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Friday, February 25, 2011


For immediate release:

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Source: Randall Terry

Background. Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary recently appeared on Fox News Network with Sean Hannity. In the heated exchange, Mr. Choudary acknowledged that he wants sharia law established in America. He has announced plans to hold a pro-Sharia rally in front of the White House on March 3, calling for Sharia law to be implemented in America. In a prior interview with ABC he predicted that "the flag of Islam will fly over the White House;" he has called on Muslims to "rise up and establish an Islamic state in America."

Outraged westerners have denounced the Imam as a "radical" and an "extremist;" Sean Hannity justly called Choudary a "sick, miserable, evil S.O.B."

Americans should understand that Imam Choudary is simply espousing historic, orthodox Islam. His vision is not new or novel; it is as old as Muhammad and his Companions. Choudary is merely echoing the words of Islam's "prophet," Muhammad.

For example, Muhammad sent the following letter to the leader of the Coptic Christians of Egypt nearly 1400 years ago:

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

"From Muhammad, servant of God and His Messenger, to Muqawqis, the leader of the Copts:

"There is safety and peace for those on the right path. Therefore, I invite you to accept Islam. If you accept, you will find peace, you will save your throne, and you will earn a two-fold reward for letting your subjects be honored with Islam. If you turn your back on this offer, the responsibility for the disaster to befall your subjects belongs to you."

Mr. Terry States: "Anyone who has studied the history of oppression and bloodshed that Muslims have meted out to Coptic Christians to this very day knows that Muhammad and his followers made good on this threat of ‘disaster.’ Moreover, Muhammad's threats and the subsequent violence to the Coptic Community were not isolated, but rather the standard fare of Muhammad and his successors (the caliphs). Imam Choudary and the Muslim Brotherhood are in perfect union with historic, orthodox Islam in their vision, goals, and words."

Mr. Terry and his associates have received several death threats because of their public stand against Sharia law. Mr. Terry is in the final semester of a Masters Program on International Terrorism.

Read two of Mr. Terry's theses on Islamic terrorism and Sharia Law at www.RandallTerry.com:

"How Do the Words and Deeds of Islamic terrorists, or Muslims Who Call for Acts of Terror and Violence, Emulate the Words and Deeds of Muhammad?"



"Is Islamic Shaira Law Incompatible With International Laws of Human Rights for Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion and Expression?


Timothy R. Furnish, Ph.D. Islamic History, and former U.S. Army Arabic interrogator says:

“Randall Terry’s DVD series What Would Muhammad Do? is a much-needed exposé of the theological and historical truth about the violent nature of Islamic shari`a law and Muhammad, Islam’s founder. Unlike most academic specialists who take refuge in irrelevant issues or—worse still—serve as Islamic apologists, Mr. Terry avoids both dead-ends; yet, in contrast to many Christian critics of the world’s second-largest religion, Mr. Terry brings not only his Christian faith and keen Biblical knowledge to the fray—he also demonstrates a clear understanding of the foundational texts of Islam.”

Note: Counter-demonstrators will be present at Imam Choudary’s rally, whenever it is held.

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