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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


George Offerman

It has been very interesting to see the various reactions to the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Many of these people are so furious with the jury, defense lawyers, prosecutor, and ultimately with Ms. Anthony that these people’s lives have been threatened. It seems that Ms. Anthony’s behaviors, particularly the partying lifestyle and the apparent ‘carefree’ attitude she had, knowing her child was buried in a swamp, is too much for the average American to take. The ‘thought’ of a mother being so callous towards her child’s death seems barbaric to these folks.

This comment from Stuart Fischoff senior editor at the Journal of Media psychology seems to typify the reaction of most people:

"This is scarier than the average murder case because there's a sacredness that we assign to motherhood," he said. "The idea that a mother could kill her child flies in the face of every archetypal notion we have. It's monstrous. And we're revolted by that, but we're also fascinated. And we want revenge."

Interestingly enough, legalized child killing does the exact same thing. A baby is brutally murdered, and most of those, whose parts are not sold to big pharmacy, or university programs, ends up in dumps and landfills. However, unlike Caylee Anthony, no one mourns for them, and the vast majority doesn’t want to hear about it. In fact the majority would rather look away, and not be bothered by this holocaust, and unfortunately this includes the Church, which continues to allow itself to be muzzled by the cursed 501 c 3 laws of the IRS.

It is also interesting that those who made verbal and physical threats towards Ms. Anthony and the jurors were not seen as ‘extremists’ or ‘religious fanatics’ or ‘domestic terrorists’, but seen as reasonable. If someone even dares speak up for the unborn, they are seen as all of the above and are condemned in the strongest of terms. As long as one is politically correct, it seems the can do whatever they want without any condemnation or reprove from mainstream society.

We then have the other side, in which a pro-lifer has been silently witnessing in front of killing mills and has spent more than 10 years in prison for her nonviolent witness. This is more than 3 times the amount of time served as someone who bound her child in duct tape and threw her body into a swamp. This is way more time served than someone who decided it was more important to party and enter a ‘hot body’ contest, and trashes her family in order to convince 12 people she is innocent. And these 12 people found her not guilty of a crime in which she minimally covered up a heinous crime. It’s too bad the unborn don’t receive the same treatment and passion that Caylee did.

A video depicting Linda Gibbons, the staunch Canadian pro-lifer who was recently released from a 28 month sentence for silently praying and witnessing against the child killers (a sentence 3 times longer than Casey Anthony will serve). Note her very prophetic and strong words that clarify the moral gravity of legalized child killing.

“A Christian interviewer made a statement to me that while in prison, I missed a lot of birthdays and family get togethers, and I told him, as Christians we cannot live ‘normally’ with abortion in our midst, that we must challenge the assumption that Canada is comfortable with abortion, comfortable with the death culture and maybe soon our culture will become comfortable with the death culture in their push for euthanasia.”

So, here is how our very confused culture has it: the blatant murder of post born babies brings outrage against a mother, while murdering a pre born baby brings outrage against those who would dare to defend the babies. It is no wonder that we are in such a moral morass we are in. It seems we are on a collision course with judgment and too many are asleep at the wheel. We need to have the same moral outrage with legalized child killing as the tragedy of Caylee Anthony. God help us if we don’t show this and change our laws.

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