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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


George Offerman

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Second Amendment Constitution and Bill of Rights

There has been a lot of debates and all sorts of emotional blather being strewn about over the latest shootings, and the need to ’take those evil guns’ out of the hands of law abiding citizens in order for those who don’t give a damn about anyone’s welfare in the first place to ‘feel better’ about themselves and to ‘do something’ in order to appease the family and friends of the victims of a very tragic event.  It is unfortunate that these same people are so misguided in their beliefs and understandings of how truly insane people act, that they are actually assisting in perpetrating similar behaviors and advocating for more violence through their insistence on making these insane shooters internationally known through the constant publicity of what they did.  This includes the very public CNN broadcaster British born asshole known as Piers Morgan.
As someone who has delivered mental health services for over 26 years, I think I know a little more about the motives and actions of insane people better than our presumptuous and pompous guest from the British Isles who is trying to advocate policy concerning an amendment that was specifically written with his ancestors in mind (who by the way, were way more vicious in their tactics than any ‘law abiding’ American would ever be).  However, it has been pointed out to me by those who knew I was going to write about this, that in fact Mr. Morgan may be insane, and thus, be qualified to discuss such insanity with great familiarity.
The nature of insanity requires that one not be plugged into reality as the ‘majority’ sees it.  This happens to include the arena of law, and the insane do not regard law as applying to them.  So, it is extremely mystifying when these talking heads, such as Mr. Morgan ‘lament’ people going onto ‘gun free zones’ such as schools, and shooting multitudes of victims without finding any resistance to their actions, and as such, are very emboldened in their actions.  For those with any common sense and a precursory knowledge of sociopathology, schools are the perfect target for their insane motives, as these cowards know they will pull off mass murders without resistance, and get the notoriety their sick minds crave.  That is why schools have been targeted over the past couple of decades, and will continue to be targeted, as these stupid asshole liberals ADVERTISE OPENLY THE VULNERABILITY OF THE CHILDREN BY DECLARING SCHOOLS GUN FREE ZONES.  It is in this way that people like Mr. Morgan, have blood on their hands as they are accomplices to these murders, and want to then take away the rights of those who did not violate any laws.
There is not ONE KNOWN INSTANCE in which a criminal, who has already decided to break the law, changed his mind after seeing a posted sign stating ‘gun free zone’.  In fact, there is ample evidence that gun free zones actually increase the odds of violence taking place, as the perpetrator knows he will be safe when he violates the law and commits violence upon an unarmed and unprepared victim or victims.  Sociopaths, by their nature, don’t regard the law, no matter how many times it is posted.  It is only those who believe posted signs carry any weight and meaning that get sucked into the ‘delusion’ that all who can read them (and that’s a stretch) will obey them.  Sociopaths, like virtually any other human being, must be spoken to in a language they understand.  Since we already know they have no respect for the law and life we need to convey a message they can relate to:  You come here to injure or kill, you will be injured and killed yourself. 
It is in trying to take away the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens that violent crime will actually increase.  It is not about the guns, or what the guns look like or how many bullets they can shoot, or how quickly they can shoot them, it is about the person and the integrity behind the gun that matters.  When law abiding citizens are armed and come across sociopathic coward criminals perpetrating crime, the crime in the vast majority of the time ends on the spot.  Unfortunately, people like the British national asshole Piers Morgan does not report on these stories, but what is politically expedient for his own distorted view of an issue that is none of his business and one that he really ought to keep his mouth shut on.  What someone like Piers Morgan needs to do is to learn about some basic psychology on how sociopaths work and understand that the only way to stop the violent ones is with heavy metal therapy.
On a final note, the media and politicians like to discuss the ‘founding father’s intent’ when writing the second amendment.  They often state that semi-automatic weapons and assault weapons were not ‘conceptualized’ back then, and states there are no legitimate reasons for the average citizen to own one.  Well, if we follow through on that logic, we could look at the first amendment that guarantees the right of a free press and state the founding fathers could not have imagined television and the 24 hour news cycles with such garbage as CNN, and they sure as hell would not have been ok with a British national asshole leading the charge in trying to push gun control upon the populace.  They would have tarred and feathered this British asshole as he deserved and made an example of him like happened with the stamp act.
So, for Piers Morgan and his question of “why should an average American need or have an assault rifle?” I will answer in such a way that even he should understand: BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS THEM, AND BECAUSE THEY ARE BECOMING MORE OUT OF CONTROL EVERY DAY.    If Mr. Morgan chooses to notice, in EVERY CASE, when doors are kicked in in the middle of the night, or if people are arrested with SWAT teams, or places are forcibly closed, such as the Amish recently, it is the government intruding on citizens, not the other way around.  If the government can have AUTOMATIC weapons (asshole Morgan, learn the difference between automatic and semi-automatic) tanks, drones, Jets and helicopters, I think I have the right to a good semi-automatic to protect myself from whoever may come onto my property.  I don’t need a British national who really needs to catch the next boat or plane out of this country preaching to me about my rights or what I can constitutionally do.  Piers Morgan, get the hell out of our country.

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  1. It's good you put "majority" in quotes when you say "The nature of insanity requires that one not be plugged into reality as the ‘majority’ sees it." because the majority could conceivably be insane.