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Thursday, March 28, 2013


George Offerman

I have been given lots of feedback from various sources over the past few months concerning the topics I write about.  Many are disturbed by the fact I cover what would appear to be ‘non pro-life’ issues while still claiming to be a pro-life site.  While on the surface, this may look to be true, but in all reality, it is those who want to ‘compartmentalize’ that are short changing themselves and not seeing the whole picture.  Whether one likes it or not, or wants to admit it or not, life is much interconnected, and nothing exists in a vacuum, including our faith and actions (or inactions) that back up this faith.
It is true that we must do all we can for our unborn brethren, but we need to understand first and foremost that legalized child killing and all the surrounding structures supporting it is a spiritual battle.  So in order to ‘exercise this demon’ one must successfully get to the root cause of the evil.  Simply focusing on legalized child killing in a vacuum will not lead to the necessary changes in the law to stop this, but looking at the big picture and understanding what causes legalized child killing to exist in the first place is what is needed.  And the cause of legalized child killing is money.
We can see clearly that our society is obsessed with money and how to get more of it.  We can tell ourselves all we want that being pro-life is to “educate and change hearts’ but we already know 47% of the population is ‘bought off’ by those controlling the goodie bag.  We know that others work certain jobs (like the government) in order to collect paychecks and benefits while doing the minimal amount of work to get this.  We know that those who are in charge of the educational system (and some churches even) preach the gospel of scarcity, and fill our heads with the sick notion that our world is overpopulated, and resources are scarce.  We don’t have enough to take care of those already here, so how can we possibly take care of those not born yet?   With this thought process quite entrenched in our system, there is no chance in hell of ending legalized child killing by simply seeing this as some aberrant law without a root cause.
This spiritual battle manifests itself by controlling the issuance of money, and those that control the money, also control the whole system.  The system is infected with the idea that the global population is too large, and that overlords are needed to oversee the proper utilization of resources in order to stop the ‘stupid masses’ from overconsumption and extinction.  Deliberate debauchery of the currency by the money powers only reinforces this perception, and the average person blindly believes and parrots back to others this evil creed.  Scarcity everywhere and not enough money to pay for it.  Eliminate those who are unnecessary!  Everyone run scared and know your future will be worse than the present due to SCARCITY OF RESOURCES!!!
These people have done a splendid job of convincing the uneducated masses that man and not God has the solutions to our problems.  And man’s solutions always involve resources and production flow towards the very few.  If one takes time to notice, the stream of things going on mysteriously flow consistently in one direction: taking away rights and wealth from the masses and concentrating them into a few privileged hands.   As more is taken away, it follows that there is less to have for the rest, and it makes no sense to continue adding to the numbers of people if there is less and less to go around.  Legalized child killing will never be outlawed as long as we do not address this root cause, and all the wishful thinking in the world will not change that fact.
So, the next time you hear of another nation crashing financially, or hear about ‘peak oil’ or the ‘climate change’ taking place, or food shortages, or how much it costs to keep seniors alive the last few weeks of their lives, or how we will never be able to pay off our debts, just remember that all of these ‘crises’ are man-made and controlled by the elite.  And as long as we the people buy into this BS, there is not a chance that these people will allow the population to grow larger.  This godless and sociopathic run system is geared for destruction of the masses.  This not only includes the unborn, but unfortunately most of the born.

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