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Friday, May 28, 2010


George Offerman

An article that appeared in the May 20, 2010 issue of the Wanderer, titled “The Divine Right of Democrats” by Christopher Manion goes into significant detail as to the nature of the USCCB’s apparent ‘lack of potency’ in matters of faith and morals in America. It seems that there are alternative explanations as to why this particular board appears so incompetent concerning the faith and Morals of the Church, and why they are absent in the larger discussions of issues such as legalized child killing, and the subsequent ignoring of the Holy Communion issues with Cannon 915.

Mr. Manion makes the case that the USCCB shows more unity in their condemnation of those who supported the Arizona Immigration policy than in opposing the laws and positions of the political elite that are contrary to the Catholic Church. But the charge that Mr. Manion levies against the USCCB is the fact that the USCCB is really focused on what Mr. Manion terms this groups ‘first priority’. First priority refers to that which the group wants more than anything else, regardless of what they claim to stand for. So if one wants to know the real ‘political score’ then look no further than what a group is receiving from the politicians, and thus, one will know what they really stand for.

Mr. Manion makes the case that the Catholic Church receives around $2 billion annually between monies given to Catholic Charities, Catholic universities and hospitals, and “tens of millions a year more for the USCCB itself”. In exchange, the USCCB has downplayed their position on legalized child killing, and have promoted a more left leaning socialistic agenda reminiscent of the Democratic position on many ‘social justice’ matters and has been very verbal in their dismissal of those opposed to these positions. They have also protected those ‘Catholic’ politicians by defending their right to continue receiving Holy Communion under the rubric of ‘self examination’, and have allowed their teaching authority to be usurped by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who has demanded support from the pulpit in the matter of ‘immigration reform’.

Mr. Manion confirms what has been suspected for some time, and actually stated by a few of the brave Bishops, that the body of the USCCB is fearful of losing not only the billions from the government if they stood up for the teachings of the church, but also of their coveted 501 C 3 tax exempt status. This is easily observed by looking at what the Bishops have condemned in the recent past, and currently, as well as what they have affirmed either through pastoral letters or through their silence. It is clear that the USCCB is not following their first love, which is supposed to be the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead, are relying upon the generosity of a man made structure that has little concern for their belief systems.

The USCCB is being a very good pet ‘yorkie’ and laying quietly on the laps of their masters, only to make noise when their funding or tax exempt status appears to be threatened. Their behaviors are very predictable, and one knows nearly all the time what position they will take, depending upon the contemporary feel of the Democratic Party. This body does not represent the true teachings of the Catholic Church anymore, and it is high time that the laity recognizes this fact, and begins to act on it by no longer funding them in any way, shape or form. As stated in earlier posts, if the USCCB has more allegiance to this government and their ways of doing business, then they should send all of their fund raising letters and financial requests to the IRS.

It is truly scandalous that the USCCB will not protect the integrity of Holy Communion and the sanctity of life by insisting legalized child killing end, and reserves their harshest criticism for those who advocate obeying both civil and church law. These men have lost their first love for the Gospel, and seem to trust in men more than the God they claim to serve. This body really has no moral right to demand financial support from the faithful, when the area not carrying out the Gospel mandates, and have no intention of doing so. The USCCB is more loyal to a band of renegade socialists (whose days are numbered) and show contempt for those who send in hard earned cash, and want to live by the principles of the Gospel.

As many believe and have alluded to the GOP being the party of God, the USCCB, through their actions, seem to mirror the whims of the Democratic Party, and by proxy, have elevated the Democratic platform to that of a divine right. It is unimaginable that God would be for the wholesale slaughter of his most innocent, and is for the callous violation of national laws such as legalized immigration. But here we have it, the most influential group of the American Catholic Church consistently voting with their wallets, and working the hardest at not ‘offending’ their masters, and thus showing, they truly don’t care about the salvation of these individuals, or the betterment of society through the true proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mr. Manion’s article at this link:


Thursday, May 27, 2010


George Offerman

Every once in a while, a Bishop stands up and does what is right in God’s eyes, and then ‘takes it on the chin’ from the world, which unfortunately includes many who claim to be Catholic. Bishop Olmsted, from the Phoenix Diocese, followed through with an excommunication of a nun and others who authorized and ‘executed’ this authorization to kill a child in a Catholic hospital. By following through on the Code of Cannon Law that is very clear, this Bishop is under fire from many different factions, and those that truly consider themselves pro life need to show support for this Bishop.

This is a great opportunity to stand up and publicly affirm our Lord and his teachings. The letter has been reprinted in its entirety, and the site to sign on is posted below. This will take little time to complete, but will be an immense help to the Bishop and to those willing to engage in this very worthy cause. This Petition is sponsored by American Life League (ALL), and please take the time to sign on and show your support. The letter follows:

In late 2009, Sr. Margaret McBride, an administrator at St. Joseph’s Hospital authorized the killing of a preborn child in the Diocese of Phoenix thereby incurring automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church by virtue of Canon Law 1398.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, in responding to this grave situation and obeying the Canon Law to which every Catholic is bound, publicly affirmed the excommunication — unleashing unabated anti-Catholic sentiment and the vitriol of the secular news media and dissident Catholic groups.

The individuals signing this letter pledge their support for Bishop Olmsted’s faithful defense of Church teaching to accomplish his primary task — the salvation of souls in his diocese — which includes the souls of Sr. Margaret McBride, the preborn child whose death Sr. McBride authorized, the child’s parents, and any other individuals involved.

Bishop Olmsted reminds us that a unique and unrepeatable preborn baby is at the center of this tragic case and his or her murder strikes at the very core of the Gospel of life and the call of Jesus to see His face in those less fortunate.
Please stand with us and support Bishop Olmsted by adding your signature to our open letter to Bishop Olmsted:

Your Excellency,

We are writing to assure you of our continued support and prayers as you persist in the battle with the culture of death in Phoenix.

We stand with you in the solidarity of the Catholic Faith and are truly grateful for your clear teaching on the dignity and personhood of every human being.

The secular news media and even many dissidents within the Catholic Church have positioned themselves to oppose your clear propagation of the Faith. We pray you take solace in the words of Our Lord in the Gospel of St. John (15:18) “If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.”

We the undersigned stand with you at the service of the Gospel. Please be assured of our constant prayers on your behalf and on behalf of the souls — both born and preborn — in your care.

Sincerely yours in the Lord who IS Life!

Judie Brown,
President, American Life League


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


George Offerman

Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli was guest on a radio program this morning, and was commenting on the law suit he filed on behalf of Virginians 8 hours after the hell care bill passed. Attorney General Cuccinelli was discussing how the government is violating the commerce clause of the constitution, and mentioned that the government’s attempt to force Americans to buy a product from other Americans is not only unconstitutional, but unprecedented in this nation’s history. The Attorney General reiterated that if the Feds prevail in this matter, then it will effectively end Federalism as we understand it today.

Attorney General Cuccinelli, who is very actively pro life has verbalized other issues with the hell care law, but is taking a tactic in attempting to defeat the imposition of this law that nearly all can relate to. As he stated on the radio show, ‘it makes no difference whether we are talking about health care or Chevy’s. Once the government can tell you what you have to buy, it truly ends competition and violates a core value that makes America what it is”. Again, this is a point that most Americans can relate to, and it needs to be emphasized to this government that they cannot act like the neighborhood bully, and impose their will onto every aspect of our lives.

Attorney General Cuccinelli has a reputation for standing up to his opposition with courage and conviction, and definitely is worthy of support and praise for his efforts. He is one of the few republicans who actually come close to carrying the mantle of “Reagan Republican” and has a vision for not only Virginia, but for this country. He and Governor Bob MacDonald, another strong pro lifer, have shaken up politics in this state, and have done well in making positive change, albeit with some controversy. (Virginia is looking at a $140 million SURPLUS for this year).

But getting back to the hell care law, Attorney General Cuccinelli is very strong on his conviction that this is a winnable case in the courts, and believes it may go as high as the Supreme Court before this is over. Department of Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius waited until the final hours before yesterday’s midnight deadline to file a motion to dismiss Attorney General Cuccinelli’s law suit stating that “A state cannot… manufacture its own standing to challenge a federal law”. She goes on to charge that the government does, in fact have the right to legislate federal law, that “protects’ citizens and that the state has no right or standing to interfere in this.

Sebelius then goes on to making the argument that Virginia’s recently passed law forbidding Federal mandates to forcing citizens from purchasing health insurance was put into place as a reaction, thus nullifying Attorney General Cuccinelli’s contention that Virginia is simply upholding state laws. Sebelius also contends that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not violate the commerce clause in that “Congress also has independent and ‘extensive’ authority to do so as an exercise of its power under Article 1 Section 8 to lay taxes and make expenditures to promote the general welfare”. Sebelius, and by extension, the Obama administration is attempting to ‘stick it’ to states rights, and in essence, shutting down all debate and jurisprudence concerning hell care and its implementation.

Attorney General Cuccinelli has taken his share of licks from the socialistic liberal media and Obama administration, and to his credit, has not backed down an inch. This is the kind of politician we need in every office and Attorney General Cuccinelli is nothing less than inspirational for those of us hungry to see statesmen instead of weenies in public office. Mr. Cuccinelli campaigned on the promises to uphold the constitution and responsible government, and he has kept his promises. Mr. Cuccinelli single-handedly changed the debate on the state of hell care, by being the first to threaten, and carry through with a law suit, and 20 other state attorney generals followed suit.

As Attorney General Cuccinelli has proven, it only takes one man with true convictions to stand up, and change the nature of the debate. We as an electorate need to continue supporting men like Attorney General Cuccinelli in their attempts to bring back sanity and common sense to this government. With what is at stake this November, it is not time to stay silent when the liberals and socialists around you start trashing men like this. It is time to be on the offensive and take back our country, based upon the principles of our founding fathers and the constitution. Anything less is truly ‘un’ American. Go, Ken!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


George Offerman

I spent most of last night at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors hearing and public comment on a proposed “Chesapeake Bay Act”. This act, if approved, could result in charging up to $5,000 fee for adding a play set or dog house in the back yard of most residential properties in the county. It is one of the most outrageous power grabs by any government entity at any level, and had to be opposed. I only found out yesterday, just several hours before the public comment meeting, and decided it had to be a priority of my time.

I did manage to get to speak near the end of the public comment period, and told the supervisors how this is nothing more than a power grab, and that the fee structure proposed is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as no fees have ever gone down, gone away, or were what they were proposed to be in the first place. I also challenged those ‘greenies’ that are for this, that they better be leading by example, by living in high rise small condos, riding bicycles everywhere they need to go, drinking Potomac river water, and eating all organic foods.

In all, there were 70 speakers, and the majority were opposed to this measure. What was amazing, was the fact that of a county with nearly 250,000 people, that around 55 made an effort to vocalize their opposition to this governments attempts at controlling over 50% of the county land they want to claim as Chesapeake ‘watershed’, and would fall under stiff regulations and very high fees to make any changes on the property. With this said, it is no wonder that our side is getting creamed by the socialists in nearly every arena. The majority oppose this, but only from the safety of their kitchens, and don’t seem to be bothered enough to pull themselves away from the TV for a few hours and help out their fellow citizens who at least give a damn about matters at hand.

Very much like other private property issues (especially legalized child killing), it seems like the dark side and the base nature of man has taken over the majority, and they stay silent, as the few vocal elite plan our future for us. It is no surprise that our path in this country continues to become steeper as we slide into situations that we are neither prepared for nor want to be in. The quicker the pace of things becomes, the more the masses want to hunker down, and pretend all is well, and attempt to live on in their world of make believe. That is why many people in many different fields are coming to the same conclusion concerning this country at least; that the change ready to befall us will take most by surprise, and be painful, if not lethal for some.

This may be still avoidable, but on an individual basis, not a national one. Spiritually and financially, we have made our beds, and we now will be lying in them soon. Why is it, this late in the game, the majority still doesn’t want to face up to reality? All around us we can see decay in nearly all things, yet want to cling to ideals and lifestyles that are neither healthy nor sustainable. Minimally, there will be a cleansing of the land if the Lord will it, and life as we know it will be simpler and sustainable. The alternative is much darker than this, and the possibility of this alternative taking place may be much greater than one wants to acknowledge.

It is not fun nor pleasant to contemplate these matters, but it is of the greatest necessity to do so at this time. Our lives may depend on it, and there will only be burning regret if one knows they were warned, but chose to do nothing about it when the opportunity allowed. With what one can observe about the past few years, not many are willing to look at what is happening around them, and even fewer are willing to do anything about it. The masters of the universe have plans for us, and they are not good. It is time to get from out of the shadows and act in the God given manner in which we are called by God to do.

Monday, May 24, 2010


George Offerman

We are witness to major upheaval politically as well as financially and most importantly, spiritually. It is beyond question that the landscape is changing rapidly, and if one wants to make an impact, it will require the ability and desire to change with it. Here we are, at a crossroads in this nation, and the need to respond has never been greater. It also seems that many in this country are worn out or showing low energy in dealing with the changes at the exact time that high energy and purpose driven activity is required the most. The question that will need to be answered soon (and we will know that very soon) is: Are we going to stand up and fight the dark forces that challenge us, or is this all talk?

There is good reason to have some guarded optimism concerning the people in the tea party movement. The tea party has mobilized a large number of people, at least politically, who have been out there, but voiceless until recently. Most of these people hold very basic, but common sense principles of government and how the government affects the day to day life of the citizen of this country. These people are also aware that the government is now out of control, and if not stopped, will usher in some of the most socialistic programs ever envisioned for what should be a free and market driven nation.

One of the main problems with this is the fact that many are new to this level of activity, and thus are vulnerable to the manipulation and influences of the established party system, especially the GOP. The GOP has already attempted to influence much of the message of the tea party, and has already alluded to the fact that the Kentucky senate winner for the GOP primary, Rand Paul, is ‘dangerous’ and a potential liability for the establishment GOP. So far, there seems to be some resistance to the GOP statements and allegations that Dr. Paul will be a liability, but what has the GOP done for this country lately?

At some point, the tea party people, and really all Americans, are going to have to ask themselves this question: When will that line in the sand be crossed, and what am I going to do about it? For me, it seems abundantly clear that the line is ready to be crossed, and there needs to be serious calculations as to the cost of resisting the breach of this line, and how to encourage and engage others in defending this line. The time for talk is nearly, if not over already, and there now needs to be much thought and prayer given to the consequences of the line being crossed. If not now, when, and if not, shall we just put on shackles and get it over with?

There is way too much talk going on, and too many are talking in the future tense when discussing what they will eventually do ‘if this point gets crossed…, then I’ll do this. There needs to be an action plan now, and it needs to be tight, and well coordinated, or this new found energy and political clout will be absconded and wasted. There does not seem to be a lot of time left, and it truly does seem that the absolute future of what is left of this country hangs in the balance of the upcoming November elections. If we as a nation cannot get this budget under control, and manage to elect some people who understand the peril we are in, then there really may be no hope for our future.

Adversity does bring out the best (and worst) in people, and the question will be will there be enough people of integrity to counterbalance the potential rioting and bad behavior when a crisis hits? (Think of the Superdome in New Orleans after Katrina). Will we as a people rise to the occasion, or simply make excuses for our inactions and accept the impending slavery our masters have in store for us? It really is gut check time, and all of the warnings and prognostications about our situation are finally at our doorstep. Either way, we have a date with destiny and it will be our convictions, then actions (or inaction) that will determine which side of history we end up on.

We are going to have to get used to the idea that civil disobedience will soon likely be a way of life. It will carry consequences, and we have to be willing to pay that price. The more that are willing to pay the price, the lesser the consequences will be overall, and the less pain we will go through in rebirthing our society and nation. But we need to be very aware that painful times are here, and being lethargic and non committal is not an option that will result in any outcomes that are positive. It will be a battle, but the fight will be worth the price if good men and women stand up and fight for the principles this country, and Christianity are founded upon.

Friday, May 21, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the treachery of the Democrats continues on. El Presidente Calderon gave his little speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, and had the audacity (Obama should learn from this) to openly criticize the State of Arizona for its new law to curtail the lawbreakers from entering and staying in their state. Very typical of the treacherous Democrats, they gave him an ovation (some stood up) and in essence agreed with his statements and permitted an invited guest of this country to trash the policies of the country.

What makes this even more remarkable is the fact a few minutes later into the speech, El Presidente Calderon asked for money to help with the Mexican ‘drug problem’. (And there is no doubt this corrupt Democratic house will want to fully fund this request on the dime of the producers in this country.) So, we have a guy from a country that is openly advocating for his people to violate the laws of another sovereign nation, gets invited to that nation, then ahs the ‘gonads’ to criticize that nation when some that nation decide to actually enforce the rule of law. Then we have the publicly educated morons in congress show their approval, and will now reward this behavior with money to help them with their other so called problems. Wow, just when you thought this party could not get dumber. No wonder their party symbol is a jack@$$.

For all of those who are running against these morons, it is time to get some of the footage of this fiasco, find your representative in that footage, and run non stop ads in their districts showing how your representative does not respect the rule of law, and THROW THEM OUT! I wonder how the party of the jack@$$ would react if the producers of this country decided en masse to disobey the laws these jack@$$e$ pass. Very simple. The party of the jack@$$ would sick their favorite agency, the IRS onto these people, and these people would be thrown in prison, labeled domestic terrorists, survivalists, religious fanatics, or accused of sedation or treason. This really is the age where right is wrong, lawlessness is rewarded and the law abiding are persecuted.

It seems we are getting very close to the time in which civil disobedience will be necessary just to survive. It is time to wake up and take an active role in the daily operation of this country, and to not accept this imposition of lawlessness onto our lives. This, of course, will take courage and commitment, but it will truly be ‘lights out’ if this is not done very soon. This is when we will see if most people are all talk, or really mean what they say when they discuss the need to have real changes occur in this country.

In the mean time, it is important to let the party of the jack@$$ that their behaviors yesterday are unacceptable and very un-American. If the party of the jack@$$ is truly ashamed of America, then get out of here, and start your own country with your own money, and resources, and implement whatever socialistic programs you want. But leave me and my money and resources alone. Maybe El Presidente will let the party of the jack@$$ go to his country and start using their resources. That would be an even exchange, given that’s what we have done for the past few decades. What goes around comes around.

Speaking of money, it is nearly gut splitting laughter at the lame excuses the powers that be use to explain all of the ‘down’ days on the stock market. The only discussions that never occur with these people is the truth: that our welfare state cannot pay for the nearly 50% of the people here that are being taken care of by the other 50%, and we are on an unsustainable curve. We will soon see the problems in Greece come here, but in magnitudes greater. It is inevitable, and definitely coming. It will be painful, but necessary, and will require the dead weight in society to begin carrying their own weight. Hard work never hurt anyone, and it is about time we relearn this lesson in this country.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


George Offerman

In one of the most outrageous and shameless displays of his presidency, Obama held a press conference with the president of the south and in effect, agreed with this man about how the Arizona law is ‘very bad’ and is potentially harmful for the relationship between the two countries. Obama, true to his “It’s America’s fault” posture, agreed with this man, and basically dissed a part of his own country to placate this guy from the south. It is disheartening to see a president of our country go after his own citizens and a state rather than stand up for the constitution and existing federal law that makes in a CRIME to break into the country.

Obama could have (and should have) taken time to publicly remind the president from the south, that their laws are much harsher for illegal aliens, and that there is nowhere near any parity between the two countries. Obama also could have (and should have) called the man out on his behavior in questioning our laws on our land as a guest in our country. Obama could have (and should have) also called into question how it is that a president can have a policy of solving his country’s problems by encouraging it’s citizens to violate the laws of another country, using their resources and jobs, then chastise that country when they attempt to do something about it.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder was outed recently by a savvy reporter who pressed him on the actual contents of the Arizona law. After a great deal of hesitation, Attorney General Holder admitted that he had not actually read the law, but ‘read commentaries from others who read the law’, and was going from that. This has been the overall reaction by many in high positions within the Obama administration, and it is abundantly clear that they have little interest in real immigration reform, but want to continue on the path that has been followed for a few decades now. Maybe Obama was distracted when he took the oath of office, but he did make a pledge to uphold the constitution and the protection of the country. He, and his administration, are doing the opposite of this, and he does not deserve to be in office.

This is the least qualified president we have ever had, and it is becoming painfully obvious the more time passes. What we need in this country is someone who is aware of our history, takes pride in it, and pledges to up hold it. We very well may have this in the Republican nominee Rand Paul. If elected, Dr. Paul would have about as much political experience as Obama, and there would be precedent for him to seek the presidency. But unlike Obama, Dr. Paul actually has real life experience doing what he was educated in, and has had a real job.

I am adding a piece by Randall Terry about this exact point. It is well written, and hits the point that the tea party people are being seduced by the dark GOP forces, that wants to ‘water down’ their message, and continue with the status quo and compromise they are well known for. Link:

Rand Paul for President! The People's Hero, the GOP Establishment's Nightmare; What Will Republican Leaders Do?

"If Obama can go from a Senate victory in 2006 to the Presidency in 2008, why can't Rand Paul pull off a similar miracle? The first goal is victory in November; the second is the White House."

Randall Terry

Dr. Rand Paul's primary victory over the GOP machine pick (and Kentucky Secretary of State) Trey Grayson is a stunning victory for grass roots Americans, and a stunning blow to the Republican establishment.

Dr. Paul's triumph is a political nightmare for the GOP. They want the momentum, money, manpower and votes of the "Tea Party" activists and other angry voters. But they tremble over candidates like Dr. Paul who are actually principled when it comes to fiscal liberty, ending socialism in America, defending Christian Marriage, and outlawing all child killing by abortion from conception until birth.

This is a huge quagmire for Republican Leaders. If old-line party hacks like Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey - who are trying to co-opt the Tea Party for run of the mill GOP candidates - speak against Paul, they will face an angry mob, and their influence in the Tea Party movement will be over.

If the national party "distances itself" from Paul, they will further enrage a base that is quickly becoming unruly and uncontrollable by party leaders. It will cause the base to withhold funds and man-hours from the party apparatus.

If the GOP embraces Dr. Paul, his economic policies and true commitment to life and liberty show that the GOP is primarily made of big government socialists, child-killers (who use "pro-life" words to seduce pro-life voters), slaves to corporate interests and foreign regimes, etc.

The GOP would be delighted to have Scott Brown of Massachusetts as their prototype for a political superhero. He is pro-abortion, a man without an ethical compass, who will happily put Party ahead of Principle when told to by party bosses.

They will even tolerate someone like Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who talked political smack – saying he would filibuster an Obama Supreme Court nominee if the person is too ideological – who then tucked his tail and ran from the actual battle now that ultra left winger Elana Kagan is the nominee. His words seduce; his actions produce…nothing.
Rand Paul, by contrast, is the real article; a man guided by principle, not party; a man loyal to ethics, not party bosses. His pro-life position is flawless, and he will act on it, not run from it.

Simply put, he will not betray his ethical core for the sake of the Republican Party. That makes him a hero to us “common folk;” it makes him a danger to the elite.

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts was a vote against Washington DC Democrats; Dr. Paul’s victory was a vote against the GOP establishment.

Herein lies the crisis brewing for GOP leaders: If Paul becomes the poster boy of Republican foot soldiers, those who rule the ivory tower will look as foolish as the naked emperor. They will be seen as phonies craving power, using empty rhetoric to reach their goals.

What will the GOP do? Something Machiavellian, no doubt. And it will be ugly.
But their teeth gnashing and secret machinations will not matter. Kentucky is the perfect state for Paul’s victory in November. Obama is very unpopular; life and liberty election activists are energized, and willing to sacrifice their time and money; and the Democrats have neither the message or the man to stop the Paul Juggernaut.

Paul will win in November, with or without the GOP machinery and its blessing.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he inherited the Ronald Reagan populist mantle, and went on to win the White House? Let us remember that Ronald Reagan a man of principle who was strongly disliked by the GOP establishment...yet he became the most popular president of the last 60 years.

Run, Rand, run!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday’s mini ‘super Tuesday’ was a decent start to this November’s mid term elections, but not necessarily the slam dunk that was expected by many of the so called ‘conservatives’ and pundits. Incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln (D. Ark) ended up tied, and is now in a run off with her opponent Lt. Governor Bill Halter scheduled for June 8. The late Rep. Murtha’s seat went to Democrat Mark Critz over Republican Tim Burns very handily. This contest seemed to be overlooked in much of the reporting, and goes to show that the anger and desire for real change may not be running as deeply as many would like to believe.

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, won his primary and will be running against either Lt Governor Daniel Mongiardo or Jack Conway, who are currently neck and neck for the democratic nomination. This race is particularly interesting, as it is one of the few contests in which the tea party is truly represented by what one could have considered an underdog. Already, many in the mainstream GOP consider Paul to be too radical, and liability to the party. This is the exact thought process that has scared many involved in the tea party, as well as those who believe that there needs to be a ‘house’ cleaning in Washington.

The fears have been that the Republicans would want to abscond with the anger and passion demonstrated by a large minority of people who have finally become involved in the political scene. This is what is so dangerous, in attempting to put the tea party ideals and passions under the GOP tent. It seems the GOP already wants to run to the ‘compromise’ tent and placate the obviously morally and fiscally bankrupt Democrats. The downfall of the GOP (Grandpa On Prozac) is not learning from past failures, and the multiple numbers of betrayals to a large segment of their base over the past few decades.

There is a need to stick to what appears to be a very simple message and agenda. What the Tea party people and other like minded producers in this country want is: 1) smaller and unobtrusive government, 2) balanced budgets 3) protection and respect for the Constitution, 4) ending legalized child killing, 5) lowered taxes, 6) closed border and sensible immigration and 7) end of the welfare state. There may be other points not covered, but in essence, this is what most of the reasonable folks want to see their elected representatives fight for. To want to compromise this message is a very clear statement that many in the GOP ‘don’t get it’ about the frustration with the government, and that by electing many of them, the status quo will continue, with only lip service being paid to the real issues.

So it seems we are at a crossroads concerning the next political move. Do we compromise and risk going into the GOP tent, with another promise that ‘it will be different this time’, or proceed on with a third party? I, for one, do not trust the GOP and think their habitual selling out of conservative values is in many ways way worse than what the Democrats do. I also don’t buy into the hype that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote, or helping out the Dems. The only way to get the message through to either party is to throw most of them out and nominate and elect those willing to stand up for constitutional government, and be willing to be one term politicians.

I am also disheartened over the fact a good part of the electorate has ‘moved on’ from the hell care debate and debacle. This is not unexpected, and it appears the something for nothing crowd may be doing what they always do: looking out for themselves. November is a long way off, and much can happen before then. In the mean time we continue on the financial slippery slope with out of control spending and out of control money printing, and an out of control congress that is proposing more goodies for the lazy fair. Something needs to change, and it has to happen very soon.

*** Thanks to Randall Terry for the GOP line out of his song GOP. Please watch his program Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance. www.terrycast.com

**** For those of you who still do not believe the financial trouble we are in. Question: If the dollar really is gaining strength, as shown by the dollar index, then why are prices in nearly everything still rising? Answer: the dollar index on Wall Street is a sham. Why gas is nearly $3 per gallon with oil less than $70 per barrel, when 2 years ago oil was $147 per barrel, yet only $4 per gallon? Not a strong dollar. Finally, we owe the money powers a big THANK YOU for ‘taking down’ gold and silver. It allows for the smart people to ‘load the boat’ at bargain prices.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



George Offerman

It was reported last week that three congressmen have requested a probe into the possibility that the Obama administration violated federal law that prohibits interfering in a foreign country’s affairs by pushing for the changes in the Kenyan constitution that would legalize child killing in almost all instances. Currently, Abortion is allowed only when the life of the mother is at stake. Evidently, the state department has spent over 2 million in support of this bill, and Secretary of State Clinton has been an outspoken proponent for ‘Reproductive health care’ to be included in the referendum. See Link:


Three congressmen, Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Darrell Issa (R-Calif) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla) have written to the Inspector General (IG) of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID as well as the Government Accountability Office (GAO). In their complaint, both Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have overstepped the boundary set by what is known as the siljander Amendment, which is annually included in the State and Foreign Operations appropriations Act that prohibits lobbying for or against legalized child killing using the funds made available in the act. If this act is violated, there are several differing sanctions, including up to prison and fines.

Now, whether anyone believes that much will become of this will be the question of the day, but most likely it will continue to get scant attention and die in some committee. It is of no surprise that the most ardent proponent of child killing wants to ‘gift’ his home country with what he considers to be one of America’s finest exports, the technology in extermination of ‘useless eaters’. Never mind that it is illegal for anyone of influence to attempt to influence the policies of foreign governments, but maybe the great one believes since it is really his home, he is not interfering. Either way one wants to look at this, it is very unbecoming of the office of the President when one openly violates the law in this manner.

The meddling in foreign affairs is not new for this administration, and it is becoming very clear that the only thing Obama seems to respect about this country is the exportation of what could be considered decadent technology and know how. As far as following anything that represents the law, we have another president who is a lawyer, and has claimed to be a ‘constitutional professor’ at a prestigious law school. It seems to be in his character to break whatever laws or social norms get in the way of his agenda. This, coupled with the fact his nominee for Supreme court Kagan, has a similar appetite for looking at foreign law, which by following will end up ‘meddling’ with the way our country and constitution work.

One can only hope that this issue has some resolution to it, unlike the birth certificate issue along with other bullying and scare tactics that Obama likes to use. Otherwise, our country is no better than any of the other thug lead dictatorships out there, and we will ultimately end up with the same trouble that those countries have.

Monday, May 17, 2010


George Offerman

There has been much written about Supreme Court nominee Kagan in the past two weeks, and so far, what can be gleaned from the public information available, this woman is an extremist, bent on changing law according to her vision, and that of the very liberal (socialist) judges she considers her heroes. That there are pro life people who are actually considering supporting this nominee just goes to show how ‘lukewarm’ many, if not most are in this movement. So far, this woman has not shown ANY propensity in upholding anything traditional and dear about this country and its constitution, and there seems to be nothing to debate, other than demanding answers at her hearing.

Since Ms. Kagan has never donned a black robe, one must look at what she has been able to do as the first Dean of Harvard Law School, and Solicitor General. Ms. Kagan has had the distinction of revamping the curriculum at the most prestigious law school in the nation, and replaced the compulsory classes on constitutional law with international/comparative law. Ms. Kagan believes that international law seems to have relevancy in our country, and has alluded to the fact that it is American law that fits within the international scheme, and thus should be taken into account when ‘legislating’ from the bench.

Ms. Kagan has a hero in the former President of the Supreme Court of Israel in Aharon Barak, who is considered to be one of the most ‘activist’ judges known in the world. Mr. Barak received an honorary degree from Harvard during Ms. Kagan’s tenure as dean, and Ms. Kagan seems to have an affinity for Mr. Barak’s style in using law from all over the world, without necessarily taking any local or national interests and traditions into account. There are many jurists who view the extreme activism of Mr. Barak as dangerous and unprecedented. To say that Ms. Kagan would not want to imitate her ‘hero’ is to believe that she truly is going to have some sort of ‘epiphany’ and turn around and be that ‘5th vote’ to overturn Roe.

There are also questions pertaining to Ms. Kagan’s view of the second amendment, which is very imperative in the traditions and rights that are uniquely American. Due to the fact that most of the socialistic European countries and all the communist countries are very anti gun, and we would soon be disarmed and unable to stop the tyranny that may soon follow. Second amendment rights are the cornerstone of a free people, and truly the enemy of the socialist. So, this would be in alignment with the idea that Ms. Kagan is a closet Fabian Socialist.

Just in case there may be doubts about Ms. Kagan’s historical views on legalized child killing, the following statement was released and attributed to the editorial research done by the Princeton “Prince”:

The editorial called Reagan’s economic policies “fanciful,” predicting that they “would ultimately prove disastrous,” and that Reagan would abandon the natural and urban environment in favor of setting “industry free from stifling government rules.” It also criticized Reagan for supporting an amendment making abortion illegal in cases where the mother’s life was not at stake.

It seems clear by her positions concerning Reagan’s position on abortion that Ms. Kagan is for this ‘human right’. Ms. Kagan may have been thinking of her future when presenting her belief on legalized child killing, and expressing it in more couched terms as in cases where the mother’s life is not at stake, instead of using the term ‘elective procedures”. It seems to be clear that from the little gleaned so far, Ms. Kagan is no friend of the pro lifers and will want to promote the radical view that she and her handler, Obama ascribe to. By doing more research on documents soon to be released, it should not be difficult at all to prove this woman will be an extremely dangerous justice that will lead all in ‘activism’ and promote those matters that are repulsive to the average citizen.

So, all the pro life side needs to do is focus on the little already known (which is a lot of information) to understand clearly that Ms. Kagan is no friend to the babies. It really is time to mobilize against this nominee if our side is serious in attempting to influence this nation’s future concerning legalized child killing. Waiting until the last minute, as with Sotomayor, will result in the same outcome, and legalized child killing will have a long life in this country. Do we want that kind of blood on our hands?

Friday, May 14, 2010


George Offerman

After having several very interesting conversations in the last few days about the state of affairs in this country, and the recent up moves in the precious metals, I have given into a temptation to write a post exclusively on the metals, which I have not really done up to this point. So, if you are not interested in this topic, skip this one and come back on Monday.

There are those who still believe that Gold is a ‘barbarous relic’, and is currently in a bubble, due to the fact it has gone up fivefold from its low in 2000. There are even more that believe silver is just an ‘industrial’ metal, and as well, is near bubble status, having gone up slightly more than fourfold from its 1999 lows. In both instances, the skeptics cannot be more mistaken, and sadly enough for them (to be discovered VERY SOON) they will have major regrets that they did not get on this train before it pulled out of the station. Even at today’s rate, gold is still a bargain, and silver is practically being given away.

The last major run of both metals ended in 1980 when gold hit $850 per ounce and silver $50 per ounce. Without getting into great detail ( and the reader must do research on this) the main upward pressure for gold was Nixon’s closing the gold window August 15, 1971, thus ending what was then known as the Bretton Woods agreement, and the subsequent running of very high inflation and the oil crisis of 1973-4. However, silver had a different story and set of circumstances. Two very wealthy brothers who were in oil had figured out that inflation was going to steal their wealth in a stealth like manner, and decided to accumulate a large amount of physical silver as a ‘hedge’ against inflation. This accumulation took several years, but hit critical mass in mid to late 1979, shooting the price up to nearly $50 per ounce. The Hunt brothers (who really would be considered HEROES if the truth were known) nearly crashed the silver market (and would have destroyed the money powers on the spot) and exposed the fraud that the COMEX actually is. The Hunt brothers ‘crime’ as the SEC and others allege, was demanding to take delivery of the physical silver that they LEGALLY BOUGHT AND OWNED. Had they done that, the manipulation of the precious metals that has been very well documented by GATA and Ted Butler would have ended, and the true price of the metals would have continued higher until they reached their true value.

What killed the silver price at $50 was intervention on the COMEX markets by the government, when they disallowed ‘long’ contracts from being purchased, and threatened to flood the market with silver (which at the time, the U.S. gov’t had a stockpile of 2 billion ounces). Within a day, the price collapsed by $15, and the Hunt brothers were ‘out of business’ and on their way to vilification and trial. After this episode, the COMEX through the CFTC instituted caps on long contracts, but not shorts, thus creating the current situation of manipulation in silver by the well known short holder JP Morgan.

The interesting thing back then was silver was making moves of $3-5 per day, and that was when there was a known world supply of around 10 billion ounces, with the U.S. government holding the world’s greatest hoard of silver. There was truly no shortage back then, but by virtue that silver is money (as God deemed it to be) there was that ‘herd mentality’ of getting some before it was gone, thus driving up the prices in very short order.

Now, fast forward to 2010. The government used up their hoard, and have been net buyers of silver for at least the past 5 years. There are no governments that have been net sellers of silver, and the largest known hoard is in India, at 200 million ounces (and they will not part with theirs) the world supply (estimated) is down 90% from 10 to 1 billion ounces. Silver is a necessity for the modern electronics found in cell phones, computers and virtually all other components that need to be spark free and heat sensitive (the two facets of silver not found in ANY other metal known to man). Silver has anti bacterial properties that are now utilized in everything from clothing, to medicines, and these facets consume around 40% of all annually mined silver. The USGS has estimated that known ground reserves of silver will be exhausted in 14 years. There are more points to make concerning silver’s use and consumption, but the point is that there is little supply of silver left, and the money powers have NO RECOURSE left when prices take off.

The largest feature of all though is the fact there are now thousands of little “Hunts’ out there, who will not let go of their silver at nearly any price, and they are very clear who the villains are, unlike 1980. The U.S. government has no silver left to threaten to flood the market with when the price finally breaks free. The major forces that killed the last silver run have been neutralized, and it is CHECK MATE for the greedy money powers. There is no greater joy in the precious metals camps than the idea that these ‘useless eaters’ have to watch their scheme crumble right in front of them, and they can’t do anything about it. What goes around comes around.

The prices of the metals, especially silver will be absolutely stunning. There will be thousands of folks who will be ‘instant millionaires’ when this starts, and it will be in the truest form of money that God created. The price increase will not be a moon shot; it will be more like a super nova. No one will be griping about having bought, and then seeing it go down by some cents or even a few dollars. There will be people that only have modest amounts that will see daily increases in the 5-6 figure range during the height of the ‘mania’, and their only dilemma will be when or if to get out of the market and buy up the real estate that will be had for back taxes. This truly is a ‘once in history’ chance to get into something that is still available on the cheap, but the door is closing fast and the ride is about to commence.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


George Offerman

It was announced late last night that April’s deficit was 83 billion, one of the highest monthly deficits on record. What makes this so interesting is the fact April normally runs a surplus due to obvious reasons, and it is the worst April showing ever. This is on the heals of the Demovamps announcing their intentions to push through larger spending items before the November elections, when they BETTER BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE. It never ceases to amaze me how so many elected officials do not’ get it’ when it comes to being stewards of resources that are not theirs. (and this is the same party that pushes junk like ‘green’ movements, global warming, and other false matters).

The 19 consecutive months of deficits is a national record, and there is no end in sight. The Demovamps, who are proving themselves to be the party of waste and corruption, are also pushing this country past the point of no return financially, and actually seem to relish this. Their absolute zeal in punishing producers is only topped by their zeal to incorporate all of the illegal aliens into consuming citizens, and ensuring their continual reelections and continuity of their green blood sucking policies and paybacks to fellow cronies. If this does not get the blood boiling in the majority of Americans, then very little will, and truly this country is a dead man walking.

The trajectory of the current deficits spells doom for the financial system. It really does appear that the only exit strategy is total collapse, and it is looking like it is not very far off. No one is buying Treasure notes, and the last sale had some entity called “Household” that purchased $100 Billion of these pieces of toilet paper. It is rather hilarious that the money powers are so uncreative that they have to give their shill organization the name of Household to pawn off as some legitimate buyer. First of all, there is no such organization named Household, and where did this organization come up with $100 Billion of ‘spare change’ to purchase Treasuries? Speaking of toilet paper, what is the difference between toilet paper and Federal Reserve notes? Toilet paper does not leave green ink on your @-- after you wipe!

Despite sounding like the prime pessimist, there is NO CHANCE that the country is going to turn around financially. The depression we are in was sealed by passage of the hell care bill, and when the real bill arrives it will finish off whatever chance we did have of reigning in the debt load. None of the incumbents and neither of the two parties will EVER repeal the hell care law, and the absolute socialistic agenda that is in store for us will finish off all productivity and incentive for doing anything in this country. The survivability for the masses will ultimately reside in a black market bartering economy as there is no way people will acquiesce to this government stealing food from their family, in order to pay the interest to these God forsaken banksters who are attempting to take over and dictate how we are to live.

In the mean time, those of you who have not heeded the warnings all around you, it is time to act and take care of the necessities for you and your family. There are many other than me who are stating what appears to be the obvious, and time needs to be spent dealing with the essentials and getting them done while there is still time. For when the collapse starts in earnest, the speed in which things moves will ‘shock and awe’ the vast majority, and even the simplest parts of our current routines may well be impossible to complete the way we have been used to. Time should be spent on the most essential matters, and not wasted on the unimportant and frivolous.

It ought to be clear even to the greatest skeptic, that this government has NO INTENTION of keeping its promises, and does not have the money to fund all of the liabilities it has taken on. There is no intention to reign in the budget, and these PIGS are now eying pension funds and IRA’s as their next source of funding. How much longer they can hold off the inevitable collapse is anyone’s guess, but the rapid rate of the troubles in Europe (soon to move here) ought to wake up the most zombified American to the harsh reality of the current situation. The printing presses are going full speed, and we will soon be awash in green, and hemorrhaging red. Get ready.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


George Offerman

This is one time I have to say Obama made a brilliant move with this nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. Because she ahs never served on the bench, Kagan has no fears or concerns over ‘questionable’ judgments and will most likely sidestep many of the very straight forward questions that many of the conservative nominees such as judge Bork, had to endure. Of course, there is a lot of speculation pertaining to Ms. Kagan’s personal life, but you can bet your life that the socialists will be screaming bloody murder if any of the so called conservative Senators even dare bring them up.

What is known, as has been reported by world net daily, is that Ms. Kagan appears to be a Fabian Socialist, like her supreme handler Obama. It is uncanny, how these two have so many similarities and how their lives in many ways mirror each other. Definitely, I agree with Mark Levin’s observation, that both of them will be the “most unqualified people in any room the walk into”. In what little information is available, it seems Ms. Kagan is going to be extremely socialistic and about as far left as one can get. (Now, why many of the so called ‘conservative’ groups have not done their homework and a few have actually endorsed this woman is beyond belief).

Ms. Kagan graduated from Princeton in 1981, and had penned a thesis paper titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City 1900-1933, in which she laments the fact that the great movement known as Socialism declined due to infighting, and was not able to attain its greatness due to this fact. (Evidently, Kagan does not understand the ‘control freak’ nature of most socialists) If this is true (And I plan on getting a copy of her thesis if possible) this gives great indications as to how this nominee will vote on critical decisions, and will most likely be an ‘activist’ judge versus one that sees the Constitution as supreme and worthy to being defended. (Now, I wonder if she will get even a tenth of the scrutiny Bob Macdonald received for his supposed ‘sexist’ college thesis during the Virginia governor’s race)

As in true fashion of a Fabian Socialist, Kagan well may be elevated to a position she has neither earned nor is qualified for. What is known about her is the fact she comes from an upper middle class family, and basically had her Ivy League education paid for by another (father). Kagan had been nominated by Clinton for a Federal Judgeship, but the Republican lead Senate failed to confirm her. Kagan, has thus floated around, and ended up in academia, and has had the opportunity to teach future lawyers in the same school that Obama had his very short Lecture (not professor) gig. (And these are the same people who accused Bush of cronyism).

Ms. Kagan needs to be grilled by those who want to uphold what is left of this country. There needs to be plenty of elected officials willing to be ‘politically incorrect’ and there needs to be herds of citizens willing to back up the senators doing the grilling. If we find that this woman is a Fabian Socialist (which seems very likely) she needs to have her nomination rejected in similar fashion that Socialist Kennedy did to Judge Bork. (and what was attempted to Justices Thomas, Alito and Roberts). It is time for those who want to see justice once again in this land, to stand up and fight for it. It is time to say no to these Fabian Socialists and the one world order they are promoting and implementing.

If this is the fight that most pro lifers are stating needs to happen, then we need to be out there in droves. Ms. Kagan could very well be on the bench for the next thirty years, and there seems to be little question as to which side of the war she will be on. There is a need to find out as much as possible about this woman and to be as public about this information as possible, and to encourage everyone you know to be active in stopping this nomination. One of these days, we will run out of options and chances, and only then, will we know the true score of how God really sees us.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


George Offerman

This past Saturday, Michael Brown of spiritdaily.com was in Silver Spring, Maryland and gave one of his well known retreats. The materials were similar to the retreat we attended several months ago, but there were some expanded thoughts on two of the topics Mr. Brown normally covers, that of the after life and that of prophesy.

During the after life portion of the conversation, Mr. Brown discussed how there is overwhelming evidence of not only the afterlife with a heaven, but of hell and purgatory as well. But was more remarkable, was the fact that a very large number of people stated their ‘life review’ commenced with conception, and not birth, and that these people had very vivid memories of events while in the womb, and how their mother’s interaction in the environment, moods, etc had a profound effect on them.

As. Mr. Brown alluded to, this has very large implications for the unborn, as it appears they are not only very aware of what is going on, but it would affirm the claims in Scripture that life begins at conception (a belief we already (or should) hold) and the need to protect life from conception. This would also include abortofacients and other means of ‘birth control’ that have become widely accepted and practiced in western civilization. It seemed many in the room were rather surprised by this, and Mr. Brown seemed to be clear in his emphasis on the need to become more active in this endeavor, of protecting life from conception.

From this point, the discussion pertaining to prophecy dovetailed from the abortion issue and looked at the general state of sin and how this is affecting our society, and world events. What appears to be a scourge in these modern times is the proliferation of cloning and altering genes of a significant amount of plant life, and moving into the animal kingdom, and even touching upon experimentation with human DNA. There appears to be a ‘quickening’ in the prophetic pulse and much of it lies around the perversion of science and the attempts to restructure the foundations of life itself.

It seems there are many unintended consequences of our actions, and it is becoming more obvious the longer and more widespread the experimentation goes. The genetically modified plants are spreading and basically infecting the unmodified species, and it may be very soon that no natural seeds and plants will exist in the next 10-15 years. Since no one has been able to study the environmental impact of this, it is unknown what effects it has on the animal kingdom, as well as for the humans who consume this food stuff. From what is being reported by several different seers as well as the 1990 prophesy from Mr. Brown’s book Tower of Light, it is seen as an abomination to God, and will end up in total disaster. In effect, it appears we are telling God that his creation is not good enough, and we have to meddle with it in order to create a form that is ‘sustainable’ from our perspective. Arrogance in our ‘knowledge’ is the main engine of our downfall.

Mr. Brown emphasized, from his perspective that he believes we have a very limited opportunity, if any at all, to make the necessary changes in our society to stop what appears to be harsh judgments on the horizon. These judgments, at least as currently predicted, would ‘destroy’ all of man’s creation, and effectively put us back into a more peasant like existence, or third world status. Life would be simpler, but the lifestyle as now known in this country would be but a memory, and once again, we would have to depend upon God for our daily needs.

Either way, challenging times are upon us, and regardless of whether we are hit with natural disasters in the very near future, we are witnessing the wholesale destruction of our economy right before our eyes. Things are becoming more critical by the day, and for those who are still in denial, it is not a time to have one’s head in the sand. I agree with Mr. Brown on this, that the money powers have given us a window of opportunity, but it needs to be acted upon, and very soon. This very well may be the last call, and we need to heed the sounds of the trumpets, and see the signs in front of us.

Monday, May 10, 2010


George Offerman

Randall Terry is launching his new show Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance, today and it promises to use humor and the typical cutting edge antics of Mr. Terry. So far, it seems many of those who have pre screened episodes find it to be rather funny as well as making the point that our society, and especially Washington D.C is rather insane. It looks like it is going to be fun, and it will be a program that will definitely take the ‘correct’ out of the current political climate.

Randall Terry, Founder of Insurrecta Nex and OverturnRoe.com, is launching a 5 day per week half hour television show, originating from Washington DC. The show is entitled: "Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance." The program premieres on Monday, May 10, 2010.

Randall Terry states:
"The show will be a combination of news, comedy, songs, skits, and of course...leadership training for culture warriors. Think of a hybrid of Stephen Colbert, Rush, and John the Baptist. And of course, we will torment our adversaries, just because we can."

Frederick St. John, Owner, WQXT, States:
"The next big hit on TV will be 'Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance.' Randall is saying what Americans are thinking. America is fed up with the lame-stream media with their radical left-wing slant. We are starting the show in prime time five days a week." Frederick St. John, Owner, President, WQXT, CH 22, St. Augustine FL

Randall Terry Schedule on WQXT: Monday - Friday, 6:30 - 7:00 P.M., re-run at 11:30 P.M. - 12:00 Midnight.

Dan Calderon, Owner, WCKV, States:
"WCKV, The Patriot Channel in Clarksville, TN is proud to be one of the first TV stations in the country to be airing 'Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance!' We are eager for the debut of this edgy and informative program -- and it is a blast to watch!"

Dan Calderon, Owner/President, WCKV

UHF, Channel 49; Charter Cable, Channel 9; CDE LightBand, Channel 12.
Randall Terry Schedule on WCKV: Monday - Friday, 6:00 - 6:30 P.M.

Randall can also be seen online every week night at 6 P.M. eastern on www.CPNLive.com or at www.Terrycast.com

Following are comments from viewers:

"I loved it - crazy and fun. Nothing disarms the enemy better than witty barbs and humor." Barb

"You caught me by surprise!!! Randall you ARE definitely good!!!! Your sense of humor won't quit and you CAN sing!!! Great impersonation.... God Bless you all!!!" Mary Ann

"Way to go Randall! It's great...I love it. I especially love your laugh...although Joey 'The Hammer' shows your diversity and your song to BO, Nancy and Harry Reid is very cool!" Missy

We can only hope that it is as blunt and disrespectful of the status quo as promised, as this will show the true insanity of the current political landscape. There needs to be a bright light shined upon the lies, deception and darkness that surrounds this City, and I can’t think of a better individual to do this than Mr. Terry. We need to hope and pray that this show hits a nerve, and propels people into action. This is the time that needed change has to happen, or we will continue to sink into the abyss as a society and as a country. Please watch the show, and pass this onto friends.

Friday, May 7, 2010


George Offerman

Nearly a full year later, Notre Dame finally comments on the status of the now famous ‘Notre Dame 88’ and attempts to take a stand, that somehow, these protestors meant to bring about violence on campus, and that there was a viable threat to the well being of the campus and those who were on it. It is really unfortunate that Fr. Jenkins has decided to paint himself into this corner, and time and the facts will ultimately show how Fr. Jenkins has distorted the facts of this case, as much as he has distorted the teachings of the Catholic Church in matters of faith and morals, especially concerning the issue of legalized child killing.

Fr. Jenkins claims that the ND88 were ‘unruly and lead by individuals who threatened peace and order’ and thus, deserve the possibility of up to one year in jail and the $5,000 fine. As one of the ND88 myself, I am very aware of what went on that weekend, why I was there, and why the majority of those, who ultimately became known as the ND 88 were there. I am also very aware of what our goals were as well as what we were instructed to do by the man who coordinated this effort, Randall Terry. It seems to me that Fr. Jenkins is feeling the heat, and his very convoluted and contradictory position his actions have demonstrated is beginning to catch up with him.

To begin with, Randall Terry did not, has not and will not condone violence, destruction of property or any form of behavior that would be seen as personally threatening to others, and Mr. Terry continues to advocate for NON VIOLENT MEANS of protest. Yes, Fr. Jenkins was correct in alluding to the term’ circus’ to describe the atmosphere of this commencement, but circus is nowhere near a position of rioting, violence or destruction of property that he wants to allege by his statements. The majority of the ND 88 are grandmothers and grandfathers, along with a priest and many young people who believed in the cause of upholding Catholic teachings, and went onto the campus in the spirit of prayerfulness. (Not what I would consider any threat). All the videos of the event confirm this to be true, and we did not get but 50-100 yards past the main gate before being arrested.

Fr. Jenkins is also making the claim that the ND 88 are being treated in the same fashion as all protestors have in the past. This claim has already been demonstrated to be false, as an investigation by the South Bend Tribune and the Sycamore Trust, a Notre Dame Alumni watchdog group has confirmed. Two groups of protestors, the pro gay soulforce and catholic worker anti ROTC were arrested on campus in March of 2007 for trespassing, and were processed and let go. The Sycamore Trust has proven through their investigation that both of these groups also violated the supposed criteria that Fr. Jenkins claims is the ‘litmus test’ for those who may disagree, or protest Notre Dame:

"We require that any campus demonstration ... be peaceful and orderly," be approved by the university, and be organized by a student, staff, or faculty member. However, "those who were arrested last spring met none of these criteria and, in particular, were led by individuals who threatened peace and order by promising upheaval on our campus."

Evidently, there are differing standards according to what purposes the protestors bring to the conversation. Any way one wants to look at this, the ND 88 will have their day and say, and it will not bode well for Fr. Jenkins and co, as they will be exposed for the frauds that they are. There are too many of the faithful out there that are tired of the ‘double speak’ that both the Church and the Society at large engage in on a regular basis. Truth is truth, and this will play out in the end. Many in the ranks of the ND 88 are willing to go where the spirit leads, and in the end Fr. Jenkins is only a bit player in this (much like Pilate was in the crucifixion) this fight is way bigger than Fr. Jenkins, and he is currently, and will continue to be on the wrong side of history (but hopefully not on the wrong side of eternity).

Randall Terry spearheaded the protests, but the rest of us went due to deep convictions that the administration, lead by Fr. Jenkins was in grave error of church teachings by inviting the most pro baby killer in the history of our nation to preside over the commencement of what should be the most orthodox university in this country. There was never a threat of violence, or of disturbing the peace or any of Fr. Jenkins trumped up charges. We were there to uphold the faith that Fr. Jenkins supposedly pledged his life to uphold. Fr. Jenkins created and fomented this scandal, not the 88 of us who stood with our lady in this travesty.

Frankly, I am not personally concerned over what the court of man decides pertaining to my fate. I can and will live with whatever the consequences of my actions are. It is the court of God that I am concerned with, and it is his judgment and condemnation that puts fear in my heart. There is no question for me that we 88 made the moral and faithful decision in standing up for the babies despite the outcome and consequences of the day. Regardless of the consequences in this world of time, these actions have eternal implications that will live on forever. So will Fr. Jenkins actions. Fr. Jenkins will have his day in front of the Supreme Judge, and will have to answer for his actions, and on that day, he will not have an office to hide in, or a board of directors to deflect the heat. I hope he is prepared.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


George Offerman

This morning, it was reported that the Fabian Socialist Obama has been very critical of the Arizona ‘immigration’ law, and is appalled that it profiles ‘people of color’. Interestingly enough, Obama makes no mention of laws being broken, and has yet to comment on the Deputy Sheriff who was shot in the desert by what appears to be some banditos from over the border (very unlike the supposed white male tea partier who planted the SUV bomb in times square) our Fabian Socialist president is going way out of his way to not ‘offend’ this group of law breakers, but has no problems, and in fact goes out of his way to chastise, and even make false accusations against white Christians, especially of the male type.

It is interesting that Fabian Socialist Obama’s state department was ‘busted’ for documents that called for observation and spot checking of individuals for reasons such as Ron Paul bumper stickers, gun ownership, ‘1 issue’ individuals, those in third parties and anyone who is strong in their faith (read fundamentalists) as well as those who strongly support second amendment rights. The only time this Fabian Socialist has used the term ‘Terrorist” is in describing the above mentioned individuals in this group. His brother Muslims can do no wrong, and anyone of color evidently is by far more trustworthy that the white devil man (woman).

It is amazing that as a born citizen of this country, how often I have to produce ‘papers’ for even the smallest of transactions. I am asked all the time to produce proof of who I am, and the last two trips out of this country required passports and other forms of ID. The government has something called social security numbers, which in effect, allows them to monitor all activities and transactions, and it gives them access to my most personal information that frankly is none of their business. (You know, being a white Christian male makes me a potential TERRORIST!!!!) However, for (legal) citizens in this country, it is now the way of life. Question for the Fabian Socialist President: How many CHRISTIAN suicide bombers have blown up anything, in, let’s say, the last 100 years? Answer: ZERO.

Then we have this idiot from Pakistan, who after spending 5 months in the Pakistan killing field training for true terrorism, purchases a gun, and bomb making materials and is supposedly on the ‘no fly list’, is able to walk onto an airplane using his real name, buying a ONE WAY TICKET WITH CASH and nearly gets out of the country? Little blue haired grandmothers are given the once over (Obama, this is called profiling) when there has never been one incident of terrorism involving little blue haired grannies, yet this moron is able to get onto a plane unscathed. Now the Fabian Socialists want to increase security measures (more stringent profiling of people who are not terrorists) to supposedly remedy this situation.

Getting back to the first point, this Fabian Socialist sees the stopping of people to check for their ‘papers’ as profiling and claims this is against the ‘long held beliefs’ of this country. This same guy then profiles and keeps records of those who are ‘documented’ and uses poor excuses to justify this. The ‘undocumented’ cannot be followed in their transactions, cannot be harassed by the IRS, and seem quite able to get around in this society without the documents I need to have, and on top of it, are able to ‘travel’ in and out of this country due to the fact they are now a protected class. These people have a freedom that the law abiding citizen who plays by the rules does not have. On top of that, not only are they protected, they are not seen as a threat, nor are harassed as much as any white Christian born in this country is.

No, it is the Fabian Socialist president who is guilty of profiling, and it is against the white Christian (especially if he was born in this country). Obama has done nothing but bad mouth this country to other world leaders, trashed our traditions and former presidents (especially Bush) wants total control over the law abiding citizens, labels and name calls those who disagree with him and has used the term ‘terrorist’ only in the domestic setting, and has vilified the tea partiers. This Fabian Socialist has protected his Muslim brothers and those of color and has vilified those of the ‘majority’ in this country. No the ones who have been profiled and labeled the enemy of the state are the same ones who pay for the garbage passed by the legislature and signed into law by this thug. It is getting real old, and if those who are being ostracized don’t do something about it soon, there very well may be no other chances to turn this around.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the longer legalized child killing is allowed to stand, the more ‘numbed’ people seem to be about this issue. In this particular letter to Dear Abby, and Abby’s response to the writer, it seems to reflect that those who hold life starts at conception should leave their opinions to themselves, as well as the secondary issue that ‘certain decisions’ are off the table when considering the consequences of one’s actions. My wife, Kathy sent a response to this letter, but we have yet to see it published, and it is inserted at the end of this post.

Dear Abby: My fiancee, "Cheryl," and I are in our early 30s and recently made an extremely difficult decision. We decided to terminate her pregnancy at six weeks. Cheryl's sister "Nicki" -- my future sister-in-law -- is opposed to abortion and now no longer wants to talk to me or have anything to do with me.

I have tried reaching out to Nicki to explain the reasons for our decision, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Should I continue asking her for forgiveness, or have I done enough already? This is causing Cheryl a great deal of pain, and I don't believe that it's fair for Nicki to punish me for a personal family decision. Please let me know your thoughts. -- Cheryl's Fiance In Phoenix

Abby: So how did Nicki get inserted in the middle of something that was none of her business in the first place? Surely, she didn't have a vote. Nicki is entitled to her feelings, but she has no right to punish you for a decision that was arrived at by both you and her sister. And the person to make that crystal clear to Nicki is Cheryl, not you, so stop apologizing.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is an extremely sensitive one and never one that is taken lightly. Every decision has consequences, and I am sure that you and your fiancee accepted that when you made yours.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069.

My wife Kathy’s response is printed below. It touches upon many relevant issues of the day, and links these issues together, as they should be. It is so interesting that killing a child is ‘no one’s business’, but even yelling at a child, and having the right ‘busybody’ around can result in a visit from child protective services. So, it is a matter of the socialistic perspective as to when one has a ‘right’ to be involved and when one should mind their own business. It is interesting that Abby fails to acknowledge Nicki is an aunt and does have her right to her feelings about the death of her niece/nephew due to some bizarre ‘choice’.

Dear Abby,

You were way off with your advice to Cheryl's fiancé. There was a time when abusing a born child was "nobody's business" and I'm happy to say that is no longer the case. A pregnant woman is already a mother, just the child is much more dependent on her than a born child. This society has gotten so selfish that we don't support a mother to care for her child but convince her that it is a "choice" to be disposed of at will even by brutal, painful, torture that can have lasting negative effects on the mother.

Yes, this is a response that will not see the light of day, because it points out too many truths that the socialists do not want to look at or deal with. These elitists see themselves as deity, as they are the ones who determine what is right and wrong, what we can and can’t do, hot to speak, think and act, and ultimately who lives and who dies. This is only going to play out on a larger scale as time goes by, and it will only get worse, until the state of our belief and allegiance to God becomes righteous once more.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday, on CBS news with Katie Couric, there was a family interviewed in Phoenix that had decided to ‘relocate’ to California, due to the draconian new law recently passed. The mother (the father refused to be on camera) disclosed that they had been in this country for 15 years, and during that time, managed to birth 10 children, who were all American citizens (read: anchor babies).

During the interview, the woman, despite being in the country for 15 years, spoke only Spanish, and verbalized anger and frustration over the fact that she felt obligated to move, due only to being ‘undocumented”. The CBS team interviewed neighbors, and attempted to play the sympathy card in that the neighborhood will now change, due to the family having to relocate. There was no mention from the CBS team about legalizing her status, or even questioning how this family has managed to navigate the system to take advantage of taxpayer based education for the 10 children, or the health care related costs, such as birth, etc.

It was apparent that CBS had an agenda with this story, and they bantered on about how ‘unfair’ the new law is in Arizona, and the ‘hardships’ it is producing for the ‘undocumented workers’. Of course, the CBS team did not make one attempt to interview any of the Arizona officials to get their view of the story (showing how fair and balanced they are), and they sure did not interview any immigrants, who actually came into the country the LEGAL WAY. It would be very interesting for CBS to actually do a balanced story, and interview legal immigrants, and try to understand the ‘hardship’ they go through to make it right for themselves and their families.

I was introduced to an Eastern European woman by a friend, who thought I could help her out in her situation. This woman is here on a student visa and states she will have to leave the country if she goes less than full time in school, and states she has been working for some time to get a green card. This woman is currently working 4 part time jobs, as well as taking a full class load at a local community college, and speaks fluent English after being here only four years. (This woman did not know one word of English prior to coming over).

This woman went on to discuss how much she has paid in legal fees to navigate the immigration system, but has nonetheless, persevered and continued with the process. This woman has taken the time to learn the language, and has a very good working knowledge of our laws. She is paying taxes and if not able to become a citizen, will forfeit the money paid into the system. This woman is also law abiding, and is very cognizant of what she needs to do to even register her car properly. She takes great pride in contributing to this society, and is looking forward to obtaining her citizenship, in her words ‘if it is meant to be’.

Katie Couric and the CBS team will never interview this woman or any one like her for that matter because it will detract from their story line. No one will bother to interview and document the ‘hardships’ these people go through, but they only want to describe hardships when it comes to those who break the laws, and document these law breakers whining and complaining about it, while they simultaneously eat up resources paid for by citizens, and others who play by the rules. There is very little respect for the law anymore, and the mainstream media is going to cater to the politically correct, and show disdain for those who do put in the effort to do the right thing.

Yes, we do have an immigration problem in this country. We are keeping those out who are actually interested in assimilating and encouraging those who openly violate the law, and show no interest in participating and contributing to this country in a way that enhances it. It is always about blame; it’s got to be some one else’s fault, it’s too hard to get in, too much bureaucracy, prejudice, low paying jobs. Take your pick; any excuse will do if the goal is to attack the majority and their way of life and beliefs.

Those who want to be in this country need to follow the current laws. They need to learn the language of the people, which is English (speak whatever you want in the privacy of your homes). They need to learn and obey the laws of the land; they need to work legally and pay taxes, and contribute constructively to this society. They need to learn about the Rich heritage of America and add to it, not take away from it. But don’t expect to be welcomed if it is demanded that they are taken care of and given special privileges that those who already live here do not receive. Newness is always welcome in this country, wanting to dictate the terms of being here and thinking one runs the show is not welcome.

On a related note…

Did anyone else notice that during the Illegals march last weekend, there was a good amount of destruction of other people’s property and other assorted violence that took place? Did you also happen to notice that it was barely covered by the MSM, and even then, the MSM blamed ‘anarchists’ and not the Illegals for the lawbreaking and destruction? Funny, how law breakers have a tendency to… break laws! The tea party people have done no such things, but have been called the most outrageous names by the MSM and Obama and his other Fabian socialist goons.

Monday, May 3, 2010


George Offerman

Deal Hudson, of the Catholic Advocate and insidecatholic.com, has written a piece concerning the current state of affairs in politics, and more specifically, that of the pro life movement. In his piece, Mr. Hudson basically states that it is the laity’s job, not the Bishops in dealing with the current state of affairs, and believes the Bishops role ought to re write “ Faithful Citizenship” that was utilized by the Socialist wing of the Catholic Church against the Magisterial teachings of the Church proper. In this Mr. Hudson seems to allude to the need for laity to take the lead in this matter, which is clearly an issue of faith and morals, a realm of the Bishops. See link:


Mr. Deal is correct in asserting that the laity must be more involved in countering the Socialists that call themselves Catholic. There is no question that the laity are the foot soldiers in this battle, but they are not the generals. The Generals are those who are supposed to have the vision and aptitude to lead and be the light and guides in defeating the unholy and immoral issues in society. It is in this fashion, that the Bishops have been AWOL, and they clearly need to engage in the battle, and take on the faith based and moral grounds that are divinely mandated and given to them to safeguard.

When people like George Soros can fund socialist groups that push an unholy agenda, and basically get away with it due to silence by the bishops, it is this silence, not the leadership within the laity, that sows confusion. By their silence, the Bishops are de facto, agreeing with Soros and his very misguided theological stance. It is then up to the laity to take up the cause of TEACHING AND PREACHING of the faith and morals of the Church, which is clearly the realm of the chief shepherds, the Bishops.

If we claim the role of Catholic lay expertise in politics then we can't constantly be looking to the bishops to solve our problems. We should resist the impulse to ask the bishops to do all this work for us.

If we've made any mistake since the election it has been focusing on the bishops rather than training Catholics to be politically active and building a coalition of Catholics with other like-minded people of faith.

The only thing we should ask of the bishops is to rewrite the “Faithful Citizenship” document, which caused so much confusion in 2008.

No one is asking the Bishops to personally make statements concerning candidates, or to arrange protests, or to lead every prayer group that participates in protests, or to fund raise, or to identify with any one party. What the faithful are asking the Bishops to do is to preach, teach, and ENFORCE church protocols and stand up for the faith in the way that their office requires of them. The Bishops are official representatives and shepherds of the Catholic Church, and are the leaders of the faith and morals of the Church. It is their responsibility to adhere to the teachings and traditions of the church, and ultimately their responsibility to represent them to the society at large.

The Catholic laity cannot enforce matters such as Cannon 915 that bans those who actively support legalized child killing from receiving Holy Communion. They laity cannot put out encyclicals or pastoral letters, or even set official Diocesan protocols or teachings. This is the purview of the Bishops, and the fact that there are many politicians that claim to be Catholic, yet hold publicly contradictory positions from the Catholic Church that go unchallenged by the Bishops is nothing short of scandalous. For instance, Arch Bishop Weurl would do way more for the Church and the pro life movement, if he simply upheld Cannon 915 and denied Communion to the likes of Pelosi and Co. This would go very far in not only re energizing the laity, but it would be demonstrating the exact nature of the office of Bishop, and demonstrate that the Bishops take our faith seriously. It would also signal to those that make the claim to be Catholic, that there is a clear standard in which they need to adhere to in order to stay in good standing.

It is the Bishops NOT standing up for the faith, and not the recent appointment of ‘left leaning politicians’ as Mr. Hudson would like to believe, that is the core of the problem. As laity, we do have the right to call the Bishops out on this, and do have a right to demand that they teach and preach the faith as mandated by the Church. We as laity, have the right and responsibility to carry out the teachings and traditions when reflected in unity with the magisterium. For the laity to have maximum effectiveness there needs to be clear teachings and strong moral leadership by the heads of the faith, which happens to be the Bishops. Without this, strong laity movements look like they are in rebellion of the church, as the church leadership stays silent on the matters.