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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


George Offerman

Over the past several months I have noticed myself pulling away from worldly concerns and finding it more difficult to get excited over matters that seem to be of great importance to the average American.  Likewise, I have also noticed that the majority of people I’ve been talking to show little interest in matters I see as important and urgent, and the disconnect is growing more noticeable with each passing day.  I guess it is getting hard to look at the current reality and take it seriously when I believe I am looking at the end of our way of life as we know it.
It isn’t an issue of grieving or of regret, but seems to be based more in the realm of action and feeling a need to be accomplishing tasks that are more focused on simplifying life and learning rudimentary skills that really matter.  The more I do this, the more I realize most of what we consider ‘productivity’ is simply a waste of time and energy, and satisfies those who control our lives and want to instill meaning in their lives by requiring the majority to conform to stupid and senseless rules and regulations that in the end do nothing to add to any quality of life.
I recently had an issue with my debit card, and received a call from a collections agency threatening me with some sort of action to be taken if I did not pay some outstanding bill from some product I didn’t order.  The funny thing is,  I didn’t get upset nor did I care that my ‘credit’ may take a hit from some agency that already knows too much about me and has delved into my personal life without my permission.  I responded by saying something like “sue me, and I don’t care what you do to the credit ratings, it’s all a joke anyway’.  It left the poor schlep on the phone speechless and dumbfounded to say the least.  Like I’m really going to worry about a credit rating when my country advocates deficit spending and counterfeits gross amounts of paper currency to pay off those unworthy of getting the money to begin with.
It’s getting more difficult by the day to take politicians, church leaders, the pro-life management, and those who claim to be ‘conservative’ when they speak of better days and good times, while the whole time spending other people’s money and advocating policies that are detrimental to our physical and spiritual wellbeing.  These groups, and I mean all of them, have rigged the game, and I am no longer in the mood to play.  I could care less if my ‘credit’ scores are low, I could care less if the political party I once belonged to sees me as a charlatan, I could care less if many of the clergy and friends consider me an extremist and want to cut off long term friendships because of this, and I could really care less if the rogue government puts me on some list of ‘domestic terrorists’ due to my beliefs and actions.
The majority of the folks I just listed seem to have no inkling or clue that our way of life is coming to a horrible conclusion very soon.  The garbage that passes as important will end up in the dump to be burned very shortly, and these same folks will be clamoring for help and assistance from the local loony tune they recently mocked and derided.  It is amazing how much attitudes can change in short order, or maybe it is more the reality of our situation took root and is now bearing fruit.  Either way, I feel very secure in my decisions and actions and it is evidenced in the fact that despite what has gone down in the past few months, I don’t seem to be ‘rocked’ by these events and continue on in action mode.
I guess this is ultimately a result of looking at the tea leaves and realizing either I am way off and missing things, or I am more of the sane one living in an insane world that seems to violate all of the natural laws known to man and seemingly getting away with it.  Given the insanity that passes for sanity, I am betting my view of things is the more accurate of the two, and I am feeling rather content and at peace with this position.  As I contemplate this Advent, I have more hope that the Lord Jesus soon makes his appearance or at least brings some semblance of peace and tranquility to this rock.  We all know that with God, all things are possible, and should have learned by now that putting man in charge of anything usually ends in disaster.  Given the choices we made in this country in the past year, we know who we put in charge of the chicken coop. 

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  1. [M]ost of what we consider ‘productivity’ is simply a waste of time and energy…

    Very true

    This is because most Americans don't contemplate; it's "Don't think; just do; do; do!" Tocqueville noted this in his chapter "Why The Americans Are More Addicted To Practical Than To Theoretical Science", and Leo XIII condemned Americanism in his letter to Baltimore Abp. Card. Gibbons in part because the heresy holds that "the [so-called] active virtues [e.g., 'productivity'] are more important than the [so-called] passive [e.g., contemplation], both in the estimation in which they must be held and in the exercise of them."