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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


George Offerman

It’s interesting how things seem to go in waves and themes.  It seems that events move so quickly that what was once a hot news story or theme, moves along quickly to another, and there can seem to be no relationship to each other, yet be very intimately related upon further investigation.  The world and this country had been very enamored with the recent election, that many dubbed ‘the turning point’ based upon what was painted as the ‘largest gap’ or the ‘biggest fundamental difference ever’ between the two established party candidates.  Personally, this seems to be the biggest load of BS floated along in some time.  The Republicans found Obama so repulsive that they nominated someone just like him.  That’s really handing us voters a lot to work with!  And they wonder why they lost?!?!
Truth be told, it didn’t matter who won this election, as the cards on the table have to be played, and the deck has been stacked against us from the onset.  There is no need to be crying over spilled milk, because what was in the cup was spoiled and quite rotted and even the 47% wouldn’t drink it.  But what needs to be taken from this ‘election’ is the idea and purpose of what the individual needs to do in order to secure his future.    Securing one’s future is first a matter of believing something is going to happen that will require a significant amount of preparation.  But how does one prepare, and what do they prepare for?   Prepping is not just a matter of collecting supplies and firearms; it requires purpose and vision.
I have told people that most of my off work time is spent getting ready for whatever is coming down the pike.  Many do not understand this, nor do they want to, but to be prepared is to acknowledge that something COULD TAKE PLACE and one is willing to go there, at least mentally to understand what may be required of the individual to survive and thrive in the coming paradigm shift in society.  Because most people want to live in the realm of make believe or denial (take your pick) the discussions normally lead to ‘you’re nuts’ and other pejoratives instead of constructive conversations and action steps that will result in the lessening of anxiety versus increasing anxiety from denial or worry.  So, I will go into some of the strategies I use to prepare and how I spend my time doing it.
The first shift that takes place is psychologically.  Without first working through a paradigm shift and understanding at a core level that things are getting ready to radically change, one will tend to either deny or avoid thinking or contemplating the future in any other form than what one was conditioned to believe in.  This is the most difficult of the processes, and it requires a great deal of time as well as reading and incorporating information that most don’t want to look at, yet act on.  It is this process that also gives one the ‘why’ in acting.   If the sole purpose of preparing is to be the ‘last man standing’ there will not be a large incentive or a real striving in what is going on in the world or even in the local community.  For people who think this way, it will be one lonely and miserable existence.
Along with the psychological shift is spiritual preparedness.  Without proper spiritual preparedness, one could become paranoid and want to ‘shoot everyone coming within 100 yards’ of the property line.   The whole point of preparing and surviving the coming paradigm shift in society is to make this place better and to reinstate core Christian values in whatever community will reform.  In order to do that, one must act out of love and compassion for his fellow man but to also instill a work based ethic in those he comes in contact with.  I have told many of the people who think they are just going to show up and use my stuff, that I will require work out of them and they will need to contribute to the cause, or they need to go elsewhere.  One needs to be charitable, but one also needs to understand that those who do not see the signs all over and do not get ready, really do not have the insight to have a vote in what they believe will be a democratic process even in small groups.
The next step is to secure the very basics in order to sustain life.  This means water, food, shelter and rudimentary self-defense items.   There are plenty of resources on the internet that will instruct how to get this done, and it is up to the reader to do this research.  It is the self-defense that one likely will turn into creatures you will not recognize within about 72 hours if they do not have food and water or shelter.  It is at this time that many well-meaning and ‘liberal’ people will realize they risk their lives by even revealing they have resources.  For many who are not ready for this, they will be quite shocked over what a hungry and thirsty person will do when feeling very desperate.  One needs to prepare in advance how they are going to handle people who will want to take what they have.
Many who are prolific writers concerning possible scenarios of collapse think I am too optimistic in my views.  This is rather interesting, as I see some of my ideas as rather dark, but then again, I have read some of these writings and they do paint pictures of a very violent and entitled people going after those with resources and putting the blame on those prepared as ‘hoarding’.  Their mindset continues to be that of entitled, and whatever level of violence they may use to take these resources is justified in their minds.  I can see their reasoning in this, and do agree that’s how the inner cities will work, but I’m not sure it will be that way everywhere in America.  However, I have no doubt that is what the government will say and they have the ability to disrupt and use greater violence on those who are ready for the times than any wandering group of thugs.
At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the individual to get ready.  This is accomplished by doing something every day, and by being steady, more will get done faster than someone trying to ‘cram’ in everything like one does a final exam in college.  Doing something every day keeps one’s mind on the subject, as well as staying focused and this will allow for a more comprehensive result that will carry one deep into any crisis that is going to occur.  But the most important piece of preparing is the why; if you don’t know why you want to get through this, the likelihood is that you will not make it through the times to come.  The choice is yours.

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