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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


George Offerman

I wish it was true, but there is no way anyone can admit to being ‘surprised’ by Boehner’s ‘sell out’ of the cause to the Demovamps, and especially of the babies. This is what these guys do, because it’s what they have always done: ‘compromised’. The sad truth is, the Demovamps do not compromise, and they go after their agenda with great gusto. Boehner has had a history of this, and only those willing to drink the koolaid would really believe this guy would follow through with shutting down the government over PP.

Boehner hid behind the excuse ‘we are going to cut trillions, not billions’ in the next round of the fight. Well Speaker Boehner, you hold the purse strings and you are the Speaker. You didn’t get the job done as you promised, so your future promises will require more gonads of you than defunding PP and you know this will not happen. You know it, we know it, and you know we know it. I will not be surprised at all when you ‘fail’ at your promise to cut the budget that drastically. I may even be able to quote verbatim what your excuse(s) will be, and I can guarantee you will run on a platform of ‘success’ when in fact, you failed miserably.

I am more ticked off at the soft headed ‘pro life movement’ that put their faith in these bozos. They prematurely claimed ‘victory’ when legislation was proffered to defund pp. Due to the fact the new management of this ‘movement’ doesn’t know how to fight to win, it is not at all surprising they were duped by the likes of Boehner, and will readily accept his excuses and believe him when he fails at his supposed efforts at reigning in the budget, and putting an end to the evil crime syndicate known as planned parenthood. Boehner and the management of the pro life movement are peas in a pod: both talk a good game, but show little fruits when it comes to the real work.

It is so sad that these matters are predictable. It is so sad that there is so little character in both politics and matters of faith and that evil is proliferating so easily now. Even a person of modest faith is now seen as an extremist and fanatic, and so few are willing to put anything on the line. Truly, what is there left to save of this country? It is unrecognizeable from what it used to be just 30 years ago. Keeping one’s word means nothing anymore and when one’s word is no good, nothing else is good, as keeping one’s word is at the core of reality and is essential in keeping order. Lies can never be truth and lies are as shifting sands, in which nothing of lasting value can be built upon.

What we need at this hour in our nation are those with vision and the gonads to pursue this vision. This vision must include the protection of the most vulnerable and the ability and desire to follow through with this protection, no matter what the cost. We do not have this now, and it is not looking very good for it to occur anytime in the near or far future. But the management of the pro life movement better figure out it definitely is not Boehner or any of his other sell out ilk that will soon try to convince us we won when we got creamed. Cry for the babies.

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