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Monday, October 8, 2012


George Offerman

I have to start this post with a disclaimer: I am no admirer of Mitt Romney and do not plan on voting for either of these globalists come November 6th.  Frankly, the way Ron Paul was manhandled in both the primary and especially at the airport near the Republican convention validated any doubts I may have had about the Republican nominee, and I will not vote for the ‘lesser’ of two evils, which is still evil.  I abhor anyone who wants to destroy this country, whether it is a bullet to the head that Obama would do, or eat the poisoned apple and die slowly that Romney would do.

That is specifically why I paid no attention to this ‘47% scandal’ when it came out, and only heard of it for the first time during an Obama commercial last week.  Both my wife and I heard it at the same time and we both had the same reaction to it: Romney was actually telling the truth about this part of America, and I could not disagree with any of his words.  Frankly, that frightened me as I really believed I wouldn’t ‘believe’ anything said by either candidate.  With that being said, I will demonstrate to you, dear reader, why Romney’s words are true.

The primary allegation with the 47% is that they will vote for Obama no matter what he does, and that this number in essence, is written off as supporting Romney and his positions.  True, or not?   I’ve been watching the poll numbers daily for the past several months, and Obama has not gone below 47%, but has never been higher than 52%.  Many very significant events and incidences have occurred that would have sunk many presidents, but this guy seems to have a consistent resiliency that I have not seen since the Slick Meister was in office.  Why is that?

Evidently, it doesn’t matter that the Libyan ambassador was brutally murdered by a mob on the anniversary of 9-11, in which both the White House and Secretary of State Clinton were warned of, and did nothing about and then subsequently covered up their inactions.  Evidently it doesn’t matter that the DHS under Obama has ordered over 1.4 BILLION HOLLOW POINTED ROUNDS of ammunition for DOMESTIC USE.  Evidently, it doesn’t matter that Obama pushed for, and was given the provision in the NDAA legislation, the ability to detain indefinitely, torture and/or execute an American without cause.  Evidently it does not matter that Obama has run the largest deficits in this country’s history year after year, has the worst employment record, the highest number of unemployed, those on food stamps and those on ‘disability’.  Evidently, it does not matter that we are ready to experience the greatest tax increases in our nation’s history and will gut those who create jobs that PAY THE TAXES.   And evidently, it does not matter that Obama promised to end the two “Bush” wars and close Gitmo on his first day in office and in fact, got us into 4 more skirmishes and expanded prisons and space for ‘enemy combatants.  What can it be then?

Could it be the never ending mantra of the one time ‘community organizer’ telling those ‘less fortunate’ that they ‘deserve a chance’ to be paid for by those ‘that made it’.  Could it be the fact that the sitting president openly stated that ‘no one ever made it on their own, but had help from some government entity’?  Could it be that ‘redistribution of wealth’ is the job of government, and government determines who the winners and losers are?  Could it be that a large segment of the population has been conditioned to believe they are innocent victims of a corrupt corporate world, and through no fault of their own, cannot make it without the help of the government?  Could it be that the goodies keep coming and without four more years of the community organizer, the goodie bag will be taken away and these people would actually have to be responsible for themselves?

Now why is it that a large minority of people can see the wanton destruction of our way of life, massive restrictions on freedom, an increase in wars and increases in taxes and ‘redistribution’ of wealth from producers?  Because they believe they have the right to be taken care of by the government, and they will never criticize or ‘bite the hand that feeds them’.  As long as that ‘gubmint chek’ comes in, it doesn’t matter what happens to the rest of society or world, just as long as “I get mine”, I will vote for the person who gives ME the most.   That’s exactly what Obama has done over the past four years, and the 47% benefitting from this goodie bag giveaway will NEVER vote to stop this.

If anyone takes the time to look at what is going all around him, he will become very aware that there are 47% of the people that are not affected by the larger picture of what is going on in this country, but are totally consumed by what they are getting.  It doesn’t dawn on these people that in order to receive a dollar in ‘benefits’ that a dollar needs to be taken from someone first.  I suspect that even if they did know, they wouldn’t care, and they definitely are not grateful towards those who pay for these individuals to consume and not produce or contribute towards the betterment of society.  No, the majority of these folks buys into Obama’s ‘class warfare’ propaganda, and calls anyone looking at the ‘entitlement’ scheme ‘mean spirited’.  “Wow, Romney actually wants us to be responsible for ourselves?  WHAT A MEAN, COLD HEARTED, CRUEL BASTARD!”

Yep.  It’s all about the goodie bag and what these people can get for nothing.  It’s all about shirking personal responsibility and blaming others for poor decisions made.  Obviously anyone can have a bad run of luck, but the opportunity to better oneself without getting penalized by some overzealous socialist should not be allowed to exist in this country, but it has now become a way of life.   The proof is no further than the severe restrictions of freedom levied on us by Obama, and the lack of protest from these 47% in limiting freedoms on those who produce.

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