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Thursday, March 31, 2011


George Offerman

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” 1 Timothy 6:10

The above verse goes a long way into explaining the current times we live in. One may want to dispute what the above verse means, and split hairs over the Greek and Hebrew translations of the words, but I don’t believe any intelligent person would dispute how money is loved in our society, and it is pursued without abandon by the majority. More people believe their problems would be solved and they would be happier if they had a million dollars, versus having a deeper understanding of God and living a meaningful life. It is no wonder things like the lottery system, game shows that give away a million dollar prize, the pursuit of certain jobs and careers mainly for the pay are in vogue.

Money is a very emotional subject for most people, and it is about the only ‘absolute’ left in our society (that we acknowledge at least). Everyone understands what a dollar is, and everyone understands at least enough basic math to know if one spends more than he takes in, he is in deficit, and likewise, spending less than one takes in creates a surplus. A surplus brings about prosperity and an enlargement of opportunity as it frees capital and deficits brings about poverty as it shrinks opportunity by virtue that more debt requires more capital to be directed towards interest payments. This then takes away from one’s ability to either save, or to increase any opportunity to improve one’s condition.

This issue creates a great deal of emotion, as money becomes a very accurate score card of one’s character, and most people who run chronic deficits, also run chronic anxiety and problems that do not get better. Many of these people falling into this category, don’t like to tell themselves ‘no’ when wanting to spend more than they have, as they believe they ‘deserve this now’. Gratification delay is a foreign concept for many of these individuals. Negative cash flow brings about many problems, and at some point, when it becomes apparent that the individual no longer possesses the ability to pay back the debt, their credit is cut off, and the individual ‘crashes and burns’. Very emotional issues, indeed.

This is exactly what is happening to our country. We have surpassed our ability to pay back our debt, and soon we will not even have the ability to pay the INTEREST on our debt. How have we allowed ourselves to get in such a predicament? By believing we have a right to all of the goodies we demand regardless of the costs. These politicians are able to get away with deficit spending, because the electorate participates in the same behavior, and like is to like. We elect our own, and as long as there are groups that are promised the fruits of another’s labor, these clowns will continue to get into office. “It doesn’t matter if the country is going to hell, as long as I get mine, life is good.”

Well, the rest of the world is painfully aware of this predicament, and have been making moves to get out of the dollar. This is happening in earnest, and is increasing daily. We have seen the Chinese using their massive U.S. Treasury holdings, buying as many natural resources and companies as they can without making waves large enough to crash the treasury market. We see many of the OPEC countries de pegging the dollar from oil, thus bypassing the need to purchase and own dollars. Japan, another large purchaser of treasuries, now needs cash to recover from the earthquake tragedy, and will not be participating in future purchases of our toxic debt. They will end up being net sellers of treasuries to rebuild, and thus will be putting downward pressure on demands for our debt.

There are numerous other examples of the world players getting out of the dollar, and I will leave that up to the reader to pursue. But make no mistake: we are on the verge of catastrophic economic collapse due to the demise of the dollar. The incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers, who engineered this, will attempt to get off Scott free, and will want to blame those who actually made preparations for these times. Biblically speaking, it is a simple task to see what happens when money is the central object of love and worship: all kinds of evil results and evil can only occur with human and/or demonic efforts. If one really wants to know what is going on, simply follow the money, and it will lead right to the doorstep of the evil doers. Now, who is willing to do this?

The money trail has been written about by numerous credible authors and researchers for several decades now. Many of the events these writers have discussed has occurred almost exactly as predicted, and what is coming out now is much more sinister and dark than what I have written. The signs are everywhere and the dam cannot stand much longer, as the holes are larger and more water is escaping. Those in the valley need to take notice, because the impending flood is on the verge of becoming an extremely nasty and lethal reality for many. Laugh and scoff all you want, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

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