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Friday, June 10, 2011


George Offerman

My family and I were able to spend the Memorial Day weekend at the new Insurrecta Nex headquarters located somewhere west of the national capital area. The team outgrew the Falls Church location, and with all of the economic and political uncertainty heavy in the air, it seemed a perfect time to get out of Dodge. This new location will bring about more stability and ability to grow the team, and will allow for a more focused effort which will translate into what we would hope to be better results. This move has been contemplated for some time, and occurred within the last two weeks.

The new location has over 10k feet of work and living space, and plenty of acreage for any type of expansion necessary to accommodate more growth. The new, improved and enlarged television studio is nearly completed, and will be debuted in the next month or so. The area is so serene and allows for much quiet time to contemplate, and is far enough away from the capitol to keep many of the distractions from interfering with the long term plans of the team. So far, it seems everyone on the team is pleased with this move and believes it was the right thing to do.

With a more focused view, the fight to end legalized child killing will take on a more pointed urgency, and many of the ‘side issues’ will have to be taken up by the mainstream pro life groups, if they are truly up to the task. The Television show will eventually go to a ‘live’ format and will allow for an in studio audience. There are some other projects that will be announced as time goes by, but it again will be more pointed and focused in nature. We are hoping for good success in this new endeavor.

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