:1-6

“And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot: they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast until the words of God shall be fulfilled.  And the woman that you saw is the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth”.  Rev 17:15-18.

(For the sake of brevity, I skipped verses 7-14, but they give a clear interpretation of this beast, and leave no doubt about whom it is and what the makeup of this vision entails).

The above verses clarify for John, the distinctions between the two beasts that appear in the visions.  The beast quoted above is very distinct from the beast in chapter 13, in that it is a unified beast that is scarlet in color and none of the heads have a mortal wound.  The seven headed ten horned beast rising from the water is the man made Babylon, lead by the devil, which is represented as the seven headed ten horned beast that ultimately kills the whore who has been riding on its back up until now.  If one notices, the whore is dressed in purple, which in scripture is the representation of religion and religious authority, and the scarlet color is representative of power, as well as the blood of the saints and martyrs.

This whore is responsible for the man made chaos up until this point, and was given its authority by the beast it is now riding.  The beast hates the whore, and the force behind the first Babylon, with its seven heads, represented by seven religious systems and ten horns, represented by civil powers and authority, were the ‘glove’ that fit over the real beast which was the ‘invisible hand’ behind the power.  However, now that the beast has total control over the world, there is no longer a need for the seven religious systems, and the hour of judgment for them has now come.

By now, the majority of those who have God’s seal and most likely all of the 144,000 have been martyred, and for the first time since the beginning of the trumpets, Satan has full control over the earthly kingdoms.  Since the majority of Christians that believe the devil is real, also know the devil has no tolerance for ANYONE getting ANYTHING that he believes is his.  So, as the religious leaders, who up to this time believed this false Christ was on their side, will now find out to their utter despair that they are to be eliminated immediately.  Since Satan now presents himself as king of kings and lord of lords (representing both religious and political systems) he will not tolerate any competition or split loyalties among his followers.  It is only now that these leaders, on the brink of their own destruction, realize they were deceived, and despair overcomes them.

The imagery used in scripture pertaining to the end of this human Babylon is ominous, but in some senses, well earned.  It is also clear that God has put it in their ‘hearts’ to obliterate these people who instigated so much human suffering, and deceived multitudes into eventually taking the mark of the beast.  Now they will be subject to the same humiliating end that they subjected the 144,000 and those sealed by the living God.  The difference in this is there will be NO ONE to come to their aid or assistance; hence their end will be ‘naked and desolate’.  Those that slay these ‘religious leaders’ will do it with great zeal and without mercy.  Those who benefitted from this false group will mourn and weep over lost opportunities.

At this point in the story it would appear that all of mankind has chosen their fate and it is near time for the seventh trumpet that will ultimately ‘seal the deal’.  However, Babylon will continue on in form, but now lead by the 8th king, the Anti Christ who will seat himself on the throne with great pomp and circumstance and there will be absolutely no human power that will stop him.  The Anti Christ will install his 10 king puppets and they will have their one hour of time ruling what is left of the once great Babylon.  It will be a great time of dread for all alive and great fear will rule the hearts of men on that day. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


George Offerman

This topic is too important to cover it so briefly, and it is also the most misunderstood topic of all of Revelation.  There is so much information out in the public sphere about the mark, that one’s head can spin from reading a small amount of it.  However, the mark is so important, that it transcends Christianity, and nearly everyone in the world is aware of it, and are leery of the futile attempts by the money powers to instill some sort of system in which to control the ‘cattle’.

In a way, it is very humorous to give the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers so much credit that they can actually instill a system of markings that would condemn one to eternal death.  The mark is a cosmic event, and as such, requires the presence of a supernatural being, such as the devil, to enforce it.  Too many people are aware of this, and the money powers, being of human origin, could not enforce this if even one percent of the population resisted this.  If we end up getting chipped, most likely it will end up being covertly done, by vaccines, chips embedded in products, clothing, cars, cell phones, etc.

This is not to say that one should take this information and become indifferent about it.  We are to resist this, because it is morally wrong to hand over our free will to other men, and not trust in God.  Those that can justify doing this, will have a much more weakened position when the real mark appears, and the mark represents instant judgment that is irrevocable.  Of course Satan is going to trivialize this, because no one would take it if they knew the true consequences.  Unfortunately, this supernatural being will act ‘lamb like’ until he gets what he wants.  Once he has an army of people with his mark, and knows God will not, and really, cannot intervene any more, Satan will become out of control and kill even those with the mark if and when they no longer serve his needs.

Two famous stories in scripture make the points.  This first is Eve taking the apple after being tempted by the serpent.  Gen 3:1-4:1 covers the story, and for brevity, I will paraphrase.  God instructed Adam and Eve to FREELY eat of all the fruit except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The serpent tempted Eve, by glorifying the knowledge of being like a god, being able to determine right from wrong for themselves, and placing doubts about what God actually said.  Eve reflects this in leaving out the word “freely” when discussing what God actually said.  The serpent assured Eve “surely, you will not die” Eve believed him over God.  This first poison is: Doubt about God and his Word.

The second story is Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright by essentially bribing him with Stew. Gen 25:24-34.  Esau basically was so focused on the current situation, that he offered his future to satisfy a basic need in the moment.  Many commentators focus rightfully so on Jacob’s trickery, but not much is said pertaining to Esau’s blatant disregard for what is rightfully his.  A moment of weakness virtually changed not only his destiny, but that of the following generations of Esau’s line.  The eternal, or the permanence was not considered, but current circumstances ruled.  The second poison: present circumstances dictating decisions without considering eternal ramifications.

Both of these stories reflect the state of man during the time of the mark.  Like Eve, there will be seduction of a better life, and doubts will be sown about the word of God presented by the 144,000, and like Esau, many will sell out their ‘birthright’ or place in heaven for a very temporary stay of execution.  In both stories, the consequences were terribly minimized, and this is the devils way of getting one to do things they would not normally do, if they had full information.  During the tribulation though, there will be plenty of witnesses to the truth, and there will be the opportunity to hear and understand the ‘permanence’ of this decision.  God will FREELY grant eternal life for anyone not taking the mark, no matter what their past was and what they have done up to this point.  The devil’s message will be that most of Babylon will need to take his mark because they earned it.  Will people have the faith to walk in this matter?

Again, for prophesy to be accurate, it must fulfill all of the requirements of the prophesy.  The hope is that if nothing else is obtained from these writings that one would challenge those out there who are making claims the mark is either here or on its way outside of the trumpets and all of the other clear requirements written in Revelation.  As I have written before, the topic of the mark is the most discussed and controversial amongst many of the expositors, and my challenge to them is to explain the trumpets and timeframe of Revelation, to see if they can place these events.  To be quite truthful, the conversations normally end heated, and the people challenged have called me names, amongst other things, and basically brushed off or minimized this point.  This is a rather sad commentary, as they are actually advocating sensationalism over purity of the word, and in effect, end up scaring people with ideas that do not come true.

The mark can only occur when the man of lawlessness has been exposed, who is claiming to be God, and calling fire from the heavens at will. At least half of the population has to be killed off, there will be a massive one world religiously lead government, a death decree for refusal of the mark that is immediately enforced, the appearance and active ministry of the 144,000 and 2 witnesses, supernatural events, both good and evil, and literally angels in the heavens warning against taking the mark, or suffering eternal consequences for doing this?  Have we seen ANY of this yet?  How can anyone claim the mark is imminent, with any credibility, when NONE of the conditions of the prophesy are being met?

If you are exposed to people claiming to have ‘inside information’ on the mark, challenge them on this.  Challenge them based on scripture passages, challenge them to explain the trumpets, to reveal the identity of the man of lawlessness, the one world government and all of the other points listed above.  Most importantly, ask them about prophesy, and if God fulfills what he writes in totality, or if bits and pieces of prophesy can be left out. And finally, hold them accountable for their words.  Too many people make claims that God ‘informed’ them of future events, and when the don’t occur, the same people in effect minimize this ‘error’ but continue propagating the idea they are prophets, and many write books for money, and/or run ministries that can collect large amounts of money.  God gave this information FREELY, and free is the way it should remain.