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Monday, December 6, 2010


George Offerman

It seems now that the elections are a ‘distant memory’ (meaning heavy revision of what actually happened) many of the 501 c 3 organizations are in high gear in their fund raising efforts, and making very trumped up claims that they swung the elections for the pro life side. It seems now that the challenge has been thrown out to these groups, some are rather ‘miffed’ they have been called out on this, and in their “Christian Charity’ are being uncharitable and unchristian in their response. It seems that calling these people out and showing how their 501 c 3 status disallowed them to name names has hit a nerve, as it clearly points out their contradictory claims they were very influential in the outcome of the election.

I want to be clear that I have never condemned fund raising for any organization in general, as long as the money is used for the intended purposes of the nature of the organization as well as following through on the mission of the organization. However, when an organization is ‘hamstrung’ by the ‘law’ and thus, is unable to complete said mission, it seems to be fraudulent when it makes claims it is going to ‘change and influence’ the outcome of events such as the recently concluded elections. As stated before, we have clearly documented those organizations that did not want to participate in Missy Smith’s campaign, but we also have in this documentation their resistance in going outside of the letter of the law that the IRS uses as a muzzle.

Most of these organization, if one simply looks at the rhetoric used during the campaign and even in the current fundraising letters, does not even use the word abortion, child killing, holocaust or any such allusion to what they supposedly exist for. It seems very apparent the IRS and ‘political correctness’ have taken over any sensibilities in the very real need to bring out the truth of legalized child killing. These organizations have gone along with the liberal, socialists agenda to sanitize their language, and in effect, make themselves ineffective. Unfortunately, it seems too many of those who contribute to these organizations also see this as viable, and continue to give blindly.

It seems many have either lost their ability to conduct critical thinking exercises, or maybe they have never been able to in the first place. It seems shocking to me that many simply accept any claims made by many of these organizations, and do not take a critical look, or think about what they just saw. Already, many of the ‘newly elected’ are backpedaling on many of these issues, and they haven’t even been seated or sworn in to office! How is it that this information is in plain view, but not seen nor interpreted by many out there? These organizations are not effective in they are not allowed to name names, and do peripheral activities, yet sell this as effective and ‘issue changing’ work. It is very mystifying and frustrating to watch this.

We have a limited window of opportunity to overturn this horrific holocaust, and it is already being squandered. I wonder how Christ centered these organizations really can be when they are muzzled by an evil human organization with contradictory laws, along with raising funds in a minimally shaded way by making claims they cannot back up with documented efforts. God is not going to wait forever, as these mediocre efforts that result in little fruit continue to propagate the massive daily slaughter of God’s most innocent beings. Our cup is getting close to being full, and we better have our eyes on the prize or we will eventually have our eyes on the judgments to come and will have great regrets we didn’t do more when we had the opportunity.

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