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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


George Offerman

It seems that every time I leave the country for a spell, some very important matters occur that has the potential to be ‘game changers’.  But before getting to this ‘game changer’ I have to comment briefly on another successful beer trip to Belgium.  Spent a week on a tour sponsored by Ale Street news, and this writer at least drank in moderation while spending most of the time with the brewers asking detailed questions pertaining to the differing brew processes they used.  We were also fortunate enough to have acquired a significant number of Westvleteran 12 that are nearly impossible to get, and this particular brew has been voted number one in the world for several years running. 
So upon returning to the states, it was rather intriguing that the story of the government’s purchase of 1.6 billion hollow pointed rounds finally garnered some traction in the news.  It is incredible that it takes members of congress to get the proper attention on this issue, but it is even more incredible that it took so long for any of the law makers to even question what the DHS is doing with their funding, which Congress happens to control.  Maybe the real deal concerning the attention finally being paid to this issue is that enough patriots complained to their ‘representatives’ that required this issue to finally come out of the sinister shadows of this very secretive and dangerous government.
It is also amazing that despite the efforts and letters of 15 congressmen to DHS demanding explanations, one is not forthcoming, and the pitiful explanations by low level staffers is laughable and way off the mark.  After all, aren’t these agencies by law accountable to Congress to begin with?  Yet they seem to be acting in the same rogue fashion as the top dog Obama and believe they can do whatever they want whenever they please.  No accountability with any intention of being accountable to anyone.  If the average citizen behaved in this fashion, they most likely would be on the receiving end of one of these hollow pointed rounds.
One of the explanations proffered by a low level bureaucrat is the numerous RFP’s do not actually purchase 1.6 billion rounds, but simply refer to the ‘top end’ of purchases that add up to this number.  However, this does not explain why DHS has any need of round one of hollow pointed rounds, given the use of these rounds in war are illegal by the Geneva Convention.  This is a pathetic attempt at covering up what the government is really up to, and it is amazing that they believe they can get away with outright lies or by simply being silent on this matter.
The arrogance of this rogue government should be a massive clue as to what they are really up to.  We supposedly live in a constitutional republic, in which the government is accountable to us and those elected are supposed to represent our interests.   It is becoming quite clear that this government is set upon doing whatever they believe they need to do to survive and keep their power.  This includes making war on the people.  Why else would the social security administration find it ‘necessary’ to order nearly 200,000 hollow pointed rounds?  To shoot recipients making too much?  To go after those who are committing fraud?  When has ANYONE been shot by the SSA for any ‘crimes’?
People, it’s time to wake up and see what is going on around you.  This is not the time to be asleep and believe things will go on as they had over the past several decades.  We live in dangerous time in which the government resembles more of a tyrannical monster than what was intended by our founding fathers.  This government is doing things that ought to be scaring the hell out of anyone who is paying the minimal amount of attention, yet most continue on in their sleepwalking state.  How sad, and the time is running out to do anything about it.

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