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Friday, December 31, 2010

WHAT'S UP IN 2011?

George Offerman

If this past year is any indication of things to come, 2011 is going to be a wild ride in many different aspects. Over the past few days, there have been reviews of 2010 and the major events as the MSM sees them. It is many of the events that seem important in the larger context that seemed to have been given the short end of coverage, but this is not unexpected, given the nature of things as they stand now. Given that it seems we have not learned much in the past year concerning preparation and understanding the nature of these times, I fully expect an escalation of both graces by God, as well as curses by the evil one. Battle lines will continue to be drawn, and it seems like we will be tested in areas we may not like or be prepared for.

Pro lifers saw the passage of the most vile legislation in the hell care bill (law) which will not only result in taxpayer funded abortion, but will bring about rationing of care, and yes, the dreaded death panels that the Demovamps vehemently denied during the debate. We will start to see the exodus of the top health care providers as they are run out of business due to reduced payouts, overburdening requirements and other unintended consequences of this law, or just decide to get out for sanity’s sake. We also saw another Supreme Court justice sworn to the bench who is no friend of the pro lifers in Kagan, and there was barely a fight from our side. We saw the significant change in the Legislative branch in the past November elections, but this tidal wave of change was primarily instigated by the Tea party, which focused on financial responsibility, smaller government, and saving the Republic and not the ‘social issues’ the pro lifers would like to believe.

We witnessed some of the largest financial meltdowns in the history of the world, and coverage was minimized and downplayed. We witnessed one of the most devastating environmental disasters and few in the MSM pressed Obama on his lack of response for the first 50 + days of this. Deadly chemicals were used in ‘containing’ this mess and the news of many of the clean up crews getting sick and dying made no headlines and was nominally covered in the few stories that did make it out. We saw many of our rights taken away in the name of ‘national security’ and there is now talk of doing similar searches and impositions by government on subways trains and busses in the near future. With little resistance given in these measures, it will be very likely this intrusive and freedom hating government will continue to stomp on the Constitution and Bill of Rights over the next year.

What could be in store for 2011? Ultimately, the answer resides in our response to these matters listed above. If we continue to hold to our fractured and liberal beliefs about our faith, and do little to nothing, it will be way worse. If the Church continues on in its muzzled silence, evil will continue to progress at a stunning rate. If there are enough true warriors out there, willing to be inconvenienced and persecuted, we may have a great revival in our time and send the dark powers back to hell where they belong. It seems we truly are at a crossroads in historical terms, seeing events that have never occurred in world history, and at magnitudes not imagined just a generation ago. Whichever way we go, huge changes are coming next year.

If we continue on in the current pattern of inertia, we will see a huge earthquake in the financial world. The U.S. Treasury bubble is getting close to explosion, and if this occurs, the outcome could not even be made into a movie that anyone would believe at this time. It will set off a chain reaction of disasters that will effectively end the way of life as we know it in these good ol ‘Untied States’. All that we have come to depend on, and all the things that have clouded our relationship with God will be wiped away, and we will have to contend with our maker, and relearn dependency on him for survival. I will not get more specific than that in this posting, but I will give one specific concern/fear/warning I have for people. There is talk of the Government taking over all 401 k and other retirement plans, and substituting them for ‘guaranteed annuities’ backed by U.S. Treasury bonds. This is the last bastion of wealth this spendthrift group of thugs can land to sustain this ponzi scheme they have unleashed, and the door may be closing quickly for one to withdrawal these funds and get into commodities (especially silver).

If we do pull it together and go before the Lord with humble and contrite hearts, we may see a massive defeat of the money powers, as well as getting our Republic back. With the money powers defeated, along with their hellish gospel of scarcity (which includes legalized child killing) we will truly see a renaissance here, with a much more prosperous, healthy and God fearing nation than what we may have known in our lives. This requires action, guts and a plan that spells out total victory versus the cursed incrementalism that is embraced at this time. It can be done, because God says it is so, when men are willing to act in his will and act in faith, not by sight. Do we have what it takes to make it happen? The next 12 months will give us that answer.


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