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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


George Offerman

Using proper hermeneutics when reading the Bible is as necessary as following a recipe of your favorite dish. Change one ingredient, and you have a whole different food and experience. Proper hermeneutics is a relatively straight forward process, and this process has been passed down for millennia and has been used for all of that time. This is a large undertaking, so let’s get started.

The Bible has 73 books (Catholic version) approximately 40 authors and was written over a time span of about 1600 years. The vast majority of Catholic theologians and many Protestant theologians state the Bible is the inspired word of God, which is reflected in the fact that the time span reflects differing philosophical and societal changes, which in turn reflect the writer’s personal influences as well. That being said, the Bible is the most consistent and intact Book on the planet concerning the Nature of God and the story of creation and our existence, as well as the most accurately written record of prophecy, and the fulfillment of that prophecy.

Because there are cultural and philosophical influences in the writings, it became imperative to come up with a way to read and interpret, as well as teach what the Bible says. This in turn, gives us an understanding of what God wants, how we are to behave, how we are to treat our fellow man, and ultimately what becomes of us after death. This in essence, is what hermeneutics is all about.

The proper definition of hermeneutics is the study of interpretation of written texts in the areas of literature, religion, law and prophecy. It also incorporates the times, history, context and language used, with emphasis on symbolic meanings. Hermeneutics looks for consistencies in texts, and applies these consistencies into contemporary life in order to guide and direct those who seek to know the truth. The central tenets of the Bible transcend time and society, and thus, are applicable to all peoples at all times.

Hermeneutics has evolved over the centuries, and the further removed from the Biblical times, the more the interpretations have changed and been influenced by our times. The main framework however is intact and the art of interpreting the Bible can be broken down into these four structures: literal, allegorical, moral, and eschatological/mystical. Literal interpretation would read the texts as straight forward as written. Allegorical interpretation would read the text as having symbolic meanings, as poetry, or as relating to secondary symbols, with the symbols being defined in other texts. Moral interpretation would read the text as teaching the faith, such as dogma, and are reflected in most of Jesus parables. Eschatological/mystical interpretations go into the ‘deep thoughts of God’ and involve the future and end of time, as well as salvation, condemnation, heaven and hell and the spiritual realm. (This is also the most dangerous of the four interpretation methods, as it has been the genesis of many of the heresies that will be covered in future postings)

Where many expositors get into trouble is when they use one of the interpretive methods on passages where it does not apply. For instance, the Beast rising out of the sea in Revelation is not a literal seven headed, ten horned monster, but is an allegorical description of a one world religiously lead government. Likewise, many of Jesus parables, that are clearly in the moral interpretation category, have been misinterpreted as literal, and end up causing problems among believers. A modern example of this point would be our colloquialism of “I feel Blue”. Anyone would understand that I am not literally the color blue, but the use of the word blue would be seen as symbolic of a mood that most everyone could relate to. Those who would take it literally would ultimately end up on a wild goose chase, and look very foolish.

The art of reading and interpreting the Bible needs to be understood in light of what passages and contexts are being addressed. When one knows which of the four interpretive methods to be used, the Bible reads fairly straight forward and clear. When this does not occur, it brings about confusion. We had a phrase in seminary for this called ‘fractured scripture”, and the funniest example I ever saw, was in a girls’ dorm room in which they printed up on a banner “Now, I will make you fishers of men”. On a more somber note, another example of fractured scripture is from the heretical “Gospel of prosperity” which misquotes 2 John 1-2 in wishing “for you to prosper as your soul prospers”. This is a personal greeting, standard for those times, and (intentionally) misinterpreted to be a theological reality and promise of prosperity to some believers. That would be analogous to taking the command from God to Moses to “strike the rock with your staff” and produce water, which was time specific and meant only for Moses. (I don’t see anyone striking rocks now a days believing water will flow from it.)

I will end this discussion today by going over one of the responses I received from the oil spill posting. This individual accused me of misinterpreting the oil spill, and insisted the burning platform did fulfill the burning mountain being cast into the ocean, that a third of the sea creatures will eventually die form the contaminated water, that also has a red hue which fulfills blood, and eventually, one third of the ships will be destroyed, by being dry docked or out of commission due to ocean conditions.

I will give this person the benefit of the doubt (despite the fact the first trumpet did not take place, and that it was not a cosmic event). John the evangelist had a vision and was told to write it down as he saw it. John saw a burning mountain being cast into the sea, the sea turned to blood, one third of the sea creatures died and one third of the ships were sunk. In order for this individual’s interpretation to be correct, there would be an interchange of both literal and allegorical interpretations going on at the same time. For instance, the burning platform being the mountain would be seen as a literal interpretation, but the platform sank, and was not cast down. The sea has many colors from the spill, one of which is red, but the dominant color is black. So the word ‘blood’ would have to be allegorical, as it would be symbolic and not literal. As of this time, there are not the massive deaths of sea creatures, and not one ship has sunk or has been destroyed. If one decides the sinking of the platform fulfills the word ‘cast down’, then the problem is what does one do with ships being sunk? Both the platform and ships float, and John would not have used different words to describe the same events. Casting down is different than sinking, and we have the literal interpretation method being used for the first part of the prophecy, and then switching to allegorical, back to literal with the sea creatures, then back to allegorical for the ‘destruction’ of the ships.

An asteroid fulfills the prophecy in totality. It is cast into the ocean from the heavens, burning as it enters the atmosphere, vaporizes trillions of gallons of water instantly, sending a massive tsunami in all directions that washes out coastal areas, killing most of the sea creatures in the ocean it hits, and sinking all the ships in the vicinity. The water would turn red from the blood of the dead sea creatures, as well as possible red algae plumes due to de oxygenated waters. This interpretation is using the literal method, due to the fact that there is neither allegorical language used, no moral teachings involved in this verse, or eschatological principles. It describes a deliberate event sent from God, and therefore, qualifies as a literal event in its totality and should be read as such.

I hope this was not too long, and hope this made sense. See you next week for the next addition.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


George Offerman

The Kagan hearings goes into day two, and we will see how much talk the Republicans really are, and whether in the end, they will do what they are most famous for: selling us down the river. I applaud some of the pro life groups who actually are showing up in the Capitol, and for those who took the time to call or e-mail their Senators to oppose this nomination. We definitely will have to see what happens, but it is not looking very promising.

Now, switching subjects, it seems the more we learn about this oil spill, the more we are seeing the dark powers influence over matters such as this. It is so interesting that many want to place this event into one of the trumpets, when it clearly does not meet really any of the qualifications for them. These same people then scoff at the blatantly obvious dark powers in their nearly open movements, such as the recently concluded Bilderberg meeting. I do not understand how many cannot see what appears to be so obvious, and then want to force events that do not qualify for fulfillment of prophecy in the news into prophecy. (Hint: real prophets would be telling the newspapers what will happen next, not the other way around).

Even though the dark powers control nearly all aspects of our lives, they do not and really cannot know all things as many give them credit for. The tea party appears to have caught them off guard, and one can see by the fact that from Obama on down in government, as well as the MSM consistently trashes this group, and every tea party candidate is being unmercifully attacked and smeared. For no other reason, the dark powers are led by their angel king, who happens to be a created being, and thus, does not have the same attributes as God, and is not omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. God, through one inspired person willing to act, can trash the best laid plans of the enemy, but the key word in this phrase is act.

The dark powers are opportunists when it comes to natural disasters, and yes, they do plan and carry out ‘man made’ disasters when they need to advance their agenda and goals. The dark powers are an impatient group, and want their one world government NOW. But they can only move as quickly as the masses allow, and they are greatly outnumbered and would be summarily executed if discovered. So, if we know what they are doing, and do nothing about it, God through our free will and choices, will allow them their time. Satan cannot force his will upon us, but needs our permission to do it. God is still in control, and only through his allowing this to happen, will it actually occur. When we do nothing, we give permission for evil to occur.

Too many Christians want to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Granted, they may pray, which is good, but it is from the safety of their kitchens or living rooms, or churches that it is done. The field of battle is in the world, and it is in the hostile places that one needs to be present and witnessing to. When the Christian is unwilling to engage the enemy in the battle field that is when evil advances. This is not the will of God, as some would like to believe, but the permission of God, because it is the consequence of inaction, and fulfills His law of sowing and reaping. When evil takes over the battlefield, bad things happen, period.

At this time in history, the dark powers are winning because they are on the offensive and bold in their moves. The churches, the supposed keepers of the truth, are in a defensive posture at best, and derelict in duty at the worst. In fact, it seems that Satan has infiltrated the Church so deeply that he only needs to send one of his followers to ‘complain’ about being offended, and the shepherds are ‘falling over themselves’ to apologize and change teachings and traditions that ultimately harm the masses and instead present a false Gospel and message. Confusion reigns in an organization that is meant to be the light to the world. Satan is laughing at us.

When God finally breaks into history, it will be in such a grand fashion that no one will be confused and there will be no possibility of misinterpretation. The dark powers, lead by their angel king will be prepared, and the church, with most of the lukewarm believers will be caught in the middle, and will be very surprised and very unprepared. Our job, in the meantime is to get the message out, and whether one wants to respond to it will be up to them, but we know at least we sounded the warning.

Monday, June 28, 2010


George Offerman

When discussing the ever pervasive and ubiquitous aspects and reach of the money powers, most folks basically take the position that there is nothing they can do about it, and their existence and influence is simply a ‘done deal’. Or those on the other extreme deny their existence, and relegate anyone discussing them as whack jobs and conspiracy nuts. Well, they are very real, and they also have very real plans for the majority of us, and these plans are not in our best interests, and we have a very limited time to do something about it. Before I get into how to defeat the money powers, it is necessary to go over what they are doing, and what is their end game.

For the money powers, it is not about money anymore, because they virtually have all of it or at least all they need. The money powers are hungry for domination of all peoples in all areas. They want a one world government, and this is apparent to anyone who puts in any effort to study them and their movements. They believe the world is over populated, and that the earth’s resources are scarce. They truly believe they have a divine right to be the masters of the earth, and totally buy into the false “Gospel of prosperity’ that is being pedaled. The worst of it is, they believe the masses are here to serve them, and we are allowed to live for their pleasure. When we ‘useless eaters’ become of no more use, they will find ways of getting rid of us.

The money powers control nearly everything in our daily lives, and it is the few areas we have control over still that will enable us to defeat them if we get the numbers willing to act. If you notice, every tool and economic interaction you make is traceable, either through credit card, bank and checking accounts, and even the ‘money in your pocket. They all have numbers, and as such, can be traced, or even in the worst case scenario, can be frozen. This of course, would be a death knell for anyone unable to access any of their resources. The money powers last vestage of the money system would be a ‘cashless’ society, in which they would have total control over every aspect of commerce, and as such, totally ‘own’ everyone.

The money powers control nearly all of the media, and this is why all the MSM say the same thing, and show all of the same news stories, and also bury the same information that would contradict their agenda. They have total control over the political system, and every PRESIDENT since Wilson, has met and been approved by such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Trilateral Commission and others, as well as many coming from Skull and Bones and other organizations, and eventually tie into such secret organizations as the Club of Rome, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry (at the higher degrees) and ending at the ultimate secret society, the Pilgrims society, based in New York and controlled from London.

The money powers control the Churches through the tax exempt status, as well as through infiltration via contemporary theology, philosophical and ‘scientific methodology” that waters down traditional theology, and in essence, changes the nature of the Christian message. It places man, and not God at the top of the hierarchy, and implies there are levels of knowledge (Gnosticism) that are hidden from the masses, and kept alive by the few elites for safeguarding against the ‘profane’ masses. There are those that have claimed it is devil worship, as there are many symbols openly used in society, but are not necessarily recognized by the common man.

The money powers despise three things that currently are not under their total control. These are: 1) informed and educated masses 2) a well armed populace, and 3) God’s money, gold and silver as exchange in commerce. One, if reading the news, should be aware of the government attempting to give Obama the ‘kill switch’ to the internet in case of ‘national emergency’, which in effect would kill all communication and stop any point of resistance. Obama is also attempting to push through significant gun control laws, requiring the registration of all firearms, and wanting a system of permits and ‘firearm trainings’ in order for citizens to continue having the ‘privilege’ of owning a gun. And the race is on in mass purchasing of most gold and silver by the central banks, and subsequent scam at the COMEX of price suppression.

So, how do we defeat the incompetent inbred idiots known as the money powers? In three simple words: CRASH THE COMEX. The internet and the gun issue is not a viable option that we can directly change, but emptying the COMEX vaults is something very viable, and would result in a price explosion in the metals that would put an end to the paper money system, thus damaging the money powers greatest asset, their printing presses. We all have the ability to purchase precious metals, and with the money powers rigging the prices to keep them low, we are still able to obtain them in much larger quantities. Buying precious metals is the easiest of the ways to get revenge on these thugs, as well as administering the most direct blow to their organization. Until the ‘powers that be’ make it illegal to own precious metals, we should be buying as much as we can carry away and hastening the day of reckoning for these evil people.

For those of you who may think this is rather sensationalist, I am providing a link to an essay from one of my heroes, Ted Butler, who is one of the most ‘anti sensationalists’ authors I have ever read. The second link is from a source that has been very accurate in his predictions on many economic fronts, and discusses the price of both gold and silver in the future. I am also linking to a story about the oil leak and potential conspiracy (for your discernment).

Ted Butler’s article


Oil spill and Halliburton connection

Friday, June 25, 2010


George Offerman

What amazing times we live in. A judge who actually has some integrity, and overturns the Obama ban on off shore drilling, has now been exposed to death threats. Although not officially linked to this event, I am sure the powers that be are looking to pin this on the tea party people. We already know that (according to the anointed one) the tea party people are to blame for the growing ‘anger’ in what’s left of this country. We have been force fed the idea that the tea party people are capable of anything, including violence and murder (of which there is not ONE recorded instance of). Tea party people are a bunch of ‘fly over country hicks’ who are too stupid to know anything (yet these same people give the tea partiers vast knowledge and conspiratorial powers) and of course only know how to solve problems through bar room brawls.

What the incompetent ignoramus who currently occupies the White House does not seem to get it is he is the one who is the fool, and he is playing a game in which he cannot win, nor can he really call the shots. When one considers even somewhat objectively the facts and actions of the government since the onset of this oil spill, it is painfully obvious that there is a much larger agenda on the table than ending this spill. Not only has Obama done virtually nothing in this crisis, he has actually run resistance against those who have attempted to do something about this crisis and attempts to end this have been curbed. This is a man made event with evil intentions behind it.

The tea party people represent an ‘awakening’ of many in this country who have up to recently been ‘asleep at the wheel’. This most likely, was a very unexpected and unfortunate turn of events for the dark powers, and poses the greatest threats to their plans of becoming the masters of the universe. The greatest threat to the dark powers (other than the second amendment) are large numbers of informed people, who have a vision and the gumption to run these @$$h---- out of town. So, the powers that be, through their ownership of the complicit MSM and puppets in the government are on the offensive and trash this group unceasingly and unmercifully.

The dark powers work through their ‘useful idiots” the greenie weenies and attempt to scare the majority into believing garbage that has no possibility of ever coming true, such as the supposed global warming garbage, the ‘overpopulation’ problem, that is the genesis of legalized child killing, and all of the other garbage that is associated with the hellish gospel of scarcity. (The Living God is the God of ABUNDANCE and always overflows a cup when asked by his followers). It is most likely the greenie weenies that threatened this judge, just like it was the greenie weenies that torched the 3 ‘evil’ bankers in Greece several weeks ago and got away with it. No one has condemned these groups for their very violent actions, yet the spotlight is constantly on the tea party people and demonizing them despite the fact they have done NOTHING to harm their fellow man or the environment.

The tea party people actually represent what is good and healthy for this country. By virtue of the attacks levied against them, the tea party is actually affirmed as being a movement that truly deserves our support. There is much truth to the statement “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The good thing about the dark powers is that they make it easy to see which side to join, and are very consistent in their demonization of the groups that pursue the truth.

We are in the race for our lives, and it is imperative we win this race. The structure of Babylon is nearly complete, but invisible, because its ‘hour of time’ has not yet come and there still may be a chance to put enough damage into it that it cannot emerge from the ‘sea’. The opportunities to damage this monster are shrinking, but there is still a window of opportunity, that played right, could produce very rich dividends. The tea party people give some hope to this, and we cannot allow the demons to demonize them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


George Offerman


Randall Terry and others detained after making it to Senators Kyl and McConnell’s office and leaving plastic fetuses on desk.


The moment of truth has arrived for the pro life movement. Most of the mainstream pro life groups have preached over and over again that the Supreme Court holds the key in overturning Roe and Doe. If they really believe this, there will be hoards of pro lifers at the hearings, outside of the Dirkson, Hart and Russell Senate buildings. The switchboard ought to be lit up non stop, and the few wimpy GOP Senators that typically talk tough, but vote the other way need to be challenged. A filibuster may very well end this potential night mare, but if we don’t speak up now, we are culpable for this outcome.

Protests over Elena Kagan and Senators McConnell and Kyl: "Gentlemen, do you need a backbone transplant? I would be happy to offer you mine."

Source: Randall Terry

Dateline City: Washington DC

Contact: Katherine Veritas, 904 687 9804

What: Protests Regarding Kagan, McConnell, and Kyl.

When: Thursday Morning, June 24, 9:00; 10:10; and 10:45. (Details below.)

Where: Dirkson, Hart, and Russell Senate Office Buildings. (Details below.)

On Thursday, June 24, Pro-lifers from the Washington DC area will gather at the Dirkson Senate Office Building to draw attention to the cowardice and treachery of Senate Republicans, especially Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl regarding the nomination of a Lena Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

They will have a public demonstration from 9-10 A.M., and then proceed to confront staff in both Senator's offices with the question: "Why does your boss pretend to be pro-life, but he has not committed to filibuster Kagan?"

On Fox News Sunday, Senator McConnell said:

"I think some of her views are quite troubling, at least to me, in the area of political speech and the First Amendment...I think it's entirely too early to determine whether or not this nominee would be subjected to a 60-vote threshold."

Mr. Terry States:

"This is the drivel and blather we are accustomed to from the minority leader. He uses strong rhetoric when it seduces voters, but when it is time to really fight, he refuses. If Senator McConnell needs a backbone, he can borrow mine."

A Year ago, Senator Kyl said similar things on Fox News Sunday, which amounted to nothing: "I went on to say a lot of things about what I meant by that, and I was distinguishing between a person who is just liberal -- and undoubtedly this nominee will be liberal -- and one who decides cases not based upon the law or the merits but, rather, upon his or her emotions, or feelings or preconceived ideas. That would be a circumstance in which I could not support the nominee..."

This April, on ABC's this week, Kyl stated a filibuster could be "easily avoided" if Obama appointed someone with a "conventional legal outlook." (L.A. Times)

Mr. Terry States: "Senator Kyl is a case study in useless trash-talking and duplicity. Obviously, the record is clear that Elena Kagan will uphold Roe. If Senator Kyl does not have the courage and moral compass to filibuster someone who promotes the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, then he is worse than useless as a 'pro-life senator;' he is a collaborator with the other side."

Times and Locations for Thursday, June 24.

Outside Dirkson Senate Office Building, Corner of 1st and C streets. 9 - 10 A.M.,

Senator Jon Kyl's office: 730 Hart Senate Building, 10:10 A.M.

Senator Mitch McConnell office: 361-A Russell Senate Office Building, 10: 45 A.M.

Senator Kyl 202-224-4521

Senator McConnell, Senate Minority Leader 202-224-2541

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


George Offerman

I have a lot of ground to cover in this posting, so please excuse the ‘choppiness’ of the topic changes. First, I would like to thank those who took the time to respond in any of the fashions that you have. The majority were very positive and heartfelt, while some were on the other side, and condemning. Frankly, that’s ok with me, as it actually stirs up what needs to be stirred up, and in some senses, exposes how one really operates.

However, for those who have insisted the interpretation I presented is patently false, I am going to do something that most likely you have not experienced before: I will hold you accountable for your interpretation, and when it does not come true, I will request you at least have the integrity to admit your error and make a retraction. It is this behavior that does the most damage to Christianity, and I have found over the past 30 + years of doing this, these characters are the most ‘slippery” and absolutely resist admitting they are wrong. Pride commeth before the fall.

Also, I want to make it clear that I NEVER SAID there cannot be man made crises that are not instigated by evil, or do not have spiritual ramifications. What I DID SAY was the oil spill DOES NOT FULFILL REVELATION AND THE TRUMPETS. Sometimes I have to wonder if people read what I write, because I, more than most, do see evil in many arenas, and have written extensively about legalized child killing, the dereliction of duty by most of the Bishops, vaccines, population control, genetic modifications, the evils of the Federal Reserve and money powers, the formation of Babylon right in front of us, and other matters that most likely are related to the Revelation timeframe. These are all man made, and most definitely are spiritually lead by the evil one.

It is heartbreaking to me to see the hunger and need for proper education and instruction on such rudimentary issues such as reading the Bible. I spent 4 years in the Seminary, and have to admit that a lot of what I learned is not preached or taught by most of the priests. It is a great injustice to the laity, as the Catholic Church, IMHO, does hold the vast majority of answers to most of the contemporary issues and where we are concerning the time frame of history. And it is extremely bothersome that the Church hides behind its 501 C 3 tax exempt status, as well as being tied to political correctness in not correcting very basic violations of its main tenets such as chastising or ex communicating those receiving Holy Communion while advocating or actively participating in child killing, homosexual scandals and subsequent cover ups and blatantly advocating the violation of other areas of legitimate law, while punishing those who dare to speak up.

To this end, with the prompting of some folks, I will utilize the training I received, and do a several part series on proper hermeneutics. This should have been obvious to me some time back, as I was called out on my own behavior, by complaining about the Church not teaching this, and having this knowledge, and not doing anything with it. So, I stand guilty of that charge, and thus will go ahead and do this.

Also, I want any potential critic of this to note my site does not have a pay pal function, so I don’t take donations. I also have not stated, or intimated that ‘babies will die” or ‘the world will come to an end’ if you do not ‘support’ this ‘ministry’. I have a successful career as a psychotherapist and self fund all of my pro life endeavors, as well as this site. If anyone feels the need to donate, there are several pro life organizations that are really hurting for funding, and at some point I will put that information on the site.

So, starting next Wednesday, and following through on a weekly basis on Wednesday, I will post about hermeneutics and address the purpose and methods of hermeneutics, starting with the Broad overview of the Bible, and end with specifics of Revelation. The goal will be to teach this methodology, so that you are able to apply rules of interpretation and come to conclusions that are consistent and accurate.

In the mean time, I went through the site and have listed some postings that utilized hermeneutics and it may be of some assistance to the reader. I do apologize for the archives section, and hope to upgrade this site to make it more user friendly.

Oct. 1 The enemy in the Dark
Oct. 15 The wonderful book of Revelation
Oct. 19 The first four trumpets
Oct. 21 Babylon
Oct. 22 More thoughts on Babylon
Oct. 23 A call to arms
Oct. 28 The fifth trumpet
Nov. 24 Faulty prophecy
Dec. 1 Dec. 21, 2012 the safest day in the future
Dec. 14 the sixth trumpet: war
Dec. 16 Mark of the beast
Dec. 18 More thoughts on the Mark of the Beast

Monday, June 21, 2010


By Randall Terry

I am currently in a Masters Program on International Relations. The material is at once fascinating and disturbing. One can slowly see how we have gotten into the mess we are in, given the ideologies of those guiding the ship of state.
What follows is a question I dealt with this week, and my answer. You may be as surprised as I was to see "population control" as a proposed solution to terrorism.

Question: "Considering this week’s readings, what are the arguments in favour and against the thesis that poverty 'causes' terrorism? How are these arguments supported?"

The first article we read this week (by Krieger and Meierrieks) convincingly proved - analyzing nearly 100 studies - that poverty is not a cause of current terrorism, with the possible exception of Marxist motivated terrorism, which is now clearly on the decline with the break-up of the Soviet Union.

As I read “Some Roots of Terrorism; Population and Environment,” by Paul R Ehrlich and Jianguo Liu, I became more and more disturbed. It read like a polemic, written by someone with an agenda, not facts.

Early on, the authors admitted they might be shooting an arrow, then painting a bull’s-eye around it: “We emphasize that we do not consider these socioeconomic and demographic variables to be the only determinants of terrorism and we are not sure whether they are the main determinants of terrorism.” (p.3)

But that did not prevent them from building their argument on sand. Beyond their immediate admission that perhaps their thesis is flawed; their words were belligerent in a way that belied a separate set of goals.

Consider these quotes:

“And while a sane energy policy giving heavy weight to conservation and renewable sources would doubtless reduce the threat of terrorism, it would also threaten America's love affair with gas-guzzling SUVs and the energy interests that guide much of the foreign and environmental policies of the U.S. government.” (p.2)

I ask: What empirical data do we have that “renewable resources will doubtlessly reduce the threat of terrorism?”

They increased the shrillness of their tone:

“Furthermore, while the influence of cultural factors is difficult to evaluate, at the very least it seems unlikely that some potentially important ones, such as religious fundamentalism or attitudes towards globalization (Barber, 1995), will change rapidly. Indeed the very strictness of religious fundamentalism may make it extremely resistant to change (Iannaccone, 1994) and may promote a willingness to die for beliefs, which at one time was a feature of western religious tradition (Gregory, 1999). Indeed, one could claim that in the western world today, a cultural fundamentalism surrounds the use of automobiles and SUVs, especially in the United States.” (p.5)

In my opinion, this is not scholarly writing on the topic at hand. To construct a false argument that those who drive SUVs are similar to religious fundamentalists who are willing to die for their beliefs is silly, not scholarly. At best, it is an articulate tirade. I guessed then that I was not reading something written by a scholar from the field of international relations.

So I looked again at the name of one of the authors: Dr. Paul R Ehrlich.

Dr. Ehrlich is the author of two truly offensive, contemptible books: The Population Explosion, and The Population Bomb.

Dr. Ehrlich is a professor at Stanford who has openly called for government tyranny over individuals concerning mandatory, coercive birth control (ala China.) In my studied opinion, he is not to be trusted as a scholar fit to discuss poverty and terrorism.

In fact, he has called for government terror, or at least tyranny, over its citizens.

I hope you will forgive my bluntness. I have quarreled against his agenda for much of my adult life. Here is a sample quote from his 1968 (debunked, but nonetheless “brave new world”) book; judge for yourselves what type of coercion or “terror” (i.e., from our first weeks’ readings, the use of force of a government against its own people) he would like to compel people to not have children. Also note that his “scholarly research” and predictions proved quite inaccurate. Here are quotes from the prologue of his book, The Population Bomb:

The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970's the world will undergo famines--hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate, although many lives could be saved through dramatic programs to "stretch" the carrying capacity of the earth by increasing food production. But these programs will only provide a stay of execution unless they are accompanied by determined and successful efforts at population control. Population control is the conscious regulation of the numbers of human beings to meet the needs, not just of individual families, but of society as a whole.

Nothing could be more misleading to our children than our present affluent society. They will inherit a totally different world, a world in which the standards, politics, and economics of the 1960's are dead. As the most powerful nation in the world today, and its largest consumer, the United States cannot stand isolated. We are today involved in the events leading to famine; tomorrow we may be destroyed by its consequences.

Our position requires that we take immediate action at home and promote effective action worldwide. We must have population control at home, hopefully through a system of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion if voluntary methods fail. We must use our political power to push other countries into programs which combine agricultural development and population control. And while this is being done we must take action to reverse the deterioration of our environment before population pressure permanently ruins our planet. The birth rate must be brought into balance with the death rate or mankind will breed itself into oblivion. We can no longer afford merely to treat the symptoms of the cancer of population growth; the cancer itself must be cut out. Population control is the only answer.

He has not backed off of this tyrannical agenda; and as was clear in this article, he and his co-author try to weave “population control” into the fight against terrorism.

They state: “The relationship of population growth rates to political instability is both important and complex (Goldstone, 1991).” (p.5)

They then bring the population argument front and center: “While disproportionate numbers of young males will be one result of rapid population growth in many developing nations, many believe that growth itself now retards development, widening the rich-poor gap (e.g., Mimouni, 1992) and increasing the distress of those being left behind. Others (e.g., Courbage, 1994; Fargues, 1997), however, see issues related to population structure as more critical causes of stress in Arab societies.” (p.6)

And then, they make the leap of faith that it is birth rate itself that helps breed terrorism: “Disparities in population growth rates among different peoples (e.g., ethnic groups, religions) may also exacerbate the conditions that breed terrorism.” (p.6)

Then they give us the “doomsday scenario” - and the call to population control - that merely replay Ehrlich’s 1968 book:

“If we are correct, however, without dramatic action the demographic and socioeconomic conditions in the selected Islamic nations in the Middle East and South Central Asia could continue to generate terrorism and terrorists for many decades to come.” (p.8)

So, what is his solution to terrorism? The U.S. and other “rich nations” should reduce the number of children they have, and then export birth control to these poor nations, so that they do not breed so many potential terrorists.

“There is one overriding conclusion we would draw…[The U.S. should] assume that our hypothesis that economic macro factors do help to promote terrorism is correct. The United States and other rich nations should then move as rapidly as possible towards an energy-efficient economy…and speed the reduction of their own population sizes to more satisfactory and sustainable levels…(p.8, emphasis added) “While setting an example, the United States could also increase its pathetic level of international aid, and carefully target that aid on efforts that would change social and demographic conditions (e.g., increase employment and help to lower fertility rates) in developing countries…This will require innovation, care, and tough diplomacy, and could not be done overnight. That is all the more reason for changing American attitudes, announcing our good intentions, and showing the changes to be genuine by getting started right now.” (p.9)

He is right about one thing: it would require “tough diplomacy,” and outright brute force and coercion, to get people who believe that their children are a gift from God and their greatest “wealth,” to allow men like Dr. Ehrlich to come bearing gifts of sterilization.

If bin Laden and other terrorists caught wind of this man’s agenda for their fellow Muslims, Ehrlich might be responsible for spawning – not limiting - more terrorist attacks against the very people that seek to control the lives and families and destinies of people (like Muslims and others) who love and value children.

In conclusion, the authors never proved their case – and basically admitted so – but they still want us to build foreign policy on their population control agenda.

Works Cited:
Paul R Ehrlich, & Jianguo Liu. (2002). Some roots of terrorism. Population and Environment, 24(2), 183.

The Population Bomb quoted at: http://brothersjudd.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/reviews.detail/book_id/91

Thursday, June 17, 2010


George Offerman

There are claims by some prominent expositors, as well as discussions in the blogosphere, that the man made oil spill fulfills Revelation 8:8-11 the second and third trumpets and/or Revelation 16:3 the second bowl. These claims are about as hermeneutically unsound as one can get, and it is only going to sow confusion among the faithful, which is definitely against the will of God.

For any of you that had read the series of posts on Biblical Prophesy and revelation, this posting will be somewhat of a rehashing of the principles discussed in them. Evidently, it cannot be emphasized enough, and this is a perfect example of sensationalism over the purity of the word. When proper hermeneutics are used, this myth of a man made catastrophe is easily dismissed as something divinely mandated. However, it still sickens me that many of the faithful may and will get caught up in this very misinterpreted event, and give it credence it does not deserve.

Biblical prophesy is an accurate and exact warning of actions that God will be taking. For it to be truly from God, it has to happen in the exact way, and exact order written or revealed. Also, without exception, God has always sent a prophet to warn of upcoming judgments and this prophet has always explained the nature of the judgments, as well as why they must happen. So, has this occurred?

Rev 8:8-11

8-9The second Angel trumpeted. Something like a huge mountain blazing with fire was flung into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the living sea creatures died, and a third of the ships sank.
10-11The third Angel trumpeted. A huge Star, blazing like a torch, fell from Heaven, wiping out a third of the rivers and a third of the springs. The Star's name was Wormwood. A third of the water turned bitter, and many people died from the poisoned water.

In looking at the above verses, the second trumpet is a large asteroid striking the ocean. It is the impact of the ‘burning mountain’ that causes a third of the ocean to turn to blood, kill one third of the sea creatures and sink one third of all the ships. None of these events has happened, yet due to some formations of the oil slick taking on red coloring, there are those who want to ‘squeeze’ this event into the trumpets. The third trumpet is a land strike most likely by a comet that will cause inland waters to be contaminated. The oil leak does not even come close to fulfilling the requirements of this trumpet, and I am rather perplexed that one would even attempt to make this connection.

The trumpets are cosmic events, and not man made. The trumpets also must occur in order, and I would like for those believing these events are the trumpets or the second bowl, to explain when the first trumpet occurred, and to also explain where the other qualifiers are to fulfill the prophesy in totality. Granted, there is red tint in the water, but is one third of the ocean affected? Have one third of the ships been sank? Have one third of the sea creatures died? Where was the burning mountain that caused all of this? I will not even bother discussing the bowls, because this is so far out of the prophetic timeline that it doesn’t merit mentioning.

If one takes a look at the verses, none of the qualifications have been met, yet there are those who want to pick and choose items from the prophetic writings, which is taking them out of context, and making them into something they are not. The oil well is truly a disaster, and will ultimately have horrific consequences to the earth, environment and economy of the Gulf States. But by no means, is this anywhere close to fulfillment of Revelation, as it does not meet any of the qualifications of the prophesies.

I’m in agreement that things are bad (that is obvious to the regular readers) and spiritually we are in a quagmire. But Revelation is the end of time written in advance, and has to be taken in the order written so we can identify where we are in the apocalyptic time frame. I also have difficulty in believing that God does not know how to count, as he has numbered the seven trumpets and seven bowls and is quite clear that they will happen in the order he has revealed them. They are numbered so we don’t ‘mess them up’. Evidently for some, that is still not enough information to help them get it right.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


George Offerman

Obama’s first Oval Office speech really reflected this man’s inability and/or incompetence in dealing with a real problem that needs to be addressed in real time. The unreality of his statements was so pronounced that even the liberal MSNBC commentators basically shredded it. The ‘anointed one’ is losing his luster very quickly for those who have been duped by him during this time, and the outright lies Obama have been peddling for the past several weeks and months are finally ‘coming home to roost” as his buddy, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright would say.

It is day 58 and the people of the Gulf region need definitive action and not talk. There is real ecological damage being done, and the greenies are nowhere to be found. Jobs are being lost, and an already economically depressed are is made worse by Obama’ s inactions, coupled with his ‘moratorium’ on additional drilling until ‘impact studies’ are completed. This is resulting in more economic disasters. The complicit media has never questioned El Presidente on his inactions, so I will pose some that I have for the great one.

Why was the offer by the Dutch, who within 3 days of the leak offered to bring in skimmers rejected? Why was a state of emergency not called? Why was the plan to initially burn the oil before it dispersed (which estimates would have taken care of over 80%) declines, when this was the plan by the NOAA and Coast Guard? Why are there huge supplies of boomers still in warehouses? Why was Gov. Bobby Jindal told to not build a barrier to protect the inner barrier islands from the stray oil, and threatened with arrest if he ‘took matters into his own hands’? And finally, O Great One, why were you flying around on vacations and playing golf when the people you supposedly pledged to protect were suffering greatly, and needed true leadership?

Instead of addressing the reality at hand, Obama did his usual ‘blame everyone else’ and dodged his own incompetence. So what does Obama do instead? He picks the perfect time to discuss the American ‘addiction to fossil fuels’, and runs an infomercial on the need to pay for new programs through increases in taxes. Obama sidestepped the issue of his own lack of response and the urgency of solving this crisis to talk about policies and issues that will take decades to implement.

Obama is clueless as well as morally bankrupt. So are the 46% of Americans that still approve of his performance, who tolerate his lies and takeover of the majority of the economy. And we wonder why we are in so much trouble as a nation. Incompetence and lying are pasted over, while truth is buried, or is washing up on some gulf shore in the midst of black slime. Our own stinking thinking is finally coming around and biting us where we deserve it. We are lead by one of our own; in the sense Obama reflects what a large number already think. Moral bankruptcy is the order of the day, and soon it will be financial bankruptcy that will show its ugly head.

Obama has remained true to his stance since taking over the commander in chief’s job; all talk and little to no action. This man wants to peddle inaction for action and try to convince the citizens of this country, as well as the rest of the world that he is on top of the problems. Truth be told (and this is rare nowadays) for Obama to make believe that we believe what he said is to have done something Clinton claims he did not do, and that is inhale.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


George Offerman

My wife and I went out for dinner last night for our anniversary, and decided to go to a new restaurant that is in the western suburbs of the Washington, D.C area. We decided to wait until 6 pm to let some of the traffic die down, and then headed out on what should have been the opposite direction of the major rush. We had no difficulty with the first ten miles of the trip, but it was the last two miles that took over 30 minutes to complete. Needless to say, this caused some aggravation (mainly on my part) and a discussion about how intrusive government seems to be in our lives, even in the most mundane aspects.

We noticed that the traffic lights were not coordinated at all, despite the fact Fairfax County ahs spent millions of taxpayer money on cameras that the supposed ‘traffic engineers and planners’ use to make sure there are not unnecessary back ups and delays. Obviously, they do not pay much attention to the reality, but it sure is a good gimmick to continue demanding an ever increasing budget to ‘study’ the problem further. It always seems that any excuse by the so called planners to fleece taxpayers out of more money is the standard operating procedure for these people.

I remember living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 3 years as I went to college, and remember how we used to be able to get through town, even during rush hour fairly simply. Back then, there were no computer systems, cameras and highly paid traffic engineers to ‘fix’ the timing and lights. They worked out the logistics without all of the fancy technology that is supposed to make our lives easier. I just think that in ‘fly over’ country, they seem to respect freedom and individual rights a lot more than the ‘sophisticated’ northeast.

My wife suggested that it is mainly a control issue, and that the government seems to be deliberately doing these things to show they can do them, and to make some political point, that the congestion is ‘unavoidable’ and ultimately will use this as an excuse in the future to further regulate behavior. This is not so inconceivable, given the messes the government makes in the larger arenas (the current fiasco of the oil spill) and their inevitable over reaction and regulation.

This government wants to control every aspect of our lives, and they have done a commendable job on creating a citizenry of robots, who do not do much thinking for themselves, and pretty much go along with whatever is thrown their way. (Obviously there is a group that defies this description). When one can see issues that are simple to handle, such as timing of traffic lights, and all the government can come up with is excuses and never ending requests for funding increases, one knows the citizenry has been duped and brainwashed into thinking government knows best, and the citizen would be lost without the ever pervasive meddling of big brother.

It is high time to pull oneself away from the idiot box, and get serious about some preparation for the long winter ready to visit us. The government will take care of you in the same fashion they did for the people of New Orleans after Katrina, the people after the Midwest floods, and the current problems of the oil soaked coast and subsequent excuses in covering up their incompetent decisions and inactions. (Government is only good at stealing and wasting your money) God gave us the responsibility to care for ourselves and families, and to assist the community. We need to practice that mandate, and take very seriously the times ready to visit us.

Monday, June 14, 2010


George Offerman

There is a lot of banter over what is coming on the various fronts of our society, and it is not difficult to see that it is not going to fall on the ‘good and pleasant side’ of things. One can begin to look at the many areas in which there are problems and follow through logically with the progression towards ruin, and the thought processes that accompany them. It seems in nearly every area, the push is to do ‘more of the same’ which will only decrease the time before these events occur, and time is of the essence.

The ultimate cause, of course, is sin, and sin is progressing at an ever increasing rate, and showing no signs of decreasing. Since the cause of our problems is escalating, so will the effects, once they begin to manifest themselves. The law of sowing and reaping mandates this, and in the end, this law will not be denied, and will play out exactly as it needs to. It really is a matter of individual preparation at this time, as corporately, we are most likely at the full cup of iniquity.

As is much evidenced, it is extremely likely that the first catastrophic event will be financial. It will be a cleansing event, but a painful event. It will catch most people off guard and be way more severe than anything witnessed by nearly anyone alive. The money powers try to scare the majority, and when talking about a ‘possible collapse’ (they will engineer) they money powers will make it sound like things will fall apart permanently, and that we will be happy to have and will need their ‘benevolent leadership’.

Nothing is further from the truth, as they are the cause of the problems with their fiat currency and never ending thievery of the people’s money by creating it out of thin air, and charging interest on it to boot. When the curse of this godless money is finally lifted, there will be true opportunity for economic growth and stability in society. It is the transition to this that will make society very ugly and unstable for a season. The majority of the folks, who are now benefiting from the forced socialism, will have to step up to the plate, and become productive citizens and produce more than they consume.

If one looks at the problems of Greece, one can see what is in store, but in magnitudes greater than there. People who are not afraid of hard work and are resourceful will not have as much difficulty making the transition into this new and simpler economy, and in fact, may even thrive. It will be a different way of looking at work and economic reality, as productivity will have great value and be much tied into what one needs to live decently. The nonsense that now passes for work and productivity will be long gone, and with some time, few will miss it.

Politically, things will change, as government will have to adapt or collapse in failure. The government will no longer have the ability to binge at will, and will have to be reduced and present value to people in order to be funded. Very few will be willing to part with the fruits of their labor, to disappear into some black hole, or to be paid to those who are doing nothing for it. Decisions that are now seen to be hard will become normative and will require backbone to make and to keep.

Ultimately, people will be forced into reexamining their relationship to God and to each other, and it most likely will result in a closer knit community than what exists at this time. There are not bad attributes, but the powers that be want to sensationalize all the changes, and want the common man to believe they cannot do anything without the benevolence of big brother. Ultimately we will survive, but it will be a question of how we deal with the transition, as well as the promises and pitfalls of what is on the horizon and what it brings. We shall soon see.

Friday, June 11, 2010


George Offerman

I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered how those on the side that upholds death, lying, cheating and stealing can live with themselves. It would seem that they need to unplug part of their humanity in order to live within their own skin. If this is true, it is a rather sad commentary on how they need to go through their daily rituals. It is also frustrating in trying to convey and kind of truth to them, because they distort it to a degree, that it is nearly unrecognizable after they put their spin on this.

Now, in Seminary, we were taught to not use the ‘us versus them’ paradigm, because we are all sinners, but that it was also ‘offensive’ and our jobs as future priests are not to offend. However, there are appropriate times when this is acceptable, and demanded. For instance, there have been times I have done actions to another person that caused me to lay awake for many nights wondering or worrying about what I did and how the other person took or reacted to my behaviors. While some people related to my experience, there are many who do not, and take a more selfish approach and actually chastise me for that.

It is in those moments that I find myself unable to relate to them as people. As dynamic beings we are in the process of either growing or regressing. When one is growing, they will develop a more acute sensitivity to their environment and those around them, and find they are more aware of smaller movements and see how they interact with bigger movements. Those in regression seem to harden to their environment and to others, and fail to see any connection with present actions to the larger picture or to the future. When speaking to those types of people, it seems to be very genuine for them, and their main reaction is anger and then they usually level an accusation that reflects their blinded ness in a way that makes them ‘look smart’.

We are required to be ‘our brother’s keeper’ according to Scripture, and this does require that we take an active role in our society and to comment on bad behavior. It does not give us license to judge and this is sometimes a fine line. Usually it is those on the other side that are the harshest judges, as they clamor to do whatever it is they want to do, and then throw extremely nasty labels and judgments at those attempting to change things. What comes to mind are the deathscorts at the child killing abortuaries that march the babies to their deaths, claiming we are the “Nazis”. It is so far beyond comprehension that they can actually believe it, but it seems once one believes right is wrong, even their ability to reason goes away.

I have to wonder how these people can live with themselves. I have to wonder how the other side believes they are more sophisticated in their thinking, when they justify contradictory positions. I have to wonder how they can give free passes to lying, cheating and corrupt politicians, and then ‘rip’ on the law abiding, faithful and honest individual. I have to wonder how they explain the violent nature of our society. I have to wonder how these people can say things are good, when we have the highest rate of substance abuse in our history. I have to wonder how these people can justify stealing from the productive to give to the lazy, and then call the productive selfish or thieves themselves.

The people who are pro death, embrace liars, thieves and cheaters, show a great deal of anger and intolerance towards those they disagree with, and are overall miserable are a mystery. It seems inconceivable that they cannot see their problems, and even more inconceivable that they want more to join their ranks. Sleeping is something I enjoy greatly, and the only way I know how to have a good night’s sleep, is to be in the best spiritual shape I can be in and to convey this to others. Sometimes there really is an ‘us versus them’ and it is apparent when one who lives by the ‘golden rule’ cannot relate at all to those who don’t.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the pot is getting stirred. There are movements in almost every imaginable sector of our lives and it is getting to the point that pretending it is not there is taking a greater effort of faith than to open one’s eyes and see the reality all around. Every day that we wake up and have a ‘semblance’ of normalcy is really an indicator that God is still dispensing his Grace upon us, and showing how long suffering he really is. Unfortunately, this is not being seen, even by many Christians. Events are happening at such an alarmingly fast pace that it is nearly impossible to keep up with them.

We look at some of the man made causes of the disturbances, and can likely start with the political. It is not just in this country, but the world. More countries are piling up on Israel due to their attempted blockade of the Gaza Strip and the threat by Iran and Turkey to assist the ‘Palestinians’ in running the next one. Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons, and has been abundantly clear that they plan on using them on Israel. The Mid East wars continue and appear to be creating more resentment as more innocent people are killed. More and more countries are on the verge of bankruptcy and will be reneging on all sorts of promises, not only to their own citizens, but debts owed to other countries. The blame game will continue, as tempers simmer.

Environmentally, there is the oil leak that no one seems to be able to stop. The Gulf States are now becoming contaminated with no only oil, but now having problems with the very toxic dispersant used to break up the oil at the site. There are the forecasts that the hurricane season, that started June 1 will be very active and has the potential to create a nightmare situation in the gulf (if this is not already a nightmare).there have been noticeable increases in earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are the unexplained losses of huge numbers of bee colonies, and subsequent issues with disease and the possible linkage to genetically modified plants.

Financially, the world is being buried alive in unsustainable and unpayable debt. Every nation on earth uses fiat money, instead of God’s money Gold and Silver, and nearly every nation is now being subjected to unsustainable growth in their money supply, as well as government promises on services and future entitlement payments. There are financial crisis literally every day, and the monetary foundation has never been more precarious than now. This coupled with the fact that the world’s population is the most unprepared for any breakdown in the infrastructure leads to the most susceptible and dangerous situation imaginable.

This is on top of maybe the most important factor of all, the denial of a Supreme God who demands certain behaviors and demands a certain order of things that the current crop of humanity will not obey. It would seem that the majority of the issues listed above (and this is only precursory) are the result of this rebellion and sinful behavior. It is no wonder that all hell appears to be ready to break loose, as we pull further and further away from the source of all life. Without some fundamental changes in our belief system and getting back to the theological basics, it is appearing more and more that God will soon break into history and begin to take matters into his own hands.

That people still want to pretend that things are salvageable within the modern social rubric of man being his own god, that we can solve all of our own problems, should be seen as the foolish and arrogant beliefs that they are. Without a miraculous return to God and begging him for forgiveness, there is not a chance in any universe that things will get better on our terms. The few events listed in the above paragraphs are but a scratch of the true nature of our ills, and the quickening pace of events only spells the need for some sort of resolution in very short order. It all started out due to pride, and the answer will require that pride is broken.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


George Offerman

It looks as if the Tea party has made a difference in the primaries, and is scaring much of the political world, especially the GOP. There was a lot of ‘buzz’ on the radio this morning about the nature of the candidates, and how the democratic establishment is looking forward to running against these’ conservative right wingers’ and the republican establishment is already using the terms ‘spoiler’ and bating those with comments like a ‘vote for them is a vote for the democrats’. Neither of the two established parties seems to get it and continue on their merry way with their status quo thinking.

What makes the tea party movement so incredible is the fact that a large group of people have all seen major problems, have accurately identified these problems, and seem to understand what it is going to take to solve these problems. They have peacefully met, and have managed to stick to their message, and find those willing to go through the public crucible of the election process to take this message to the Capitol. It is very obvious that the established parties are seeing this as a major threat, and are doing what they can to discourage those in the tea party, or abscond with the movement.

What seems to escape those in the establishment parties is the fact that their policies are ruining this country, and that the average individual, who is paying attention and somewhat active in the matters at hand, understands at an innate level that the lies being constantly fed to the populace is ultimately going to kill this nation, if not the individual himself. It is very obvious that the government makes laws that they themselves have no intention of following, and do not see this as a problem. Those who have any understanding of the ‘golden rule’ are very fed up with this process, and rightfully want to put an end to it.

The pro life people have a great deal to learn from the tea party people. The tea party people have shaken up the status quo, and have stayed on point with their message and goals, and have attracted many into their cause. The establishment, especially the GOP feels threatened, while simultaneously attempting to pull this influential group into their tent. The pro life movement threatens no one, and neither party goes far out of their way to placate, or to even concern themselves over endorsements, or allowing the pro lifers much of a platform in the workings of the party and selection of candidates.

There is little to no fear that even the GOP has of the pro life movement, and this is evident in the fact that the GOP is continually moving more towards the pro death camp and death culture. The GOP is acting like Democrat lite, and seems to have little concern or regard to the life issue. And the more the GOP acts like the Democrats, the more out of touch they become with the average American, and pull away more from the ideals of the Founders. It is high time that those who want to see an ending to legalized child killing, to break away from the GOP and do what the tea party people are doing.

It is not a difficult matter, but will require that the multiple factions in the pro life movement actually work together, and it needs to start out by having a unified definition of pro life and action plan. The pro life movement also needs the church behind it, and supporting those who are willing to be on the front lines and taking the bullets. If some of these formative ideas take root, then the pro life movement will garner a lot of the respect and fear of candidates that it once had some 15-20 years ago. We really need to be in this battle. If the culture of death is not turned back, then good health care, retirement, lower taxes and freedom will not mean much, when it is blood that pays the bills.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


George Offerman

The times we are in are very critical, and there are many needs that need to be addressed. In the nation’s capital, we have the soon to be Kagan hearings, more legislation concerning the ‘immigration’ issues, as well as budgetary issues and the upcoming elections and subsequent changes the elections will bring. There is a need for Christians to step out in faith, and become active in these areas.

The Insurrecta Nex team in the Washington D.C. metro area can really use some help in these endeavors. As well, there is a great need for sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors at the local Abortuaries, with ample training opportunities available. If there are local readers who would be interested in any or many (or all) of these activities, you can contact me at this site and leave information. For those readers outside of the Washington, D.C. metro, please contact local pro life leaders, who can usually be found at the local mills, or also send your contact information here, and we will do our best in getting you relevant contact information for your area.

This is the time we need to be ever so vigilant and active in the areas of politics and legalized child killing. The window of opportunity may be open only a brief amount of time and without adequate numbers of Christians out in the battle field upholding the tenets of our faith, the battle may be over by the end of this year. We can see the storm clouds on the horizon and feel the stiff winds starting to blow. It is extremely important to become involved in this process, and to shed the mantle of indifference. Becoming more involved can only help, as it will build character and allow the Christian to have the strength for persecution that is on its way.

With greater numbers, more will get done and the impact to the secular world will be that much greater. Given how quickly matters are going downhill, it will take a Herculean effort to even neutralize the momentum which is going against our cause at this time. Going out and doing some of these tasks are rather simple at this time, and will not really require much risk. To wait and have Christian beliefs outlawed and targeted by law enforcement will place a great risk on those who want to partake in practicing their faith. If one is not willing to stand up during the fair weather, what will happen when the storms hit?

As mentioned before, the consequences of our actions over the past 37 + years are certain, it is the intensity and duration that is still undetermined, and it is those factors we still have some influence over. It really does get down to whether we as Christians are all talk, or if we really mean what we say, and defend the ‘line in the sand’. Like the call to discipleship, many will be called and few are chosen, and will heed the call. Who is willing to stand up and say “Here I am Lord”. Work on that courage muscle while there is still time. Be one of the few brave men and women that will stand up for the Lord and Biblical principles.

Just remember, in the end we win. It doesn’t matter how bad the wind blows, how much thunder and lightening there is or how much rain falls. The storm will pass, and those who stand in the strength of the Lord will remain standing. On this you can count on. Be brave, for this too shall pass.

Monday, June 7, 2010


George Offerman

It seems the self proclaimed ‘national’ leader for the Pro life movement has a very thin skin. I have occasionally posted on Mr. Troy Newman and his Wichita Organization over the past several months, and have received very nasty responses, that up to this point I have not published, or edited significantly when publishing. I have also donated thousands to his causes over the years believing he was the genuine ‘article’ concerning how he represented himself and the causes he has supported. Because another side has emerged (actually it has come to my attention over the past 2 years, something that those who know him well have known for some time) I decided to sever ties with Troy and his Wichita Organization about a year ago, and let him know why.

Since that time, Troy has been on the attack and has attempted to smear me, along with others, and has done this in the name of ‘Christianity” and ‘saving the babies”. Troy and his ilk have attempted to use bullying tactics that have included outright lies, and attempting to label people with diagnosed mental illnesses (I guess these are examples of his innovative ways). It is very unbecoming, as well as juvenile to resort to playground behaviors and name calling, but as I have discovered, Troy wants to play by his rules, and has no tolerance for anything or anyone who dares to challenge his ‘supreme authority’.

Below is an actual e-mail exchange, unedited from one of the supposed national leaders of the Pro life movement. It is rather sad that Mr. Newman wants to interact in the way that he does, and wants to infer that he is the ‘big dog’ in the room. There seems to be no lack of pride in this man, and Troy is the one who is constantly ‘bad mouthing’ other pro lifers and organizations that do good work that is unrelated to his Wichita organization and may actually garner some attention, taking the attention away from Troy.

From: troy newman
Date: Friday, June 4, 2010
Subject: today's post
To: George Offerman

You are a tiny gnat on a cows ass in the heat of summer delighting in
the aroma of one Randy Terry; but you think you are in the Caribbean.
I'm not wasting my time to look at your ongoing verbal diarrhoea

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be
strong. 1 Cor 16:13

Troy Newman
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On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 2:49 PM, George Offerman

Troy and Win,

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As Christians, we have a difficult enough time in recruiting other Christians for this battle, and many have rightfully pointed out how the pro life movement is fragmented, and filled with many ego maniacs who seem more interested in self promotion and fundraising than getting the job done. It is especially shameless when these same leaders who will claim to be infallible in their judgment characterizations use sinful behavior to harm another, and then use the Christian Moniker to hide behind and justify their sinful behavior. That is why the pro life movement is so stagnant now, and not really attracting the new blood and vigor it needs.

The pro life movement does not needs a self proclaimed leader who acts like an adolescent as its spokesman. The pro life movement does not need those that utilize methods like trashing others in order to look good themselves, as motives to accomplish their own narcissistic need for fame and fortune. The pro life movement does not need the constant harping about how “if you don’t fund US, then babies will die” mantra as if they have sole rights and are the only route to overturning Roe. No, the pro life movement needs visionaries that are leaders, and willing to do whatever it takes to end legalized child killing, and not be concerned about how they look in the battle.

So, from Troy’s perspective I am nothing more than a tiny gnat on a cow’s ass. I can go along with Troy’s analogy, and I will gratefully be a tiny gnat in this battle, but knowing that Troy is the cow’s ass (since he insists on being the big dog, or ‘cow’ on the national scene) gives some credence for the need to be vigilant and hold those accountable who want to make the claim they deserve the standing they have taken. My thoughts about Troy are similar of his towards me, in that in dealing with Troy, a little Preparation H will do the trick.

Friday, June 4, 2010


George Offerman

Below is a statement put out by Troy Newman, president of the Wichita Organization discussing the George Tiller situation, and what would appear to be Tiller’s ‘imminent’ retirement. He also takes the position to chastise Roeder, a man who contributed to his organization and had had personal contact with the members of the Wichita Organization. The response that follows was penned by Dan Holman, and represents another position that many Christians have taken, but have been soundly condemned by those like the Wichita Organization.

This posting is longer than normal, but I encourage the reader to persevere and take the time to look at both letters.

Abortionist Tiller was Slated to Soon Retire Before his Death

Tiller's planned retirement proves Operation Rescue's work was successful. Roeder was wrong.

Contact: Troy Newman, President, 316-841-1700; Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, 316-516-3034; both with Operation Rescue, info@operationrescue.org

WICHITA, Kansas, May 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- At a fundraising dinner held on May 26, 2010, abortionist LeRoy Carhart told attendees that his employer, George Tiller, was making plans to soon retire prior to his murder by Scott Roeder last year. The information was reported on a feminist blog site by a woman who attended the event.

"Dr. Carhart confided that Tiller was slated to begin his retirement not long before his death," the blogger wrote.

Operation Rescue stated publicly in a commentary published on Feb. 2, 2010, that we believed that Tiller may have been planning to retire rather than face the disgrace of being disciplined for illegal late-term abortions by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which had filed an 11-count petition against him that was pending at the time of his death.

"Carhart confirms that we were correct in concluding that Tiller was ready to retire," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "We had worked since 2002, through peaceful, legal avenues to expose the heinous nature of Tiller's late-term abortion business, bring him to justice, and close his abortion clinic. The fact that Tiller was preparing to quit proves that our efforts were successful. Unfortunately, Tiller's murder a year ago was a senseless and despicable act that wrongly took a life and denied the people justice under the law. If Roeder had not acted, Tiller would be retired today and his abortion clinic closed without violence. We were right. Roeder was as wrong as it gets."

The following is an excerpt from OR's February 2 commentary:

In March, 2009, Tiller was acquitted of the 19 criminal charges during a trial that took the jury less than 25 minutes to decide. But within minutes of that verdict, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, newly under the direction of Jack Confer, issued a statement that the Board was proceeding with eleven similar charges that could have led to the revocation of Tiller's medical license. Confer assured the public that the KSBHA worked under a different burden of proof than the criminal courts and that the outcome of the criminal case would have no effect on the KSBHA's case.

The timing and content of that release sent a strong message to the community that they could expect a different outcome from the KSBHA case. That message, along with indications that Tiller had taken steps to disband ProKanDo prior to his criminal trial and other intelligence gathered by Operation Rescue, led to the logical conclusion that either Tiller would soon have his license stripped by the KSBHA, or that he would retire in order to avoid the humiliation of revocation. We were cautiously optimistic that Tiller's infamous late-term abortion mill would be closed within months - through peaceful, legal means.

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.

The following is a response by Dan Holman, and it takes the form of presenting another side of this issue. So far, the ‘mainstream pro life’ groups have basically ‘iced’ any consideration of differing opinions from theirs, and in effect, have colluded with the MSM and death camps they claim to be against. The language is a little rough, but sometimes a little rough language is what the doctor calls for to make the point.

Pro-life Christian Assholes

Troy Newman’s May 31st Commentary: “Tiller's planned retirement proves Operation Rescue's work was successful. Roeder was wrong” His article defines the ignoble function of Operation Rescue in the body of the Pro-life Movement.

Troy has written much about Tiller’s baby-killing operation and the horrific crimes. For years Troy and others had fought admirably to shut Tiller’s operation down. Troy relied heavily on the “rule of law” to end Tillers killing spree. The best efforts of legal redress came to naught.

When baby-murder is the rule of law, all who resist are outlaws. Nothing Newman, Phil Kline, or anyone else did slowed Tiller’s baby-killing machinations. Scott Roeder, like David of old, slew the great giant with one projectile to the braincase. But instead of cheers from the pro-life camp, he was booed in the gallows. Troy was the first to condemn him!

We must ask ourselves why? Why would Troy Newman pull a long face over the death of a stinking baby killer? He makes his reasons clear in this article:


"Carhart confirms that we were correct in concluding that Tiller was ready to retire," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "We had worked since 2002, through peaceful, legal avenues to expose the heinous nature of Tiller's late-term abortion business, bring him to justice, and close his abortion clinic. The fact that Tiller was preparing to quit proves that our efforts were successful. Unfortunately, Tiller's murder a year ago was a senseless and despicable act that wrongly took a life and denied the people justice under the law. If Roeder had not acted, Tiller would be retired today and his abortion clinic closed without violence. We were right. Roeder was as wrong as it gets."

I wonder how many babies would be dead today had Scott Roeder not acted?

Would Tiller have retired by now? No one seems to know when he would have quit. I have been told that because of his Parkinson’s disease, others were doing his killing for him. His duties were mostly administrative. Troy’s “ace in the hole” was his hope that the Kansas Medical Board would have pulled his license sometime in the future. This is very doubtful considering that Tiller won every legal challenge. Even if Tiller’s license were pulled, he could have operated on the licenses of visiting assassins.

This discussion is important because Troy knows a motive of vengeance (or punishment) is indefensible, but a motive of defense of others is justifiable homicide. That why Troy is focusing on these arguments: “Tiller was going to retire anyway, he was going to lose his license, so Scott Roeder was wrong to kill him.”

Newman would be right if Tiller were retired, if he were no longer killing. The facts are he was not retired, his license, and his practice were active at the time of the shooting. Even IF Tillers role in killing babies were diminished; he still played a vital active role in their deaths. He was a party to the crime. His building was the theater of operation; his nurse, his secretary, his money helped assassins snuff out the lives of the innocent. His baby-killing operation closed the week he was killed.

There must be something unsaid with Troy for him to be so hostile toward Scott Roeder. I believe it is fear, fame, and greed. Troy, like the Apostle Peter, denied that he knew Scott Roeder. Scott writes me that he was a contributor to OR and had met with Troy in the past. I believe Troy scrubbed his records, his memory, and his conscience in the heat of the controversy. In so doing so he missed a golden opportunity to speak up on behalf of the babies that Mr. Roeder so courageously defended.

Troy pursued fame over truth by denying that Scott Roeder was justified in shooting George Tiller. It is popular among effeminate pro-lifer supporters to be against the justified use of force (self defense and defense of others), wars, even just wars, and the death penalty. I am told by a reliable source that before Tiller was shot Troy held to the justifiable use of force doctrine. In panic his views have changed.

Troy is not camera shy. He wants to be the spokesman and face of the pro-life movement. One cannot do that when they hold to a controversial and unpopular view, even if it is the truth.

The truth is Scott Roeder was justified in killing George Tiller. Troy and the majority of the pro-life movement hold to a damnable double standard. They have one set of rules and values for post-born children and other set of rules and values for pre-born children. They tacitly deny the humanity of the pre-born by denying them equal protection. Pro-lifers like Troy are justly criticized, marginalized, and ridiculed by the world.

One day their duplicity will be exposed and condemned. You can bet Troy Newman and his ilks are constantly monitoring the winds of change, and conforming their opinions accordingly.

Meanwhile, I shall call them what they are: “assholes,” “pro-life Christian assholes” with a shitty theology.

Dan Holman

Thursday, June 3, 2010


George Offerman

You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its flavor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on by people

Matt: 5-13

Nancy Pelosi does a public Bible study, and basically mocks God and Jesus, and the Bishops stay silent. The outrage by most of the laity to this event is very understandable, and the comments let on multiple blogs showed an overwhelming majority of those believe this woman is minimally delusional, if not outright evil. To claim that she is following Jesus, while openly advocating legalized child killing, and supporting the very grizzly partial birth killing is blasphemy, and is in desperate need of correcting, if not outright ex communication. But the Bishops stay silent.

Ms. Pelosi prayed for the intervention of St. Joseph (who by the way, took on his pregnant Bride, and had and raised her son) to assist in passing the hell care bill. Her thought process was that St. Joseph understands the burden of raising children in tough conditions, and dealt with a ‘single’ mother. Ms. Pelosi somehow believes that a great saint of the Church would somehow bless her efforts by assisting in the destruction of God’s most precious beings, and appeared to have her petition answered by the passage of this calamity. And the Bishops stay silent

Ms. Pelosi presents herself as a Catholic in “good standing” and actively participates in the Sacraments. This, despite crystal clear teachings and Cannons of the Church that state anyone who participates actively in legalized child killing is excommunicated and is barred from partaking in the Sacraments until they have confessed their sin and have made the promise to follow that path no more. Ms. Pelosi was informed of the grave nature of this sin personally by Pope Benedict XVI, but this was not followed up by either her Bishop in California or Archbishop Wuerl in Washington, D.C. Neither of these Bishops has enforced the Cannons and teachings that clearly state the consequences of Ms. Pelosi’s actions, as neither has the USCCB. And the Bishops stay silent.

Elena Kagan is nominated for the highest court in the land, and the Supreme Court is seen as ground zero in the legalized child killing arena. Ms. Kagan has a very liberal record according to her policies and writings, and seems clearly to be very pro death and pro homosexual, two very clear violations of Church teachings and positions. Many conservatives, as well as most liberals have been vocal in their support for her nomination and elevation to the Supreme Court. Her elevation to the court may well guarantee the next 25 years of status quo baby killing and there is little resistance from the Christian community in general. And the Bishops stay silent.

Our faith teaches that we are to be salt of the earth. Salt not only enhances flavor and can be considered one of the ‘spices’ of life, but more importantly, is a preservative. As a preservative, it is the job of the Bishops to be in the lead when matters of faith and morals come up in everyday life. When the likes of Nancy Pelosi can make outrageous statements, teach faulty Bible lessons, and in essence dictate matters of faith and morals to the Bishops and the Bishops remain silent, one can only conclude that the Bishops are listening to ‘another voice’, and it is not one that is concerned about issues of faith and morals.

The Bishops collective silence in these matters is disheartening to most believers and is doing nothing but harm to the Church. How they can stay silent in these matters is beyond comprehension, but as was stated earlier, this will not be a permanent condition, and the day of reckoning is well on its way. It seems even the most elementary of believers is beginning to understand that there is dereliction of duty by the Bishops, and that their main concern is the funding stream and the cozy relationship they have with the masters who hold the check book. Enjoy your blood money, Bishops.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


George Offerman

Nancy Pelosi just can’t seem to get her scripture right. As far as her ‘religious’ position is concerned, she has distorted it, no, outright manufactured it, and is attempting to peddle it as truth. There are a few very interesting points concerning Ms. Pelosi’s admission about her admission in ‘following Jesus’ and his teachings. The first is how she can distort the scripture to the point of manufacturing statements she made. The second is how the media made no issue of Ms. Pelosi making blatant comments about Jesus, and using Scripture and ’Christianity’ to formulate her policy. But most importantly, the deafening silence of the Bishops and other Shepherds, who have essentially given Ms. Pelosi a free pass on her much fractured Scripture lesson.

Ms. Pelosi made the claim that she is into ‘the Word’ and uses it to formulate her positions. Here are some of her words about the ‘Word’.

They ask me all the time, ‘What is your favorite this? What is your favorite that? What is your favorite that?’ And one time, ‘What is your favorite word?’ And I said, ‘My favorite word? That is really easy. My favorite word is the Word, is the Word. And that is everything. It says it all for us. And you know the biblical reference, you know the Gospel reference of the Word.

And that Word is, we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the Word. The Word. Isn’t it a beautiful word when you think of it? It just covers everything. The Word.

Fill it in with anything you want. But, of course, we know it means: ‘The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.’ And that’s the great mystery of our faith. He will come again. He will come again. So, we have to make sure we’re prepared to answer in this life, or otherwise, as to how we have measured up.


Evidently, Ms. Pelosi is not familiar with Jesus statement in Matt 18:16, when he warns against harming the ‘little ones’ that it be better that a millstone be placed around their neck and cast into the sea. Or Matt 19:14 in which Jesus wants the little children to come to him. OR Matt 5:17-20 in which Jesus boldly proclaims that he has not come to ‘abolish the law, but to fulfill it’ and in the next versus warns against those who dare to change, then teach against the law, and the consequences of those actions. Or Matt 5:13-16 calling believers to be ‘salt of the earth’, and again, what happens if the salt loses its flavor. None of these verses refers to changing teachings and not following them, and gives major consequences for those daring to change them. Also, there is no evidence whatsoever, that the Bible would point to the validation of legalized child killing. Ms. Pelosi is evidently making up Bible verses, and is feeling rather smug in her assertions that she is following through on what the Word of God states. Get those millstones ready.

Ms. Pelosi is also getting a ‘free pass’ on her open discussion of Jesus with the media. Had a true conservative done something remotely close to what Ms. Pelosi did, all ‘hell’ would break loose, and the individual would minimally be denounced, and accused of not separating church and state, and be required to retract the statement. Given Ms. Pelosi’s standing with the MSM, she will get away with this. However, the real reason may be that she sold such a liberal idea of Jesus that she may have been doing the MSM and Obama some good, by making such a personal statement, using her position of Speaker to give her more credibility to enhance this theological stance. This coupled with the fact that not one church leader has come forward to challenge any of this.

This leads to the last point, and that is of the dereliction of duty by the Church. This woman has been allowed to represent her very sinful beliefs and behaviors as the official stance of the Church, and it has gone nearly unchallenged by the Bishops. Too many people outside, as well as inside the church look upon this lack of action as a de facto agreement with her position. This woman has pushed every imaginable form of legalized child killing, and has gone up to receive communion as if she has every right to be there as those who live by faith. The Bishops breed too much confusion, and it will ultimately be on their heads when, as Ms. Pelosi likes to say “he will come again’. There needs to be statements made by someone in the Church, who has the ‘gonads’ to stand up for orthodoxy. Otherwise, we might as well just read the Bible ourselves, and never step foot again in any of these heretic churches.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


George Offerman

Yesterday is a sacred day in remembering those who fought and died for our freedoms, primarily in foreign lands. It is very appropriate to honor these warriors and to spend some time contemplating what it is they died for, and how we are carrying on this legacy. When thinking about how our society looks now, and how many of our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate, it is a wonder that there are those who are still willing to fight and die for the freedoms pledged in the constitution, when there is truly not freedom for all, at least for the unborn.

With the exception of a few steadfast pro lifers, there was little commemorating the huge numbers of the unborn who have lost their lives in the battle for convenience and comfort. Very little was said anywhere in the media, and little was said from the pulpits this past weekend, nor was there any statements forthcoming from our Bishops and other church leaders. The silence continues, and is growing more deafening as the time goes by. It is these forgotten ones that need memories, those who were never given the chance to make a difference and to have the opportunity to live out their God given purposes and missions.

Unlike the memorials honoring the war dead, there are no memorials honoring the 52 million + martyrs of this ongoing holocaust. There were few who bothered to remember their sacrifice to comfort and convenience, and fewer who want to be bothered by their memories. Their burial plots happen to be the sewers and landfills all over this country, and there is a God who sees all, and is shedding tears for these little ones that the Lord had great expectations for. Their ability to change society and be productive was prematurely cut short for the sake of another’s freedom. This is the ultimate ‘sacrifice’.

We will never know what impact the 52 million + would have made on our society, but it more than likely would have been positive over negative. After all, it is the killing of the most innocent that begets violence, lying, cheating and nearly every other vice, and without having such a cost as blood guilt to pay, possibly even less war. But we will never know, and now we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Another memorial day has passed and the killing continues on the greatest battlefield yet, the mother’s womb.

There never was, and never will be a ‘rolling thunder’ for the babies. There never was, and never will be memorial parades, monuments, tributes and outright acknowledgment for the babies. We never have nor ever will understand the way we changed history by allowing and participating in the wholesale slaughter of these innocent beings, and we never have, nor ever will have the blessings we as a nation could be experiencing had this holocaust never happened. These are things that we do not know or ever will know, and it is getting to be time that we prepare for our future. The question is who will be around to memorialize us?