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Saturday, December 31, 2011


George Offerman

In thinking about this past year, the first thought that enters my head is ”Thank God we made it through another year”.  The next thought is how many things happened that should have been easy to see a year ago that ended up shrouded from plain view, as well as events that seemed to be nearly a sure thing that did not occur.  That’s what makes predicting the future so difficult: it is mainly guess work and luck.  But that doesn’t stop anyone from doing it, and I will again be prognosticating what I think 2012 will look like.  But it is important to review and see where we’ve been and what we may need to do for the following year.
On the pro-life front, unfortunately, we made little headway.  Although we may claim to be a majority in this country, we are moving more towards a culture of death than towards life, and the miniscule progress is not enough to stem the tide of the dominant social theme of ‘me first’.  The vast majority of people, who identify themselves as prolife, are not in the active phase of changing this culture.  I go to the killing fields ever Saturday and every time I’m there, our side is outnumbered by the deathscorts by at least 2:1 ratio.  There are times I am by myself, such as last week, and it leaves me wondering how in an area of 6 million people I can be one of the few who is willing to get out of bed and be inconvenienced in trying to save my unborn brothers and sisters.  It is very frustrating and leaves me wondering how strong the belief is in those who are pro-life.
We have a declared candidate, Randall Terry, who is running against Obama on the Democratic ticket, and so far, this has generated little interest in the pro-life movement.  There again, is an opportunity to fund unedited and powerful pro-life messages, and the vast majority of pro-lifers seems to be stuck in mediocre mode, and is not actively helping by either putting the word out or funding this effort.  Mr. Terry announced his candidacy at last year’s March for Life, and we have had a full year to make waves.  If this past year is any indicator of things to come, then next year is going to bring about ‘more of the same’ and we will be much closer to that abyss and most likely will fall over.
***note*** legalized child killing will be entering its 40th year on January 22.  40 years has great significance in Biblical times, and many I have spoken to believe this year very well may be it if we don’t turn things around.  I will be writing more extensively on this topic soon.
Economically, we have been through turbulent times that really are the beginnings of the end of the economic system we have grown up with and are used to.  Europe has teetered on the brink several times over the past year, and the bailouts had become more frequent and larger over the past few months, and seem to only increase in this frequency and amounts.  Our own country has seen an increase in unemployment, those depending upon welfare and government assistance, and a huge decrease in tax revenue, and these three forces are increasing the deficit in a geometric progression, and there is no hope this condition will be reversed in the current system.
Politically, the Obamination administration has worked actively to control the internet, and has signed into law the most draconian law that allows for the indefinite detention of any American on the pretense of being a ‘terrorist’.  As conditions deteriorate, Obamination and his thug government will not hesitate whatsoever to use this now ‘legal’ status to begin purging those who disagree with him and the rogue government, and we most likely will see the first signs of outright persecution of Christians and others who hold to traditional beliefs and hold political views similar to those of our Founding Fathers.
This past year has been unbelievable in its escalation of things bad.  There are many who now wonder if it is even possible to turn things around, or if we are now at a point in history that we will need to start over fresh.  If next year is anything like this year, we had better watch out, and be ready for anything. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


George Offerman

One doesn’t have to go far into speculation in order to see the future for those who stand up for life and by extension, hold to their Christian values.  We already know that Obama has put many different types of people on his watch lists, and these include ‘one issue’ folks, such as pro-lifers, second amendment advocates, Ron Paul supporters, ex-military and those belonging to Oath Keepers, as well as those who promote Christianity and fight against issues such as forcing Homosexual marriage and sex education down the throats of those who have a right to follow their conscious and reject the God/State in attempting to re-engineer reality.
An avid pro-lifer and good friend of mine, Dick Retta, is currently being charged for assault, and the Justice Department is using the FACE law ( Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances act) to prosecute this 80 year old man for the horrific crime of…. Handing out literature and encouraging women to reconsider killing their child and offering alternative services.  For this heinous crime against humanity, Eric Holder and his band of thugs are looking to impose at LEAST a $25,000 fine and the possibility of going to jail for some time.  And despite some pressure by outside sources for dropping these ridiculous charges, Eric the ‘gun runner’ Holder is having none of it.
Dick Retta has been in front of the Planned Parenthood site in Washington D.C for as long as I have known him, and this goes back nearly 15 years.  Mr. Retta is one of the most mild mannered individuals I have had the pleasure of working with, and to put him on par with drug runners, gun runners and all of the other human vermin running around is one of the gravest injustices that can occur.  However, according to Obamination and Gun-runner Holder, Christians are at the top of the list when they think of ‘terrorism’.  It appears in Obamination’s world, gun running and sending African American thugs to scare away white voters is no big deal (At least in Chicago) But God forbid, someone trying to save lives is seen as the terrorist.  Mr. Retta, maybe you should have offered to shoot the babies, and you might have walked.
We then have the case of Peter D’Attilio who was simply handing out 2 inch wide pro-life ‘book markers’ at a public gathering at a local Catholic church in Massachusetts when, after a complaint, was accosted by two police officers.  During this affair, one of the police officers accused Mr. D’Attilio of having outstanding warrants out on him (despite the officer having any idea who Mr. D’Attilio was at that moment, and had Mr. D’Attilio handcuffed, had his car illegally searched looking for ‘bombs’ and had Mr. D’Attilio charged with assault on a police officer, amongst other charges, and then proceeded to beat Mr. D’Attilio after handcuffing him, when there was no need to do so.
Read the account in link below:

We can already begin to see, by the examples of abuse by the government and its representatives that sympathy for our cause and our beliefs is at an all-time low.  When we can have our government participate in Gun Running and virtually ignore gross violations of civil rights by a protected group onto the ‘dominant’ group, we have a situation in which lawlessness prevails and we will now fall into tyranny by the few against the majority.  It is happening right in front of us, and there is no deniability and no’ conspiracy theory’ in these matters.  We need to only open our eyes and see what is right in front of our faces.
We have already seen the passage of laws in the past week that allows for the military to detain indefinitely any ‘domestic terrorist’ from the homeland for an indefinite amount of time, while denying these people habeas corpus rights, and even allowing for torture and/or execution without trial.  We have also seen how the government wants to have the authority to shut down any internet site on the pretenses of ‘piracy’ and thus, be able to control the free flow of information that would allow supposed free Americans the right and the ability to keep tabs on happenings by our government and other official governing bodies.  It would seem that it is more about the crony government that does not want to be ‘outed’ than it is the phony charges of the phantom ‘terrorist’ this crony government would like us to believe.
We need to be very vigilant concerning the nature of charges brought against those in our society that is suspect at best, and criminal at worst.  The cases of both pro-lifers discussed above seems to demonstrate how our government has way over stepped their boundaries, and has become out of control concerning it’s seemingly blood thirsty ways of taking out any citizens who dare ‘cross the line’ or question the ever ‘god like’ stance these sociopaths dictate.  This government is getting more out of control and insane as we speak, and unfortunately, these lunatics have an army behind their efforts, and the show of force is what is keeping most in check.  However, this condition is temporary, and these sociopaths better watch their steps, hence they step over the line, and find they get their own methods getting thrust back into their faces.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


George Offerman
I always knew Obama suffered from delusions of grandeur, but it went way over the line when Drudge revealed a section of taping done by 60 minutes that  Obama believes he is the fourth best president in the history of this country because of what he ‘accomplished’ in his first two years of his presidency.  The three presidents he listed as being ‘better ‘than him in his first two years is: LBJ, FDR, and Lincoln.  In at least two of these cases, Obama has compared himself to two of the most profligate socialists/fascists in our nation’s history.  Some have gripes with Lincoln, but this being said, Obama thinks he superseded presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Jackson, Buchannan, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, and JFK.
It is interesting that 60 minutes decided to edit this remark out of their program, as they in their own liberal slant, understood it would never pass the stink test.  It is so unbelievable that this clown believes he has the moral ground to even make such a claim, and that the is so delusional that he would believe this himself and believe others who put any thought into this insane assertion would follow Barack ‘Insane’ Obama into this delusion and back him up.  Unfortunately, a large minority will do exactly this, and demonstrate to the rest of the country, and world for that matter, how nuts they really are.   And this man is likely to be reelected and will only continue in his insane ways the eventual takeover and enslavement of this country.
The insanity of this assertion goes beyond reason.  Anyone stupid enough to believe this really has no right to be able to vote in the next election.  But because there is no litmus test given, many uninformed and delusional voters will go into this election and vote based upon their very deluded thoughts that this clown will give them more ‘goodies’ from the ‘rich’ one percent, and not give a rip about the future of this country and what is right and moral, and openly assist this@$$hole in the continuation of destroying the once greatest nation ever to be on this planet.  Again, their lack of knowledge is purely the reason they will sign their own death warrants and this will occur before this idiot completes his second term.
What a sad time this is for our country.  Things will not get better as long as we have an ignorant and willfully stupid electorate that does not give a rip about anything other than what they will get out of the next elected bunch of fools.  Little do they realize that the party will soon come to an end, and the joke will be upon them.  The government these people think gives a rip about them will betray them in ways that are beyond imagination at this point, but will soon manifest themselves soon enough, and be much harsher than anyone can write about at this time.  But coming it is, and nasty and horrible it will also be.  The question is, do you see this coming, and are you preparing for it?
In the meantime, are we doing everything in our power to change this outcome or to educate our fellow citizens on this horror?  I know too many who don’t care enough to even educate themselves on the matter, yet even attempt to educate others on this.  It is extremely unfortunate that we will be caught ‘off-guard’ when TSHTF and will be crying foul when we don’t have the necessary precautions in place for what is to happen.  WE have a supposed leader who is taking rights away at a faster rate than any of the most communistic regimes in world history, yet people could care less and are spending more time worrying about the upcoming Christmas season to give a rip about these matters.  What are we going to do if things go south right after the New Year?
We have the ability to finally get rid of this foreign born occupier of the White House.  We finally have the ability to make right what went wrong four years ago.  Do we have the ability or knowledge and fortitude to do so?  Or will this turn out to be one more very historical blunder that many will look at years from now and state’ what were these fools thinking?”    We will see soon enough, and we will also see if we are too late to turn things around, or if we will come to an understanding we need to bow in front of the Living God and ask for His forgiveness and approach with humble and contrite hearts.

Friday, December 16, 2011


George Offerman

There is so much being made about Tim Tebow and his beliefs in the MSM and in society overall.  There are those who are totally disgusted with his openly showing allegiance to Jesus Christ by praying and giving Glory to God in public whenever he has the opportunity.  There are those who are reading into this winning streak and phenomenal play, God’s ‘blessing’ on this football team as a way of showing His approval for what is going on.  Then there are those who are claiming to be Christian, yet are embarrassed over the outward and very public demonstration of Tebow’s faith, and would rather he keep a ‘low profile’ and just ‘do his job’.
There is no question Tim Tebow is living his faith.  This young man is living a celibate and chaste life when the vast majority of his peers succumb to sexually acting out and using their fame and fortune in not such healthy ways, he is very involved in many different charities and is open about the story concerning his mother having had to choose to carry him to full term, when the medical profession was recommending to kill him in the womb.  It seems this young man has a sincere desire to get his message out and to live an exemplary life to demonstrate this gratefulness in having his opportunity to life his life.
This being said, there seems to be many different points of contention that are interfering in the message or meaning of this phenomena.  For instance, the debate about whether God ‘cares’ about football or not also seems to be a matter of question, and has the potential of being a very large distraction if this ‘streak’ ends, and Tebow falls from football grace.  Many may read into this that God is not that interested, or that a human quarterback or team cannot get the ‘divine’ mission accomplished, and demonstrating God’s ‘incompetence’.  This in effect, would put God on trial, and some may hold this as a standard in which God will ‘predestine’ Denver to win the super bowl.
This idea could be taken to another level, in which many could take the position that God is more interested in football than the laws of this country that ‘legalize’ child killing and homosexual marriage.  It would also minimize the churches role in which the current Christian church is doing little to promote the true message and as a result, inspiring very few.  It is true that God wants to save as many souls as possible, and if this is the case, it is very sad that it takes a quarterback on a football team to ‘evangelize’ a nation gone astray than a Church whose sole purpose of existence is to spread the Gospel.
God can use any method of spreading His word as He chooses, and maybe it is falling on the shoulders of a very young man who was nearly murdered before he was born.  But God’s message is not contingent upon this young man winning every game he plays in, and winning a certain trophy in February.  There are many more important issues that need our attention which are way more important than football, but maybe this is the only way God can reach the average American at this time.  What a sad commentary, if it’s true.
Maybe the real message of the Tim Tebow phenomena is how one can overcome incredible obstacles and do incredible things with real faith.  It very well may go to show that God is going to utilize whatever opportunity comes along, and if people cannot get the message through sports analogies, most likely they will not get the message even if someone was raised from the dead.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


George Offerman

Now, it seems in ‘the name of law and order” one of the most lawless and chaotic regimes in U.S. history wants to pull the plug on the internet under the aegis of ‘piracy protection’.  It seems these sociopathic fascists are not content with owning the financial, political and religious systems, but they want to cut off one of the truly free and last frontiers we have left to combat their power and to get real and truthful information without having to go through the powers that be censorship.  It is the same old tired excuse with the same old playbook of scare tactics to corral as many of the sheeple as they can.
The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, or SOPA, would give the federal government through the Department of Justice the ‘authority’ to shut down any website and accuse any site linking with as co-conspirators, simply on hearsay, or simply because the DOJ or other government body does not like the content of the site.  This bill would allow the total bypass of due process, and will have a significantly chilling effect on the internet and dissemination of needed information.  In essence, it will justify and give to the Federal Government justification to kill the internet for any reason of its choosing.
As we have seen recently, the government under Obama has been ever increasing its tentacles into our freedoms and utilizing scare tactics to get votes from the brainless representatives and minimal response from the attention deficit populace that will be the ultimate recipient of this repealing of freedom.  It seems that very few understand the implications of this far reaching and ridiculous grab at censoring one of the greatest advances in technology the world has ever seen.  The real truth of the matter is that the internet allows for people to get the unabridged truth and is actually challenged to think for themselves, something the mindless public school systems have failed to do for the past 40 + years.
 It seems this government continues to play their one trick pony to the nausea level.  Everything nowadays from them is tied into ‘terrorism’ and the majority still jump as high when this nonsense is pedaled s reality.  The only ‘terrorism’ that occurs on a regular basis is that of the governments constant whining about how there is a jihadist around every corner, behind every bush, and in every other seat on an airplane.  It’s total BS and is only given credence by the compliant MSM, and in the brain void heads of people like Senator Lindsay Graham and others who believe the average American has nothing better to do than plan the overthrow of these incompetent idiots currently holding office.
It will be a sad day if this law passes, and in the name of ‘piracy’ or ‘terrorism’ sites are shut down on a whim, and the owners of the sites end up either being sued into the poor house, or eventually jailed in one of the soon to be ‘relocation camps’ being set up by FEMA and to be run by our own military.  These events are moving too quickly, and the government is taking liberties from us that are God given, not Obama given.  We don’t need their ‘guidance’ permission or blessing to live as free men.  And part of being a free man is to get the best information available, without censorship, and without some busybody bureaucrat telling us what is good for us.  It’s time to take our freedoms back.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


George Offerman

Unbeknownst to the majority of Americans, there is a bill going through Congress, and will be voted on by the end of this week.  This bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is giving the military ultimate authority in domestic affairs, effectively eliminating posse comitatus which disallows the military to take police action in domestic affairs and habeus corpus, which allows due process and requires charges and a fair and speedy trial for any American citizen accused or charged with a crime.  The section of the NDAA that is under the greatest dispute is section 1031, which allows for any American citizen ‘suspected’ of ‘terrorism’ to be held indefinitely and without charge by the military in any manner they choose, which can include torture and possible execution.
The great statesman and relentless pro-life advocate Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina boldly declared that “The homeland is part of the active battlefield and must be protected from both enemies abroad as well as domestic”.  It is appalling that Mr. Graham would ever agree with the evil Obama regime and collude with the idea that American citizens should be subject to any suspicion or speculation based up on the Obama regime’s idea of what constitutes a terrorist.  We have already seen what Obama thinks concerning ‘terrorism’ by the fact he has NEVER referred to his Muslim brothers as terrorists, but only to white conservative Christians, and those who are ‘one issue’ advocates, such as pro-lifers, second amendment supporters and Ron Paul supporters.
The traitor, Senator Carl Levin from Michigan is trying to pedal the BS that Obama asked for section 1031 to be removed from the bill, and threatened to veto the bill if the language is included.   The fact of the matter is that the Obama regime asked for this language, and is simply posturing and lying about the veto in order to get the bill through, and allow the cowardly Senators and Congressmen to vote for it and look tough on ‘terrorism’, while believing the pathological liar Obama will actually keep his word and veto it.  We will only find out to our dismay that Obama will sign it, and we will find out to our chagrin that it will be used against us, as most ‘promises’ have been broken by this foreign imposter.
In the meantime, the question on the table is, will we allow our rogue government to continue taking our rights away, as if they are God and have the right to determine what we can and cannot do?  Or how we are to live or ultimately how we die?  Do we really believe, as a supposed free people, that these sociopaths are more qualified to tell us how to run our lives?  These things have been discussed by many people over several years, and the main response by the majority is “that would never happen; our government would never do that”.   Yet here we are, and the government is doing exactly what we have been warned about, and most don’t even care enough to shut the television off and make a few phone calls or send emails.
I fear we are at the end concerning our country.  We already know, and would have to be absolutely brain dead to not see where this is going.  The rogue government has hijacked our country, and is passing laws by the day that are absolutely gutting the constitution and taking away any freedoms to resist.  Terrorism according to people like Senator Graham and OBAMA is anyone who questions what these ‘gods’ say and think and punishment will be severe, and possibly indefinite until death.  This is a real crappy deal for the supposedly ‘freest country on the planet’.  We will soon find out, and it most likely will not go the way we want or even can imagine at this time.  Call your representatives and demand they renounce and vote against NDAA, especially section 1031

Monday, December 12, 2011


George Offerman

With Randall Terry running for the presidency on the Democratic ticket, it will allow the pro-lifers to run graphic ads that will make the pro deathers look at their handiwork.  It will also leave the Republicans alone to address the other issues that many are seeing as more important than the pro-life stance.  But one thing is for sure: the graphic ads will run as created, without editing, and it will be the ultimate litmus test of those claiming to be pro-life, and ‘sincerely’ want to see an end to this holocaust.  It will show once again, who is truly pretentious in their word, or if they really mean what they say by wanting legalized child killing to end.
We are hearing the same old diatribe from many in the pro-life camp: Randall Terry is up to his ‘showboating, attention seeking behaviors’ and they use this as an excuse to not support this effort, that ultimately shows the horrific nature of legalized child killing.  Yet these same groups will put forth their mediocre efforts, sanitized language and ads, soft-pedal the message, and hide behind ‘tolerant’ and lukewarm stances, and raise millions for doing little to nothing as far as making any real headway in ending legalized child killing.  Most of these charlatan groups will spend more time in bed with the enemy than living their faith, and act as if they have forever in which to change the laws of this country and will do it without a bloody and messy fight.
Many of these people have disputed my allegations over the past two years, but the majority have still not come forth and endorsed either Randall Terry in this election cycle or Missy Smith in 2010.  The majority of these people were too busy condemning Ms. Smith’s efforts and too busy personally attacking Randall Terry and continued on ‘bitching’ about how their efforts were ‘iced out’ by the MSM.  (Interestingly enough, these people did exactly to Randall Terry and Missy Smith what they allege the MSM did to them).  They hypocrisy is dripping and it is so apparent these so called pro-life groups are more interested in their own wellbeing and continued existence than doing the right thing, and taking advantage of this opportunity to show the killing fields directly and unedited by the criminal syndicate MSM.
It seems many of these pro-life groups do not understand the urgency and the times we live in.  It is becoming more apparent by the day that the clock is running out on our opportunity to effect change and the wages of our sins of omission are soon to be paid.  Too many of these groups are stuck in their petty ways and bickering over little nothings than getting into the field of battle and taking the fight to the enemies of life.  It seems most want the glory for themselves and their organizations in order to maximize their fund raising and to be well thought of by the enemy, who is grateful these weaklings do little to threaten an ending to the killing fields.    
It is time to challenge these people and groups to put their money where their mouth is.  It’s time to do a real gut check and determine whether the word of the Living God is true, or if it is myth.  It is time to fight like it really matters and that we really believe those in the womb deserve life as much as we do.  It is time to put aside the petty bickering and differences, and support these ads and candidacy of Randall Terry regardless of personal differences and philosophies.  All of the people criticizing Randall Terry are not coming forward and taking the personal risk that Mr. Terry is, but seem very content and smug in their beliefs that they will criticize this effort.  If true, then get your mediocre and scared rear end out there and make the moves Mr. Terry is doing.  If those being critical will not put up, then at least have enough integrity to shut up. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Dear Friend,

My family and I are very moved by the outpouring of condolences, love, and prayers we have received concerning the untimely death of my son Jamiel. We are all still in a state of shock and severe grief. God have mercy, Christ have mercy. We still beg your prayers.

The funeral arrangements are below for Atlanta. All are welcome to attend. (Details below.) A funeral and committal to the grave will be held in Rochester NY next Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Many have called or written asking, “What can I do?”

Please pray for our entire family; join us if possible in Atlanta on this Friday and Saturday, or in Rochester New York on Wednesday, December 7 (details to be announced.)

In lieu of flowers, the family requests a gift to help
purchase a headstone for Jamiel’s grave,
and to help with funeral expenses. (Click here.)
We thank you for your kindness.

Many people are aware of the stress that existed between Jamiel and me because of my work to stop homosexual marriage, and his decision to embrace the homosexual lifestyle, and to fight to legalize homosexual marriage.
What most people do not know is that the rift between us did not keep us estranged; we spoke often, and communicated on a wide variety of family and political issues. We laughed, we joked.
Below is the press release we sent out dealing with these issues.

Thank you for your kindness at this time of grief.
Randall Terry


Jamiel Terry, son of Pro-life Leader Randall Terry, Killed in Car Crash.
On November 30, at 7:00 A.M., Jamiel Terry, age 31, was killed in a head on collision in Lilburn, Georgia. Gwinnett police spokesman Jake Smith said that the three passengers in the other vehicle were hospitalized with injuries that were not life threatening. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.
Jamiel Terry was the adopted son of Operation Rescue Founder, Randall Terry, who is currently in the Democratic Primary for President for 2012.
Jamiel Terry and his younger sister were adopted by Mr. Terry and his first wife in 1994, after being in foster care with the Terry’s since 1988.
In 2006, Jamiel Terry made national headlines with his announcement that he was a practicing homosexual, and began to promote homosexual marriage. Randall Terry has long been engaged in high profile political efforts to defeat the attempt to legalize homosexual marriage.
The rift between Jamiel and Randall Terry was widely exploited and at times misrepresented in print and on TV. However, Randall and Jamiel maintained frequent contact, and were “working through their issues” as Jamiel would say.
Mr. Terry states:
“We are all in a state of shock, and unthinkable grief. I loved him dearly; we all did.
“Jamiel had a brilliant mind, and was a gentle soul. And as anyone knows who has spent time with him, he was funny, articulate, and a formidable debater on many topics.
“I thank God that Jamiel and I spoke regularly, and texted each other about a wide variety issues, frequently discussing and debating elections, politics and policy, to which we have both dedicated our time and talents.
“While we remained irreconcilable on the issue of ‘homosexual marriage,’ Jamiel remained firmly pro-life, and recently helped convince a young woman to not kill her child by abortion. There were many other issues that we kicked around – with laughter and good humor.
“We had recently agreed to hold joint speaking events at colleges and other venues, to discuss and debate the issues that are dear to us as a ‘father and son’ lecture team. I wish to God we had been able to do even one of them.
“We beg you for your prayers for our family, and beg you to pray for the mercy of God, and the eternal rest of Jamiel's soul. He will be sorely missed. We still cannot believe this is happening. God have mercy; Christ have mercy.”
In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes gifts for a headstone for Jamiel Terry’s grave. (Click here.)
Funeral Schedule:
Friday, December 2, 2011, 7-9 P.M., calling hours.
Tom M. Wages Funeral Service
120 Scenic Highway 
Lawrenceville, GA 30046                           
Saturday, December 3, Funeral Mass, 10 A.M.
St. Lawrence Catholic Church
319 Grayson Highway 
Lawrenceville GA 30046
Jamiel Terry’s body will be flown to Rochester New York for burial. A Service will be held next week in Rochester before the burial on Wednesday, December 7. Details will be announced.