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Monday, August 15, 2011


George Offerman

I and several family members spent the past two weeks on a vacation/mission in which we saw family and friends, but also spent time at an undisclosed location which we will hasten to when this collapse hits critical mass.  Prior to leaving, I received a call from a prominent local politician asking me to consider running for the open school board position in my community, which unfortunately became available due to the death of the man holding it.  I stated I wanted time to think about it and would get back to him.  This politician also informed me that he and others on his search committee had other people in mind and would get back to me if the committee decided on running any of these individuals prior to my return.  Needless to say, I heard back in about 14 days, and we began to discuss what we needed to do to get me onto the upcoming ballot.

I then mentioned my arrest at Notre Dame, and the tone of the conversation changed instantly.  I, in one second, went from a shoe in to ‘unelectable’, due to being an ‘extremist’.  And this is coming from a man who claims to be an undying pro lifer.  It seems with all the matters going on in the world, and all the hell breaking loose that someone who prayed peacefully on a campus, and was arrested for it, is now unfit to serve the local community on a school board.  According to this man, people like me ‘scare’ the average person, and God forbid, no one should have such strong beliefs on issues such as pro life that would ‘alienate’ the electorate.  I can’t say I was truly surprised, but I was significantly ticked off at what appears to be too much placation, and a ‘selling out’ of beliefs in order to get ‘elected’ and ‘serve with integrity’.

I promptly informed this man that the Republican party is not pro life and told him he knew this was true.  I then went over the history of this, with the many opportunities to get good Justices on the Supreme Court, as well as the opportunities during the Bush II years of having both chambers of Congress and the presidency to overturn Roe.  I also discussed the most recent sell out by Boehner and company with the Planned Parenthood fiasco.  I then asked him if these men ‘deserved’ to be re elected after their ‘selling out’ of the cause, and like most good politicians, I did not get a response.  I also informed him that there is no way in hell I would sell out my beliefs to get elected and that maybe it was, and is a good idea to find someone else to run.  But it is this exact position that continues to be at the root of the problem: we cannot be true believers and be in politics.

I am not saying I believe this, I am saying this is what is actually going on in politics today, and it was very emphasized to me on this local level.  I believe I would do very well as a school board member, and holding schools accountable is very necessary during these times.  It seems so many are condition into believing this that is has actually become a real stance taken by those in power, and perceived to be the truth.  It is such a shame that too many want to leave their beliefs ‘at the door’ when stepping into their political roles, and it demonstrates too well the idea of compartmentalization I’ve written about on many previous occasions.  It seems the masses want change, but change within the parameters of comfort and convenience, and ‘don’t press me into having to make difficult and morally correct decisions’.   This is why things are not getting better, and in fact are breaking into deeper and darker levels of hell with each progressing day.  How one can justify the status quo when all hell is breaking loose is beyond my ability to understand this level of insanity.

I told this politician that being a true Christian REQUIRES us to stand up for the unborn.  What I did at Notre Dame IS A MAINSTREAM Christian belief.  It is what we are all called to do, but it seems few are willing to listen and to do what is right.  Taken to a larger context, we can then postulate our way of life will change, as few will have the courage to stand up and do what is needed to change the course of destruction we have put ourselves and our country on.  This is why it is so easy to see we are going over the cliff while the majority still wants bread and circuses.  This is why when someone follows truth, he is seen as an extremist.  And this is why we as a nation will experience the amount of pain that is on its way and it will be unmerciful and long in duration.

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