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Friday, June 1, 2012


George Offerman

I met my wife after my shift was over at the Westfield’s Marriott in Chantilly to participate in the protest of the Bilderberg group.  As usual Alex Jones was there and the eclectic makeup of the protestors was rather heartening, given the nature of this beast and how those who are awakening to the idea of an organization that must hide behind secrecy and the tight security demonstrated there.  It ought to give one pause that a number of unelected and very wealthy individuals get together on a regular basis to determine the ‘path’ the world ought to take, and it ought to demand answers and accountability from these people.

As I have written in numerous postings, Babylon is being created right in front of us and the majority still wants to write this off as conspiracy.  I have documented very well in past postings about the secret nature of demonic organizations and the spiritual power behind them.  Despite all of this, there are many intellectually lazy Christians and others that will want to take a ‘sensationalistic’ view of Scripture over what is so apparent if one simply takes the time to look at the reality around them.  Despite all of the rhetoric the apologists of the Bilderberg group throw out, they still admit these people are here to ‘determine the future path of matters, especially that of the financial world’.

Well, sorry folks, but those who get together and want to ‘determine’ issues concerning finances ARE IN FACT PLANNING OUR FUTURE.  We claim we are a ‘free market and capitalistic’ country, which means the market, and not certain individuals, determine what happens.  We clearly see by policies set by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and others, that an unelected oligarchy is actually behind the majority of monetary movements in the world.  The idea that the market place is free and determines commerce is a farce and anyone propagating that idea is participating in the highest level of ‘double speak’ currently in existence. (Look no further than the precious metals manipulation).

These groups are becoming more brazen as they realize too few of the ‘sheeple’ are going to do much about their situation.  These people throw just enough information out to ‘legitimize’ their concerns, yet unmercifully trash those like Alex Jones who attempts to get to the bottom of what they are all about.  (BTW, I listened to Alex Jones live feed for over 90 minutes last night, and did not hear one point that I did not disagree with and that was not backed up by evidence he has presented throughout the years.)  It is beyond dispute these people operate in the shadows and participate in deliberate disinformation.  These are two major qualifications of secret societies and mystery religions, and this particular group is really focused on scarcity of resources and believing the masses need ‘overlords’ to dictate how to live their lives.

Again, when a person is proud of his work, he demonstrates his work and the fruits openly.  When someone feels a need to hide or to be sneaky and secretive, it usually is indicative of illicit or illegal behaviors.  What these people are doing is outright evil, and it ought to ‘frost’ anyone worth any sense at all that there exists a group of people that believes they have the ‘god given right’ to be overlords and to dictate to their fellow man the conditions in which they will exist.  The evidence is so overwhelming that that is exactly what these people do, and to deny this simply makes the denier of this information delusional.  Most will continue on in their American idol stupor as the masters of the universe plan a future that does not include the majority of ‘useless eaters’ of which most Americans are classified as.

Whether or not one wants to acknowledge the Bilderberg group as one of the one world organizations does not change the reality that these people are very influential on the body politic, and their goals are not benevolent.  Their actions are also becoming more open and they don’t seem to bother to hide their existence and where they meet, but still hide their real agenda.  We had better wake up soon, otherwise we may find ourselves waking up in a brave new world, and will have no one to blame but our own lack of care and concern when the warning signs were everywhere in plain view.

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