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Friday, June 17, 2011


George Offerman

We as pro lifers cannot ignore, gloss over, minimize or dismiss what happened to Kurt Linnemann and Sean Kovalevich at the Wilmington, Delaware PP and the role the Wilmington police department played in this fiasco. Regardless of whether one believes in civil disobedience or not, one ought to be up in arms surrounding those who are making an active attempt at reporting safety concerns, and then being falsely accused of being perpetrators.

The blatant violation of the letter of the law and this miscarriage of justice cannot go unanswered by our side. To have Mr. Linnemann charged with a crime that cannot even be defined shows how much we have to lose if we do nothing, and continue to allow the powers of darkness and the culture of death to go unchallenged.

The following speaks for itself, and I will highly encourage all readers to assist Mr. Linnemann in any way they can, through prayers, but especially through financial support, making phone calls or writing the Wilmington police department to demand they drop these trumped up charges, to contact your local representatives to report this, and to pass this story around to everyone you know.

Dear Fellow Pro Lifers,

The Wilmington Police Department continues their abusive practice toward Pro
Lifers by arresting me and detaining Sean Kovalevich this past Friday, June

Sean and I arrived at Planned Parenthood (PP) in Wilmington, DE around 7:20
am...and were joined by Susan Andrews, two of her boys and a neighbor's son.
After setting up the large hand held signs against my van. I noticed an
unusual cardboard box strategically placed about 15 feet in front of the
main doors of PP and 15 feet from the corner of 7th Ave and N. Shipley Ave.,
where we were standing.

I asked Sean and Susan if they thought the box looked like a suspicious
package to them...and they agreed with me. Knowing abortion mills have been
the target of extremists bombing....I thought it best to call 911 to report
the suspicious package. I did not want any of us to get injured or killed
nor did I want any of the PP employees or clients to be injured or killed.

Five minutes later, 4 Wilmington Police cars arrived and prevented access to
the streets surrounding PP. The Police exited their cars and converged on
the box at the entrance of PP. One officer looked inside and said there is
nothing in here as he picked up the box. Another officer who seemed to be
in charge said in a loud and firm voice...."put that down... it could have
been a bomb, they bomb abortion clinics you know". Overhearing his
comment...I said "yes..that is why I called you"....he yelled at me..."keep
your mouth shut, you were not supposed to hear that."

Several minutes later, one of the officers called out....."are you Kurt
Linnemann" and I said "yes" as he walked to me. He said put your sign down
and put your hands behind you back. He aggressively grabbed my wrists and
began to hand cuff me. I called to Sean to video tape the incident and to
call my wife, Samantha. The senior officer said.." is he with you"...I said
he is with me but he is not part of this (referring to the 911 call) As I
was being dragged down the street I heard an officer say..."arrest him
also...for a two hour detention."

Sean and I were processed at the Wilmington Police Department and placed
together in Cell 5. The police said we were not being arrested, simply
detained. I asked what that meant...he said that they were going to review
the incident and then determine if anyone would be charged and arrested.
I thought surely their is nothing they could charge us on......I was wrong.

As soon as Sean entered the jail cell after me....I asked Sean to lead us in
the Rosary. For the next twenty minutes Sean and I prayed the Rosary aloud
in our cell. As we ended the Rosary....Sean's name was called out and he
was released. As he walked by my jail cell I asked him to call my wife and
Jim Haley...a great friend and Pro Life attorney located in Wilmington, DE.
Sean nodded yes.

I spent the next hour laying on the heavily scratched steel bed in Cell 5.
During this time I continued to pray the Rosary and meditate. It was an
amazing thing to be locked in a cell yet feel such peace and comfort.
Throughout my time in jail...I did not feel alone...I felt the presence of
the Holy Spirit right there with me and I felt the company of Mary and all
the Saints....it was a beautiful communion of Saints.

About two hours after my arrival...I heard my name called out and an officer
unlocked the cell door. He led me to a processing room where he advised me
that I had been arrested and charged. I was in disbelief....I said for
what. He said Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct....I asked what I did...he
said that you called in a false bomb scare...I shook my head and said "no I
didn't"...he corrected himself and said...."I guess you did not use the word
bomb...you called it a suspicious package." I read the charge on the
paperwork "Disorderly Conduct - Create Hazard Physical Offensive Condition
with no purpose" I did not even understand what that meant.

I thought to myself....since Sept 11, 2001 have we, as citizens of the U.S.,
not been educated and trained to notify authorities when we notice a
suspicious package? Yet I did not say a word. I quietly got dressed and
collected my personal things. I was instructed by the police officer that I
was Summoned to appear before a Judge on June 23, 2011.

Susan Andrews and her family were waiting for me as I walked out of the
Police Station. She took me back to PP where my van had been parked. I was
told that as soon as I was arrested, a police officer called the "Meter Maid
" to have my van ticketed. While being arrested I told the officer I needed
to put money in the meter and he said it will be taken care of...I guess it

I spent the next forty five minutes on the sidewalk outside PP where my day
started....with my signs, pleading with Mom's going into PP not to kill
their children...letting them know that they have options and there are
people and organizations that will help them.

I am not discouraged or angry....I know that the work we do at PP of
Intervening on behalf of the Unborn and Sidewalk Counseling is an integral
part of the fight to end child killing in America. I know that there is a
price to pay to stop the brutal killing of 3200 babies/day, 1.2
mil./year....and we as the body of Christ must be willing to endure much as
we are part of this most vital work of the Lord Jesus Christ here on earth.

PP Wilmington kills children every Friday and often on Saturday morning. I
am at PP Wilmington every other Friday from 7:30 am until 10:30 am. There
are many others who are there from Delaware Right to Life every Friday
morning. Please pray for us...Please pray about joining us...even if it is
only for 30 minutes. Ex-abortion clinic employees have testified that the
presence of Pro Lifers outside an abortion mill decreases the business by
25%. To put that in perspective....PP Wilmington reports that they kill
2600 babies every year. Through our presence we can save 650 babies each
year....650 children saved every year by you and I committing ourselves to
standing outside PP Wilmington on Friday and Saturday morning. Prayerfully
and Fearlessly consider making a stand with us.

If you want to join me/us...please email me and say YES Kurt I am willing to
make a stand...please contact me so I can be notified on a weekly basis of
the times and activities at PP Wilmington. Please forward this email to
your Pro Life Friends and provide them an opportunity to stand in the GAP
for the Unborn.

If you want to learn more, to become a volunteer or become a financial
sponsor of CBR Maryland which is the regional office of the Center for
Bio-Ethical Reform www.abortionNo.org
...please email me as well.

Be Unafraid,

Until Life and Love Prevail,


Kurt Linnemann
CBR Maryland
P.O.B 100
Kingsville, MD 21087

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