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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


George Offerman

Any person out there paying any amount of attention would have to come to the conclusion that world matters are escalating at a pace not seen in our lifetimes. There has always been speculation about the end of times and when it would take place, so there may be some ‘end of the world’ fatigue experienced by many. This post is not about predicting or making a ‘pronouncement’ about this time being the end of times, but a challenge to people out there to contemplate what is going on around them, and to look at the evidence and assess whether the ‘happenings’ are related to our sinful way of life.

We have the very open worship of money as our modern god, as the majority sees money as the primary problem solver. When money is lacking, problems grow, and many seek, if not dream and scheme about how to get more. God is no longer in the equation and is not even considered by the majority as the source one can count on to solve problems. Because God is the creator and number one lover of free will in the universe, He is the prime mover in allowing us to have what we crave. He will allow us to wallow in our own slime and crap until we either figure it out and ask for repentance, or until we fill our cup of iniquity, and He steps in with Divine Judgment.

Since money is the greatest of the gods, it will be the first to go. As mentioned before, we are now in the midst of an economic collapse and it is here, right now. It is not an issue of whether one sees it or not, as it is still in the slower, initial phases, but soon enough it will be most evident to the dimmest of sheeple and it will be unmerciful. The economic collapse is judgment, not mercy, and will soon have our undivided attention. At that time, some will begin to ‘get it’ and will approach the Living God with humble and contrite hearts. The majority will not, and thus, more judgments will take place.

Comfort and convenience, two other gods of worship will be taken out and will follow quickly on the heels of the economic collapse. With the money system destroyed, it will make conditions very stressful, and accomplishing what used to be the simplest of tasks will now require great efforts and expenditures of time and energy. All of the insane regulations that governed modern life up until now will no longer apply, as the majority of people will be focused on survival as their primary task. What used to be presumed as status quo will disappear, and there will be great lamenting over how things have become and how this could have been avoided by simply following the time tested tried and true way of life.

There will be much anger directed towards those entities most responsible for what is befalling us. What is unknown is whether these entities will be able to deflect and distract the masses enough to make their escape. The truth will come out at some point, and the masses will find out they have been scammed by the money changers and their life’s labors have been ripped off. This will eventually lead to great social unrest and possibly upheaval. Very little mercy will be shown to those seen as the cause of the problems, and we will once again relive parts of world history that we now claim we are ‘too sophisticated’ to do ourselves.

My hope and prayers are that we successfully transition through these times of purification and come out a stronger and more humble people. Our way of life is coming to an end, and preparation on an individual basis ought to be top priority, or one will have no excuse when these events take off in earnest. We are to be children of the light, and as such, should not be taken off guard if we take any time to pray and see the signs of the times. It is now upon us, and the time to act is now.

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