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Monday, April 4, 2011


George Offerman

We are at a moment in history in which the next few moves by our politicians will have very large consequences. Depending upon what they end up doing will determine the course of things for decades (or maybe the future of this country’s existence). There are many good reasons to defund the government in general, an when we get to specifics, putting a knife into planned parenthood and the legalized child killing fields is more than good enough to do it. But it seems our nation is at stake, and we can no longer afford to continue with status quo and business as usual in this country.

It should be painfully aware to even the dimmest light bulb out there that we are at the end of the line concerning our finances. The way this government spends money would put the most immature adolescent to shame, and without taking a stand now, there will never be another chance to reign in the insanity. It seems these people have run out of lies to tell the populace, and the only real sane choice available is to set a precedent and cut massively, or just shut the whole stupid thing down now, and get it over with. If one looks at the role government has played over the past 2-3 decades, it will be noticed that it has taken on a more regulatory/controlling role, and has not benefited anyone other than those on the dole.

There are many on the pro life side that believes this is the ‘line in the sand’ that must be defended at all costs. If these guys believe life is sacred, there is not much choice in the matter and then need to vote to shut government down. It seems they are too afraid it will be a repeat of 1994, and the Republicants will be blamed for the show, and thus, bring on the wrath of the American people. If the Republicants are paying any attention, the majority of Americans most likely want government shutdown for a variety of reasons, and unlike what many believe, life will still go on, and probably much better than today.

Too many have bought into the idea government solves all problems, and we can no longer function without someone telling us what to do. Frankly, I like the idea of eating and drinking what I want, what kind of light bulb I want to have in my house, what my kids are exposed to in school, what I want to do to my own property and so forth. Less of their prying eyes and rules means more for me, and I tire of paying for ‘services’ that are impediments and control tactics by a bunch of bureaucrats that will never be able to spend my money on things I need better than what I can do with my own money. But I definitely resent having my taxes sent to organizations such as planned parenthood and other evil organizations that violate my religious beliefs.

Let’s send a message to these Bozos and let them know how important they really are in our lives: give them some needed unpaid time off and let them see how ‘essential’ they really are. It will most likely make our lives easier, and save us boatloads of money while we are at it. It’s about time they heard from those that pay for all of this. It’s about time these people are held accountable for the insanity of it all, and begin to feel the pain of so many out in the rest of the country. It is also time for the political class to understand they don’t have a right to run this country into the ground for their own political expedience. Its time to say enough is enough and get this ship of state headed in the right direction.

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