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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


George Offerman

The last few posts have been loaded with heavy and sobering information.  It is unfortunate that a lay person has to do the job of the clergy and the official churches, especially given the fact they should be teaching this as regularly as school s teach the ABC’s.  Everyone should have a precursory knowledge of prophesy, and have an idea of what to expect.  In that way, one can digest the information in a way that does not ‘scare the hell’ out of them.  I don’t think I will hold my breath on this one.

I am dismayed that most Christians still want to debate concepts such as conspiracy, plotting by the dark side, and in some cases, whether demons and evil actually exist.  This naivet√© only demonstrates how far behind Christianity is in the race for the soul of humanity.  It is no wonder most scoff at the Church, as it makes a mockery of the authority it should hold versus what it actually demonstrates.

The dark side is getting so bold that they are doing many of their dirty deeds openly.  The Federal Reserve gave away 2 trillion taxpayer dollars to unknown and unnamed entities and nary a peep from the sheeple.  Then when someone like Ron Paul does something about it, most want to make fun of him by calling him a conspiracy nut, whack job, etc.  This monster Babylon is being created right in front of us, but because of the need to be tolerant and to get along is so blinding, most don’t see it.

That is precisely why men will be ‘amazed’ at this monster, because it will be so large, encompassing, and created so quickly, there will be little choice but to acquiesce to it.  Man is so used to being told what to do; they will blindly follow it, and will not be receptive to the message of the 144,000.  Those who do listen to the ‘Elijah’ people will be persecuted to an extent we have yet to experience in this country.  It will make Notre Dame look like a Kindergarten nap time.

On the positive side, the fellowship during the time of Babylon will also be like nothing we have ever experienced.  The need to keep one’s words will have life and death consequences.  Prayer and communion with God will be open, and there will be more people lead to Christ in this short time than ever in the history of the world.  Grace will abound for those who accept the seal of the Living God, and the ability to stand up to persecution and martyrdom will be there.  It is also possible that this final generation will experience a ‘sinless state’ once sealed, as God will grant abilities and faith proportional to the persecution at hand.

This will take a leap of faith, and assuredness that God means what He said and will not abandon his children in their hour of need.  I can imagine, like Elijah, those with the seal of the Living God will be fed by Ravens, if necessary, and have water gush from rocks.  It will be an awesome time, and to have the assurance of salvation while alive is a privilege that no one else will experience who has not lived during this time.
So, the story of Revelation is that of hope.  Hope in a loving, merciful, but just God, and that in the end, Truth prevails over the lie, and creation is restored to its perfected state, forever.  As hard as it is to believe, this period of time will go by quickly, and those saved will have eternity to share their experiences with the rest of creation.  It will be a memory, and one will never experience the curse of sin ever again.

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