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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


George Offerman

There were a few in my circle that attended the just completed Bilderberg Meeting that met at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va.  While there was an American media blackout (except for harsh criticism thrown our way) there was coverage from plenty of alternative media as well as foreign media that has a great deal of influence in other parts of the world that many Americans would arrogantly call “backwards’ and see these people as way dumber than the ‘fly over’ country hicks these folks take shots at on a regular basis.  At the center of this protest, and a man primarily responsible for the major turnout is Alex Jones of infowars.com fame.

Alex Jones is one of those rare leaders, who is not only well informed and very articulate, but ACTUALLY SHOWS UP AT PROTESTS HE INSTIGATES.   One cannot help but understand the passion Mr. Jones has if being around him even for a few minutes for the issues he holds dear to himself.  The fact that no one could refute what he was saying while there goes a long way in explaining why his popularity and numbers continues to grow despite preaching a message that the average American, and most people would find abhorrent to hear.  This can only happen if one is intimately involved in the issues and be willing to expose himself to the same blather and hyper criticism that anyone else would get when telling an ‘inconvenient’ truth.

Critics of Mr. Jones cite the few matters that he has been wrong on, but they are very quiet and in fact deny the multiple numbers of predictions and accurate assessments of our situation.  This is a very clear indication that they are very afraid of him and find it necessary to attack his positions incessantly.  It was fun to watch Mr. Jones get on the megaphone and make statements that no one could refute, and by the looks of the criminals as they left their satanic gathering, they were quite terrified (as they ought to be).  Watching this was such a breath of fresh air, and gave many there much inspiration to continue on with protests and challenges to this method of drawing attention to this matter.

On the last day of the meeting when the criminals were leaving in their limos, the police decided that we could not cross a private street and threatened to arrest anyone even stepping off the curb.  When Mr. Jones showed up on the scene, he had about a 10 second conversation with the police chief and we were then allowed to cross.  I asked him what he said to the police to get them to back off and he replied “I told them they cannot selectively enforce any law and that they would be sued for civil rights violation if they did anything”.  Mr. Jones bold and authorative statements got the job done, and only a veteran of activism and one having a complete working knowledge of the laws of the land could have pulled this off.

This is what is needed in our times.  People with knowledge, as well as the guts to show up physically at the sight of the crimes being perpetrated.  This is leadership not being demonstrated by the churches or politicians anymore.  It is no surprise that Alex Jones and his programs are growing in stature and more people are coming around to seeing him as an authority on matters of world government and the shadow governments that are now in place and want to cause harm to you and me.  We have too many at the helm of organizations that simply do not care enough to get their hands dirty, and want to cozy up to the table with the perpetrators and criminals.  We are being betrayed by too many of these groups, and the majority are betraying us due to cowardice.  No matter one may think of Alex Jones, he can never be accused of being a coward and selling out his cause.  Lessons the church and politicians should take to heart.

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