"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Friday, May 18, 2012


George Offerman

My apologies for not posting in what seems to be eons, but I have been dealing with an ongoing medical condition that has challenged me in many different and new ways.  I am hoping to be more consistent in posting materials in the very near future, but want to alert the readers of this site to some changes that are happening now, and what will be happening from here on out.

Randall Terry and the Insurrecta Nex team has sponsored and started a new web site http://www.prolifewarrior.com/ that is going to challenge the status quo of the pro life movement.  I am encouraging all of the readers of this site to go to the new site and join as members, and ‘throw some cyber punches’ as one would seem fit.  I will be blogging on that site on Monday’s and Thursdays and have not decided whether I will copy those postings onto this site.  We will definitely link the two, and it is my hope that all of you will visit and be active participants.

I continue to post on this site and will continue to cover a variety of subjects that seem of interest to me, as well as what I believe are relevant to the pro life stance.   Part of what I hope to accomplish before the end of the year (and it is a priority to me) is at least the completion of the series on Revelation.  There have been several people that have wandered through the site seeing many of the postings, and have commented how I stopped at the 6th trumpet.  I have outlines for the rest of the series and will try to get this done next month.  So on that note, I will rerun all of the previous postings and add the new ones so they are all together in one place.  I will also work on the hermeneutics series and give a better overview of Revelation with a much more in depth look at the hermeneutical process and go over some of the features of the prophecy that need more clarification.

I may also be adding more information on prepping and pointing towards the resources needed to get ready for the times that will soon be upon us.  As these times become more unstable, it is imperative that those who want to be leaders must prepare themselves for the very differing and challenging roles these times will bring.  Although I am very aware from feedback I’ve received over the years that some don’t see the connection between the pro life movement and the world we live in, I can only respectfully disagree with this assessment, and state that our compliance with sin is directly related to other aspects of our lives, and that they are intimately related.  If we continue on in sin, we cannot have peace and comfort, as God will never reward this behavior.

We all need to ratchet up activities for the rest of this year.  Too much work is needed and there is not a lot of time or the willing farm hands to help in this labor.  The commitment levels of all believers needs to go up and we have to be prepared for what is soon to visit us.  Be courageous and continue fighting the good fight.

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