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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


George Offerman

“Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss”
We won’t get fooled again – The Who

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  How is it that our government can demonize and castigate whole societies and religions to the point that they justify wars of aggression and cheer on the destruction of innocent people in the name of ‘bringing them freedom and peace”?  But the more disturbing question is how is it that a supposed moral and religious country such as ours, can go along, and in some instances, cheer this action on?  Have we gone so far that we have lost our ability to know the difference between right and wrong?
Not only has our government declared a series of illegal and immoral wars on several nations, it now seems our government cannot trust its own citizens, and the revelations of the past week by whistleblower Edward Snowden prove beyond a doubt that the government has also waged an illegal and immoral war against its own citizens.  And all in the name of ‘national security’.  Orwell could not have dreamed of a scarier and more insane scenario if he ended up in hell and had to describe his experience.
What is happening to us is nothing that has not happened myriads of time throughout history, when an immoral and lazy society gives up its rights and freedoms in exchange for security and bread and circuses.  We sit here, believing the whole time we are smarter and more sophisticated than our ancestors and the rest of the world while we blissfully and ignorantly go off the waterfall and plunge to our demise.  We are trapped in a terminal situation of our own making and aren’t smart enough to see it.  We see ourselves as morally superior to virtually every society and religion in the world, yet we are naked, desolate and stupid.
Yes, we are surrounded by unstable systems, from the financial world, to our food production with its monstrous forms of GMO, yet somehow, want to inflict this onto the rest of the world, and will do it by force, even when not necessary.  The average person takes no time whatsoever to investigate the current happenings and wants to demonize anyone that challenges any of the sacred ideas that point to the ending of the current system as we know it.  So our elected officials, with the instructions from the elite needs to preoccupy us with endless wars waged on that invisible enemy called the ‘terrorists’  in order to hide their true agenda and cover their tracks before the real fireworks begin. 
We seem to continually glorify aggressive actions against those we see as morally inferior to ourselves.  This is also reflected in the fact that many Americans are not outraged, or maybe don’t even care about the latest revelation of our government spying on citizens that have done nothing wrong.  Maybe some of the numbness is a direct result of wanting to bomb the hell out of countries that are ‘supposed threats’ and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, all in the name of ‘freedom’.  Maybe it’s no big deal to a large segment of the population, because they are on the dole, and don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.
We have a huge spiritual problem in this country.  It’s called spiritual poverty.  We cannot tell right from wrong, and cheer on what is evil and distain what is right and holy.  We have lost our spiritual compass and as a result, we are going to hit the rocks and destroy our ship called the USA.   The average person has no idea how long we have left, but the clock surely cannot have much time left on it.  Better get prepared.

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