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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


George Offerman

Soon we will have to break out the shovels to get through this entire BS landing all around us. The fight over raising the debt ceiling for this bankrupt nation, and all the lying and posturing by both parties and the clown in the White House is such a joke that it would be funny if it did not have such serious and negative ramifications. The fact that these idiots are posturing each other over doing the right thing is nauseating at best and treasonous at worst. They are betraying our country, and the banksters are the ones benefitting.

Let’s be real: the debt ceiling is going to be increased. There is no possible way these fools will allow, or are able to allow default on the debt at this point. It is inevitable default will occur, but not at this time. The fundamental underlying economic problems have not been addressed, nor will they in the near future. So borrowing more money to keep the current ‘lifestyle’ going for another round is necessary to keep the natives from revolting. What is dismaying is the numbers of people that want the party to continue despite the very negative ramifications that are being seen everywhere in the country.

What is even more dismaying is the lack of preparation by many who see things are wrong, but seem to believe these matters will resolve themselves magically. There is little to no urgency in either the political or personal arena as both politicians and most of the citizenry merely complain about this situation, but don’t do anything meaningful about resolving it. unfortunately, it will take an empty belly and living in the elements before the majority will wake up and understand the reality that all this fiscal irresponsibility has sown over the past several decades.

We have watched our way of life change before our eyes because it became too inconvenient and uncomfortable to fight against these forces. So it became easier to do little to nothing, and allow ourselves to be entertained, while also accepting the premise that we were entitled to the fruits of others labors (Thou shalt not steal). This deadly combination is the genesis of our problems, and since we have not repented of these evils, the consequences of our actions are now here, and pay we will.

In the meantime, we will, in a perverse twist of fate, be entertained by all the idiots pretending to be representatives of the people and watch how they will blame anyone but themselves, or of the nature of the nanny state in which too many want for too much in which they’ve earned none of, but fully expect the maximum of what they are ‘entitled’ to. The debt ceiling will be increased for sure. This showboating is nothing more than field dressing for the next campaign, similar to the ‘efforts’ to defund planned parenthood were a few months ago.

There is no intention to change anything about the current situation and anyone who is distracted by this crazy show will simply be further behind the 8 ball concerning any personal preparation. It ought to be obvious to the most simple among us that we truly are on our own concerning our safety and future. The average man and woman are not benefiting from any of these deals; the mega banks and Wall Street are and they are not sharing. The taxpayer, however, is given the bill and basically told to take a long walk off a short pier. In a corporate fascist world, it’s the way it always is, and our time is no exception. We can get caught up in the bread and circuses and be entertained, or we can act quickly and do what we need to do to secure at least some provisions for ourselves and families before it becomes impossible to do. The clock is ticking.

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