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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


George Offerman

There have been several attempts at hacking and comadeering this site over the past few weeks.  Evidently, some LIBERAL ASSHOLES are getting upset at what I'm posting.  I do have to admit, I feel HONORED at the attempts and am beginning to understand I am getting under the skin of the right people.  Unlike what the very well hidden and secretive ASSHOLES are doing, I am very open about my positions, and articulate them well.  evidently, in the poverty of thought department, the unthinking and reactionary liberals can do nothing other than silence those they cannot refute and they try to silence those they cannot refute by 'stealing' their sites.  Given liberals think nothing of stealing, this is right down their alley.

Jesus made clear in his teachings that those who dare to tell the truth and challenge those who have deficits in logic, that they are to expect persecution and trouble.  Well, bring it on.  You will never silence me, and any attempt at doing so will bring on more wrath, and more logical arguing than your losing minds have ever heard before.  You are on the losing side of eternity, and you are on the losing side of this side of eternity as well.  BRING IT ON!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


George Offerman

The idiocy and hypocrisy coming from the liberal left is beyond believability and defies any logic which is necessary to even begin to address issues with any sort of intelligence.  If it isn’t the British national asshole Morgan spewing garbage and refusing to acknowledge legitimate points brought up by intelligent guests, then it is idiots like New York Governor Cuomo who thinks the idea of the second amendment is for deer hunting, and ‘no one needs 10 bullets to shoot deer”.  These ‘useful idiots’ are doing the legwork for their masters who want a disarmed populace in order to complete their total takeover of this country.
I already posted about the British national asshole Morgan, so it will be time to address the fool Gov. Cuomo.  I have to admit that I agree with Cuomo on this thought: that any more than one shot at a deer will ruin more meat than necessary.  I only need one shot to get a deer.  However, what Cuomo seems to not understand or grasp is that deer don’t break down doors in the middle of the night, or brutally rape and murder women, or shoot up schools or other such things.  How many rounds do I need in my clip, Mr. Cuomo?  As many as it takes to quell whatever threat comes my way.  And as far as I am concerned, the more rounds, the better my odds are of staying alive and protecting my family.
However, what these idiots do not want to talk about or even acknowledge is what the government is doing.  Alex Jones attempted to get British national asshole Morgan to answer this question, but as expected, British national asshole Morgan blew it off and went on to rant about the ‘assault weapon’ used at the school shooting.  No one in the media, including Fox news, is covering the fact that the government, through DHS, has purchased 1.6 billion hollow pointed 40 caliber rounds over the past 2 years.  For those of you who don’t want to know, or could care less, the DHS has no authority outside the borders of the USA.  So, what is the government up to?
For anyone who has done any research on this matter, it is against the Geneva Convention to use hollow pointed rounds in war zones.  Yet our own government purchased enough of them to kill the 300 million plus population 5 times over.  No explanations, no accountability and no debate on the issue; we simply need to ‘trust’ the government and ‘not worry’ about it.  I would like to know if the government needs 1.6 billion hollow pointed rounds to shoot deer, and if so, why deliberately destroy so much meat?  After all, hollow pointed rounds fairly well destroy whatever they impact, and even hitting a limb with what would be a normally non-lethal shot using regular ammo will result in a slow and painful death when hit with a hollow pointed round.  That is why even parties at war recognize the inhumanity and cruelty of these bullets.  Not our government however.  And these assholes wonder why we true Americans don’t trust these sociopaths who have hijacked this country.
Let’s see: the government monitors all of my verbal and written communications, purchases of nearly everything, taxes paid, protects thugs and lawbreakers, and on top of this, wants to disarm me.  I have guns, and know how to use them.  However, I have no police or criminal record, and have never pulled a gun on anyone, never threatened anyone with a gun, never even alluded to a threat, and yet the ‘trustworthy’ government wants to take this GOD GIVEN RIGHT AWAY FROM ME AND MY FELLOW LAW ABIDING AMERICANS.   BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!
The government in collusion with their mainstream media lackeys lead by the likes of the British national asshole Morgan will not even answer a simple question of what they intend to do with 1.6 BILLION HOLLOW POINTED 40 CAL. ROUNDS?  If the government is so ‘turstworthy’ and really ‘concerned and care’ about my and other’s welfare, then simply tell us what is intended with stocking up on some of the most cruel and destructive weaponry known to exist.  Do you all plan on doing massive deer hunting expeditions, and donating to the starving masses what remains of the poor deer after being hit by one of these slugs?  Only bonified sociopaths would ever think about using hollow pointed bullets on people, especially on those who kept their greedy and dirty asses in power.  People who would use hollow pointed bullets on others are the most evil bastards on the planet, and ought to be subjected to the exact punishment they intend to inflict upon those who dare to ‘disagree’ with them.
I don’t trust this government, starting with the clearly sociopathic Obama and his sociopathic side kick Eric ‘the gun runner’ Holder.  In fact, this government openly lies about the most rudimentary matters and is constantly taking from producers and giving to those who contribute little to nothing and buy enough votes to get reelected.  This government demonizes what is good and holy, and raises to deity and religious levels that which is evil and despicable in the eyes of God.  Because of this, the government has sown their own seeds of destruction and it will come upon them as they deserve and by means that they do not see nor anticipate.  But in the meantime, this rogue government can sure create a lot of hell for the rest of us before they ultimately go down.  Go down they will, and be assured there will be an opportunity to have renewal from the chaos.  It will take people of faith to make it happen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


George Offerman

It is interesting how so many people get fixated on what many of these murderous sociopaths are thinking and want to understand them at a core level.  Just as often, many are quick to justify how these people are ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘misunderstood’ and as such, do these horrendous acts that could have been avoided, had the ‘bad’ society simply treated these people better and ‘understood’ them.  There is more effort put into trying to make sense of the senseless than in working towards real solutions that will solve many of these problems on a long term basis.
Before I proceed on, I need to be clear that I will be describing sociopaths and their behaviors, but that is very distinct from ‘understanding’ them.  And I can also assure those who would want to know, that had the average person heard the myriad of stories I have heard over the years in working with many sociopaths, their reaction would be to either lock these people up for life or do some ‘heavy metal’ therapy on them.  There isn’t a need to ‘understand’ a sociopath, there is only a need to effectively deal with them where they do not cause harm to others.
Sociopathology, like all the personality disorders is measured on a continuum of acuity.  There are many people who have some of the traits of a sociopath, but would not be considered a sociopath.  And of those who are bonified sociopaths, the majority of those are non-violent and tends to keep their destruction in a controlled and narrow band due to fears of punishment or negative consequences.  However, the violent sociopaths look to use any means necessary to intimidate and control those in their sphere of influence or victims they may be targeting.
One of the main features of a sociopath is their inability to have empathy for their fellow man.  When a person has no ability to relate to common experiences of others, there is no amount of medication or therapy that can change this person, and the vast majority of the time, the sociopath has no interest in changing, as they do not see themselves as the problem.  A person who is empathetic cannot even begin to imagine how a sociopath can constantly scheme and plot destruction without any remorse or any sense of what is right and wrong.  One cannot also understand how a sociopath can navigate society in which they really do not contribute any positive change to, but are constantly ‘conning’ those around them into believing that they are in fact great agents of change (many in the current government are like this).  One cannot understand or even fathom the deep emptiness and lack of meaning in their lives and how their only positive sense of self is to destroy those who appear to be happy or are at least bringing value to society.
This is why these sick bastards target women, children, the weak and the defenseless.  They know they can intimidate and ‘own’ these groups, and they also know their violence will have maximum impact on society, whether it be a grade school in Connecticut using a gun, or a brutal rape and murder on a bus in India using a four foot iron rod.  The violence of the sociopath goes beyond what even many of the horror movies (the supposed non sociopaths flock to) dare to show.  This is the embodiment of evil, and these people are evil.  Those who don’t believe it or live in some liberal land fairy tale better get to know and accept this fact real soon or they, in their ‘compassion’ will find themselves on the wrong end of a shovel, axe, chain saw, machete, sword, bomb or whatever ‘assault weapon’ the sociopath decides to use.
In all the years I’ve been doing therapy, I cannot say with any confidence that I understand these people any better than when I studied abnormal psychology in graduate school.  The stories I’ve heard would make the most hardened non sociopath cry, and would bring out a homicidal rage to kill these sick bastards right on the spot.  Yes, you liberals, and especially you, the British national asshole Piers Morgan, there are people so evil and so bent on destruction that they will use any means necessary to wreak as much destruction onto the most vulnerable in the most horrific ways just to let you know they hate everything that is good and want to cause maximum terror and intimidation for the sake of inflicting their own form of hell onto the general society.
These people don’t need to be understood, or studied, or rehabilitated; they either need to be locked up in the darkest places to never interact with society, or be shot on the spot and disposed of with as little fanfare as possible.  The only language the violent sociopath understands is knowing he will pay the ultimate price for acting out and it will need to be immediate and overpowering.  That is all we need to know about the monsters that walk among us and virtually spend every moment of their pathetic lives planning and plotting ways of destroying lives around them.  These are very sick bastards and it is high time we acknowledge as a society the existence of evil people, and the need to either lock them up or exterminate them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


George Offerman

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Second Amendment Constitution and Bill of Rights

There has been a lot of debates and all sorts of emotional blather being strewn about over the latest shootings, and the need to ’take those evil guns’ out of the hands of law abiding citizens in order for those who don’t give a damn about anyone’s welfare in the first place to ‘feel better’ about themselves and to ‘do something’ in order to appease the family and friends of the victims of a very tragic event.  It is unfortunate that these same people are so misguided in their beliefs and understandings of how truly insane people act, that they are actually assisting in perpetrating similar behaviors and advocating for more violence through their insistence on making these insane shooters internationally known through the constant publicity of what they did.  This includes the very public CNN broadcaster British born asshole known as Piers Morgan.
As someone who has delivered mental health services for over 26 years, I think I know a little more about the motives and actions of insane people better than our presumptuous and pompous guest from the British Isles who is trying to advocate policy concerning an amendment that was specifically written with his ancestors in mind (who by the way, were way more vicious in their tactics than any ‘law abiding’ American would ever be).  However, it has been pointed out to me by those who knew I was going to write about this, that in fact Mr. Morgan may be insane, and thus, be qualified to discuss such insanity with great familiarity.
The nature of insanity requires that one not be plugged into reality as the ‘majority’ sees it.  This happens to include the arena of law, and the insane do not regard law as applying to them.  So, it is extremely mystifying when these talking heads, such as Mr. Morgan ‘lament’ people going onto ‘gun free zones’ such as schools, and shooting multitudes of victims without finding any resistance to their actions, and as such, are very emboldened in their actions.  For those with any common sense and a precursory knowledge of sociopathology, schools are the perfect target for their insane motives, as these cowards know they will pull off mass murders without resistance, and get the notoriety their sick minds crave.  That is why schools have been targeted over the past couple of decades, and will continue to be targeted, as these stupid asshole liberals ADVERTISE OPENLY THE VULNERABILITY OF THE CHILDREN BY DECLARING SCHOOLS GUN FREE ZONES.  It is in this way that people like Mr. Morgan, have blood on their hands as they are accomplices to these murders, and want to then take away the rights of those who did not violate any laws.
There is not ONE KNOWN INSTANCE in which a criminal, who has already decided to break the law, changed his mind after seeing a posted sign stating ‘gun free zone’.  In fact, there is ample evidence that gun free zones actually increase the odds of violence taking place, as the perpetrator knows he will be safe when he violates the law and commits violence upon an unarmed and unprepared victim or victims.  Sociopaths, by their nature, don’t regard the law, no matter how many times it is posted.  It is only those who believe posted signs carry any weight and meaning that get sucked into the ‘delusion’ that all who can read them (and that’s a stretch) will obey them.  Sociopaths, like virtually any other human being, must be spoken to in a language they understand.  Since we already know they have no respect for the law and life we need to convey a message they can relate to:  You come here to injure or kill, you will be injured and killed yourself. 
It is in trying to take away the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens that violent crime will actually increase.  It is not about the guns, or what the guns look like or how many bullets they can shoot, or how quickly they can shoot them, it is about the person and the integrity behind the gun that matters.  When law abiding citizens are armed and come across sociopathic coward criminals perpetrating crime, the crime in the vast majority of the time ends on the spot.  Unfortunately, people like the British national asshole Piers Morgan does not report on these stories, but what is politically expedient for his own distorted view of an issue that is none of his business and one that he really ought to keep his mouth shut on.  What someone like Piers Morgan needs to do is to learn about some basic psychology on how sociopaths work and understand that the only way to stop the violent ones is with heavy metal therapy.
On a final note, the media and politicians like to discuss the ‘founding father’s intent’ when writing the second amendment.  They often state that semi-automatic weapons and assault weapons were not ‘conceptualized’ back then, and states there are no legitimate reasons for the average citizen to own one.  Well, if we follow through on that logic, we could look at the first amendment that guarantees the right of a free press and state the founding fathers could not have imagined television and the 24 hour news cycles with such garbage as CNN, and they sure as hell would not have been ok with a British national asshole leading the charge in trying to push gun control upon the populace.  They would have tarred and feathered this British asshole as he deserved and made an example of him like happened with the stamp act.
So, for Piers Morgan and his question of “why should an average American need or have an assault rifle?” I will answer in such a way that even he should understand: BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS THEM, AND BECAUSE THEY ARE BECOMING MORE OUT OF CONTROL EVERY DAY.    If Mr. Morgan chooses to notice, in EVERY CASE, when doors are kicked in in the middle of the night, or if people are arrested with SWAT teams, or places are forcibly closed, such as the Amish recently, it is the government intruding on citizens, not the other way around.  If the government can have AUTOMATIC weapons (asshole Morgan, learn the difference between automatic and semi-automatic) tanks, drones, Jets and helicopters, I think I have the right to a good semi-automatic to protect myself from whoever may come onto my property.  I don’t need a British national who really needs to catch the next boat or plane out of this country preaching to me about my rights or what I can constitutionally do.  Piers Morgan, get the hell out of our country.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


George Offerman

We just returned from a two week trip from my homeland in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after visiting family and friends that was most interesting and informative.  I hadn’t been to the UP in wintertime since my father’s funeral almost 21 years ago, and forgot how cold and snowy it gets up there.  Besides celebrating on one of the greatest non-events December 21st, I had an opportunity to get together with one of my old seminary classmates who happens to be a priest there.  It was in the midst of the conversation with him that I realized I would never had made it as a priest in the UP, or really anywhere in the American church due to the way I hold the church teachings and what I stand for.
This priest (who shall go nameless) looked worn out and frustrated, and it became clear as we talked that the problem of mediocrity is a church wide epidemic.  This priest had mentioned how the people up there had no interest in real church teachings, and even when laid out clearly (and this priest is very articulate) there was great resistance and complaints levied against him for doing this.  It also seems that his Bishop, like many around the country, respond to any form of criticism unfavorably for the priest,  and this serves to undermine both the credibility of the priest as well as the church in general.  So, many of the homilies given by this priest are rather on the unchallenging side and getting into the hard hitting issues is considered taboo.
It brought me back to my seminary days over a quarter of a century ago, when I spoke up against the homosexuals and how our church was being sold out.  I ignored the advice of fellow seminarians as well as some of the faculty when told to keep my thoughts and beliefs to myself.  It also brings home the point of Biblical truths that hidden sins would be ‘shouted from the roof tops’ and no amount of staying quiet would change that fact.  Yes, I was asked to get counseling for my ‘homophobia’ by the faculty as a condition of returning, but I knew my time was up when I left in the spring of 1986.  But I had also sensed at that time that telling the truth was going to result (most likely) in my not making it to ordination.  So I saw no point in continuing on, as I knew then I would not compromise on church teachings and sell the people out due to ‘feelings’ and horrible theology.
Many who made it into the priesthood knowingly sold out their belief systems in order to get ordained.  One of the main lines of thinking back then was “Tell them what they want to hear, and then after getting ordained, do what you want”.  I have only found that those who compromised their value systems in order to get ordained are still compromising their value systems today.  Now, some of the men I know did not compromise their values, but did stay quiet then and now seem to this day to be suffering in silence.  My fears for myself always had been if I could justify ‘playing the game’ to get ordained, how could I then come out of my shell and stand for the truth?  I didn’t see a way out, other than leaving the seminary and following what I believed outside of ordained ministry.  It turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.
I’ve been blessed with a good family, children and a good career.  I am able to live the faith unencumbered by public criticism and can be as involved to whatever level in the pro-life movement and participate in civil disobedience.  I can write the truth and not have to worry about being censured, ‘suspended’ or sent to a monastery to’ rethink and contemplate my life’ by a bishop that doesn’t have the integrity or grit to stand up for the church or to the whiners and wimps who seem to be calling the shots.  And I don’t have to be beholden to the godless IRS and cursed 501 c 3 status and can call out by name those who are advocating evil and trying to destroy everything that is good and holy in our society.
I believe I am doing exactly as God called me to do, and that is to minister to my fellow man to the best of my ability and in the truth.  I am doing way more in a lay status than what I ever could have accomplished in the church as it currently is.  I am way freer than my former classmates, who as priests, are beholden to men and parishioners that believe they have a better theological background than the priests do.  And I am free to teach the faith, unencumbered by man-made shackles, and can debate with anyone at any level without worrying about losing my livelihood.  I never thought I could be a better priest outside of the priesthood, but it seems like it’s the case.  What a sad commentary.  Glad I didn’t make it.