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Thursday, March 17, 2011


George Offerman

Several of us from the Insurrecta Nex team disrupted and event put on by the group ’Catholics for Choice’ (an oxymoron if I ever heard one). This event was titled “When Irish eyes are not smiling: The Truth about Abortion in Ireland” there was also a screening for the movie “Discrimination and Denial: Abortion Law in Northern Ireland”. This event took place at the Busboy and Poets restaurant in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the event was to discuss (lament) the idea that in Northern Ireland, women must ‘sneak out’ of the country in order to procure a ‘legal abortion’, and what a tragedy this is.

Opening remarks were made by Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. Mr. O’Brien started off with a bang by making a statement something to the effect that “mainstream Catholics, the majority, is in touch with reality, while the Vatican lives in their theoretical and distant bubble”. This seemed to capture the essence of the evening, as this group, that ought to be excommunicated for holding such beliefs, push on as if they actually have a legitimate theologically based ‘opinion’ on the matter. The whole evening and implications were enough to make any sensible and true Catholic sick to his stomach.

Interestingly enough, during the course of the event, there were two female Irish politicians that were discussing how women were put in danger, and how many of these women are putting their lives in danger by procuring illegal abortions, or attempting to do it themselves. One of them gave this statistic: “5 women a day are looking for abortion services, and we can only encourage them to go to Great Britain, where it is legal”. Wow, does not sound like a stampede to me.

They then proceeded on with the video, and that is when the first disruption took place. It appeared to take this group by surprise and it was evident that several were rather disturbed by not only the disruption, but the words uttered. We then took turns disrupting the screening and subsequent remarks made by the particular representatives there. Eventually, all of us were eventually lead out and asked to leave the premises. The sad part in all of this was the amount of mockery made as each of us took our turn in witnessing to this unholy gathering, and these people, who claim compassion for their fellow man, as well as tolerance and openness for ‘dialogue’ showed great revulsion, intolerance and disrespect for our position. Any surprises there?

That these people believe they can deride and openly defy the magesterium and be in full communion with the Church is about as delusional as believing Obama has been visible and taken the lead in the current world crises. Like many lay leaders, they believe they have equivalent moral and spiritual authority as a Bishop or Pope, and in many cases, believe they know even better than those in Church leadership. It is this delusional thinking that is at the base of their belief that children can be killed in the name of ‘choice’ and ‘women’s reproductive rights’ because these people do not acknowledge God as the creator of all things, and as such is the ultimate judge of life. These people defy the Living God and do it in an ‘in your face’ manner. What a shame and what a disgrace, to push this stance and claim to be Catholic.


Why is the so called president of the United States jet setting all over the world with all of these world crises going on? Why is this guy playing golf and worrying about basketball brackets when we are in need of real leadership? Well America, do you now believe in the change this clown has ushered in? the world is mocking this guy, and too many in this country are still putting their very misguided faith in believing he is the ‘messiah’ and will straighten things out. Good luck to those deluded people.

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