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Friday, September 30, 2011


George Offerman

With all that is going on now a days, many people I encounter are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of the issues going on nearly every day.  In looking at our modern life, it is clear we have lost our moral compass, and even well meaning and honest people are beginning to wonder what is real and what is right anymore (or even if there is such a thing as right and wrong).  Up is down, left is right, cold is hot, relativism is absolute and so on.  We are watching everything we know and our way of life disintegrate, and it seems no one has the way or understands what to do next.

We have witnessed a systematic destruction of western thought and way of life that became prevelant only because it was rooted in Christianity and the guidance of the moral code that goes along with it.  Once rationalism, coupled with modern philosophy and the ‘hard sciences’ began to question this foundation, western society began its downward trajectory.  It was initially slow and mostly unnoticed, but has now progressed to the runaway train we are now witnessing.  We are seeing breakdowns in literally every area of our lives and in every corner of society.  And many are getting the sense that when they think ‘it can’t get any worse’ it seems another “worse’ corner is turned and the “anxietyometer” is dialed up another notch.

Freud identified the cause of all fears and they can be placed into two categories: 1)fear of death and 2) fear of being alone (that is why most people identify being buried alive as the most fearful way of death, it incorporates both).  We will do anything to survive, and we will do nearly anything to not be alone. We also fear representations of both of these drives, and under more ordinary times these fears are in the background.  However, with heightened environmental tensions, they become more conscious and require resolution.  Since we have been socialized into believing we have a right to a ‘good and safe life’ these forces break into our awareness in ways we have not been prepared to deal with effectively.  So, in essence, our fear of death is exacerbated by watching our way of life die right before us, and our fear of being alone is as well exacerbated by how much more we feel disconnected from our fellow man.  In other words, neurosis becomes the norm for our out of control society, and the signs of this are everywhere.

When an individual reaches this point, and it becomes more of a chronic condition due to environmental instability, the individual tends to withdrawal from the stressors and takes on a position of learned helplessness.  This immobility then becomes habituated, and even when a major crisis hits, the individual fails to act because the predominant thought process revolves around “What difference does it make anyway, this will get solved and then there will be a bigger problem to take its place”.  The individual who finds himself in this place, finds it much easier to do nothing, and will also detach himself from his fellow man.  This is why we are seeing an increase in violent crimes in which many witness it, but no one steps in to help.

Those who have managed to stay true to root Christian teachings and ways of life seem to have less of this problem, if any at all.  To have faith in God is the only way through this mess we are entering.  Only the Love of Jesus can stop all fear in its tracks and renew anyone asking for this free gift.  Man will never have the answer, and no amount of drugs or therapy will ever be able to drive man's fears out of his psyche.  We need to rely on our faith if we are to make it though these times.  We will be tried in ways we cannot even begin to imagine, and will be feeling primordial fears of both anihilation and abandonment.  It is truly time to have a humble and contrite heart and approach the Lord in this way, and pray for courage and strength to make it through these times.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


George Offerman

I’ve been spending nearly all of my free time addressing many folks’ concerns over the silver market and what is happening in the overall picture.  Yes, the precious metals are experiencing significant drops (I will not call this a ‘correction’ as silver ought to be at least 20 times what it is now).  What I am telling these folks privately and what I am writing here and now is, we are entering the endgame of this struggle between God’s money and fraudulent paper money and the economic system as it exists today.

Most don’t comprehend this, yet even want to accept it.  I can only tell people to research and read historical accounts of paper money, and its 100% failure rate, and how countries that stay on a bimetal money system have a history of thriving and remaining stable.  That is one of the primary reasons our Founding Fathers put in the Constitution that only gold and silver coinage is to be legal tender for all debts.  If one does not know, we, even in the good ole U.S. have had three instances in which paper currency has failed: the “continental” during the revolutionary war, the confederate currency and Lincoln’s “Greenback’ or the better known “shin plasters” during the civil war.  (Notice, it is in times of war, that currency is debauched, similar to today).

Now, we are on the verge of the fourth failure of paper currency in our history, but this one is going to be the ‘big daddy’ of failures.  For starters, we are going into debt faster than at any time in this nation’s history, and doing it with the largest numbers as well.  There is no end to the debt and the need to borrow to service this debt.  Secondly, we have the largest welfare state in our history, and have more people receiving ‘benefits’ than are working, an unsustainable process in and of itself.  But most importantly, our currency is the reserve currency of the world, and as such, allows the private corporation Federal Reserve, to print as much as is needed.  Once the rest of the world gets tired of this behavior (which is occurring now) this money will make it back to our shores, and hyperinflation is the only possible outcome of this.

Gold and silver, by their nature, cannot be made out of ‘thin air’.  Gold and silver will NEVER lose its value, and can only increase due to its relative scarcity.  Once the common man understands the true VALUE of gold and silver, there will never be enough ‘paper money’ to exchange for even 1 ounce of either of these metals.  If this were not known by nearly everyone, and especially demonstrated by most central banks, they would not be scrambling to buy as much as they can before their currency becomes worthless.  By virtue that most, if not all of the central banks around the world are buying is perfect clarification of the intrinsic value of the precious metals.

It seems why most people who have purchased silver in recent months are panicking and having second thoughts is they are confusing volatility with risk.  Although the prices of the metals are currently volatile, they pose no risk in ever losing any of their value.  Although the dollar, and treasury bonds have demonstrated little volatility over the past several years (although trending down), they carry great risk in losing some, if not all of their initial principle.  People buy bonds and hold cash in order to ‘preserve’ capital.  With interest rates near 0% on bonds, and cash paying no interest, there is no return or growth on this investment.  Given the ever increasing debt we are incurring, it is becoming a near certainty that our government will default on its bond obligations, and those placing their life’s fruits of their labor into treasury bonds are likely to be nearly or totally wiped out when the music stops.  Those holding precious metals are going to see multiples of increases in their net worth, but will have to be willing to ride out volatile times.

I have been most frantic in urging everyone I’ve talked to, to buy more silver while these lower prices occur, a gift from the money powers.  Since the precious metals are diametrically opposed to paper money, it is in the evil people’s best interest to ‘demonize’ the metals, and use their puppet MSM to convince most people to stay away from them (as they buy up the metals themselves).  Remember, the saying goes this way: “Those who have the gold make the rules”, not “Those who have the dollars make the rules”.

The dollar will soon go the way of the dodo.  It is nearly a fait accompli.  Ben “helicopter” Bernanke said it as much years ago when asked about deflation versus inflation, and his response went something like this: “If need be, I will drop dollars from a helicopter to keep the economy going”.   We see the government has no intention of shrinking itself, and is increasing its spending despite declining revenues (read: taxes).  The government has only two ways of increasing their dollar reserves: 1) higher taxes and tax revenue, or 2) increasing the number of dollars, via borrowing and printing.  We already know tax revenue will not recover to any sustainable level, as in EVER in the current system, so the only other option is borrowing and printing money.  They will print money until it is worthless, but at least the debt, in theory will be gone.  But carnage will result and it will devastate those not prepared.  The writing is on the wall; the dollar is “toast”.  And once again, gold and silver will be the king of money as it is meant to be.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This post is written by Angela Michael who is co director of small victories, and congressional candidate in her Illinois district.  The Michael's have been active in the pro life movement for over two decades, and have over 4,000 lives saved as a direct result of their relentless efforts in front of the killing fields in Granite City, Illinois.

Many people may dispute the idea of any criticism levied at groups who represent the pro life issue, but as recent events have demonstrated, there are even official church representatives asking prominent pro life leaders to be more accountable with their funding.  If there really are issues with the way money is used, it will ultimately be more of a distraction in the real goal of the pro life movement which is:  To end all legalized killing of children from conception to birth.


  1 Timothy 6:7 For we brought nothing into this world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires……

                                                   Written by: Angela Michael
                                                     September 26th, 2011

After taking part in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils for almost three years, we finally realize that it is ridiculous to make people pay $197.00 to be a part of the 40 Days for Life Campaign. Understand, we have been holding prayer vigils, and through the ultrasound van helping moms and saving babies for almost 20 years on a daily basis, just like a lot of other faithful pro-lifers across the United States. So, why would we pay money to pray outside of an abortion clinic? 
                                                                                                                                                                     Now don’t get me wrong. We went into this with the best intentions over three years ago with our first campaign. It’s always good to get a multitude of prayer warriors outside facilities where children are scheduled to die. However, charging money to do what our ministry has been doing for two decades for FREE sounds more like a scam. For, the only thing you get is access to the 40 Days main website and modules. That’s all. No shirts, no banners, no signs. We had to pay extra for all our materials, so another organization made money too.

            The real reason for the “praying fee” appears to be, sadly, that David Bereit, the National Director for 40 Days for Life, needs to make a $94,000.00 salary, and that Shawn Carney, campaign director, can collect $20,000.00 at last report.

            When I questioned Mr. Carney about this he said, “40 Days for Life spends $800.00 on each participant in the 40 Days for Life Campaign.” If you multiply 1,500 participants by $800.00 that's $1.2 million. In 2009, they only reported taking in $400,000.00. Something smells fishy.

            Question: has the pro-life movement become a bottomless money pit? A modest salary would be okay, but $94,000.00 is ridiculous. If you need to charge people to cover your expenses, that's fine, but to make an outrageous salary like that is ludicrous.

            That’s why if all abortion came to an end today, there would be pro-lifers jumping off their buildings as they would be losing their salaries, their social status, their titles, etc. Unfortunately, raising money has become the pro-life movement’s main objective; they have lost their focus. Instead of prevention, they are there to perpetuate it.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                Another instance is taking claim to closing abortions mills, which is a great thing, but let’s give credit  where credit is due. God does indeed answer prayers, but there are other things that factor into the closing of a lot of child killing facilities, not just 40 Days. For instance, a lot of these abortion centers are losing federal funding and the struggling economy is also playing a part. Also, it’s not as easy to find abortionists anymore . Let’s face it,  It’s the red light district of medicine and that’s a stretch. Most real, reputable physicians don’t want to be associated with abortion or it’s industry. So, it’s making it harder to find skilled baby killers. Anytime we see another abortion clinic close it’s doors, it’s good; but to charge money to do what all Christians should be doing, for those without a voice... well, that’s just plain wrong.

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief’s.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


George Offerman

I’ve had several people comment on or more apt “freak out” over the steep decline in the price of silver in the past few trading days.  Despite the fact I have warned the readers of this blog that the precious metals are a most volatile market (and highly leveraged and manipulated) the precious metals have been in an 11 year bull market that is nowhere near its conclusion.  In fact, it has barely started and will take off with great earnest in one solid direction (up) once the average individual gets the scam that paper money really is, and that the green in one’s wallet is as worthless as expired lottery tickets.  This day of reckoning is most likely much closer than any of us think, and it will be then that many who are now ‘freaking out’ will be extremely grateful they acted when they did.

When markets are volatile, is when people need to use sound judgment and reasoning, and not act on raw emotions.  For instance, those who emailed me yesterday when silver dropped to $27 and change are silent now that silver is above $32.  I know that I was looking for more money over the weekend, hoping to get a purchase order in before the market did what it did, and unfortunately, was unable to get my hands onto enough to get me more.  However, I do know through very reliable sources that many of the dealers are short of metal now, as the buying has been very intense.  The smart money is buying on dips as in the past few trading sessions, and it takes that much more of the metal off the markets, which only hastens the ‘day of reckoning’ that is soon to visit places like the CRIMEX and the bad people as in the money powers.

So for the sake of sanity, I will run through some information for those who are in ‘freak out mode’ and it will give one a framework in which to place days like the past few, in a proper context.  So here are some questions one can ponder in order to assess the current happenings.

Q:  What happens when an individual, corporation, or country chronically spends more than they take in?  A: they go broke and default due to unsustainable spending and debts that cannot be repaid.

Q: What has more value, an item that is limited, and its number reduced on a daily basis, or something that can be created at will and can be increased at will?  A: the item that is limited and decreasing in availability.

Q: Which form of money has been universally used successfully over nearly all of recorded human history? Is it: a) paper money, or b) precious metals?  A: b precious metals have over a 6,000 year history and only in the last 40 years has it been removed from the monetary system of the whole world.

Q: Has any country, in the history of the world ever defaulted when using precious metals as money?  A: no, none recorded in human history.  However, there are numerous incidences in which gold and silver coins were debased using other metals, and this caused economic crashes in these cases.

Q: Has any country in the history of the world ever defaulted when using paper currency as money?  A: yes.  In EVERY RECORDED CASE paper money has failed.

Q: Which is our government making more of: a) paper money, or b) precious metals?  A: a) paper money.  Precious metals can’t be made.

Q: Which is harder to come by, paper money that takes little effort to print, or precious metals that must be discovered, mined, refined, coined and delivered?  A: precious metals.

Q: Can you eat gold and silver if you’re hungry?  A: no, but you can’t eat a $100 bill salad either.

Q: When food is scarce, what will be a medium of exchange that most will accept as payment is it: a) paper money in ever increasing denominations or b) precious metals, which has held its value for time immemorial?  A: b) by far.

Q: Where then, is the safest place to store my wealth or put for the security of me and my family in times of inflation or hyper inflation: a) precious metals or b) paper money and treasury bonds?  A: precious metals because they cannot be printed or counterfeited.

These are some of the questions that ought to help someone who is experiencing doubts about his purchases of precious metals, or is contemplating purchases.    Many commentators are claiming the fall had to do with the technical charts showing an overbought position, and as a result, the price of the precious metals needed to come down.  However, these same people are not commenting on the technical charts that have shown an oversold condition in which the dollar ought to be rising but has been steadily dropping for over five years.

The fundamentals of both precious metals and the dollar have not budged one inch.  The dollar will continue in free fall because we are printing and spending more dollars than what exist, and this is an unsustainable position to be in.  The precious metals will continue going up because they are finite, and have represented money from the dawn of time.  Soon, both gold and silver will take its rightful place in the world's markets, and then it will be seen as what it truly is: precious metals.

Finally, I'm attaching a link to a video that everyone ought to see.  This trader is admitting a crash is coming, but even more incredible is his admission that governments don't run the world, but the money powers, specifically Goldman Sachs.


Monday, September 26, 2011


George Offerman

“How should modern readers interpret the creation-flood story in Gn 2: 11? The stories are neither history nor myth. “Myth” is an unsuitable term, for it has several different meanings and connotes untruth in popular English. “History” is equally misleading, for it suggests that the events actually took place. The best term is creation-flood story.”
USCCB website, Introduction to the book of Genesis

38 For as in those days before the flood they  were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and they did not [a]understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be. 
Matt 24:38-39

26 And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.
Luke 17:26-27

7 By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, [a]in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.
Hebrews 7:11

20 who once were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the [a]water.
1 Peter 3:20

5 and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a [a]preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;
2 Peter 2:5

There will be a new version of the Bible to be released with the imprimatur of the USCCB.  The above quote taken from the USCCB website on the creation and flood story, and as can be seen, the USCCB takes the position that the story of the flood is considered allegorical and not literal.  The USCCB wants to claim that the author of Genesis “borrowed” the flood story from an earlier tale spun from accounts and myths from the Mesopotamia era.  In fact, the USCCB goes on to make this following statement concerning many of the stories in Genesis:   
 “There is unfortunately no direct extra-biblical evidence confirming (or disproving) the stories.”
Unfortunately and sadly, the USCCB is wrong on this note, and it will be covered in a later post the significant amount of evidence by geologists and archaeologists of a flood that covered the whole world.  It is also rather sad that the USCCB calls into question the accounts in the Bible and it does nothing other than creating doubts in the believer.  For if the stories in Genesis are false, or allegorical, then what about the rest of the Bible?  How does one determine which is true and which is myth, or allegory?
What is truly at issue here is the soul of our Church.  We have a band of Bishops that are making a claim these events never happened, and none of these men were alive at the time of these events.  They are juxtaposed by the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, who was not only present at the time of the flood, He acknowledged the flood taking place, and clarified that it was Noah and his family that was in the ark.  Now, if the USCCB wants to make the claim that the Cannon of Scripture is inaccurate, or that Jesus really didn’t mean what he said concerning Noah, then they are bordering on heresy.  To try to sell to the laity their ideas that most of genesis did not happen, they then call into question how much of the Bible didn’t happen, and thus, how can it be an inspired book, and who and what determines which story is literal and which is allegorical.
I am glad the USCCB does not speak with magisterial authority.  Since they do not, we are not obligated to follow questionable teachings such as this.  Their statements fall in line with others the USCCB has either put out, such as their voting guide faithful citizenship, and their silence concerning many of the state votes on homosexual marriage.  The USCCB has been very consistent in their watering down of the faith, and hanging much of the laity and some faithful priests out to dry, theologically speaking.  It leaves one to wonder if the USCCB is in a crisis of faith, or if they simply don’t believe what the Church they are supposedly representing actually teaches.  Either way, their statements concerning Genesis is nothing short of scandalous, and will do nothing other than to sow more doubt about the faith of the True Church of Jesus Christ.
The most interesting part of the USCCB is they will attempt to sell this to the American Church with magisterial authority, and will have no tolerance for anyone disagreeing with their position.  This very weak and cowardly band that has let down those fighting against legalized child killing and homosexual marriages really has lost their moral authority to teach in a fashion that will inspire laity or faithful priests.  It is actually creating division and discord by calling into question very basic and clear tenets of the faith, and buying into social relativism that appeases those in the same camp as Nancy Pelosi, the late Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Sotomayor and all of the other so called Catholics who make and follow their own rules concerning these social issues, and receiving communion when they should be denied it.  
This is going to accomplish nothing more than creating confusion in the ranks, and pushing many into complacency.  The USCCB would have been better off making no comments on this than what they did.  If it is true that most of the Bishops on the USCCB backs this interpretation, then maybe they ought to go on a long retreat that focuses on prayer and reflection concerning their vocation, and sit in on some basic scripture and patristic theology classes.  Or maybe just outright resign and hand out smiley stickers at Wal-Mart where they can’t do any damage.

Cross references: Luke 17:26 : Luke 17:26-27: Matt 24:37-39Luke 17:26 : Gen 6:5-8; 7

Cross references: Matthew 24:38 : Matt 22:30Matthew 24:38 : Gen 7:7

Friday, September 23, 2011


George Offerman

Try as I may, I cannot help but to keep commenting on the financial realm as the events are unfolding at such a pace, that my head is spinning.  I wish it weren’t so, but it’s of no use to deny the reality around us and pretend all of the many trivial matters still being pursued by the majority actually mean anything.  It seems like the majority of the people I talk to are aware of the elephant in the room, but don’t want to know or hear anything other than information that allows them to stay in their “things are getting better and this will not last’ mode.  Despite the temptation of falling into that trap, it is not going to happen, and what is happening better be paid attention to, and acted upon, or it will end up very badly for those who are unprepared.

I had a lengthy conversation with my wife about this a couple of days ago.  These are matters we have been anticipating and discussing for several years now and we are even amazed at how many ‘hits’ this economy is taking, and has yet to fall.  This phenomena, however, will not continue on for much longer, and we are both in agreement this economic system is terminal, and it is only a matter of how much time we have and it is no longer an issue of ‘can’ it get better.

It gives me no pleasure to write about these matters on a regular basis, as this is a very unpleasant topic with very unpleasant outcomes.  But it is more difficult to stay silent when it seems the evidence all around points in one direction, and it is that of total collapse of the current system.  Fundamentally, there is no possible way we can continue on the trajectory we have set ourselves onto, and it is the lack of honesty and integrity by those in charge that is going to cause the most pain (and death) which is so avoidable.  There is no urgency in any of these matters, and the political and financial (and to a large degree, the Church) carry on as if we have all the time in the world and believe “We are America, we are blessed, and God would never allow us to fail”.

I told my wife that I am really sad and grieve for those who have not prepared.  It pains me to see the trivial being pursued by the masses and the deliberate deception perpetrated by elected officials, financial representatives, the media and the Churches.  Most of these people will come out after the fact and claim with straight faces that “We didn’t see this coming, and really no one could have seen this coming”.  Lies, lies and more lies.  These are the same people who now say to trust in them, and want the majority to put their faith in them.  Unfortunately, the majority are doing just that, and it will be these actions that will be the ultimate downfall of these people.

Right now, gold and silver are having a huge sell off, and are being trashed by the financial world and MSM as being in a ‘bubble’.  They will never discuss how the masses are being deceived into seeking ‘safety’ in Treasuries and the dollar, of which both are printed at will and at an ever increasing amount.  Instead, they trash God’s money, metals that are very limited in amounts and cannot be counterfeited.  They have managed to convince the majority that an infinite supply of paper has more value than a commodity universally recognized as money that is in limited supply that is ever decreasing in availability.  They have convinced the majority to ignore buying any of this metal as a hedge against the shenanigans they are doing, and they will have no sympathy for the common man when TSHTF.

If there is ever a time to buy into the precious metals, it is now.  They are deeply discounted, and who doesn’t like a good sale!  It is counter intuitive when concerning money matters, and is outright scary when one goes against the ‘majority’ when it seems clear the majority put their faith in paper that has no intrinsic value.  This is a time to look at the facts, and not let emotion take over.  This is the time to make a move that may ultimately be the difference between surviving and dying.  These are dangerous times that require great urgency in action and there is not the luxury of time to waste.

So I will continue to harp on this point regardless of how many readers may be turned off by it.  I can’t stay quiet when I can see these matters so clearly and believe they are on our doorstep.  I can’t continue on in silence when I see most in this society walking around in a comatose state and seemingly unaware of what is ready to befall them.  Once this collapse hits critical mass, most will not believe the speed in which things happen, and it will be then that the masses will find a need for urgency, but by then, the exits will be blocked and it will be too late.

It’s ugly now, and about to get so much worse.  I don’t think even I can understand or grasp the nature of what we are about to witness.  And I have been reading about this matter for years.  Never in the history of the world has every nation used paper money and there is no precedent in which to refer to in history to predict what it will look like.  All one can know for sure is it will not be good, and it will require a total revamping of the way mankind does his finances.  The world as we know it is passing away right now as we watch.  We can choose to do something about it and possibly benefit ourselves, our family and our community, or we can continue on with bread and circuses and find when it hits critical mass, that we, along with the emperor, have no clothing.  Your choice.  Choose wisely.  And have some urgency and purpose behind your choice.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


George Offerman

I recently spoke to a man, who simply amazed me in his willingness to stand for the faith on a matter that I wouldn’t even of thought about.  It was very humbling to hear his story, and it took me some time to ‘digest’ what he was talking about and process his thought pattern and actions.  I told him before we parted company that I find him to be an amazing witness to Christianity and it took guts to do what he did.  What did this man do?  He quit a full time job he recently started after being unemployed for months.  What was the issue?  He was asked to ‘sell’ products that promoted birth control in one of the largest retail corporations in this country.

Granted, this was a small part of his job, and this man also pointed out how he had problems with the violent nature of the numerous video games there, the provocative clothing lines for young girls, and the numerous brands of condoms that were in a very open location that all could easily see and access.  This man consulted with the bio ethics office of the Catholic church, after not receiving guidance from two local parish priests, and this office informed him that in certain circumstances that he could be considered an accomplice to sinful acts, but not in all.  This man did not want to take a chance at all, and decided to tender his resignation.

This man did this with no fanfare, and seemed rather embarrassed when I told him I was in awe of what he did.  I have heard of actions done by believers at this level, but up to this time, had never personally met a believer practicing at this level.  He did this without calculating money lost, or considering the ramifications of any worldly stature, but stayed totally focused on God and what He thinks of these matters.  I have no doubt God is very pleased with this action, and this man has earned himself a whole pile of reward points that will be given when it really counts.

Another incident that came to my attention was a story about Rev. Michael Rodriguez from the diocese of El Paso.  Fr. Rodriguez has been an outspoken advocate for marriage between a man and woman, and has come out publicly against passage of homosexual marriage.  Fr. Rodriguez has quoted scripture and has gone over this matter as defending Orthodox Catholic teachings.  He has now been subjected to transfer, and is ‘obediently’ following this order from his Bishop.  This priest has picked up the mantle of what all the Bishops should be doing, and is finding out personally, how being truthful has significant consequences.  See story through this link:


We have had too many instances lately in which those standing up for orthodoxy have effectively been punished, while those who soft pedal the faith and in effect, betray the laity get free passes.  It seems the church has little difficulty in following strict Church teachings in telling a man working for a corporation that he could be an accomplice to sin by selling birth control.  The Church, however, seems to have great difficulty in allowing their own clergy to stand up for the very clear Church teachings spelling out the sinfulness of legalized child killing and the accompanying birth control, and of homosexual marriage.  I wonder if it is because they (Church hierarchy) is uncomfortable with those willing to make ‘noise’ and draw attention to these immoral behaviors that need to be addressed by confronting society head on.

There are too few willing to live by faith and give testament to what is right.  The man I refer to will never be known for what he did, at least while here.  But what he did is most incredible in a society that worships comfort and conveneince, as well as self love.  Fr. Rodriguez embodies the best of what priesthood is really about, and he is now paying the price for this loyalty to his faith.  It is these testimonies of faith that give hope to others, and it is this living out of the faith that will ultimately spur others on to imitate what they do.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


George Offerman

It is said “Those who have the gold make the rules”.  However, since the advent of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the rule has evolved, so to speak to “Those who make the rules, have the gold.”  Shortly after the Federal Reserve was created, the Fed ended up becoming the ‘custodian’ of the world’s largest hoard of gold to back their FRN’s.  Since that time, there has been infrequent audits of the Ft. Knox facility, the last being 1968.

One very astute observer caused quite a stir a few years back when the question was posed “How much does the Federal Reserve pay for their gold, and how do they get it?” this observer answered “$.10 per ounce, because it costs $.025 to print an FRN and 4 FRN’s will get one ounce of gold (Gold was $400 per ounce at that time).  It was reported the crowd was very quiet, and then became angry once this thought set in.

Here we have the perfect example of thievery.  One has to work extremely hard to obtain the needed FRN’s to purchase gold, when a private organization simply can print the pieces of paper and obtain what they want.  On top of that, the Fed has first access to any significant amount of gold placed on the market, by other central banks, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA)  http://www.gata.org/ has been following the movements of Gold for 10 years and has meticulously documented the manipulation of gold prices by the ‘banksters’ and the movement of central bank gold sales.  Their information is all found in the public domain, and is extremely difficult to refute.  Bill Murphy, the president of GATA posed this question concerning the sales of gold:  ‘If the price of gold is not manipulated, then why do central banks announce the sale of gold only when prices are going up?’

Looking at historical records, every time the central bank announces sales of gold, the price generally crashes.  Now, if the central banks were out to make a profit, wouldn’t they secretly sell the gold to maximize profits?  Could you imagine Warren Buffet making a public statement to the tune of: “I think I’ll sell Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings of Gillette stock, it’s getting too high and I think the price needs to come down.  I don’t mind taking a loss”.  If you believe that, you were born on Jekyll Island.

Gold is the antithesis of fiat money, and the ‘banksters’ need to keep the price of gold as low as possible.  If (and when) inflation gets out of control, the price of gold will reflect this and skyrocket.  At that point, it is ‘game over’ for the Federal Reserve and all other central banks that rely on script to fund their misadventures.

Ron Paul (R Texas) has sponsored a bill calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.  Currently he has over 280 co-sponsors for this bill and the momentum is building to find out who and what the Fed gave over 2 trillion dollars to in the last ‘bailout’.  However, the intellectual and financial powerhouse known as Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is holding the bill in committee, and thus colluding with the ‘banksters’ in their cover up of this crime in progress.  Remember, it was Barney Frank who boldly stated in 2005 “Fannie and Freddie are financially sound and make good business decisions”.  Wow!  And he is in charge of our nation’s financial decisions?

Historically speaking, the last time such a high percentage of gold was ‘unavailable’ to the public was right before the dark ages.  GATA estimates that 96% of the gold in bullion form is held by central banks or the mega rich families, with the rest of the world vying for the other 4%.  When the paper money system collapses (which it will), we know who will be in the ‘driver’s seat’ when the new rules of banking and finance take place.

The link below is to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, and Von Mises is considered one of the top economists from the Austrian school of economics.  The Austrian school holds that sound money is the basis of all stability in economic situations, and has always advocated for a precious metals based currency.  It is good reading, and very educational.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


George Offerman

There are two extremely powerful economic forces at play, and both are diametrically opposed to each other, and the Federal Reserve is caught in the middle.  These forces are ready to collide, and the outcome will be so dramatic, that the crisis in the late 1920’s known as the great depression will look like child’s play in comparison.  Now, no one needs to cry for the Fed, as they are solely responsible for one of the forces, and influential in the other.

The first force is what I will call the immovable. Over the past century, the Fed has been in charge of our fiat currency, and their primary (claimed) reason for existence was to stop all financial crisis (which it failed) and to guarantee a stable monetary system (which it failed).  Looking at nearly a century of existence, the financial status of the United States could not be worse.  Our country is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, and it was just announced that this past month’s deficit was $112 billion, which annualized, would be over $1.3 trillion.

The American consumer is up to his eyeballs in debt, and barely able to service the debt he already has, as well as trying to eat and keep a roof over his head.  The ‘official’ unemployment rate is around 10 percent (See John Williams http://www.shadowstats.com/ for the real number).  Prices of items are up in the double digits for many items, yet our government tells us inflation is 1-2% or under control, closer to zero.  People are not getting raises, yet seeing all sorts of taxes going up due to the deficits of local, state and federal government, which in turn cuts into their personal budgets. 

As one can surmise, the ability for the American consumer to service not only his own debt, but the debt and interest payments of the government at all levels, are literally topped out.  There is no more room for increasing debt load, and the government in general and Obama in particular are sensing that if things get worse, there will be massive retribution, and the majority of the people will ‘quit playing the game”.

The above listed coupled with the fact the Fed cannot raise interest rates makes up the force that is immovable.  For if the Fed raised rates, the cost of all debts would escalate, business activity would be greatly reduce, resulting in more layoffs, credit would dry up most of government would shut down due to lack of money, many more would be homeless, due to mortgage rates changing, credit cards going up, etc. and the cost of business would become so much higher that more layoffs would soon follow, thus escalating an already downward progression. Raising the interest rate just one percent would require an additional 150 billion dollars going towards the debt.  Where is this money going to come from?

The other force that is diametrically opposed to low interest rates and out of control money printing are the creditors.  Those who have lent the United States government money, via Treasury Bills, want a high rate of return on their money.  In the current environment, interest rates on the T-Bills are near record lows.  This is particularly disturbing to our largest creditor, China, and was evidenced by an emergency meeting held last year with Fed. Chairman Ben ‘Helicopter’ Bernenke, and then Secretary of the Treasury Hank ‘printing press’ Paulson  China warned them at the time, to not ‘print’ their way out of this crisis, but resolve it through fiscal conservatism and an increase in production from the United States (Ironic, coming from a communist country).

The creditor nations want a decent return on their money (or at this point, a simple return OF their money).  These countries will not accept default: they expect a fair return on their investments, and grow more alarmed by the current Fed policy of ‘monetary easing’ which in layman’s terms means ‘printing at will’.  Creditor nations want a higher rate of return to offset the risk of inflationary policy of printing money, hence, want to see the Fed raise interest rates.  This incorporates the force of the unstoppable: they want more for their money, they will continue this push until they get what they want, or they will come ‘collecting’ the debt.

So, these two forces are ready to lock in a fierce battle for the ages, and one will prevail over the other.  Last year, the Fed chose the immovable, and began the process of ‘monetizing’ the debt.  China also began its defensive moves against this policy and has been buying up assets that will thrust it onto the world’s stage as the number one nation economically (barring disaster).  They represent the unstoppable, and have the backing of many different nations, who are also creditors to the United States.

Consider this: China has the largest manufacturing base in the world, and still growing in capacity.  China has become the number one country in the refining of precious metals, and number three in production and mining of precious metals.  China recently banned all export of precious metals, and has been a net buyer of gold for the past few years.  They have allowed their citizens for the first time in 60 years to buy gold and silver, and are they ever! China has lead several nations in calling for a new ‘reserve’ currency or basket of currencies: they recently signed a multi decade deal with Russia, the number three oil producer in the world, they are working with Venezuela in exchanging oil for goods (meaning protection) China also has control over the panama Canal for the next 99 years, and thus has control of an important shipping channel.

The creditor nations, lead by china, are not going to allow the United States to print their way out of this mess, and the citizens of the United States are not going to give up their property and heritage to the bankers that created this mess.  The unmovable will meet the unstoppable very soon, and it will be very interesting to see the results of this titanic battle.  In the middle is the Fed, and either way, there are likely to be marches by throngs of people with torches and pitch forks headed towards the Fed in the middle of the night.  The only question is: will the mob be speaking English or Chinese?

Part 4: Where’s the Gold?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


George Offerman

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Founder, House of Rothschild banking dynasty

"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States,  characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global  political and economic structure--one world, if you will.  If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it" -Memoirs, p.405
David Rockefeller, founder, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” 

Woodrow Wilson, President, United States 1913

"I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance.  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs."

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, 3rd President, United States

"History records that the Money Changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance."

James Madison, Founding Father, 4th President, United States

The Federal Reserve act was signed into law December 23, 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson, and with a stroke of a pen, the money system as was then known ended. This was a clear violation of the U.S. constitution Article 1 section 8 that clearly states: The Congress shall have Power To: To borrow money on the credit of the United States; To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States. Section 10, which addresses prohibition by the states, is clear concerning monetary issues: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but GOLD and SILVER Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts..

 It was the third time a central bank was set up in this country, but this act was the most dangerous of them all, due to creating an ‘enforcing’ agency with it, called the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS would be the ‘enforcing’ agency, to collect the new income tax initially levied ‘only’ on the rich (sound familiar).  Gold and silver as money, were now replaced by Federal Reserve notes, or FRN’s.  Initially, to quell the public’s distrust of the central bank, the FRN’s were printed up as ‘silver certificates’, meaning one could exchange an FRN for a one ounce silver dollar coin.

The banking powers learned their lessons well from the previous two failures, and the efforts to create the Federal Reserve started several years previously.  I will give a very brief history, as a well researched book already exists, and its title is The creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.  Jekyll island, which is off the coast of Georgia, was where  the world money powers gathered to create this monstrosity, and the main power brokers in this were the Rockefellers of the United States, and the very powerful House of Rothschild in Europe. 

Paul Warburg, who was the mastermind of this new system was sent directly from Europe by Baron Alfred De Rothschild, and was instructed to work with Sen. Nelson W. Aldrich, (father in law to John D. Rockefeller JR) who also happened to be the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  They initially failed to pass the first bill, as Aldrich insisted his name be on the bill.  There were also some adjustments made, such as using the deceptive name Federal Reserve, to instill a sense of government oversight, to have 12 separate branches in order to look like banking decentralization from New York, and to allow the President to appoint governors and chairman of the organization.

In essence, silver and gold, which is limited in supply and cannot be counterfeited, was removed as money, and in its place. FRN’s, that can be printed at will, and a private corporation was given sole rights to print the FRN’s.  Inside the Federal Reserve act was a REQUIREMENT to use FRN’s for all private and public debts, thus changing the legal tender laws.  This form of money was required to pay the now new income tax to the Treasury via this new watchdog agency, the internal revenue service.

This act in and of itself is unconstitutional, as one’s labor is seen as private property in the constitution, and even now if one researches the laws concerning the IRS, income tax payment is still listed as ‘voluntary”. (However, try to ‘voluntarily’ opt out of this system, and see what happens).  The Federal Reserve and IRS are unconstitutional by their nature: creating money out of ‘thin air’ not being backed by gold and silver, having an exclusive franchise in creation and collection of revenue, using coercive measures in which to collect, and charging interest on what is considered the people’s money.  As noted by the quotes above, our founding fathers abhorred the money powers, and were very aware of their evil intent (they would be considered ‘conspiracy theorists’ by today’s standards) Abolishment of this Godless system is the most appropriate action to take.

Woodrow Wilson, in my estimation, was the worst president in our country’s history.  This man KNOWINGLY sold this country to the money powers and was unwilling to stand up to them.  President McKinley was assassinated in office Sept 14, 1901, and was the last strong advocate against central banking and the money powers, and this may have influenced Wilson in ‘keeping his mouth shut’ (as evidenced by HIS quote above).  This, however, does not excuse his cowardice, and this evil action is the basis of the vast majority of our problems today.  Wilson epitomizes the cowards that hold positions of power, and are willing to sell their souls for a taste of power.  Unfortunately, there are too many in the current ‘gang of 535’ and in the White House that emulates Wilson and the lack of courage and conviction it takes to be true leaders.

Believe it or not, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has shrunk by 99% since 1913.  Yes, that number is correct, 99%.  When this sinks in, it is very easy to understand how the United States has continually fallen behind in all areas of improvement since that time.  The more we seem to have, the further behind we fall in terms of real growth, real opportunities and real advancement.  This is in total contrast to what God intended and it will continue until sound money is returned front and center in our economy.

Next:  The Fed, the immoveable meets the unstoppable

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The series of posting I will be running are from 2 years ago, and are not in this site's archives.  I think the timing of these postings are very relevant to the current financial conditions we are seeing.  The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to look, and the time is short to do much about our condition otehr than personal preparation.

George Offerman

I was with a group of pro lifers recently, and the topic of the economy came up.  We have been discussing this topic for several months, ongoing, and the consensus seems to be that God is involved in these current times, and that the love of money has been front and center of our problems.  I told them, and continue to believe this economy will never get better, and there are good reasons for this.

One may ask “what does the economy have to do with pro life”.  My answer is EVERYTHING.  What is the main reason cited for abortion? Mainly convenience and ‘choice’.  Why does one need the ‘choice’ or convenience? The down and dirty answer is money.  We never have enough, and it seems the other side continually pushes the false allegations that we live in a world of scarcity, and this includes money (or the lack thereof).

The current money, known as Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) is printed at will, and as we can see, the printing has increased exponentially in the past two years.  When money can be printed at will, or out of ‘thin air’, abuse is soon to follow.  Our national debt, not including the unfunded liabilities (promised future benefits with no money to pay for them) stand at nearly 12 Trillion dollars.  The interest alone on this debt is nearing half a Trillion annually.  Currently, the largest holder of U.S. debt (U.S. Treasury bonds) is China, with roughly 1.7 trillion.  Obama is talking about another 9-10 trillion of additional debt over the next ten years, and this will raise the interest payments alone to nearly 1 Trillion dollars per year. 

This in turn, takes away from productivity, and creates a downward spiral of debt: the more debt we have, the more we must borrow to pay today’s bills, thus owing more interest that then requires more borrowing, etc.  The more money spent on interest, the less to spend on real needs, and thus the artificial ‘scarcity’ built into the system.  When one feels the constant pressure to ‘downsize’, they look at potential liabilities.  Children are one of the greatest expenditures parents can have, and unfortunately, become the largest liabilities, and are thus seen as expendable.

Now, where does all of this interest go?  Interest is paid to bond holders, such as China, for the U.S. Treasuries, but interest is also ‘owed’ to the Federal Reserve for ‘lending’ the money to the Treasury department in the first place.  So in essence, we pay interest to the Federal Reserve for the ‘privilege’ of creating this money out of thin air to begin with.  Interest payments are sent directly to the Federal Reserve (Which is a private corporation and this payment is not subject to income tax) and this money is never to be seen again in the economy as we know it. Taking a trillion dollars annually out of an economy definitely causes scarcity, and validates the whole premise of what Obama is trying to sell to the public with his current health care scam.

God is clear what his money is: Silver and Gold.  God deliberately created a nominal amount of the ‘precious metals’ as a way to minimize the ‘shenanigans’ He knew we would get into if there was a nearly unlimited amount.  When money is limited, and cannot be counterfeited, commerce is always conducted on a ‘cash and carry’ basis, and there is little or no need for any interest bearing instruments in which to enslave one.

When the money supply is steady, there is no inflation, thus no loss of one’s labor, property and ability to secure basic needs if available.  One would also be more aware of taxes as they would have to be paid by coinage on hand, versus deducted out of a check, which merely reflect numbers on a paper. This would create more accountability by government for monetary expenditures.  People would also be more involved, due to having an expanded awareness of where and how their money is being used.

People constantly bring up wars as an example of ‘pro life’ issues.  If we continued to use God’s money, wars would be scarce and limited by the ability or lack thereof to fund them.  There would be little incentive to kill people and break things that then have to be replaced.  When there is no limit to ‘creating’ money, there is no limit to the amount of wars and other sinful behaviors one or a nation can engage in.  Likewise the cutting off of credit is a death knell for the individual or nation who has debt or trying to bankroll day to day life, or in this particular example, the propagation of war.

God intended for there to be stability in life, by having a stable source of money.  One would be able to save and to pass on their life’s fruit without the fear of losing everything due to inflation or debauchery of the currency.  There is more said about money in the Bible than about salvation, and God has made clear that Honest weights and measures is the premier concern when dealing with His money.  The current money scenario is an abomination to God, as it is very dishonest in it is created by one source (Federal Reserve), and created at will with little discipline.

This is why I for one would like to see “In God we trust” removed from the FRN’s and metal slugs we call coinage.  God should not be mocked in such a fashion, and this slogan can be reinstated once we again use the money God, and our constitution intended for us: Silver and Gold.  Until we come up with honest weights and measures, using God’s money, the economy will not come back, as God does not reward sinful and rebellious behaviors.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


George Offerman

The tenth anniversary of 9-11 brought out many differing responses and emotions and it seems appropriately that most Americans paused to remember this tragedy.  It is right to honor the dead and to pause in our busy lives to consider the ramifications and subsequent actions taken by our country since then.  This is also a time when those who question the ‘official’ version of these events come out and are challenged and chastised by those who believe what they were told, and don’t want to investigate, or know any more than what they think occurred on that day.

There are definitely many zealots on both sides of the equation and it becomes difficult when one side or the other resorts to ad hominine arguments, innuendos or straight up emotionally charged language not based on any type of reality.  In any real debate, it is the merits of the argument, based upon facts, that ultimately wins the day.  It is those types of debates that forwards the truth and allows those paying attention to then make an informed decision in a non prejudicial manner.  If conversations are stifled due to the inconvenience and discomfort of the listener, the listener may then take the tactic of name calling, or claiming the other side is into ‘conspiracy theory’ as a way to coerce those who have a different view into silence.

I came across an article on Matt Abbot’s site Renew America, in which Mr. Abbott asked the Rev. John Trigilio to comment on 9-11.  The next two paragraphs are taken from Fr. John’s commentary on conspiracy theorists and their ‘damage’ to the Body of Christ:

'Conspiracies are demonic. They feign real fellowship or communion by uniting people for nefarious reasons. True fraternity seeks the common good. Conspiracy seeks division and destruction. Hence, Judas conspired with the Sanhedrin to betray Christ for thirty pieces of silver. Then there are the phony conspiracies, like the one the Temple leaders made up to discredit the Resurrection: paying guards to falsely claim Jesus' followers stole His body.

'There are still some who claim 9/11 was a conspiracy, not of the terrorists, but of our own government. Like those who deny that astronauts actually landed on the moon, there are people who insist the president knew about the attacks ahead of time and allowed them to happen so he could go to war. The same theory was espoused about FDR and Pearl Harbor sixty years earlier.


It is interesting, but more dismaying that Fr. John paints with a broad brush those who are constantly emitting shrilled cries of the end of everything with no basis of fact, versus those who have questioned the official version of the story, and have backed these questions through independent studies, reports put out by associations such as the Architects and engineers for 9-11 truth, Pilots for 9-11 truth, firefighters for 9-11 truth and Media for 9-11 truth (just to name a few).  These organizations listed are not stating they know who did it, but are making documented and factually based claims that what did happen on that day cannot be explained by the current version of events.

It seems Fr. John is quick to the punch in condemning those who see problems in explanations that don’t make sense and defy reason in many instances.  It is as if Fr. John is advocating unity at any price over those seeking the truth.  Or maybe the better word is zombie.  No one dare think for themselves, or ever question the reality presented to them, even if that reality is very suspect and contradictory.   It seems it is more important to agree and have ‘unity’ even though coerced and fake, over real questioning of matters.  Comfort and convenience over conviction.

Truth, by its nature is intolerant.  There cannot be any other answer for 1+1 except 2.  This is a difficult concept for many to accept, but it is the nature of truth.  That is also why truth is referred to as a 'double edged sword' because of it being absolute, it cuts straight and true.  This is also why the truth will set us free.  Yes the truth will set us free, but we have to acknowledge it and seek it out.  We also have to know how to recognize it when we see it.  When delusions and lies are perpetuated long enough, it becomes difficult, if not nearly impossible to discern reality from the lie.  This is the ultimate evil, especially when it is deliberate and planned.

Fr. John is totally correct in stating conspiracies are demonic.  However, to insist that anyone believe anything in this world based on blind faith is more harmful than questioning when there is reason to do so.  Making blanket statements about others without full knowledge of what they may know is also divisive.  Concerning matters of faith and morals, we are to have trust and walk in this knowledge.  We are also required to use our intellect and make a choice based upon our free will.  Simply accepting things because someone or some entity asked/required us to do it is not the way to 'unity'.  Acknowledging the truth, regardless of the consequences (such as arrest over protesting abortion) will create more opportunity for unity, than for simply keeping an uneasy peace.   Unfortunately, that is what this 501 c 3 based Church wants to do.

We need to seek the truth in all matters, regardless of what problems it causes, or how 'politically incorrect' we may seem, even to fellow churchgoers and their pastors.  To deny the truth for the sake of 'peace' is a greater evil than any of the nasty 'conspiracies' many have belittled and denied.  It is in this light that I hope and pray Fr. John reconsiders his statements and actually takes some time to 'educate' himself on at least the questions many have about the 'official' story about that horrible day ten years ago.  No one ought to be a zombie, and no other person should request of anyone to shut their brain off and accept things simply because 'it's the right thing to do".

Thursday, September 8, 2011


George Offerman

I have to admit that I have been rather perplexed over the past week.  There has been very scary events going on in the world (mostly man made, but not all) and it seems like the cumulative effect on the average American has been close to nil.  However, schedule a speech on how to deal with some of the issues during the first NFL game of the year, and see people come out of the woodwork to protest this speech and condemn any semblance of anything real that will usurp a game which can be seen on tape delay, or seen on highlights on ESPN.

I can agree with many who state Obama is simply looking to raise sagging poll numbers by promising more goodies through more deficit spending.  I can understand the cynicism behind most not believing word one that comes out of Obama’s mouth.  I can even understand those that believe government is the answer to all of our problems, and throwing more money at it will somehow solve the problem.  What I don’t see or understand is how in the world do these complainers believe an NFL game is more important than the real problems we are facing, problems that are ready to consume our way of life and wealth from us, and not seem to give a rip?

We are in extreme danger concerning our society and way of life, and the response of many Americans is anger over a stupid football game.  I have to say most of my perplexity is I had a more optimistic view of my fellow citizens, believing we have seen enough over the past several months to a few years to begin to see the light, and start really working on change that will benefit our country.  It appears I really misjudged the majority in this matter, and it seems we continue on our careening path to the abyss and may already be at the edge.  I have to wonder now, what will it really take to get the masses to see the trouble we are in?

I have no faith Obama is going to offer anything more than window dressing and deficit spending.  Obama is a Fabian Socialist and as such, has no original thoughts in his deluded head.  Whatever he comes up with will benefit his fellow cronies and end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to ‘create’ a job that is barely above minimum wage.  And this is while screwing those who are paying the majority in taxes.  There will be no pragmatical solutions proffered tonight, and it will involve more delusion than reality.  But those who voted for this loser don't even want to watch much of this game, and are not interested despite the fact it may have major consequences for them.

So for those who are more interested in whether the champion Packers can take the Saints than what is going to really affect their future, enjoy the game.   Evidently, the reality of the situation is too much to handle, and it may be better that you are not plugged into what is going on around you.  these times are requiring much from us, and the need to be prepared is most important in these very dark times.  The opportunity to take care of one's family, which is one of the most important thins a human being can do is rapidly going away.   Enjoy the bread and circuses while Rome burns.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am requesting that the reader take the time to read this whole post by Chuck Baldwin.  It is very relevant in how the Church operates today, and it is very good to see that someone else is preaching the same message as many of us are.
"Come Out Of Her, My People"
By Chuck Baldwin
August 18, 2011
Archived column:
It is no hyperbole to say that the vast majority of today’s
churches do not remotely resemble the New Testament pattern. In the
first place, the Church was never intended to be a government
corporation! Yet, that is exactly what every 501c3 non-profit
"religious" organization is: it is a government-created
corporation. In the eyes of the government, pastors, elders, and
deacons are not pastors, elders, and deacons; they are corporate
officers. And put to the test, virtually any and all of these
so-called "pastors," "elders," and "deacons," will confirm
that they are corporate officers. So, right out of the gate we must
understand that we are dealing with government corporations and
corporate officers, not with New Testament churches, pastors, elders,
and deacons.
Pray tell, where do you find anything in the New Testament about
churches joining with the State, or being incorporated by the State,
or being required to submit to the State? It’s not there! The 501c3
corporation status has turned the Lord’s Church into mere creatures
of the State.
Therefore, please remember, when you "worship" inside these
government corporations, when you give your tithes and offerings to
these government corporations, you are NOT supporting "the Lord’s
work." You are supporting the work of the State. You might as well
be paying taxes; it amounts to virtually the same thing. The same is
true for all these TV preachers. They are all 501c3 incorporated!
This is why many pastors do not speak out on the burning issues of
the day. This is why neither he nor his church will take a stand for
anything. This is why he won’t "get involved in politics." He is
a corporate officer of the State, and he will not jeopardize his
standing as such.
I don’t care how "nice" the preacher is! It matters not how
knowledgeable you think he is of the Scriptures. It doesn’t amount
to a hill of beans if he knows Hebrew and Greek and how many degrees
he has behind his name. If he is a corporate officer of the State, he
will never preach the "whole counsel of God;" he will never be
willing to stand in front of his congregation and tell "the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God." He
won’t do it! Why? He knows he is a State corporate officer, and he
knows where the line is drawn. Ditto for the church deacons and
trustees (I mean, corporate officers) that support him.
If the so-called "Religious Right" would get as excited about
replacing these government-toadies (called pastors) that we have in
our "churches" and putting honest-to-God, tell-it-like-it-is,
fearless prophets in their pulpits as they are about replacing a
"liberal" and putting some so-called "conservative" Republican
in the White House, we really could have revival in America! The
problem is not the White House; the problem is the church house!
Is it any wonder that the donor base for these religious-talking
Republican politicians is mostly identical to the donor base for these
religious-talking government corporations called churches? They are
Siamese twins! This is why the "Religious Right" will never offend
the GOP establishment: they are both sucking from the same teat! And
the sow providing the milk for both is the federal government, via its
non-profit corporation status, corporate welfare programs, and endless
cash for the Warfare State.
Just look at the behavior of the people attending these government
corporations. What do you see? Gossip, slander, backbiting, nosiness,
jealousy, resentment, bickering, judgmentalism, and downright hatred
is rampant! Church splits are commonplace. These government
corporation "Christians" will betray their brothers and sisters
for far less than thirty pieces of silver.
The motivating factor for most of these government corporations is
the same as it is for private corporations: money. Money drives
everything they do. The workshops, seminars, how-to manuals, etc., are
all geared to making these government corporations more attractive and
appealing to the donor base. Just as Jesus said to the moneychangers
in His day, these corporate officers have turned God’s House into
"a den of thieves."
Why is it that today’s pastors and Christians are so clueless to
what is happening in front of their eyes? They say they are
"preaching the Gospel." But they aren’t. What they are doing is
pulling the wool over people’s eyes by refusing to sound the alarm!
Why is it that as soon as the final "Amen" is spoken at the end of
a "worship service," the first thing out of the mouths of most of
the men in attendance is something about sports? Why is it that so
many "Christian" women spend dozens of hours each week searching
the Internet in pursuit of whatever sordid information is floating
around out there about their "friends" and fellow church members?
It seems that today’s Christians are so ignorant of true Biblical
friendship, fellowship, and brotherhood that they don’t know what to
do with it even when they find it! Christian betrayal is epidemic!
A genuine New Testament church follows Jesus’ instruction to love
one another. A New Testament church yearns for genuine Christian
fellowship and brotherhood. A New Testament church prefers one another
and honors one another. A New Testament church desires truth--even
when it’s painful. And yes, a New Testament church is willing to die
for one another!
I have spoken with Russian Christians who endured the "purging"
under Joe Stalin. They told me about KGB agents bursting into a church
service with fully automatic weapons demanding to know who the pastor
was. They told me how when this happened, every man in the
congregation raised his hand. They told me about how when government
agents took men at gun point from the congregation, elderly ladies
were laying in front of the government vehicles. Can one imagine this
scene taking place in today’s churches?
I can see it now: government agents demand to know who the pastor is,
and every man in the congregation points AT THE PASTOR! Government
agents haul men out of the church and the old women applaud and get
patriotic goose bumps as they are taken away.
All across the Christian spectrum, people are beholden to the state.
Welfare checks, government pension checks, corporate welfare checks,
food stamps, medical benefits, etc., etc., ad infinitum. "My God
shall supply all your needs"? Who needs that promise? We have the
state to take care of us! "Sufficient unto the day is the evil
thereof"? Irrelevant! We don’t even know how to recognize evil
when we see it. "Give us this day our daily bread"? Antiquated
rubbish easily explained away by our brilliant corporate officers in
the pulpit. "Blessed are the peacemakers"? Forget it!
"Conservative," evangelical Christians and preachers today are the
biggest cheerleaders, proponents, and apologists for spreading war,
mayhem, and death all over the world!
I would dare say that most of today’s churches and pastors have
never given a second thought to what the "church" is. The church
is not a building. The church is not programs and musicals, and
socials and recreational theme parks. The church is not restaurants
and bookstores. The word "church" means "called out assembly."
Called out from what? Called out from state governance and control;
called out from worldly philosophies and principles; called out from
bondage and tyranny. That’s what!
Need I remind my brothers and sisters that the first reference,
chronologically, to the "church" is found in Acts 7:38 where
Stephen gave tribute to "the church in the wilderness"? Why was
the church in the wilderness? God had called it out of Egyptian
bondage. Hence, the word "church," meaning "a called out
So, where is the called out assembly today? It has left nothing! The
assembly gathers together under the auspices of, and in the name of,
the state. It grovels before the state. It gears its messages to the
pleasure of the state. It keeps its congregants in the dark to the
illegalities, improprieties, and criminalities of the state. It seeks
the state’s approval and approbation. And when called upon by the
state, it will betray or sell out any preacher, prophet, or Christian
brother or sister.
You who say you love God, you who say you know what’s going on and
are concerned about your children’s future, you who say you desire
truth, how can you continue to support these 501c3 government
corporations with your attendance and with your tithes and offerings?
You are called to "come out." So, why don’t you? These
government corporations are in bed with Babylon. And Babylon is not
our friend. It is enslaving saints all over the world. It is
persecuting the Bride. It is making war with God’s children. It is
drunk with the blood of pilgrims and patriots! How dare you sleep in
the same bed with her?
How did the Holy Spirit conclude the Book of Revelation? By
commanding us, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers
of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4)
This unholy alliance between the Lord’s Church and Caesar, between
the Body of Christ and Beelzebub, between the fellowship of God and
the fellowship of Satan is plaguing our nation, our families, and our
future. "Come out of her, my people."
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