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Friday, September 14, 2012


George Offerman

I would hate to be B.S. Bernanke.  I would hate to be the one in charge of what will be the most spectacular monetary collapse in the history of the world.  I would hate the mere thought that I would be the most despised person to have ever been born on this rock.  I could not live with myself knowing the policies I implemented stole money from the neediest and those dependent upon fixed incomes and gave it to my greedy bastard masters and banksters who salivate over amounts of money uncountable and unimaginable.  I hate and despise the whole existence and purpose of the Federal Reserve and hold in the highest contempt those who dare, in the name of ‘fairness and equity’ openly steal the wealth of the people for their own private use and abuse.

But let us return to the purpose of this posting, the suicide mission the Fed has embarked on.  It ought to be most apparent to even the deadest of zombies out there, that the Fed has chosen to destroy the dollar in favor of keeping its power and giving the incompetent inbred idiots, known as the money powers, their last vestige in getting their affairs in order before the hungry and homicidal mobs seek them out.    This policy of purchasing dead Treasury Bills at 0% interest rates on an unlimited basis demonstrates there are no other avenues to pursue, and that no one or entities or countries are interested in our toxic toilet paper.  Instead of default, they have opted for hyper inflation and will keep printing the garbage and selling it as ‘securities’ until the streets are littered with its burnt remnants and their buildings are nothing more than empty husks.

There can no longer be any credible claim by the Fed’s or the government that they give a rat’s rear end about you, me or anyone not an elitist, as all paper products will soon go much lower, with some going to zero.  These elitists are willing and able to allow the average American to lose everything they have ever worked for, and have no plan and no intention of making restitution for their crimes.  Make no mistake: the dollar will be printed into oblivion and the official policy was set into motion yesterday.  The only question on anyone’s mind ought to be how much time one has to prepare for this devastating and complete financial collapse of this once great nation.

For those who propose ‘austerity’ measures to ‘save’ the current economic model; there are not enough people working who are paying enough in taxes to even cover the bare minimal of budgetary items.  We have set records for the most unemployed, but eligible workers with 87 million, set the record for the costliest year of social security ($596 billion for the first 11 months of this year) and the largest percentage of people on disability EVER in the nation’s history (slightly under 10 million).  Structurally, it is impossible to tax high enough to pay for this, and the only other ‘tool’ in the economic Keynesian toolbox is borrowing.  The only way this country can ‘borrow’ at this time is the fraudulent and very illegal ‘purchasing’ of treasuries by the Fed’s to keep the party going long enough for the government to get its defenses prepared for the inevitable riots and civil unrest that will soon manifest itself.

Without a new metals based monetary system, this old system will crash upon its own weight.  There is no other outcome possible, no matter how one crunches the numbers or wallpapers over the reality.  This country is hopelessly bankrupt and the only method of keeping the party from turning into a massive hang over event, is to spike the punch with very devalued dollars and convince those not paying any attention that ‘all is ok, and continue watching football and drinking the cheap beer’.  Well, very soon the cable TV and the lights are going to go out, and the taps that serve the cheap beer will dry up.  It is only then, that the masses will ‘get’ what happened, and realize their government and the ‘Federal Reserve’ scammed them out of everything they have and ever will have.  The anger will be unquenchable and God can only have mercy on any bankster who happens to be anywhere in this country.

The Federal Reserve is on a suicide mission.  They are very aware there is no way out of this game they set up nearly 100 years ago.  And B.S. Bernanke is so arrogant, and believes he is such a savior that he is positioning himself for a reappointment as Chairman.  What a fool.  This is a system that is mathematically going to fail, guaranteed.  The only questions those in power have is how they will get out of town in intact skins.  This is going to turn out horribly, and it is not time to place one’s head in the sand or any other orifice and pretend things will magically get better.  The dollar is going to crash, and virtually every financial instrument denominated in dollars is going to crash and burn and all of the blame can be laid at the feet of the Federal Reserve.  Glad I’m not one of those folks on that day, because I enjoy my head being attached to the rest of my body.

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