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Monday, March 14, 2011


George Offerman

My in laws treated my wife and me with a trip to Belgium to celebrate my half century on this rock. It was quite the celebration as we spent a good part of the trip with a beer touring group sponsored by Ale Street News. We got to see many of the famous Trappist breweries, and managed to get a personal tour of various pubs by the current owners of Duval while in Brussels. Unfortunately for me though, a European version of a super bug decided to pay a visit and it is ‘here we go again’ with being sick. All in all, it was a great time and hope it happens again.

I have many different thoughts on turning 50, realizing I have lived more days than I have left. This is not such a disturbing thought as it was 25 years ago, but I don’t want that inevitable day to be visiting any time soon, God willing. As well, the idea of this post is not to dwell on such a milestone, but to mention why I have not posted in 2 weeks.

As usual, it seems when one gets away from the day to day happenings in the world, it seems like much happens and one can have the feeling of being ‘left behind’ if not ‘keeping up’. Of all the news that occurred, the least surprising of all is on the pro life front, where the Republicants did their ‘bait and switch’ routine that should come to absolutely no surprise to those with a body temperature and a pulse. Seriously, is there such a thing anymore as a ‘statesman’ in politics? Can anyone seriously claim they are fooled by the measures taken by Boehner and company?

Anyone in the pro life movement who believes these bands of fools would have been better off on the tour bus going to the different breweries, where at least the ‘medicine’ would have tasted better, and would have left one feeling warm and contented after indulging in it. I have to say that my time in Belgium was much better utilized than the beating of the drum reminding the inept pro life movement that proffered legislation is not victory, and that the Republicants will blink if they think for one nanosecond they will be blamed for a government shutdown if they actually stand up for the unborn.

These politicians have no fear of us. We never hold them accountable, and will send them money, allow them to speak in our churches, will campaign for them, and especially buy into their BS that they actually are making a difference, when in fact, they are the true enemies of our cause. Until we know how to fight this battle effectively, these politicians will side with the enemy and simply tell us what we want to hear, then do as they please, as they have for the past 38 years.

Shame on Boehner and company for lying to us. Shame on us for believing this troupe of clowns to begin with.

On another note, let us keep the people of Japan in our prayers as they deal with what truly is a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

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