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Tuesday, May 28, 2013



George Offerman

For the past couple of months, we have witnessed a huge sell off in the precious metals that can only be explained by pure foolishness.  The financial press is constantly beating the deflationary drum concerning the metals, and provocatively steering the herd into the overbought and over leveraged stock market, that is ready for a major correction.   When (and not if) this reversal takes place, it will be curtains for many and their money will be taken by those who have been salivating over the last vestige of capital left in this hopelessly indebted country.
Why anyone would still continue to give credence to anyone who is promoting the current system is beyond my ability to understand.  We are seeing unprecedented reaches by multiple governments in taking the citizen’s money in all forms that happen to have an account number and track able by said governments.  If the government is not outright stealing money, as in the Cyprus experiment, it is doing it indirectly by raising taxes on capital gains to mafia like heights.  On top of that, there is ample evidence that many of the corporations are ‘cooking the books’ and are not as valuable as they have to show in order to continue commanding astronomically high stock valuation.  Why continue to play this game when it is so obviously rigged?
I am as equally mystified when I read postings from those who have a clear vision of what is to happen, when they make a credible case to own tangibles, then somewhere in their writings they recommend only ‘10% or so in precious metals, as an insurance policy”.  Well, I say, what about the other 90% of your money, which is still within the criminal financial system?  It’s acceptable to lose nearly all of one’s wealth, as long as they don’t get too ‘radical’ and put their life savings into tangibles, especially precious metals?  It truly makes me wonder if these people really believe what they preach, or if there are deeper and profitable motives on their part.
We are hopelessly in debt.  Our debt is increasing in geometric progression and there is not a thing we can do about it.  It doesn’t matter how much ‘austerity’ we introduce, or what political party is in office, or how many jobs we create, or how much the jobs numbers and inflations numbers are manipulated, we simply have gone too far in our ability to pay it back, and all the printing presses in the world, coupled with stealing all the peoples assets that have numbers, and can be frozen via electronic means, will not change any of these facts.  The reset button will be hit and the system as we know it today will cease to exist.
We are on borrowed time.  Every day that passes that does not result in collapse, is a blessing.  It is what we do with this time that will make all the difference in the world for us and our loved ones.  While all the talking idiots on the majority of the financial programs and channels talk about some mystical recovery, the facts paint a much dire and different picture.  The cut and paste economy will soon give away to a more somber reality in which real skills and real know how will be the only way to continue on with life.  The need to be able to take care of oneself will be paramount and the need to be in a community of like-minded individuals will be essential.  Tangibles, not stocks or bonds, or even cash will be king and will be necessary to get on with the day to day demands of the times ready to visit us.  At the top of the list (other than food, water and shelter) will be the precious metals.  God’s money.
This is why it is so important to be plugged in, and to take care of one’s situation with tangibles.  Tangibles are the hardest to confiscate, and are readily available to the owner at his discretion.  There is no counter party risk, and it is as open or hidden as you make it.  If the old adage about making money is true, “buy low, and sell high” then precious metals couldn’t be a better deal right now.  The stock market is at an all-time high, and people are flooding into it.  Precious metals are at a 5 year low, and people are dumping them like crazy.  Cattle running to the slaughter house.   Don’t end up being steak on the elite’s plate.

On a personal note

I’ve been extremely busy, as in every waking moment accounted for, and the blog, although important, is not an essential piece of my day.  I am hoping this deluge of ‘life’ will calm down, and I can get back to writing on a more regular basis.  So, for those who wondered where I went or if I’m ok, I’m letting you know that I hope to be writing a lot more in the near future.  I’m also looking into a collaborative effort with another individual who is fairly influential in the pro-life movement, who also happens to believe what I do, and thinks the message needs to get out to the faithful quickly.  Will keep you updated on that one.  Thanks for being patient.

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