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Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Thursday, December 31, 2009


George Offerman

This past year has been very interesting and challenging personally as well as nationally. Where we are heading will be determined by what we are currently doing (or not doing). So, I will look at some of the news making events, and take a gander into seeing what may lie ahead for us in the next year.

We had the most pro death president in the history of our country take office in January, with a great deal of optimism and fanfare by the majority. Obama has turned out to be extremely two faced and is quite the opposite of what he promised (except for child killing). This surprised the majority, who continued on in their deluded state believing ‘everything will be alright’.

Obama then is invited to Notre Dame to receive an honorary law degree and give the commencement speech to the graduates. This event is largely ignored by both the church, and mainstream pro life groups, and then when challenged by Randall Terry, then others, both the church and mainstream pro life groups ignored/criticized/condemned this effort. Obama successfully took on the “biggest kid on the block” and in essence divided and conquered the Catholic Church splitting in nearly down the middle (similar to the vote tally 54% voting for Obama).

Then the Kennedy funeral in which 2 prelates decided to preside at, and allow pro aborts to receive communion in direct violation of Cannon 915. Retired Cardinal McCarrick then presided at the gravesite ceremony, and at no time, was Kennedy’s voting record, or his strong anti Catholic stances questioned or challenged by these leaders.

Sotomayor, a woman of very questionable abilities and qualifications, is nominated, and then elevated to the Supreme Court, with very little resistance from the mainstream pro life groups, and nary a word from the Catholic Church, due mainly to her heritage, and not wanting to come across as ‘bigoted’, thus selling out faith for convenience.

Finally, healthcare emerged as a charged issue, and this had been in the making for sometime, but not dealt with by the reactionary Christian Churches and the mainstream pro life groups. The same people who stayed quiet throughout the Obama candidacy and subsequent election to president, now decided to act, and utilized feeble and half hearted measures to make it look like they wanted it stopped. These same groups then demonized Senator Nelson, and want to make it ‘his fault’ that this measure passed the Senate. Neither of these two groups has done much soul searching amongst themselves to see that standing up for the faith in its truest form and uncompromising, would have killed all of the above right in its tracks.

For legalized child killing to REALLY END, there has to be genuine fear by the elected officials of a strong, informed and accountable driven electorate. The electorate needs to have good formation and representation by lay leaders in developing a strong grassroots organization, and the lay leaders in these organizations need to be inspired by none other than saints and leaders and pastors from the Christian Churches, who put leather into their faith walk, and not just talk a good game. Without these in the proper order, our efforts will fail.

2009 has proven how far away we are in this fight, and 2010 needs to be the year we begin to turn this around. It has to start with the churches, and it ultimately may mean leaving them, defunding them, protesting them, or just a good old fashioned revival excluding them. Either way, there is a God in Heaven, who is watching, who is actively involved, who does keep perfect scores, who does not tolerate injustices, and will break into history when his representatives on earth (His Church) fails to act, or is in outright rebellion to His will.

If the Church is ambivalent about its own teachings and missions, then those that come from it (those that make up most of the pro life groups) will reflect the same ambivalence and same ‘moderation’ and mish mash teachings, which then make its way to the electorate, and eventually to the elected officials, who believe ‘we can do what we want, without repercussions”. The church of the lukewarm is the mainstream church, and it trickles down to all areas of our society. This condition will not last forever, and we are running out of time.

2010 has to be the year that we do house cleaning in the legislature, but more importantly, we need to clean our own houses. It is a painful process, but the consequences will be way more painful if not done. The storm clouds are nearing, the wind is blowing, the lightening can be seen, and there is thunder in the distance. Do we want to continue pretending all is right, do little to nothing, and believe things will straighten out on their own? Or do we want to become the saints that our Living God calls us to be?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


George Offerman

I dropped my car off for repairs, and while waiting for the loaner car, had an opportunity to watch the news for about 20 minutes. The Fox network was on, and they were interviewing a Cardiologist who was suing the Obama administration over Medicare cuts that will take effect on January 1 2010. This cardiologist reported that the cuts are in the range of 40%, yes, 40%. This cardiologist then went on to say how many of her colleagues are going to go out of business, will have to lay off thousands of support staff, and in effect, ration care by limiting, or eliminating outpatient services. This cardiologist went on to discuss how most of the doctors will have to become employees of hospitals, where the care is 3-4 times more expensive than outpatient office visits. The ‘unintended consequences’ of these cuts will in effect, run most of the private practitioners out of business, reduce the availability of advanced screenings, such as nuclear medicine, reduce the pool of talented doctors, by attrition, and send medicine back to the ‘sickness’ model (treat the problem once it appears), versus the wellness model (preventative care).

Now, how can one realistically believe that anyone can take a 40% hit on their budgets and stay viable? Only idiots that work in a Mid Atlantic City, who don’t know what they are doing, but believe they know better than those in the field, want to dictate how everyone else has to live, and BTW have NO BUSINESS BACKGROUND. I know for a fact, as everyone else does, that these same idiots would never cut their budget even 4%, yet 40%. They scream and yell if the budget does not go up by nearly 10% a year, and they promise each other a goodie basket if they vote certain ways to pass laws that cost way more than private services, and spend money no one has. Has it dawned on these idiots that the parasites (them, the elected officials) are killing the host (us, the taxpayer)?

Immediately after this story, the topic of tax increases came up, and the commentator mentioned that for the ‘first time ever’ the Democrats were thinking about a national sales tax. The caveat of course, was not eliminating income tax for a national sales tax, but incorporating this new tax on top of the income tax. This is already on top of the Bush tax cuts that are set to expire in 2010, and will effectively add at least 10% increase in income taxes for those who pay taxes. Obviously, the government ‘cannot’ live without their (our) money, but it is perfectly acceptable to cut those ‘evil’ physicians fees by 40%. No one who is remotely awake is fooled by any of this gamesmanship, and these politicians are placating the ‘something for nothing’ group on the backs of those who are actually producing real goods and services.

I had to leave the waiting area, as I found my blood pressure rising to very unhealthy levels. As I drove home, I could not help but notice the flashing sign put on the local toll road reminding all of us schleps that the tolls are going up by … 40% this January 1, 2010! This is on top of the 19% increase on my property taxes, and whatever increase in the payroll taxes once the Bush tax cuts have expired. (This is not even including the much underreported inflation rate of such unimportant and unnecessary things like … food, shelter, transportation) I got a 2.5% pay increase for this year, and by doing simple math (not learned in the public school systems), I will be further in the hole at the end of next year than I am now. Unlike the government, I am dealing with a real budget shortfall, and unlike the government, I can’t print my way out of it, or write bad checks to cover it. I have to deal with a real budget cut, and if I spend more than I have, and try to steal it from others like the government does, I would end up in jail.

It would actually be refreshing if the government did what all Americans are forced to do: live within their budgets, and learn to cut where there is waste. This would require politicians that are honest, and have the ability and gumption to say no to the insanity. Given insanity is the norm for Washington, D.C, the current crop of elected officials feels right at home.

Quick comment on Sen. Ben Nelson’s ‘slide’ in the polls. The election for his seat is 3 years out. Let’s see how he looks then. Also, why aren’t there 59 other Democrats with the same low numbers????

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


George Offerman

The sinister side, wanting to create a new world order, aka, Babylon, continues to march on, and the majority continues to be oblivious to the ‘doings’ of the dark powers. We now have this Kenyan who currently is occupying the White House signing away our sovereignty to the INTERPOL, by executive order on December 16, 2009. For those who don’t know, INTERPOL stands for the International Criminal Police Force.


Executive order 12425, in effect, gives full immunity and carte blanche access to all Americans, their personal property, movements and communications without any possible redress of constitutional rights. A citizen can be charged and extradited for crimes that ‘violate’ international law, appear in front of the international criminal court, sentenced and jailed possibly outside of the U.S. without any way to stop this process.

Executive Order #12425 allows INTERPOL the absolute authority to investigate, charge, and imprison, and extradite Americans—without having to adhere to the same constitutional laws that American law enforcement agencies are required to abide by. Additionally, the International Criminal Police Organization is authorized to conduct covert surveillance and investigations on American soil—with full immunities from US law. Laws such as the Freedom of Information Act, Congressional oversight, Constitutional protections, and without oversight from the FBI who is charged with the responsibility of internal national Security.

It also allows INTERPOL, wherever and by whomever to be immune from search, confiscation, and INTERPOL isn’t required to show proof or any other documentation concerning its investigations.
It also means that INTERPOL can conduct covert operations against Americans without any accountability to anyone.

Now, why did Barry find this to be necessary, and what does he have in mind by signing this executive order? Or maybe the better question is, who is telling Barry to do this, and what do they have in mind? For those who want to debunk the idea of conspiracies, explain this one.

This move should not come as a surprise to anyone even remotely ‘awake’ to the current situation, and fits in very well with biblical principles, especially that of sowing and reaping. We as a country have been denying the most basic of human rights to the most vulnerable, and unjustly slaughtering them for convenience sake. Now we have a force that has virtually stripped us of our basic human rights and very well may find ourselves imprisoned or slaughtered for doing nothing other than protesting or other ‘wrongs’ as determined by the god/state. A very ironic, but predictable situation.

Now, what are we going to do about it? Watch more ‘survivor’? Sports? Go on vacation? Drink or drug? Go on a spending binge? Or maybe we could actually band together and physically (not virtually) march down to what used to be our Capitol, and let them see real eyeballs and have to deal with real people.

These times are getting to be very dangerous. The time to sleep is over, and the time to act is now. The powers that be no longer hide in the shadows, as they realize few are paying attention, and even fewer are willing to do much about it. What is it going to take to get the majority riled up? Do the gulags and concentration camps really have to open before the sheeple ‘get it’? We as Christians ought to be in the lead in dealing with this. Instead, wimpism is premier, and we advocate tiddlywinks tournaments instead of developing the fierce warriors needed for this time. Shame on us. And God have mercy on us.


Monday, December 28, 2009


George Offerman

I just received a copy of Where are our Shepherds? Co authored by coach Dave Daubenmire and Gregory Thompson, one of the ND 88. I will dedicate a posting for this phenomenal read once I finish it, but just reading the forward of this book will challenge the most seasoned warriors in the fight for the unborn and may outright enrage the lukewarm.

There seems to be a very strong undercurrent in many of the pro life groups and pro life movement in general. This undercurrent I speak of is the idea of 1) perceived criticism/attack and 2) perceived extremism. Depending which side one finds themselves on will determine how this is perceived and what is done about it.

One can take criticism levied at them, and perceive it as an attack. However, there are huge differences between criticism and attacks. Criticism is issue driven, attacks are personal Criticism is meant to change and challenge behaviors that need to be addressed, attacks are directed at the individual, his personality, family, etc. Criticism is based in reason, attacks on emotion. Some of the people that claim they are being attacked, when it is actually criticism levied at them, then go on an attack themselves, by making very personal statements, and sometimes telling outright lies, and then use the “Christianity” moniker to excuse their behaviors. The irony is that they don’t seem to note their own behaviors and will not tolerate this being pointed out to them. Being a Christian does not make one above reproach or engaging in sinful behaviors. To act any different is to be in the grips of pride, which is considered the first sin, as God made clear this was Lucifer’s downfall.

Proper criticism makes one stronger and actually brings about more unity in the long run. To pretend one group has the ‘in way’ to the exclusion of other groups that are effecting change, albeit in an uncomfortable and inconvenient way is sinful behavior. True Christianity must call the truth the truth, and not sugarcoat it. If one wants sugarcoating, go to most churches and one can get as much as they want.

This brings up the second perception, and that is of extremism. Somehow, many seem to believe that holding up graphic signs that may ‘offend’ is extremism. One doesn’t even need to go to the case for being arrested for life, to see that most would brand that behavior as extremist. The irony of this is, the new government definitions of domestic terrorism includes such things as Ron Paul bumper stickers, certain evangelical groups, and ‘one issue’ people like pro lifers who have been arrested and participated in other activities which are confrontational in nature.

Now, would most Christians consider this government an agent of God, or representing God, or speaking for God? I doubt it. Then why do most of the mainstream pro life groups agree with the government in effect, labeling the same people extremists and trouble makers? So we have the most pro death government lead by Obama, that only wants to use the word ‘terrorist’ in a domestic setting, and most of the pro life movement in agreement with calling the same behaviors extreme, embarrassing, and wanting to distance themselves from it. Many pro life organizations make the claims that certain people and groups are an ‘embarrassment”, and wish they would go away. (Fr Jenkins wishes the ND 88 would go away too) Frankly, if I found my self agreeing with this current administration and government, I would feel very insecure and scared.

Obama was forced to discuss abortion at the Notre Dame fiasco because of the arrests. He has little ‘choice’, due to the non stop coverage of the arrests, especially the searing image of Fr. Norman Weslin’s arrest by another priest, Fr. Jenkins. These ‘extreme’ measures forced the issue of legalized child killing front and center. This was an embarrassing moment for both Obama and Fr. Jenkins, and most know by now that Mr. Obama does not like to be ‘embarrassed’, and ‘took names’ of those who caused this embarrassment. The mainstream pro life movement went along with this, by essentially ‘icing’ the stories and the coverage, and indirectly colluded with Obama. By colluding with the Obama administration, the mainstream pro life movement essentially shot the warriors in the back.

Before those who may be ‘offended’ by these words get up in arms about it, I want you to think about a few things first. Having an opportunity to sit in jail with many of these people, I have first hand knowledge of what processes these people went through when making the decision to come to Notre Dame. I have found the vast majority of these people to be prayer warriors, active in the pro life movement by doing, not talking, and all reported being lead by the Holy Spirit in making this difficult decision. Now, would the Holy Spirit ‘con’ these people into doing sinful behavior, and have those that disagree with them, also being lead by the Holy Spirit in their labeling the ND 88 as extremists? Is the Holy Spirit of dual minds? Is the Holy Spirit confused?

Many in the pro life movement are uncomfortable with arrests and civil disobedience. That is ok. There is a need for education, crisis pregnancy centers, letter writing campaigns and the like, and there needs to be services in place for the post Roe, and Doe world. But until that happens, the pro life movement must get behind those who are willing to go on the front line and ‘take a bullet’ for the babies. No respectable general would send his troops into harms way, only to strand them, or worse, betray them to their enemies. We must not do the same.

Monday, December 21, 2009


George Offerman

Isn’t it wonderful or ironic that our government will be delivering to us in the season celebrating the birth of our savior, one of the most despicable pieces of legislation in the history of our country. Sure, everyone can look at Sen. Ben Nelson, and accuse him of being a sell out to the pro life movement and his own supposed ‘pro life’ stance. We can also look at many of the Senators and declare them rightfully so as sellouts to the cause. As we look at this debacle, and begin to live it, there will be plenty of blame to go around.

Who is it that will ultimately be held accountable for this anti God, anti children, anti life and anti good quality health care? Well, there is plenty to go around, and it ought to be a sobering moment for us to contemplate this. What an insult to God, that our government is choosing the Christmas season to pass this, and they have made it clear from Obama on down, to get this done before the ‘Holiday recess”. Demonic, in deed.

One needs to go no further than our elected officials to see the end results. These men and women have been elected to represent our interests, and to a certain extent, they have done this. The issue has always been that most of these elected officials vote for a bill that riles the base, but come the next election, it is long forgotten, and they end up back in office. Hence, these officials have very little to fear by going along with a very vocal minority that happens to be extremely liberal, and may I say, demonically lead. These officials make a mockery of the faith they claim to follow, and want to ‘separate’ their claimed faith from reality, such as Sen. Casey in Pennsylvania, Sen. Lindsay Graham in South Carolina, The Kennedy clan, Kerry, etc. There is little fear of repercussions for these elected officials, and they continue to propagate relativistic and liberal agendas.

The electorate also carries a great deal of the weight as well. Most elections consist of maybe 50% bothering to even vote, and the majority coming into vote, have not put much effort into learning about the candidates (I have volunteered to canvas, and work the polls for the past several elections) and it is dismaying that little preparation goes into this process. There is more attention paid to “Survivor” than to those elected officials who have the ability and desire to change and regulate our lives. Many go into vote very robot like, and pull the lever for the name they recognize. It seems we as a nation, are in the grips of mass attention deficit disorder, due to the fact most seem to have no memory of the garbage that is called law that is legislated by this government, and the electorate does not hold the politicians accountable for it.

As bad as this is, the larger blame lies with the mainstream, so called ‘conservative groups’ such as most of the pro life groups. The mainstream pro life groups want to feed other pro lifers pabulum, and encourage such things as ‘virtual’ protests, constant education programs, giving speeches in churches where there are no challenges, endless committees that do little but cosmetic efforts. When protests of substance occur, which challenge the status quo. and make national and international news; they are the first to condemn this with harsher language than is used on the true enemy. Mainly though, the pro life groups ignore the efforts of these individuals, while the enemy and ‘godless’ mainstream press cover them. The mainstream pro life movement wants to get along with the enemy, and try to persuade them to change. They were unable to recognize the points of the fight, including the candidacy and election of Obama, Obama’s invitation to receive and honorary degree and speak at Notre Dame, and the Sotomayor hearings and subsequent elevation to the Supreme Court. Now they act surprised at the proposed health care reform paying for child killing, and did not see this coming. Fighting this war is brutal, and most are not up to the challenge, but what is worse, is they don’t’ know how to support those that are willing to ‘take the bullets’ and get the job done.

However, the group or entity that ultimately will be held accountable is the Church. I am speaking of the whole Christian Church in general and the Catholic Church in particular. Leadership has been abysmal in most cases, and conspiratorial in some. The Bishops did little concerning the candidacy and election of Obama despite the fact he is the most pro death candidate ever, and some actually praised him for his ‘accomplishments’. 2 prelates found it more important to look good at Sen. Kennedy’s funeral, rather than stand up and use this opportunity to teach and take a stand for life. Bishop Loverde of Arlington, Virginia, and Arch Bishop Wuerl of Washington D.C. have the opportunity to with hold communion from the child killing Senators, but refuse to follow the clear mandates of Cannon 915. Will they do it? The Bishop’s silence (with a few exceptions) has been interpreted by politician and lay person alike as implicit permission to determine for themselves what teachings to follow and what to let go of. Why bother to teach at all if all have the right to determine right from wrong on their own, or based on their feelings? Dereliction of duty.

There is no excuse for the legislation that is ready to pass and most likely oppress us for the rest of our lives. We have no one else to blame but ourselves for this, and we are ready to embark on a journey that will take us farther than we wanted and to places we don’t want to go. The longer we let this go, the bloodier the outcome, but be sure: we will pay the bill, and it is very large.

Support those out there who are challenging the status quo, the church and the elected officials. If you want to know who I’m talking about, just follow who the ‘godless’ media is focusing on, and it will be apparent Insurrecta nex.

Friday, December 18, 2009


George Offerman

This topic is too important to cover it so briefly, and it is also the most misunderstood topic of all of Revelation. There is so much information out in the public sphere about the mark, that one’s head can spin from reading a small amount of it. However, the mark is so important, that it transcends Christianity, and nearly everyone in the world is aware of it, and are leery of the futile attempts by the money powers to instill some sort of system in which to control the ‘cattle’.

In a way, it is very humorous to give the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers so much credit that they can actually instill a system of markings that would condemn one to eternal death. The mark is a cosmic event, and as such, requires the presence of a supernatural being, such as the devil, to enforce it. Too many people are aware of this, and the money powers, being of human origin, could not enforce this if even one percent of the population resisted this. If we end up getting chipped, most likely it will end up being covertly done, by vaccines, chips embedded in products, clothing, cars, cell phones, etc.

This is not to say that one should take this information and become indifferent about it. We are to resist this, because it is morally wrong to hand over our free will to other men, and not trust in God. Those that can justify doing this, will have a much more weakened position when the real mark appears, and the mark represents instant judgment that is irrevocable. Of course Satan is going to trivialize this, because no one would take it if they knew the true consequences. Unfortunately, this supernatural being will act ‘lamb like’ until he gets what he wants. Once he has an army of people with his mark, and knows God will not, and really, cannot intervene any more, Satan will become out of control and kill even those with the mark if and when they no longer serve his needs.

Two famous stories in scripture make the points. This first is Eve taking the apple after being tempted by the serpent. Gen 3:1-4:1 covers the story, and for brevity, I will paraphrase. God instructed Adam and Eve to FREELY eat of all the fruit except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpent tempted Eve, by glorifying the knowledge of being like a god, being able to determine right from wrong for themselves, and placing doubts about what God actually said. Eve reflects this in leaving out the word “freely” when discussing what God actually said. The serpent assured Eve “surely, you will not die” Eve believed him over God. This first poison is: Doubt about God and his Word.

The second story is Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright by essentially bribing him with Stew. Gen 25:24-34. Esau basically was so focused on the current situation, that he offered his future to satisfy a basic need in the moment. Many commentators focus rightfully so on Jacob’s trickery, but not much is said pertaining to Esau’s blatant disregard for what is rightfully his. A moment of weakness virtually changed not only his destiny, but that of the following generations of Esau’s line. The eternal, or the permanence was not considered, but current circumstances ruled. The second poison: present circumstances dictating decisions without considering eternal ramifications.

Both of these stories reflect the state of man during the time of the mark. Like Eve, there will be seduction of a better life, and doubts will be sown about the word of God presented by the 144,000, and like Esau, many will sell out their ‘birthright’ or place in heaven for a very temporary stay of execution. In both stories, the consequences were terribly minimized, and this is the devils way of getting one to do things they would not normally do, if they had full information. During the tribulation though, there will be plenty of witnesses to the truth, and there will be the opportunity to hear and understand the ‘permanence’ of this decision. God will FREELY grant eternal life for anyone not taking the mark, no matter what their past was and what they have done up to this point. The devil’s message will be that most of Babylon will need to take his mark because they earned it. Will people have the faith to walk in this matter?

Again, for prophesy to be accurate, it must fulfill all of the requirements of the prophesy. The hope is that if nothing else is obtained from these writings that one would challenge those out there who are making claims the mark is either here or on its way outside of the trumpets and all of the other clear requirements written in Revelation. As I have written before, the topic of the mark is the most discussed and controversial amongst many of the expositors, and my challenge to them is to explain the trumpets and timeframe of Revelation, to see if they can place these events. To be quite truthful, the conversations normally end heated, and the people challenged have called me names, amongst other things, and basically brushed off or minimized this point. This is a rather sad commentary, as they are actually advocating sensationalism over purity of the word, and in effect, end up scaring people with ideas that do not come true.

The mark can only occur when the man of lawlessness has been exposed, who is claiming to be God, and calling fire from the heavens at will. At least half of the population has to be killed off, there will be a massive one world religiously lead government, a death decree for refusal of the mark that is immediately enforced, the appearance and active ministry of the 144,000 and 2 witnesses, supernatural events, both good and evil, and literally angels in the heavens warning against taking the mark, or suffering eternal consequences for doing this? Have we seen ANY of this yet? How can anyone claim the mark is imminent, with any credibility, when NONE of the conditions of the prophesy are being met?

If you are exposed to people claiming to have ‘inside information’ on the mark, challenge them on this. Challenge them based on scripture passages, challenge them to explain the trumpets, to reveal the identity of the man of lawlessness, the one world government and all of the other points listed above. Most importantly, ask them about prophesy, and if God fulfills what he writes in totality, or if bits and pieces of prophesy can be left out. And finally, hold them accountable for their words. Too many people make claims that God ‘informed’ them of future events, and when the don’t occur, the same people in effect minimize this ‘error’ but continue propagating the idea they are prophets, and many write books for money, and/or run ministries that can collect large amounts of money. God gave this information FREELY, and free is the way it should remain.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


George Offerman

"He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666." (Revelation 13:15-18)

By this time, the survivors, in Babylon and elsewhere, are in “shock and awe” over what they just witnessed, and again, dead are everywhere, but this time through the orders of this lamb like beast and executed by what appeared to be angels of light. Babylon again, is earning its name ‘confusion’ as the surviving inhabitants are trying to figure out what was just done. Some are beginning to have doubts about the nature of their ‘god’ and may begin to question the powers that be about this.

The lamb like beast begins a rather rapid transformation into the dragon, and man of lawlessness, and begins to make outrageous demands of the remaining survivors, which are now mainly in Babylon. With all of his enemies either destroyed, or imprisoned and waiting execution, there is no more resistance to Satan, and he now shows his true nature. Since those that have participated in Babylon have not lived by faith and trusted the message of the 144,000, their hearts have grown cold, and their ability to now trust in the word of God is greatly compromised.

Satan is now preparing for the ultimate test of mankind. Satan sets up a test nearly identical to that of King Nebuchadnezzar in that he builds a very large image of himself and will require all to submit to it. Unlike, Nebuchadnezzar though, Satan is allowed to breathe life into this image and this very unnerving event will scare nearly all of the inhabitants into obedience to Satan and his desires.

Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, "If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name."

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." (Revelations 14:9-11)

The action now centers in the Middle East, as this area is now the centerpiece for the rest of Revelation. Instead of sacrificing animals for the ‘atonement of sin’ Satan will now require human blood, and will finish off the 144,000 and most of the believers with the seal of the Living God. The method used in execution will be beheading, and this method will effectively terrorize the inhabitants of Babylon into submission. The amount of blood shed at this event is considerable and it very well may be that there are several rows of guillotines going at break neck speed. Take the mark and be spared execution, or be beheaded with those that have the mark of the Living God and the remnant of the 144,000.

"And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshipped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." (Revelation 20:4)

Cowardice will reign supreme as the vast majority will submit to the demands of the dragon and take his mark. During this time, there is ample evidence that God literally sends angels, who will be visible in the heavens, warning the inhabitants to not take the mark of the beast, at the same time they seen massive numbers of executions and amounts of blood unimaginable. God has such love for his creation, that when the time comes for this ultimate test, he will allow for very supernatural events to take place, and those willing to walk in faith will be given the ability, and peace to submit to death for their witness.

And I heard a voice from heaven, saying, “Write, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on!” “Yes,” Says the Spirit, “so that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow with them” Rev. 14:13

The mark of the beast is translated as 666, and Scripture states it is literally a tattoo. Why this seems to be a more literal interpretation is possibly twofold: 1) Satan, despite being fallen, is still an angel, and angels are messengers and ministers of God. Satan is still under obedience from God, and has to obey his commands. God has mandated that 666 be used, and it seems one could make a case that it will be done literally as it is written. 2) Technology will primarily be wiped out, and there may be no other way but an ugly tattoo, which is also humiliating, and is reminiscent of slavery, going back millennia.

Unlike what many current commentators are saying and presenting about the mark of the beast, it cannot be an event outside of the trumpets, it must require the presence of Satan, lamb like beast, anti Christ or whatever term one wants to use for the devil, and there has to be the penalty of death, which is immediate, after refusal to take it. Scripture cannot be clearer concerning this event and God would never allow for people to be tricked into an event with the eternal consequences such as this.

For prophesy to be fulfilled, it must meet ALL the criteria of the prophesy, or it is not fulfilled. The mark is an eternal decision, and never in the history of the universe has there ever been one event that has brought about instant judgment for such a large number of beings. Therefore, to attribute the mark to some sort of chip, universal bar code or whatever the going story of the month is is to trivialize the story of Revelation.

I have been asked too many times about the mark and the attempts to microchip us. I am in agreement with most of the commentators that we as Christians must RESIST this. The primary reason is that I and others who see prophesy this way is it is ‘mark like’ meaning, the more one can be conditioned to a certain thought pattern and behavior, the easier it is to introduce the ‘real thing’. If a Christian can justify being micro chipped, for whatever reason, they will be more susceptible to taking this mark when it comes along. It is no different than any other sinful behavior; once one conditions themselves to breaking a rule, or behavior; it is only a matter of time when the same person will give in to larger and more harmful behaviors. Satan will trivialize this act, but will have a great show of murder for the non compliant. Fear will rule, and many will justify doing this without understanding the ‘permanence’ of it. Obviously, Satan gets the significance of this, and will force this onto whomever he can.

Again, cowardice will rule the day. The mark of the beast is so well known by virtually every religion and society on the planet. There will be no one who can plead ignorance on this matter, and it will be no secret when it happens. People will succumb to the mark mainly through lack of preparation, which is in essence lack of faith. Saving oneself by taking the mark will carry a penalty that will not be evident until after taking it, and this will result in the greatest anguish ever experienced by living humans up to this point.. This is the sin of the spirit, the unpardonable sin, and any semblance of the Holy Spirit residing within these individuals will vanish at the moment they take the mark. And the sad part is, they will be aware of this moment, as God abandons them to their master FOREVER.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


George Offerman

Pro life defender was nominated for the pro life blog whistleblowers award that is sponsored by the American Life League. There are six categories in the voting, and they cover: Best overall pro life blog, Best News and Reporting, Pro Life Unity Award , Pro-Life Whistleblower Award, Best Pro-Life Apologetics, and Pro-Life Instigator Award for Activism.

It is an honor to be a relatively ‘new kid on the block’ and get nominated for this award. I hope you vote for this site, but all of them look good, and the main goal is to win this war against legalized child killing.
Again, thank you for the support and continue to remain in this fight.

www.prolifeblogawards.com go to vote now, and vote!

Monday, December 14, 2009


George Offerman

13Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the horns on the golden altar that is before God. 14The voice said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Free the four angels who are tied at the great river Euphrates.” 15And they let loose the four angels who had been kept ready for this hour and day and month and year so they could kill a third of all people on the earth. 16I heard how many troops on horses were in their army— two hundred million. 17The horses and their riders I saw in the vision looked like this: They had breastplates that were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow like sulfur. The heads of the horses looked like heads of lions, with fire, smoke, and sulfur coming out of their mouths. 18A third of all the people on earth were killed by these three terrible disasters coming out of the horses’ mouths: the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur. 19The horses’ power was in their mouths and in their tails; their tails were like snakes with heads, and with them they hurt people. 20The other people who were not killed by these terrible disasters still did not change their hearts and turn away from what they had made with their own hands. They did not stop worshiping demons and idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood— things that cannot see or hear or walk. 21These people did not change their hearts and turn away from murder or evil magic, from their sexual sins or stealing.

Rev. 9:13-21

The sixth trumpet has many aspects to it, and will cover at least two postings. War will be covered in this post, and then we will look at the Mark of the Beast and touch upon the transformation of the lamblike beast, and elimination of Babylon.

By now, there are a lot of very unhappy and angry people, after suffering torture to the point of death for the past 5 months, and Babylon is feeling very inspired by having their system promoted by this lamb like beast, masquerading as God. Some in the non religious rebel group most likely have moved into the camp with the 144,000 and the saved, but more than likely, the majority continue to have a ‘rebel’s heart’, and despise both forces. Due to the hardness of their hearts, this group plans on resisting this supernatural being.

There has been some debate as to the nature of the four angels chained at the Euphrates. One must be clear that they cannot be holy angels, as there is nowhere in scripture that states God had chained any of his holy angels. These are demonic angels, and know they have a mission to accomplish. Note some of the similarities in the descriptions of the horses and soldiers, compared to the fifth trumpet scorpion like creatures. This is going to be a war fought by supernatural beings, and one third of the population at that time is again 1.75 billion people, and they will be killed.

This battle is going to be the most lopsided, one sided battle in cosmic history. Human forces, no matter what weapons they use, cannot defeat angelic beings. The descriptions in scripture of the means of death may very well point to a nuclear exchange of some sort, but remember, the lamb like beast also has the ability to call fire down from the heavens, and may eliminate millions by this method. Either way, this war will not last long, and will be the bloodiest in man’s history.

During this time, the lamb like beast begins his transformation into the ‘stern faced king’ and the man of lawlessness discussed by Paul. As the rebels are being eliminated, so are many of those with the mark of the living God, and the wholesale slaughter of the 144,000 begins in earnest. The lamblike beast will take many of the saved and the remaining of the 144,000 prisoners, because he has a very special ‘event’ planned in the near future, and wants to guarantee participation by all surviving people.

In the mean time, Babylon and its leaders continue on in their deluded state, thinking they are in good stead with the lamb like beast, and like the first four trumpets, do not see what is ready to happen to them. They have given this lamb like beast all their authority and resources, and have watched the near annihilation of their enemies, without considering that they may, and will be next. The head that was mortally wounded, but was healed of this wound, has been the affirmed head of Babylon by the lamblike beast, and is now set for the greatest of counterfeit displays in the history of the universe.

The lamblike beast allows for prisoners, because he wants to demonstrate to those in Babylon, that he will not tolerate any opposition. There will be plenty of the rebels who will be executed in public for their denial of acknowledging the lamb like beast as god, and those marked with the seal of the Living God, and the remnants of the 144,000, for calling the lamb like beast a fraud, and father of lies. This show will require that all living at that time will have to make a decision which will be eternal in nature.

To this point, none of those in Babylon has had any mark placed upon them, and as of this time, can still choose the seal of the Living God. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. Rev. 18:4. God, in his desire to save the most, will send an Angel to plead for those remaining in Babylon to leave prior to the introduction of the mark. Most likely, this will fall on deaf ears, but it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, God’s great love for his creation, and not wanting to see anyone perish. But people are given free will, and can choose death if they so desire

Friday, December 11, 2009



George Offerman

I am not gong to debate this issue ad nauseum, but will make my case in this post, and want to deal with facts, not fiction and address issues. First of all, there is a major difference between criticism and attack. Being a Christian does not exempt one from criticism, corrections or any other matter, and to have gross omissions pointed out by a fellow Christian, ought to be cause for good dialogue, and ultimately a stronger position. Evidently, this was not taken as such. I am also aware of what sin is, and being a Christian does not exempt one from sin. Steve, I did not, nor will I allow you to convey the idea I called your Christianity into question: I called your omission and silence into question, and yes, it is sinful behavior.

I have been in this movement for 27 years. I don’t need someone telling me what division is. As I stated in many of my posts, and more specifically yesterday, the pro life movement in general is on reaction mode, and takes its lead from the enemy, in that the enemy demands ‘tolerance’ and does not want the images, language and use of tactics that generate news. I am going to say something to people who want to claim to be pro life, and then blatantly disregard national and international stories. Is this not the charge levied at the mainstream ‘godless’ media?

I did not call into question the stories life news has written about, I am calling out life news on the consistent omissions of some of the most news making items of the year. Yes, they involve Randall Terry, and, like it or not, the mainstream pro life movement has ignored this, and it includes your site Steve. I did an archives search on your site concerning Notre Dame, and you covered the student protests, bishops appeals, issues with Notre Dame alumnus and so on, but ONE ARTICLE about the arrests or other matters that involved Randall Terry, and Alan Keyes?

The arrests dominated the international media for 4 days, and hardly a peep from your site about this. I can tell by the number of articles, that you were very aware of Notre Dame, but it is so telling that you chose to ignore the ‘elephant’ in the room, and you engaged in the EXACT same behavior you yourself despise about the mainstream media concerning events like the annual right to life march. Steve, it is behavior like this that divides the pro life movement. Your site, like the mainstream pro life movement either ignored this or slighted the efforts of the brave 88, whose only pro life ‘crime’ was being associated with Randall Terry. That is why I make the statement you ‘iced’ this, and it seems you are trying to be a maker of news instead of commentating. Prove me wrong by showing the ARCHIVED articles of you r extensive coverage, and I will retract my statements.

I also want to know your background in the pro life movement that will demonstrate your ability to lead. I also want to know directly from you what the next moves are, and what you r plan is to overturn Roe. I have questioned your ability based upon the observation that you have selectively chosen what to report and what not to report. The mainstream media, like it or not, are experts at knowing what is news making and what is not. They found it very worthy to run non stop the arrests at Notre Dame, and have run in depth stories about the Sotomayor protests, the health care skits, the interruptions of Obama speeches, Interrupting Dean at the Reston town hall meetings, and the now “Deaf at the Cathedral tour”. You have consistently ‘iced’ these events, and if you were the number one source for pro life news, no one would be aware of any of these events. I would have to say, Thank God for the ‘godless’ press, as they have covered it extensively.

This brings me to my last point, and I will start this with your own words:

When it comes to coverage, you contend that LifeNews.com has omitted coverage of "the most pivotal news in over a decade" or that "too busy covering the stories that were more peripheral."

In actuality, LifeNews.com has focused our coverage in recent months on the health care debate in Congress that is clearly regarded by every pro-life group as the most "pivotal" news story in a decade. That Congress is making it so Americans could pay for the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe is easily the biggest story for the pro-life movement since the 1970s.

In your own words, Steve, you prove that you do not know who to win this fight. Let’s go over the facts. Obama announced his candidacy over 3 years ago. It was very common knowledge that he was one of the most pro death Senators ever, and OPENLY discussed not only up holding Roe, but expanding access to abortions. Obama also ran on the platform of overhauling health care, and how the system needs to be revamped. He was elected by a majority of Catholic and Christian voters. So, you, along with ‘every other pro life group’ regard the ‘greatest expansion’ of abortion coverage by Obama as the most pivotal news item since the 70’s? Steve, seriously, are you kidding me? It took three years for the ‘mainstream’ pro lifers to put together these thoughts 1) If we elect the most pro death candidate who wants to expand and cover abortions with 2) his mandate to take over health care, that 3) we will have to pay for this? Talk about being late to the party. Had the Churches and pro life organizations done the job, Obama would have never been elected, and thus, health care would not have been the most ‘pivotal’ story since the 70’s. Sins of Omission, Sins of Commission, Sins of silence

If what you are saying is true, (and it is incredibly sad), then ‘every pro life group’ out there has just proven beyond any doubt that they do not know how to fight and win this war. I have news for you, there were several groups that ‘got it” and went about trying to change the election, by doing activities and other tactics, not approved by you and ‘every other pro life group” and it got traction in the mainstream media. Theses efforts were totally ignored by the mainstream ‘pro life groups’, beginning with national right to life. In fact, the only comments coming from them was a condemnation of what we did (sins of commission).

In the war to end legalized child killing, the real stories are (BTW, they were covered by some of the pro life groups) 1) election of a pro abort by a majority of Christians, 2) the deafening silence of the mainstream Catholic and Christian Churches 3) Sotomayor hearings, and subsequent elevation to the Supreme Court 4) Honoring the most pro death president with an honorary law degree at the most prestigious Catholic University in the country.

Steve the tactics espoused by the mainstream pro life groups, and I include you in that, due to your deliberate and consistent ‘icing’ of the stories, does not tolerate any activities outside of your comfort zone. Sorry, but war is bloody, sacrificing, lonely and too often long. The other side is well armed and have the laws on their side. They also have been dictating the terms of the battle, and for too many years, (and I have lived through them) the mainstream pro life movement has played along with them. I joined up with Randall Terry, because like him, I see a need to go on the offensive for the babies, as they are shedding real blood, and God is not watching impartially, and we have a limited amount of time to get this done before judgments befall us.

So, Steve, I stand by my words. If you want to see them as an attack, so be it. I know what I was thinking and I know what my intentions were when I wrote the last post, so if they are misjudged by you and others, I can’t help it. But I will not stand back and have ‘people of good intention’ trash what I or others have done, that have brought legalized child killing to the front and center of the national debate because they are uncomfortable or afraid of how we did it. As God as my judge, I have way more fear of His disapproval than yours or any one else’s who are not willing to step up to the plate and ‘do whatever it takes’ to end this holocaust.

And finally Steve, no I do not believe, nor have I ever alleged that all ‘pro lifers’ have to get arrested and participate in civil disobedience, but I have made very strong statements against the pro lifers who condemn us for the tactics used, and have thus either ignored the stories, or have been condescending, like you have been with me concerning criticism. You can go ahead and label this anger or whatever you want, but like your claims are with me, you don’t know me either, and like what you claim, one can be known by their fruits. I’m saying to you: report all the news. The mainstream media cleaned up on you concerning the above mentioned stories, and that is proven by a search of your archives.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


George Offerman

I am thankful that Steve Ertelt has committed his time and talents to the pro life cause by writing about many of the issues pertaining to the pro life movement. There is an ever growing need for more people to stand up and have their voices heard, to change the status of legal child killing in this country to making it illegal. However, the pro life movement has many strategies in which to get that done, and it is imperative that our side not be outdone by the enemy.

This is where Steve Ertelt falls short. I am not sure how involved Mr. Ertelt has been involved in the front line work of the pro life movement, but it becomes more apparent by his blatant omissions of the most pivotal news in over a decade, that Mr. Ertelt either does not understand the nature of the battle, or is blatantly disregarding this news, due to the nature of being ‘uncomfortable’ with what is being done. Either way, as Christians, we call this sins of omission, sins of commission, sins of silence.

For whatever reason, Mr. Ertelt continues to ignore the elephant in the room, and has not covered in any was, shape or form, the 8 state tour that made national news, and reached virtually millions of people. The secular press, often cited as the eyes and ears of the enemy not only covered the 8 state tour, but actually gave some favorable press. Life news was too busy covering the stories that were more peripheral, and were covered more in depth by the mainstream media.

Steve Ertelt made no efforts to cover the press conferences, protests efforts and huge success these 5 brave souls obtained during this road trip. If life news was the only source for pro lifers, these events never would have been covered or known about. Yet the likes of CNN, FOX and other outlets covered the press conferences, ran very accurate quotes from theses 5, and shown the graphic signs in print and on camera. This group has LEAD the debate on legalized child killing for the past several months at many different events, and Mr. Ertelt is not showing the least amount of interest in covering this, nor showing the wisdom or understanding that it is the tactics used by this brave band of people that are driving the debate.

Mr. Ertelt does not seem to understand that as a commentator, he does not make the news, but reports it. Mr. Ertelt is attempting to drive the debate according to his very limited understanding of the history of social change, coupled with his reluctance to engage the enemy with the force needed to win, and wants the respect of news outlets and other players more than winning this war. Mr. Ertelt does not know how to win this war, and it is becoming more painfully obvious by his blatant disregard for real news items.

I have a personal challenge for Mr. Ertelt. Google Randall Terry, Joseph Landry, Diana Roccograndi, Missy Smith, Andrew Beachem. You will find more hits on them in the past several months than you have readers for your site. Next, get yourself out to an abortion clinic and work the front line, organize a protest or press release at any of the cathedrals in which a Bishop has a wayward politician violating Church law. Personally show up at a Representatives or Senator’s office and demand they behave according to their alleged ‘faith walk’. Be willing to, and get arrested for this cause. I know of what I speak, because I have either done or been involved in all of the above, and I also know it works. Evidently you do not.

I also am making a request that you don’t complain about the lack of ‘fair press’ at the next right to life march. As much as this is a ‘feel good’ event for many pro lifers, it is not news worthy as far as the mainstream media is concerned, because it is the same thing every year, and it has been proven to be a non sequitor for those in power. Having one percent of the attendees get arrested would make international headlines for months, but the traditional pro life movement, represented by people who think like you would condemn this and want to distance yourself from such ‘extremists’. Continue playing by the rules of the enemy, and continue propagating the culture of legalized child killing and let’s see what happens.

I am encouraging people to write to Steve Ertelt and tell him he needs to cover all pro life news, and not try to be the ‘news maker’ when he is a commentator.

Contact Steve at new@lifenews.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


George Offerman

It appears hell care reform is a done deal in the Senate, and soon these arrogant pompous lawmakers will be congratulating themselves on the destruction of what was the best health care system in the world. The fact that these senators did not listen to their constituency at all is telling in the sense, they had a much larger agenda than what they wanted to reveal. Once the government takes over, you can forget about quality, and know there will be limited quantity.

This is always a problem with human nature, when something for nothing is promised; it is very difficult to fight whatever it is that is promised. What is difficult to understand though, is there is too much evidence that the government lies to the people and does not really follow through with what they say. I am aware of all the tea parties and such, but the problem is, once November roles around, the majority will proceed robot like to the polls and re elect these bozos. There really is little fear these people have, and this has been proven time and time again.

Hell care is the epitome of violation of private property rights. Our bodies are the ultimate private property, and we have now given them over to an entity that only is concerned about how much we pay in taxes, and that we continue to produce for them. You can bet your life there is an army of actuaries that will be working on longevity tables, cost benefit analysis and any other means and schemes in taking care of the ‘cattle’.

Obama has not consulted with physicians or other health care professions in this push for reform. Now, how telling is that? Most of us in health care understand that the patient needs to have a stake in his treatment, and when this is taken away, the blame is thrust on the provider when things don’t work out. Congress has been meddling with the delivery system through contradictory laws that make it difficult enough now to adequately treat patients. Now, it will be getting close to impossible to do our jobs without violating some law somewhere. This, in effect, will drive out the best and brightest, as they will not chance breaking a law, even if it means delivering services that are vital, and go along with the oath to deliver the best services. Ask any provider about the HIPPA regulations, and they will roll their eyes.

Providers of good conscious will be mandated to perform abortions when they don’t want to, and to also not treat when treatment will save a life, but not necessarily be cost effective for the now god/state. I know several providers, who give great care that are looking for other ways of making a living, and I myself and looking at alternatives. I. like many others, got into the health care profession due to wanting to help people. I will not allow the ignorant and arrogant ‘masters’ dictate how I deliver services, when I know better than they do. So, I like many of my colleagues, will have to make a decision about how we will practice in the future, or to not practice at all, and possibly end up selling light bulbs at a home improvement store.
Our lives now will have a fixed dollar amount placed on them. Cost benefit will be the way in which all decisions will be made, versus needs of the patient. I have been telling people for a long time, that if government takes over health care, they will begin rationing care. A perfect example would be a woman finding out she has a Down’s syndrome baby with some complications while carrying this baby. The government may not ‘mandate’ abortion in this case, but they most likely will say to this family “we cannot tell you to abort, but we will not pay for the care your child will need”. The value of human life now has a price on it, and it will be the god/state determining who lives and who dies, and what quality of life the cattle will have.

We need to be worried about this. We now have a bunch of uneducated morons making decisions that are the most personal in nature and the intellectual genius, Harry Reid decided to compare this to slavery and other issues. Had he been more accurate in his description, he would have used ‘state sponsored terrorism’ to describe this. Is the state not promoting terror, when it denies treatment for medical matters that may save a life? You can’t tell me people are not feeling outright terror when being denied something that is life saving and could be given. Providers may feel ‘terror’ if they violate the mandates of the god/state in doing what is morally right, but breaking a godless law.

Say hell no to hell care and rationing

Speaking of rationing, more evidence of the gold shortage.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


George Offerman

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has decided to embark on a crusade for health care, by now claiming it to be a ‘right’. He went on to make some rather incredible remarks comparing this to slavery, women’s suffrage and civil rights. To make this comparison is to really minimize the struggles of slavery (denied freedom), women’s suffrage (denied right to be heard) and civil rights (denied self determination) to supposedly not accessing services that must be paid for. The three movements he alludes to are intrinsically evil, versus heath care, which is not denied by gender or race, but a service that must be purchased, like any other service.

For something to be declared a right there must be counterbalancing responsibilities to go along with it. For instance, when slavery was abolished, the southern white plantation owners had to let the slaves go, pay them for their services, and not abuse them. They had a responsibility to abide by the law and address the real human rights issues that were in essence forced on them. Women, upon the right to vote, had the responsibility to register, educate themselves on the issues and now were just as accountable for outcomes of elections. With civil rights, business owners were mandated to serve and hire African Americans and deal with the regulations based upon this race having equal access to the society as was true for whites at the time.

If health care is a right, what are the responsibilities of the consumer? For instance, is it a ‘right’, or morally right for a person to smoke heavily, drink daily, not exercise and eat junk food, and then require someone else pay for the health care that this individual now needs? This person used their personal ‘rights’ to engage in behaviors that resulted in damaged health, now this same person is going to access care that is paid for by others? Where in the constitution is this guaranteed?

Health care is a fee for service industry. In this, people contract for this service by paying premiums, and then are able to access services. This is no different than any McDonald’s, but there may be a day in which one cannot afford a Big Mac, and believing they have a right to it, will get one free. There are other areas in which one can feel a ‘right’ to have, such as entertainment, vacations, housing and such, but no one would argue with the fact these items have to be purchased. One can only obtain the model of car, size of house, or vacation on ability to pay. Working on affordability is the way to address health care, and encouraging and living healthy lifestyles is the epitome of reducing outlays for health care

There are many issues currently in which the delivery of health care can improve, but to go to the extreme to call it a right, is only asking for trouble. Once the government determines health care is a ‘right’, then the responsibilities will soon follow (rationing). The problem is, the government will define ‘responsible’ behaviors, and it would not be at all out of the purview of government to have the drive through operators at McDonald’s have to do a ‘fat assessment’ of customers, much like bartenders have to cut off patrons who had a little too much to drink. This may seem outlandish to many, but one only needs to look at the farce of global warming, and the insanity of ‘carbon credits’ to see that government can come up with outrageous demands to access their programs.

People need to think long and hard before allowing government to take over health care. There is not a whole lot that government does well when taking over, and I am hard pressed to come up with even one example of what they do well. We need to work on getting this monstrosity to go down in defeat. Call your Senators as soon as possible and let them know you oppose the takeover of the health care industry. Nevada, vote Harry Reid out of office.

Monday, December 7, 2009


George Offerman

I had someone point out what appears to be a contradiction in my posting about December 21, 2012, in which I stated it will bring a good night’s sleep and it will be all hype, but then state later to have food, water and other provisions. I am not contradicting myself at all, because I see the need to prepare and that particular date as separate events. I am thinking there are more imminent problems that may need preparation as soon as possible. Regardless of what state the world is in come 2012, December 21 will be another day, and that’s about it.

Things continue to unravel and move at an ever quickening pace. The way I see it, 2012 is eons away from now, and wonder if we as a society and world can make it to that date living life as we now do. The Bible tells us we can know the season, but not the day. Preparation when seeing a storm coming is always prudent, and there are definitely storms coming, if not already here. There are differences between sowing and reaping, which is more predictable, versus cosmological events, such as the beginnings of Revelation and the second coming, in which Jesus has personally informed us that are not to be predicted in matters such as setting a date or events (such as the State of Israel coming into existence).

To look at an event such as December 21, 2012, and put faith into it is in essence calling Jesus a liar. We are told 2 things about the end that could not be clearer: 1) man will be caught off guard, and 2) Jesus stated he himself does not know the time of his coming. Obviously setting a date in the future contradicts what Jesus himself revealed, and neither Jesus nor God the Father would reward a system like the Mayans by granting such an event to happen. Most, if not nearly all of the world’s population will be paying close attention to this day, and as such, disqualify this event as having Biblical significance. I would sure consider some times after this, as was true after 2000, people felt let down initially, then went back to their normal routines right afterwards. The time for a surprise event would be more like December 22, 2012, but I want to note very clearly, I am not making a prediction, but only using that date as an example.

There is too much speculative prophesy out there, and most likely by 2012, there will be somewhat of an ‘end of the world’ fatigue, provided nothing happens prior to then. But there are plenty of man made issues that will need resolution, and this is where most people should be paying attention. The need to be prepared especially now has an urgent tone to it, and unfortunately, not enough people are taking this seriously. Minimally, we have a major financial crisis that cannot be resolved until the out of control money printing and spending ceases. Coupled with this is the shortage of precious metals, import and export problems and personal debts.

From there, we have societal issues, with epidemic substance abuse on the rise, a major breakdown in long held social mores and civility along with the mainstreaming of cheating and stealing. These things will all bear fruit and will be bad enough to deal with if well prepared. It could potentially be lethal for the unprepared. One doesn’t need any particular skills to understand very basic Biblical principles like sowing and reaping, to know bad things are right around the corner. What one does about this information is where the true walk of faith comes into play. The warning signs are everywhere, are people listening?

Friday, December 4, 2009


George Offerman

We in America are used to what can be called “Magical thinking”. Magical thinking incorporates the process in which we can do whatever we want, and somehow ‘things will work out’ regardless of what the consequences ought to be. Unfortunately for the past 30 + years, this has seemed to be the case, and this thought process seems to be cemented into the American psyche. Many of the pundits are already calling an end to the economic crisis, and stating things are getting better, maybe with a little more hardship. These people must be smoking some real good dope.

In reality, things just don’t work out on their own. Things work out only because a great deal of effort is put into resolving a problem, and there is a viable plan in place that allows for this. This is the resistance point in mental health treatment, most believe they have a right to good mental health and see it as a weakness when needing assistance from others. Many believe they should have to put no effort in, and often get angry and resentful when we use the dirtiest of four letter words on them: “work”. It is a mystery to me that many believe it is a right, and should be automatic, regardless of the poor decisions and behaviors they have made.

It is no different at the national level. Our country has made poor decisions for quite a while, and no one wants to take any responsibility for the mess we are in. This is very indicative to the outcome and portends to some very rough times in the very near future.
Now, let us consider what some of these forces are and walk through them to see what will happen.

Financially, as a nation, we have lived above our means since the late 60’s. We have paid for this through the sale of treasury bonds, that at one time, were seen as the safest investment vehicles in the world. Today, we are printing them at will, and the last sale was a total failure with central banks being the only customers. This is at a time when we need the money the most, and it is coinciding with the fact that trust in our government is at its lowest point as far as other countries are concerned. Is this alright?

We just defaulted on gold to China, about the worst possible scenario imaginable, and life just goes on. Gold hit an all time high, and Drudge didn’t even cover this. We know through Ted Butler, that China is the big short on the CRIMEX, and they have already publicly stated they plan on defaulting on their silver obligation. I think they should get bricks of coal, and spray paint them silver, and have them delivered to the CRIMEX, and inform them this is PAYMENT IN FULL. Is it moral to steal others’ property? Will God bless this behavior? Is this alright?

We consume more than we produce. We are encouraged to be conspicuous consumers, and have become very used to doing very little in maintaining a fairly comfortable life. Very few people know how to be self sufficient, and don’t even know the basics concerning survival. We have become a nation obsessed with comfort and ease, and have the mentality that if there are any challenges or problems in life, it must be ‘someone else’s fault’ and want to sue someone. We are obsessed with entertainment and sports and God forbid if we ever become bored. We are the most medicated society and substance abuse is at epidemic proportions, in all social strata, with no end in sight. Is this alright?

So, we have become a nation run by thugs, thieves, liars, cowards and cheaters, and we believe things are going to work out? We as citizens have allowed this to happen, and in the process have become lethargic, numbed, dumbed down, distracted, overweight and ‘self reliant’ and expect to get rewarded for this behavior. Our nation has grown away from God, similar to the church of Laodicea, yet we will say “Why did God do this to us”? when things go wrong.

No, things are not alright. If we were married to someone who espoused even half of what is listed, divorce would be immediate, and a court may end up throwing the perpetrator in jail. Yet, this is the American life and way for the past 40 years, and very little is questioned, challenged or even thought about. One thing is for sure: if there are space rocks with our names on them (and there are, but nothing to do with the Mayans) we have earned them and deserve every bit of misery they will deliver. God has made it clear: I WILL NOT be mocked: whatsoever a man sows, shall he reap. We have sown seeds of lying, cheating, stealing and murder, and will end up with a heaping helping of all of the above.

Thursday, December 3, 2009



George Offerman

It seems there are times when messages are sent to bring about clarity in direction, and this seemed to have occurred to me in the past few days. I have been having strong internal stirrings to continue working on previous posts pertaining to prophesy, and preparation for these times. Lately, there has been many distractions that have kept me from this task, and the conviction to get back to this came up very strongly last night and early this morning. The failure of my computer earlier today seemed to confirm this, as it was another roadblock to getting back to this.

Even though I started this site to discuss pro life issues mainly surrounding the preborn, there is also an obligation to focus on life activities concerning the post born, and to not sit back and do nothing, when much needs to be done. I have a goal to finish the postings concerning Revelation, but it will take some weeks to get through the very basics of this topic. Some have been disturbed by what I have written so far, but it is not my job to be concerned about that, because one has to make a personal decision about how they want to deal with such information, and my task is to get the information out and allow others to see it and do what they may with it.

So, in the meantime, I’m going to give some basic suggestions about how to prepare for the upcoming rough times, and if it turns out nothing happens, preparations will still be in place. The first and foremost preparation is spiritual. Read the Bible and pray every day for guidance strength and insight. Do an intensive prayer and fast if possible. Reach out to others in a kind and gentle fashion, or treat them as you would like to be treated. Cultivate and strengthen relationships and work on finding others who you can rely on if the going gets tough.

Water can be obtained in 5 gallon heavy duty plastic containers from Home Depot and Lowe’s fairly cheaply. These will last for years, unlike the grocery store water that will leak after a few months. If this is not affordable, purchase a brand new 30 gal plastic garbage can with lid that can be filled by a garden hose if needed and stored in the house. Some people have purchased water filters and can purify almost any water, but they are expensive and may take months to get a hold of. Have some bleach that can be used to sterilize water, but be careful about the amount used. There are also natural water filters that can be made on the cheap, but one may have to research this on line.

Next is obtaining basic food supplies. A 50 lb bag of rice can be purchased for about $15, as well as large bags of flour and beans. Potatoes and carrots can keep for months in a somewhat cool, dark place. Dried foods, especially pasta will also maintain, and have good nutrition. Spices can also help, and will alleviate some of the bland ness of this diet. Good airtight and rodent resistant containers will need to be used to hold the food, and can be purchased at home restoration places.

Make sure there is adequate clothing, especially for cold weather. Having an emergency kit in a back pack is highly recommended, and in this kit should be a basic first aid kit, matches, protein bars for 3-4 people for a day, and 2 bottles of water, flashlight and portable radio with good batteries. Cash will also be of great value, as any panic would guarantee a run on banks and ATM machines, and it will be the only thing accepted initially.

In all of this, help those in need. The point of preparation is not to hoard, but to help and instruct those who will have a need. It will definitely come back as a blessing, and the same people you helped may be your own salvation down the road. Whatever is in store for the future will involve all of us, and we will be in this together.

I am encouraging all the readers of this post to go out this weekend and buy these items, and prepare. If and when things begin to happen, there will be no opportunity to get the necessary items, and real panic will set in. as I have told many of my clients over the past several years, the best way to deal with anxiety and fear is to take action against what one is afraid of or anxious about. Take action now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


George Offerman

Randall Terry and his family continue on their whirlwind tour of the Midwest and attempting to get people out to their respective senators, and show that the majority of Americans oppose the current health care bill. It seems that with the media coverage Randall and company are getting, it would be a worthwhile project to donate to if one has any disposable change lying around. Randall and the Washington warriors have been going non stop over the past several months trying to kill this bill, and exposing the fact that it will ultimately fund legalized child killing.

The Catholic Church has also stepped up its rhetoric, and I for one am glad they are finally doing something about this situation. There are three good examples of this in the past few weeks, and the prelates should be acknowledged for their efforts, despite the fact they seemed to enter the game in the late innings.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl in Washington, D.C informed the City council that if they pass the homosexual marriage recognition legislation, and give the couples all the rights of heterosexual marriages, that he would rather shout down all of the Catholic Social services and allow the City to take them over rather than compromise the church teachings. It is good to see Archbishop Wuerl do this, after basically doing nothing concerning pro aborts receiving communion in his ecclesial jurisdiction.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of New York took a very strong stance against a tirade that Maureen Dowd gave recently, and states the New York Times editors had been playing off of fears of the people, and participating in mud slinging that would not be tolerated if aimed at Jewish or Islam clerics or religion. Arch bishop Dolan, called the New York Times out on their inconsistent behaviors and rightfully wants some acknowledgement of irresponsible behavior on their part.

However, it is Bishop Thomas Tobin from Rhode Island that wins the warrior award, by calling out Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D), son of the late Teddy Kennedy. In their very public dispute (propagated by rep. Kennedy) Bishop Tobin made it abundantly clear that Rep. Kennedy is outside of the magisterial teachings of the church, and that Rep. Kennedy has absolutely no authority to determine which Church teachings he will follow and which he will disregard. Bishop Tobin also made it clear to Rep. Kennedy that he should not be presenting himself for Holy Communion until he goes to confession and renounces his current public stance on abortion and other matters that are in rebellion to the Churches teachings. It is refreshing and good to see the Church hold up the integrity of Holy Communion, and finally call out those who want to be ‘Lukewarm” in the faith.

We are seeing some resistance and fighting back by those who have remained silent for too long. The position we are in as a society and nation depend on the rule of law, and this starts by acknowledging the supreme ruler of the universe, and His sole authority on determining what is right and wrong. Things continue to heat up, and soon it will require everyone to make choices that will become more uncomfortable, but ultimately more freeing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


George Offerman

I had intended to write about this a few weeks ago when the movie “2012” initially came out, but as usual, other real matter emerged that needed more attention. There is so much hype around events such as this, and it becomes not only distracting, but very disheartening when sensationalism reigns over what would appear to be clarity in matters such as this. This event will be similar to the hyped 2000 crisis in which all computers were supposed to fail, thus triggering a man made catastrophe and ending modern life as we know it. It turned out to be the most hyped ‘non event’ in history, and the date written above may only surpass it in hype, but that will be it.

I have been researching this date to understand exactly what the Mayan calendar is about, and why this date is so significant. What I can say for sure is that I am way more confused about the issue than when I first started, and that is a good indicator that, in and of itself, gives answer to the ‘originator’ of this information. Real prophesy brings about clarity, and this date is actually doing the opposite, creating a great deal of confusion. It seems the predictions have a very wide range, and range from the sun and solar system going through the center of the galaxy, to the appearances of UFO’s and other beings.

It seems the Mayan culture engaged in what would be considered ‘new age’ practices, and even practiced human sacrifice at one time. This would not be considered a good and reliable source to ascertain the knowledge of God, who is after all, the supreme being of the universe. God is the one who determines the beginning from the end, and reveals it to those who abide by His will and walk in His ways. All that I have read about the Mayan culture would disqualify them from knowing the deep thoughts of God, and having such an apocalyptic vision given to them.

Jesus left no doubt that the events of the end will come as a thief in the night, and catch mankind off guard Matt 24:37, and this is validated by both Saints Peter, 2 Peter 3:10 and Paul, 1 Thess 5:1-3. So we have it on the authority of Jesus himself, and validated by the two most influential apostles of the whole Christian church. This is a prime example of sensationalism gone awry, and pulling many different people into its web of lies and deceit. We have the new agers and much of the world making statements that catastrophe is on its way, and we have the Bible on the other side making clear references that we do not know the day. I am clear on which side I will be on and I hope others are too.

We definitely are heading into rough waters, but we don’t need the forbidden knowledge of a mystery religion to tell us that. Difficult times are ahead of us due to very poor choices made by many in the world, coupled with the dark forces mobilizing, and the good people doing little to nothing for the most part. It is more of an issues of sowing and reaping than it is a cosmological event, and we need to prepare ourselves for the mess we created for ourselves.

I know I am doing what I can to prepare myself and my family. I can only encourage others to do the same, and to stay focused on the real prize: being the best Christian I can be, and helping others to finding Christ. In the mean time, it would behoove everyone to prepare as best they can, by having some food, water, clothing and cash on hand, and be willing to help others in need. As far as December 21, 2012 is concerned, it promises to bring a fairly good night’s sleep and relative calm to those not buying into the hype.