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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


George Offerman

One may be really taken aback by the title of this piece and I want to
be clear that I mean this more figuratively.  That being said, the
scandal of having fallen away she devil Kathleen Sebelius speak at
Georgetown cannot go unchallenged and the dereliction of duty by what
ought to be the supreme shepherds of our Church cannot go ignored.
There are too many who have been in this fight and have sacrificed
greatly, to only have it given away by those who no longer seem to
have a spinal column and only seem to see as far as their own comfort
and convenience.  Yes, I am referring to the Bishops, the USCCB and
Cardinal Wuerl in particular.

It seems as the moment of truth comes closer, the Church, lead by its
‘leadership’, the rudderless bishops are leading us to at least the
netherworld, if not directly to hell itself.  How can it be that such
a blatant violation of core church teachings can be totally ignored,
and yet these prelates attempt to peddle mediocrity and inaction as
courageous action?  And how is it that the pro life movement and many
in the church pews buy into this load of malarkey?   It is truly an
embarrassment that the bishops stay silent when the architect and
defender of this horrible legislation is invited onto a ‘Catholic’
Campus and given a platform that ought to be at the end of a plank

I cannot help but wonder if the USCCB really believe they will be able
to rally the faithful on this issue when they continually sell the
faithful down the river by their inaction.  I know there were some of
the faithful out at the gates of Georgetown last Friday protesting
this atrocity, but I’m willing to bet that there was not one prelate
with them.  This is one of those instances in which the leadership of
the Church shot themselves in the foot and sold the laity down the
river.  That is why I for one, did not participate in this event.
There is no way I will risk arrest or anything else when the Bishops
did nothing and could have made a large impact by acting on what they
know to be true and stopping this atrocity before it began.

It is becoming more apparent by the day that the Bishops are more
motivated by convenience and comfort versus being out front and boldly
declaring the truth as the great prophets and disciples of days gone
by did.  It is this inaction that will directly lead to religious
persecution occurring, and it is occurring now, and will only
intensify in the very near future.  The bishops couldn’t be more
blinded than they are now, and the only qualified and tough stances
they take are against the principled priests who uphold church
teachings, and the Christian warriors from the pews that take their
faith seriously.

If I were a bishop, and found my self agreeing with this ungodly,
murderous and persucatorial administration, I would be fearful for my
eternal soul.  Any first grade student with the basic catechism would
understand the evil that the Obama administration is perpetrating onto
the Catholic Church, and would understand the need to defend the
Church to whatever degree is necessary to hold onto her integrity.
But it isn’t happening with the current crop of Bishops, as they
continue to walk the same line as that of an evil and murderous
administration.   Welcome to hell.

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