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Friday, October 12, 2012


George Offerman

Last night’s debate was unique and remarkable for many differing reasons, but the one that stood out for me was the huge distinctions between the two candidates when asked how their faith had personally formed them and how it affects their political decisions.  The moderator pointed out that this debate was a historical first, given both candidates are ‘Catholic’ and it would seem that Catholicism would have some influence on who they are as men, and how they go about making the political decisions that they do.  Outside of each candidate verbalizing they are Catholic; there couldn’t be more of a contrast than what was witnessed by their words.

Paul Ryan had the distinction of going first to this question, and the Congressman answered the question like one would if he believed in God as supreme being and accepted the fact that those who proclaim to being Catholic have certain tenets that are non negotiable and sacred.  Mr. Ryan’s position was very solid and articulate, and he was able to verbalize the Church’s teachings and positions on issues like abortion as one who claims to be Catholic ought to do.  Mr. Ryan was abundantly clear that if one truly believes life starts at conception, and that life is a divine right, that no one has the authority to take this from another.

Joe Biden also reiterated he was a ‘lifelong practicing Catholic’ and too, believes in the fact that life starts at conception.  However, where Mr. Biden fell apart and followed the ‘liberal logic’ is his insisting ‘I can’t inflict my beliefs onto others’ and have ‘no right to tell a woman what to do with her body’.  Mr. Biden then goes on to demonstrate how no one really has a ‘right to demagogue’ in matters of faith, and in essence attempted to separate personal beliefs from the duty to govern, or to be qualified to be effective in the political process.  So, for Mr. Biden, he can be Catholic when it comes to Sunday Mornings, and going to Holy Communion, but don’t bother him with anything that resembles faith when in the public venue.

Why this seems so remarkable on the surface is the fact that Mr. Biden and his crony criminal in chief partner have no difficulties at all ‘imposing their values and beliefs’ onto the American people.  What does one call mandatory participation in hell care?  What does one call all of the insane laws and regulations of getting on an airplane?  What about paying taxes?  Or, how about the ‘right’ to make over 1 million dollars per year and being forced to ‘pay a little more’ so the rest who are not as ‘lucky’ get a piece of the action?  Mr. Biden had no problem chastising those high income earners, and seemed to have no restraint in stating they will pay more.

It was also interesting (with the help of the ‘mediator’) how Biden sidestepped Mr. Ryan’s question about the criminal in chief’s administration ‘imposing’ onto the Catholic Church the requirement to provide birth control and other ‘reproductive services’ to its employees, as well as offer these services to their clientele.  Biden didn’t even attempt to answer this question, and immediately went onto a personal attack at how Mr. Ryan is ‘imposing’ his beliefs onto others, and he along with his crony administration is ‘proud’ of this.  So, according to Biden, the only requirement to be Catholic is to just declare it so, and then do whatever is on one’s heart to do.  (Isn’t that an imposition of Biden’s definition onto all believers?)

In Mr. Ryan’s view of Catholicism, one needs to fight for the less fortunate and those such as the unborn, who are unable to fight for themselves.  For Mr. Biden, Catholicism is something you do on Sunday and leave it in the church pew when exiting after receiving Communion.  The Catholicism of Mr. Biden is that of a social status; it’s merely out of habit of going and has little to no substance.  Mr. Ryan appears to take his faith seriously enough that he understands the causality and linkages of violating God’s laws to the very apparent consequences of this action.  It is in this distinction that we saw who the real Catholic was, and it happened to be the one who behaved himself and treated another who was being extremely disrespectful and disruptive when the real Catholic explained his position.

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  1. Politician Ryan believes it's o.k. to kill my little brothers and sisters in the womb if their dad is a rapist. How in the world does what their dad did have anything to do with determining that they are eligle for the death penalty albiet completely innocent.

    Ryan isn't quite as phony as Romney, but he tries.

    The Obamney Conjoined Identical Twins, Mittrak & Barmitt, both have chosen as their running mates "Catholics" who beleive that it's o.k. to murder a baby, at least some of the time, if not all of the time.