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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


George Offerman

It is interesting how so many people get fixated on what many of these murderous sociopaths are thinking and want to understand them at a core level.  Just as often, many are quick to justify how these people are ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘misunderstood’ and as such, do these horrendous acts that could have been avoided, had the ‘bad’ society simply treated these people better and ‘understood’ them.  There is more effort put into trying to make sense of the senseless than in working towards real solutions that will solve many of these problems on a long term basis.
Before I proceed on, I need to be clear that I will be describing sociopaths and their behaviors, but that is very distinct from ‘understanding’ them.  And I can also assure those who would want to know, that had the average person heard the myriad of stories I have heard over the years in working with many sociopaths, their reaction would be to either lock these people up for life or do some ‘heavy metal’ therapy on them.  There isn’t a need to ‘understand’ a sociopath, there is only a need to effectively deal with them where they do not cause harm to others.
Sociopathology, like all the personality disorders is measured on a continuum of acuity.  There are many people who have some of the traits of a sociopath, but would not be considered a sociopath.  And of those who are bonified sociopaths, the majority of those are non-violent and tends to keep their destruction in a controlled and narrow band due to fears of punishment or negative consequences.  However, the violent sociopaths look to use any means necessary to intimidate and control those in their sphere of influence or victims they may be targeting.
One of the main features of a sociopath is their inability to have empathy for their fellow man.  When a person has no ability to relate to common experiences of others, there is no amount of medication or therapy that can change this person, and the vast majority of the time, the sociopath has no interest in changing, as they do not see themselves as the problem.  A person who is empathetic cannot even begin to imagine how a sociopath can constantly scheme and plot destruction without any remorse or any sense of what is right and wrong.  One cannot also understand how a sociopath can navigate society in which they really do not contribute any positive change to, but are constantly ‘conning’ those around them into believing that they are in fact great agents of change (many in the current government are like this).  One cannot understand or even fathom the deep emptiness and lack of meaning in their lives and how their only positive sense of self is to destroy those who appear to be happy or are at least bringing value to society.
This is why these sick bastards target women, children, the weak and the defenseless.  They know they can intimidate and ‘own’ these groups, and they also know their violence will have maximum impact on society, whether it be a grade school in Connecticut using a gun, or a brutal rape and murder on a bus in India using a four foot iron rod.  The violence of the sociopath goes beyond what even many of the horror movies (the supposed non sociopaths flock to) dare to show.  This is the embodiment of evil, and these people are evil.  Those who don’t believe it or live in some liberal land fairy tale better get to know and accept this fact real soon or they, in their ‘compassion’ will find themselves on the wrong end of a shovel, axe, chain saw, machete, sword, bomb or whatever ‘assault weapon’ the sociopath decides to use.
In all the years I’ve been doing therapy, I cannot say with any confidence that I understand these people any better than when I studied abnormal psychology in graduate school.  The stories I’ve heard would make the most hardened non sociopath cry, and would bring out a homicidal rage to kill these sick bastards right on the spot.  Yes, you liberals, and especially you, the British national asshole Piers Morgan, there are people so evil and so bent on destruction that they will use any means necessary to wreak as much destruction onto the most vulnerable in the most horrific ways just to let you know they hate everything that is good and want to cause maximum terror and intimidation for the sake of inflicting their own form of hell onto the general society.
These people don’t need to be understood, or studied, or rehabilitated; they either need to be locked up in the darkest places to never interact with society, or be shot on the spot and disposed of with as little fanfare as possible.  The only language the violent sociopath understands is knowing he will pay the ultimate price for acting out and it will need to be immediate and overpowering.  That is all we need to know about the monsters that walk among us and virtually spend every moment of their pathetic lives planning and plotting ways of destroying lives around them.  These are very sick bastards and it is high time we acknowledge as a society the existence of evil people, and the need to either lock them up or exterminate them.


  1. You know it is interesting that I would find this post now.

    Recently, my two daughters went to an abortion clinic as a school project, to witness how pro lifers approach women going in for an abortion, and write a report in the form of a school newspaper article.

    They spoke to several groups catholic and protestant, active and passive.

    While there, they witnessed a woman who seemed to be going on and on about a certain other pro lifer, and what a troublemaker she was.

    The woman did not realize that my daughters were sisters.

    And while my first daughter spoke with her, the woman pointed out her sister speaking to the other woman. She then told her that she was the daughter of the woman that she called a troublemaker, and that she had long been a problem here at this site. She now accused the woman of bringing her "daughter" here to ruin the work she had been doing all this time.

    It was never revealed to the woman that my daughters were related, and she never spoke to my other daughter.

    The woman claimed to be leading the entire movement there and to be the leader of all of the prayer groups, except the one that was standing with the troublemakers.

    From time to time, she would stop to tell patients not to listen to the other woman because she was crazy, or she hated them. Even yelling at the other woman now and again.

    After the woman had left, several people came up, apologized to my daughters, and told them not to believe everything she had been told by the first woman.

    A priest there told her that the woman had a lot of issues, but they tolerate her because she is really fervent and misunderstood in her love for the unborn.

    My other daughter says that the woman she was interviewing said nothing about the first woman, either positive or negative.

    They could tell that the woman was yelling at them, but could not make out what she was saying.

    Her comments were limited to the clinic itself, the staff, how many she had spoken to that day,
    and what kind of procedures they do there.

    Her only questions were about why my daughter was there, what catholic school she attends, and what her parents thought about the assignment.

    She said that she lives very close to both the school and this clinic, and she also invited her and the parish youth group, to attend the "Life Team" that several churches had started in the area.

    That was it.

    To find your article about this, on a pro life website, and describe what had happened in detail, has been interesting to say the least.

  2. I know that you are refering to those that kill.

    But there is a sociopath in my neighborhood that really needs to be locked up.

    Some of the neighbors say he is just misunderstood. Some say he is a "lost soul".

    But this fool has been caught stealing from peoples houses, stores and cars. In the neighborhood.

    His father just keeps bailing him out.

    Now some of the neighbors / victims, pets have disappeared, and I think he has had something to do with it.

    When people talk about it he will just grin or smile.

    He will start trouble by telling stories about other neighbors and say, "well he told me" or "I heard" but never backs it up with proof.

    Or if confronted will deny he ever said it. Even if there are witnesses to prove he said it.