"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


George Offerman

Soon we will have to break out the shovels to get through this entire BS landing all around us. The fight over raising the debt ceiling for this bankrupt nation, and all the lying and posturing by both parties and the clown in the White House is such a joke that it would be funny if it did not have such serious and negative ramifications. The fact that these idiots are posturing each other over doing the right thing is nauseating at best and treasonous at worst. They are betraying our country, and the banksters are the ones benefitting.

Let’s be real: the debt ceiling is going to be increased. There is no possible way these fools will allow, or are able to allow default on the debt at this point. It is inevitable default will occur, but not at this time. The fundamental underlying economic problems have not been addressed, nor will they in the near future. So borrowing more money to keep the current ‘lifestyle’ going for another round is necessary to keep the natives from revolting. What is dismaying is the numbers of people that want the party to continue despite the very negative ramifications that are being seen everywhere in the country.

What is even more dismaying is the lack of preparation by many who see things are wrong, but seem to believe these matters will resolve themselves magically. There is little to no urgency in either the political or personal arena as both politicians and most of the citizenry merely complain about this situation, but don’t do anything meaningful about resolving it. unfortunately, it will take an empty belly and living in the elements before the majority will wake up and understand the reality that all this fiscal irresponsibility has sown over the past several decades.

We have watched our way of life change before our eyes because it became too inconvenient and uncomfortable to fight against these forces. So it became easier to do little to nothing, and allow ourselves to be entertained, while also accepting the premise that we were entitled to the fruits of others labors (Thou shalt not steal). This deadly combination is the genesis of our problems, and since we have not repented of these evils, the consequences of our actions are now here, and pay we will.

In the meantime, we will, in a perverse twist of fate, be entertained by all the idiots pretending to be representatives of the people and watch how they will blame anyone but themselves, or of the nature of the nanny state in which too many want for too much in which they’ve earned none of, but fully expect the maximum of what they are ‘entitled’ to. The debt ceiling will be increased for sure. This showboating is nothing more than field dressing for the next campaign, similar to the ‘efforts’ to defund planned parenthood were a few months ago.

There is no intention to change anything about the current situation and anyone who is distracted by this crazy show will simply be further behind the 8 ball concerning any personal preparation. It ought to be obvious to the most simple among us that we truly are on our own concerning our safety and future. The average man and woman are not benefiting from any of these deals; the mega banks and Wall Street are and they are not sharing. The taxpayer, however, is given the bill and basically told to take a long walk off a short pier. In a corporate fascist world, it’s the way it always is, and our time is no exception. We can get caught up in the bread and circuses and be entertained, or we can act quickly and do what we need to do to secure at least some provisions for ourselves and families before it becomes impossible to do. The clock is ticking.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


George Offerman

It has been very interesting to see the various reactions to the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Many of these people are so furious with the jury, defense lawyers, prosecutor, and ultimately with Ms. Anthony that these people’s lives have been threatened. It seems that Ms. Anthony’s behaviors, particularly the partying lifestyle and the apparent ‘carefree’ attitude she had, knowing her child was buried in a swamp, is too much for the average American to take. The ‘thought’ of a mother being so callous towards her child’s death seems barbaric to these folks.

This comment from Stuart Fischoff senior editor at the Journal of Media psychology seems to typify the reaction of most people:

"This is scarier than the average murder case because there's a sacredness that we assign to motherhood," he said. "The idea that a mother could kill her child flies in the face of every archetypal notion we have. It's monstrous. And we're revolted by that, but we're also fascinated. And we want revenge."

Interestingly enough, legalized child killing does the exact same thing. A baby is brutally murdered, and most of those, whose parts are not sold to big pharmacy, or university programs, ends up in dumps and landfills. However, unlike Caylee Anthony, no one mourns for them, and the vast majority doesn’t want to hear about it. In fact the majority would rather look away, and not be bothered by this holocaust, and unfortunately this includes the Church, which continues to allow itself to be muzzled by the cursed 501 c 3 laws of the IRS.

It is also interesting that those who made verbal and physical threats towards Ms. Anthony and the jurors were not seen as ‘extremists’ or ‘religious fanatics’ or ‘domestic terrorists’, but seen as reasonable. If someone even dares speak up for the unborn, they are seen as all of the above and are condemned in the strongest of terms. As long as one is politically correct, it seems the can do whatever they want without any condemnation or reprove from mainstream society.

We then have the other side, in which a pro-lifer has been silently witnessing in front of killing mills and has spent more than 10 years in prison for her nonviolent witness. This is more than 3 times the amount of time served as someone who bound her child in duct tape and threw her body into a swamp. This is way more time served than someone who decided it was more important to party and enter a ‘hot body’ contest, and trashes her family in order to convince 12 people she is innocent. And these 12 people found her not guilty of a crime in which she minimally covered up a heinous crime. It’s too bad the unborn don’t receive the same treatment and passion that Caylee did.

A video depicting Linda Gibbons, the staunch Canadian pro-lifer who was recently released from a 28 month sentence for silently praying and witnessing against the child killers (a sentence 3 times longer than Casey Anthony will serve). Note her very prophetic and strong words that clarify the moral gravity of legalized child killing.

“A Christian interviewer made a statement to me that while in prison, I missed a lot of birthdays and family get togethers, and I told him, as Christians we cannot live ‘normally’ with abortion in our midst, that we must challenge the assumption that Canada is comfortable with abortion, comfortable with the death culture and maybe soon our culture will become comfortable with the death culture in their push for euthanasia.”

So, here is how our very confused culture has it: the blatant murder of post born babies brings outrage against a mother, while murdering a pre born baby brings outrage against those who would dare to defend the babies. It is no wonder that we are in such a moral morass we are in. It seems we are on a collision course with judgment and too many are asleep at the wheel. We need to have the same moral outrage with legalized child killing as the tragedy of Caylee Anthony. God help us if we don’t show this and change our laws.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This article is written by Angela Michael, who is currently a candidate for congress from Illinois. Mrs. Michael and her husband Daniel faithfully sidewalk counsel at a mill 50 miles from their home, and have several hundred baby saves over the years.

Children are Disposable…

Inside and Outside of the Womb
Unbelievable! Stunned! Casey Anthony found Not Guilty
in the premeditated murder of her toddler.
July 5, 2011
Written By: Angela Michael

The Casey Anthonys of our world do this everyday inside abortion mills…are they any less guilty than she? This is the way society feels about children, born or unborn. If a woman can decide her child’s fate in the womb, she has full legal protection to decide it out of the womb, as the Casey Anthony trial has proven. The prosecution did an excellent job during the trial, and closing arguments were riveting. When the public was polled on her fate, most, if not all, responded guilty, and yet a group of her peers decided in ten hours that she did nothing wrong except tell some lies and was less than truthful to investigators.. Not even aggravated child abuse was she found guilty of. This just proves what we, the Church of Jesus Christ, have been witnessing and saying; we are a savage nation; we have been sowing bloodshed in the womb and reaping it in the streets. So, why wouldn’t a jury find her guilty of murdering her child when throughout the trial so much evidence said differently; i.e. the smell of a dead body in the car as reported by her own mother to police; Caylee was missing for over 30 days while her mother Casey was documented partying and getting tattoos celebrating her beautiful life and freedom; her narcissistic attitude; chloroform searches on the computer while her mother was at work; lie after lie; and no accountability. Caylee was an inconvenience just like most babies scheduled to die at the local abortion facilities; they are unwanted. This is how society and their parents view them. Abortion is so acceptable, why would manslaughter be any less?

Today, there is no justice for children, inside or outside of the womb. There was no justice for little Caylee Marie. Yes, our government and our nation has the biggest police forces and our courts have the best legal system, and yet they cannot protect or bring justice to those weakest among us...children and babies. Our nation’s hands are so full of innocent blood that apathy and complacency has taken over and righteousness stands at a distance. There is no accountability for the murderers who walk among us. The only commandment this nation can seem to keep is "Don't Judge," but Jesus said in John 7:24, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." Understand, Caylee didn’t die a natural death, just like preborn babies at our abortion mills. She, like they, was murdered at the hands of the one most entrusted with her care and welfare: her mother. Outrage is pouring into the streets of Orlando, some saying, “We don’t want murderers walking our streets!" Good, maybe people will become so incensed that they will connect the dots between Abortion and Manslaughter. 2 Chronicles 19:6-7 "Consider carefully what you do because you are not judging for man but for the Lord, who is with you whenever you give a verdict. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God, there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.”

“A society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members”
Where is the justice for Caylee and those yet to be born?
We are their voice, and that voice cries out for JUSTICE!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


George Offerman

It is really hard to stay focused on many of the matters that seem to be first and foremost in many people’s minds, when it appears to be more obvious on a daily basis that our way of life is going to radically change in the very near future. The people I have been reading now for over a decade have been predicting or ‘prophesying’ many of the events that are now happening. Back then, I thought they were lunatics and ‘conspiracy theorists’, but they have been proven true for the most part. If the average person were to read what these folks are saying now, most would need to change their skivvies and would be walking around in a catatonic state.

We live in a very controlled and rigged world. The powers that are running things are some of the most vile and evil humans to have ever walked this planet. Their master, the devil, hates you and me to the core of his being, and Satan has managed to pass this onto those who are doing his will. These powers see us as nothing more than their slaves and could care less about us unless we produce for them and meet their needs. Once we are past our ‘prime’ we become useless eaters and are expendable. We have had many manifestations of this thinking and there is too much evidence in the public sphere for there to be denial over this.

We have seen this with legalized child killing for the past 38 years. We look at the main proponent of this, planned parenthood, and look at the philosophy of Margaret Sanger, the founder, and see that her whole purpose was genocide of the African American race under the aegis of ‘reproductive rights’. We have the proliferation of evolution and Darwinism, which denies creation and God. We then have had myriads of ‘experimentations’ on people, from forced sterilization to eugenics and a proliferation of questionable practices, such as forcing the populace to take vaccinations and be subjected to any number of chemicals and processes, including genetic modification in the foods we eat.

Those alive and pre born, are subjected to the same hatred. This band of elites does not want to share their wealth, and believe they have God given rights to be our masters and dictate what we are allowed and not allowed to do. They have no intention of letting anyone have any more freedom than what they can wrest from our control (by our permission of course, through passivity). That is why we must resist these sociopaths, and not tolerate nor give into their demands that we become their slaves.

Very few of you may be aware of this, but starting July 15th, sales of precious metals OTC in certain accounts (which would include the CRIMEX) WILL BE ILLEGAL!!!. That’s right, not regulated, but made illegal. So, for those who are beginning to understand the gravity of the times we live in, and want to do something for themselves and families, the window is about to be slammed shut. These people understand that gold and silver are ready to take off, and to put it out of the reach of the average individual is a nice trick to ensure these sociopaths get all the metal, and thus, the control of nearly all commerce. They don’t want to share any wealth with you, the slave, so they are brazenly taking your rights to purchase metals on the exchanges, thus cutting off a significant avenue for the common man to obtain significant amounts of metals.


This is only the start. Once these sociopaths take away our right to purchase gold and silver (which by the way is constitutionally mandated money) they will have full control over all assets. Gold and silver are the only means of having any property that does not have a bank number or any number that can be traced by the government, and as such, cannot be taken away by simply putting a hold or freezing accounts remotely by computer. Ownership of these metals allows for much freedom, and come thirteen days from now, our ‘benevolent’ government is going to take away a significant avenue in your ability to get the metals. All in the name of ‘safety’ for the consumer.

We are really at the end of the line, folks. I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy for saying this because what I and others are saying is happening right before our eyes, and it will not be long from now that even the most dimwitted will understand what has happened to them. But it will be too late and slavery will be in full swing for the unprepared majority. The death of our economic reality is on the doorstep, and the death of comfort and convenience is right behind. We had better be prepared and be willing to make moves that may be mind boggling now, but will be seen as lifesaving in short order.