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Friday, June 24, 2011


George Offerman

The past few months have seen such an escalation of events in virtually every realm of existence, and the majority of Americans still seem to think things are not ‘that bad’ or even might be ‘getting better’. As I look around me and see the now extreme denial of the many, it makes me wonder who the really crazy people are in our society. I think many who come into my office experiencing significant amounts of anxiety seem to be the saner among us, and seem to have some sense of impending major shifts in our current existence.

While our economy implodes, and more people are losing their houses and jobs, and more are on food stamps and other entitlements, and inflation is causing those whoa re still employed to spend most of their money on necessities, the clowns in Rome, er… Washington continue to run such nonsensical BS and can’t even decide to show at least a condescending spending cut to show they get ANY of the reality the majority of us now live in. All these bands of fools are doing is finishing the hatchet job Obama started with his Fabian Socialistic plan on taking over the whole economy and nationalizing everything.

These people are so brazen in their zeal to take over everything that their lies are based more on fiction than any type of reality. For instance, instead of cutting back on more government waste, the TSA wants to expand their ‘random’ searches (legalized molestations) to trains, subways, busses, and even some trucks and possibly private automobiles. (This is to catch the non existent American terrorist, who so far, has blown up nothing). Yet, these same idiots will not ‘profile’ those known and sworn enemies of this country. More bread and circuses while Rome burns.

We have our ever so prescient Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (Goldman Sachs alumni) announcing today that it is more important to increase the taxes on every small business with income of $250,000 so that (God Forbid!) the GOVERNMENT DOES NOT SHRINK!!! And these people are taken seriously. By an ignorant and lazy constituency that wants its own never ending desires for ongoing bread and circuses. It is unbelievable that we have sunk to such levels, but it’s hard to argue with what is so plainly in front of our faces.

This is what happens when a people lose their moral compass. This is what death of an empire looks like. This is what an ending to the way of life as we know it looks like. Our nation is burning down all around us, and we simply want to focus on the here and now, and get that last piece of ‘what is mine’ before TSHTF for everyone else but me. We are seeing the fruits of our labor, and we will eat of the crop we have sown. If the delusion can be carried one step further, the elites will have us convinced road kill is filet minion and thistles are a delicacy.

It’s simply amazing to me how the average person continues to believe things will get better, and despite all of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they think people like me are the crazy ones. Believe it or not, like it or not, know it or not, Rome is burning and there is nothing any of us can do to put this fire out. We need to get out of the ‘city’ while there is still time, or we will, like our country, go up in smoke.

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