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Thursday, June 16, 2011


George Offerman

It seems the atheistic country of Russia is seeing the light concerning legalized child killing and the depletion of their homogenous population. The Russians are beginning to understand that they are destabilizing their country by killing off their offspring while their country is becoming more populated by the very prolific Muslims. It well appears that at the current birthrate, there will not be too many Russians left to fight for their way of life and they may soon be made to face a certain direction when praying five times per day.

The Russians are working on decriminalizing the act of leaving a newborn in a hospital, the Russian Orthodox Church or an orphanage. They are also looking at criminalizing any killing past 12 weeks, and they are looking at paying pregnant women to carry to term. To think that a country such as Russia is beginning to see the light concerning the consequences of death on demand is to give one pause how pathetic we are, as a supposed Christian nation. We wont even get out of our church pews and kitchens to even breathe something like what is proposed, and yet, a bunch of God hating atheists are beating us at our own principles of preserving life.

Regardless of the circumstances, it seems the Russians have taken an open and honest look at their situation, and seemed to have pieced some causal effect relationships together in a fashion that will reverse an intrinsic evil. It is so painfully obvious that we don’t have a clue in this matter, and continue to advocate for lying politicians and wimpy church leaders that will never give up their coveted 501 c 3 statuses and actually advocate a similar position. It sure does not seem the women’s rights organizations are crying foul in Russia; it seems more like they understand they may get thrown in jail for advocating the continued genocide of the Russian people. Too bad we don’t do that here.

It goes to show that there are those who seem to get or understand the nature of legalized child killing and its destruction. Unfortunately, it excludes most of the ‘sophisticated thinkers’ here, and unlike Russia, if they pass these measures, will continue to see major decline in every aspect of our lives here until we get the causal relationship between wanton murder of the most innocent and the destruction of everything we hold near and dear to us. God is trying to tell us something, and the vast majority of the sheeple don’t want to be bothered and inconvenienced by the message. Don’t worry, inconvenience, and very hard times are well on their way, and will be visiting all of us very shortly.

For those paying any sort of attention, it is becoming more obvious by the day that our society is being torn to shreds. The ironic part about it is the violence and who it is directed at. And the majority is reacting to it in nearly the same fashion as they do legalized child killing: let someone else take the heat. Well, you’d better protect yourself, and get clear real quickly that no one will be coming to your assistance if you find yourself staring at the more common phenomena of young people targeting ‘random’ people. We reap what we sow, and there are no exceptions to God’s law in this matter. Violence has to take root, and it will continue until we end the ultimate violence upon the unborn. Until then, understand there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for those who refuse to do what is right.

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