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Monday, November 26, 2012


George Offerman

I’ve had multitudes of conversations pertaining to what is happening in the world and how this may or may not relate to the latest election results in this country.  Personally, I tell people I had little reaction to this election as it seems in many ways was the most irrelevant one in my lifetime.  Most often, I get amazement from those asking me, as they believed the ‘hype’ that Romney was actually going to do anything differently than Obama.  The truth of the matter is that Romney was chosen by the globalists, and in effect was no different than Obama in matters related to personal freedom and the way this country is being run at the moment.
I have told these same folks that I believe this election was an indictment of the American people.  The globalists floated in essence the same candidates that are for things like the NDAA, SOPA, TSA and for purchases such as the 1.4 billion hollow pointed rounds that will be used by the very domestic DHS.  It seems as if the American people are more interested in the goodie bags, and employment guarantees at the cost of personal freedoms and rule of law, then either of the globalists elected would have provided these basic needs.  In any matter, we need to heed this very clear warning and get into action mode.
I know I spent the past year getting my ducks in order.  Unlike the Church, the pro-life movement and others, we actually need to do the work ourselves, and not depend upon the ‘right candidate’ to get elected and do the heavy lifting for us.  Unfortunately, that is what just happened and only those used to not working were ‘surprised’ by this outcome.  And as one can see clearly if they take the time to look, very few are making a stink about what is going on, and fewer are doing anything about it.  So we continue on to the abyss at full speed, while the majority concern themselves with whatever trivial pursuits meet their needs.
This upcoming year will be a doozey compared to this previous year, and by no means, has this year been a picnic.  We are so deep into so many problems that it is amazing life continues on as we know it.  It is simply the Grace of God, and not the efforts of the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers that have kept us on this road.  But there are many signs the party is soon to be ended.  The only question is: What are YOU doing to get ready?  It is not the responsibility of the government, Church or your employer to make sure you are safe and secure.  It is you, and only you.  If you sit back and allow others to do the work for you, it is they that have total say so over how you will exist and in what conditions.  Is that how you want it to be?
I am acting like we are entering the final year of preparation time.  I am acting like my life depends on it, because, in all reality, it does.  I am done talking with those who want to endlessly debate what is so apparent, and done wasting precious time that can be better enhanced by learning skills and taking care of matters that will be of such an importance in the near future.  Everyone needs to get to a point in which there is a major paradigm shift in their thinking, and it is only then that action takes place.  We are on the verge of huge change in this country and this change will take place rapidly, and no one will be announcing the change in advance.  Things that are simple and taken for granted will simply be gone and the average American will have no clue as to how to take care of these very basic needs without going into major crisis mode. 
I am writing a piece on judgment and will attempt to connect a lot of the dots I have written about for the past four years.  Since it is quite the comprehensive piece, it is taking quite a bit of time and I want to make sure it covers the points that are relevant to the premise of judgment.  I am also contemplating changing this website as I see legalized child killing now a permanent scourge on the American horizon, and honestly believe this January 22, 2013 which will mark the 41st year of this holocaust has prophetic relevance.  If we continue to insist on living by the sword, we will then die by the sword.  God show mercy on those who have stood tall in this war.

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