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Monday, December 13, 2010


George Offerman

The above phrase ushered Bill Clinton into office in 1992, as it resonated with the general public. No matter what one thinks about Bill Clinton, he definitely is a master at reading the ‘tea leaves’ and exploiting the situation to his advantage. Bill Clinton is also the master at ‘redefining reality’ or in terms of antiquity, lying. But the only way to consistently lie and sell this to most people, is to first understand the truth of the reality one is in, and twist it enough, to sound credible. Unfortunately, too many of the pro life organizations have lost the ability to see the truth of the current reality, and are thus ‘fooled’ by this group that was elected, and who supposedly made promises to them pertaining to pro life issues.

This point has been brought up in many previous postings on this site, as well as by others, but it has largely fallen on deaf ears. The mainstream pro life movement, lead by many of the 501 c 3 organizations, has sold many on the idea that it was actually them, and not the tea party, that swung the elections the way that they went. If this were true, the pro life issue would be front and center, instead of something that is being cast aside without much thought or fanfare by the ‘new’ congress and its leaders. What is front and center is the economy. For anyone to argue against this would look very foolish and would be outside of the current reality by miles.

That is why it is so disheartening to see many of these organizations now ‘whining’ about many of the politicians making bold statements about keeping the ‘social issues’ in the background, and focusing on the economic realities. I truly have to wonder if these organizations witnessed what I saw, and what seemed to be so obvious to the average American. The tea party arose from the out of control nature of the government spending way too much money, running up debt that has no chance in hell of ever being repaid, taking over too much of the economy, and taking away too many rights, while giving many of the criminals in white collars and nice suits, free passes on our dime.

This is what was on the average American’s mind during the run up and subsequent election. Many in the pro life movement have been too busy hob knobbing with the enemy, and playing by their rules to have had much effect in stirring up the much needed passion to make legalized child killing front and center. Those who did have the courage to ‘stir the pot’ such as Missy Smith, were labeled ‘extremists’ and disregarded by the majority of the pro life groups. The problem is, legalized child killing is out of sight of the average American and as such, is normally a non issue when it is time to cast a ballot. The economy was, and still is, front and center, and affects the common man deeply. The common man will respond to what is in front of him, and truth be told, outside of Missy Smith and a few others, legalized child killing as an issue was MIA in this election cycle. No amount of revision of recent history by many of these pro life organizations will change this reality.

So, while these various pro life organizations continue to peddle the idea that they were the ones responsible for the outcomes of the elections, the reality surrounding these claims will continue to fall apart. Of course, these organizations will be the first to gripe, or worse yet be ‘surprised’ when those in office ignore the ‘social’ issues these groups claimed to have elected them for. The truth of the matter is that the politicians will stay true to those who got them in, and it is those whose pocket books were hurt the most. It is the poor economic conditions of this country that ‘pissed’ people off and motivated them into action.

The recklessness of the Demovamps and the Republicants has hit home, and has affected the average American personally. So, they mobilized into the tea party movement and basically cleaned house. The pro life issue was nowhere to be seen and as such, played little into this election. Because the pro lifers were stifled enough by the muzzle of the IRS, this issue was nearly invisible and did not get the attention of the average American. The vilification of the tea party movement by the mainstream press and the establishment proved they were a threat and a force to be reckoned with. The pro life movement, outside of Missy Smith, made no such waves and was not seen as any threat by the MSM or the establishment. So the fruits are being borne as we watch, and we are seeing how barren the front is.

Yet, too many of the pro life organizations are trying to paint a different picture than this. They are trying to convince the pro life community that they were something they were not, and will have to find some incredible explanations for themselves when failure occurs legislatively, as it must for the pro life agenda. As sad as it is, the law of sowing and reaping is in effect. We sanitized our message for the sake of ‘getting along’ and now those elected will ‘sanitize’ their efforts in the pro life arena. We ‘toned down’ the rhetoric in order to get many elected, now they are ‘scaling back’ the social issues in order to deal with the economic issues. We got what we deserved in these candidates.

So, regardless of what the various pro life organizations want to claim, they need to take a good hard look at the reality of the situation and admit that they did not come with their ‘A’ game. Mediocre efforts never result in spectacular outcomes, and this most recent election is no exception to this rule. For those of you who still do not get it, Bill Clinton has the answer for you: it’s the economy, stupid.

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