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Saturday, January 12, 2013


George Offerman

The idiocy and hypocrisy coming from the liberal left is beyond believability and defies any logic which is necessary to even begin to address issues with any sort of intelligence.  If it isn’t the British national asshole Morgan spewing garbage and refusing to acknowledge legitimate points brought up by intelligent guests, then it is idiots like New York Governor Cuomo who thinks the idea of the second amendment is for deer hunting, and ‘no one needs 10 bullets to shoot deer”.  These ‘useful idiots’ are doing the legwork for their masters who want a disarmed populace in order to complete their total takeover of this country.
I already posted about the British national asshole Morgan, so it will be time to address the fool Gov. Cuomo.  I have to admit that I agree with Cuomo on this thought: that any more than one shot at a deer will ruin more meat than necessary.  I only need one shot to get a deer.  However, what Cuomo seems to not understand or grasp is that deer don’t break down doors in the middle of the night, or brutally rape and murder women, or shoot up schools or other such things.  How many rounds do I need in my clip, Mr. Cuomo?  As many as it takes to quell whatever threat comes my way.  And as far as I am concerned, the more rounds, the better my odds are of staying alive and protecting my family.
However, what these idiots do not want to talk about or even acknowledge is what the government is doing.  Alex Jones attempted to get British national asshole Morgan to answer this question, but as expected, British national asshole Morgan blew it off and went on to rant about the ‘assault weapon’ used at the school shooting.  No one in the media, including Fox news, is covering the fact that the government, through DHS, has purchased 1.6 billion hollow pointed 40 caliber rounds over the past 2 years.  For those of you who don’t want to know, or could care less, the DHS has no authority outside the borders of the USA.  So, what is the government up to?
For anyone who has done any research on this matter, it is against the Geneva Convention to use hollow pointed rounds in war zones.  Yet our own government purchased enough of them to kill the 300 million plus population 5 times over.  No explanations, no accountability and no debate on the issue; we simply need to ‘trust’ the government and ‘not worry’ about it.  I would like to know if the government needs 1.6 billion hollow pointed rounds to shoot deer, and if so, why deliberately destroy so much meat?  After all, hollow pointed rounds fairly well destroy whatever they impact, and even hitting a limb with what would be a normally non-lethal shot using regular ammo will result in a slow and painful death when hit with a hollow pointed round.  That is why even parties at war recognize the inhumanity and cruelty of these bullets.  Not our government however.  And these assholes wonder why we true Americans don’t trust these sociopaths who have hijacked this country.
Let’s see: the government monitors all of my verbal and written communications, purchases of nearly everything, taxes paid, protects thugs and lawbreakers, and on top of this, wants to disarm me.  I have guns, and know how to use them.  However, I have no police or criminal record, and have never pulled a gun on anyone, never threatened anyone with a gun, never even alluded to a threat, and yet the ‘trustworthy’ government wants to take this GOD GIVEN RIGHT AWAY FROM ME AND MY FELLOW LAW ABIDING AMERICANS.   BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!
The government in collusion with their mainstream media lackeys lead by the likes of the British national asshole Morgan will not even answer a simple question of what they intend to do with 1.6 BILLION HOLLOW POINTED 40 CAL. ROUNDS?  If the government is so ‘turstworthy’ and really ‘concerned and care’ about my and other’s welfare, then simply tell us what is intended with stocking up on some of the most cruel and destructive weaponry known to exist.  Do you all plan on doing massive deer hunting expeditions, and donating to the starving masses what remains of the poor deer after being hit by one of these slugs?  Only bonified sociopaths would ever think about using hollow pointed bullets on people, especially on those who kept their greedy and dirty asses in power.  People who would use hollow pointed bullets on others are the most evil bastards on the planet, and ought to be subjected to the exact punishment they intend to inflict upon those who dare to ‘disagree’ with them.
I don’t trust this government, starting with the clearly sociopathic Obama and his sociopathic side kick Eric ‘the gun runner’ Holder.  In fact, this government openly lies about the most rudimentary matters and is constantly taking from producers and giving to those who contribute little to nothing and buy enough votes to get reelected.  This government demonizes what is good and holy, and raises to deity and religious levels that which is evil and despicable in the eyes of God.  Because of this, the government has sown their own seeds of destruction and it will come upon them as they deserve and by means that they do not see nor anticipate.  But in the meantime, this rogue government can sure create a lot of hell for the rest of us before they ultimately go down.  Go down they will, and be assured there will be an opportunity to have renewal from the chaos.  It will take people of faith to make it happen.

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