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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


George Offerman

First off, a heartfelt thank you for those who have been wondering why there has been an inconsistency in the postings over the past month or so. Many things have occurred which needed my attention plus I also wanted a mental break from all of this. This is much more time consuming than one might think, and it takes a significant amount of preparation time to put this together. The good news is, since this is a free site, there are not a lot of ticked off subscribers and so forth, but I still want to be consistent in the postings in the future. It has been enjoyable writing these postings, and the hope is that it has helped some out there.

If incrementalism is the pro life movement’s sin, then compartmentalization is the average Christian’s sin. This has been apparent for too long and compartmentalization has bled into all areas and aspects of the modern man’s life, which also includes Christianity. It never ceases to amaze me when people of good moral character, don’t want to look at the larger picture, or want to deny the very real manifestations of evil in this world. It especially frustrates me when those that do acknowledge the evil, do not take it to its conclusion and believe somehow that we are exempt from judgment or wrath of God.

I have always had a teleological approach to life and want to know where we are going. I want to know how my actions today are going to affect my tomorrows, my next year, and the rest of my life. On a larger scale, I want to know where we are going as a people, nation, and world, and how we go about making the decisions we do. So when I come across people (which is nearly everyone) who want to ‘debunk’ things like judgment, so called conspiracies, economic rumblings and likely collapse, I cannot understand how they can see what is in front of them, and not get the underlying causes, or what the end results of this will be. Too many people respond in a Polly Anna sort of fashion by believing ‘things will get better’ in some magical way, and without effort on their part. They in effect, compartmentalize themselves, and believe life is made up of small, unrelated pieces that can be put together in any fashion of their choosing.

I’ve experienced much of this from pro lifers who have been bothered by my writing about prophecy, the money powers and their institutions, the silver markets and such. I have attempted to make the case they are all intimately related, and to take one without the other pieces is like trying to see the tree by looking at each individual leaf one at a time. The problem is that many of the pro lifers, once they finish their pro life activity, go back to their ‘normal’ lives thinking things will continue on in the same fashion no matter what. There is not that connectedness with the other aspects of their lives and existence and in many cases, not even a curiosity in wanting to know about the forces that exist around them. If there is a Just God, and legalized child killing is truly the gravest of sins, then there does necessarily, have to be an effect upon the rest of our existence and we need to be aware of it, and act on this knowledge.

These children that are being slaughtered have as much right to exist as we do. Because we are knowingly and willingly allowing this slaughter of the innocent to continue, God is not simply sitting back and playing the ‘victim’ by doing nothing. God is very active in this war, and He is attempting to get our attention by sending warnings first then judgments that will become larger until He has our full and undivided attention. If one understands and accepts this premise, then it is rather easy to see what will ‘go’ as sin progresses. We worship money, fame, wealth, consumerism, status, comfort and convenience. These things will be taken away from us if we do not become contrite and humble, and ask for forgiveness and change the laws and end this holocaust.

God wants these children to be born, and to complete their missions as God has deemed. When we deliberately interfere with His Divine will by indiscriminately murdering these innocent ones, it is at our peril and there will be consequences that are commensurate with the crime. This is not a matter of opinion; this is a matter of sowing and reaping and the full cup principle, and there are no exceptions to it. We may have been socialized into believing life is made up of unrelated parts that are independent of each other, but reality spells out something very different. We cannot live in a nation that endorses the wholesale slaughter of the most innocent and be blessed by God. All of these things we chase and see as important will be gone, and most likely sooner than later. We are in deep trouble as a nation and this next year will pose many great challenges that we may find out we are not ready for.

So, I will continue writing about these very relevant topics and can only hope that readers begin to understand their relevance in the larger scheme of things. Denial of these problems will not stop these problems from manifesting themselves and we need to be clear with ourselves and those we love that warnings and/or judgments are on their way. Most likely we can expect economic earthquakes in the next 12 months, as this will get most people’s attention. From there, it could be anything from food and water riots to breakdown in social structure. We can hope this will not happen, but by the virtue there is little urgency in attending to these matters, the likelihood of catastrophe becomes greater as complacency rolls on.

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